Spiced Life


By Texzilla

As bad as my day had gone. As absolutely exhausted as I was when I got back to my apartment. Had I known my Grandfather’s spirit would be waiting for me in the middle of my living room, I would have stayed at the office for a couple more hours.

Being a great Shaman of our people, death didn’t quite mean as much to him as it should have. And being my own person meant the family lineages of great Shamans did not mean as much to me as it did to everyone else in the family. Certainly I didn’t need his continual appearance since I hit puberty trying to get me to follow ‘my true path’. My current path was fine. Made lots of money, had a nice apartment, and did I mention all the money? Sure I knew about the family history and the legacy I was turning my back on, but there were other in the family, along with reservations still full of guys who could step up. I happened to like living in the real world.

“BEWARE!!!” he bellowed as his image shook in and out of focus. Didn’t wet myself but I certainly dropped my briefcase. “Grandfather what are you..” “DANGER. GREAT DANGER. Must HIDE!!!” With that he moved across the room, faster than I ever saw him move when he was alive. His left arm reached out, pointing his casting stick in my direction. Its charms and decorations still hung from the end as they were when we buried it with him. Why I didn’t move out of the way, I don’t know. Sure it was a howling ghost from beyond the grave aiming a stick at me…. But it was also Gramps. “What are you..” was pretty much all I could get out before the tip of the staff enter my forehead and Gramps gave the pole a twist. And did he smile as he gave it the twist?

With that, everything went a little blurry, but I could still see what was happening. My apartment disappeared and was replaced with another room, sort of like an apartment. Instead of facing a wall of windows that looked out on LA, I was facing a door, with a full length mirror attached to it. It appeared to be a single room since a bed and a desk lined the cinderblock walls. The room was dark but thanks to the light coming in through the window, I could make myself out in the mirror. I could see the same old Henry Talltrees in the mirror but that’s also when I noticed I wasn’t wearing my business suit, but a very loose pair of sweatpants, with nothing else.

Reaching for a light switch I saw off to the side was when the pain hit. Right in the chest too. Great. Just came from the doctors who said that I was doing fine, no heart problems to worry about. Of course they didn’t take into effect having your dumb ass dead Grandfather transport you to some unknown room after a long day at work. The pain was so bad I clutched my hand to my chest and even feel to my knees. But as my hand grabbed on, I started noticing there was more for it to grab onto.

My chest seemed to be swelling, getting hard. My breathing got real deep and rattled through me. With each deep breath in and out I seemed to grow, like it was fueling this growth. Like getting a cramp and taking a deep breath to loosen it up, the deep breaths were loosening up the muscles and leaving them expanded. Till the next deep breath which expended them all the more. I tried moving my hands out of the way to see what was going on with my chest, but that’s when I saw my hands in the darkness. Huge fingers, palms the size of dinner plates. My back arched as it too seems to be changing. I had to move. My legs were swelling. Making hard to sit on my knees. Standing up it was just odd. The orientation to the room as I saw it a couple of minutes ago was off. My reflection in the mirror wasn’t right. It was taller than before. And my legs, I couldn’t keep them together, too thick, had to step apart. I started coughing and my voice, it just dropped octave after octave with every cough. I bent forward, getting a little dizzy, to spit out some of the stuff I just coughed up and saw my feet. Gigantic, almost clown size thanks to the toes which if they weren’t chimp level prehensile then they weren’t trying hard enough. Standing back up I noticed that my chest weighted a ton, like there were suddenly cement bags hanging for my ribcage.

I finally got my fingers over to the light switch and turned it on. In the mirror was a fucking giant bodybuilder with my shocked face. Instead of being 5’8 this guy was 6’2 or 3’’. Where skinny old me could be seen completely in the reflection, this was like getting just a ‘best of’, from the neck down. The sweat pants that had been loose on me before now fit like a woman’s panty hose should. The biceps were like melons under my skin. Those bags of cement I had felt on my chest were in fact my pecs. Massive pillows of flesh with a thin layer of skin covering them. The nipples were a bit hard to see since they hung down due to the weight. The color of the skin too, how did it get this dark? This was like how the members of my Mother’s side of the family looked, so brown. Before I could have almost ‘passed’ for white before, and didn’t mind how that helped my career. Now it was a deep caramel brown. I moved my arms and the light reflected an almost golden sheen off of the etched muscles.

The pain started going away when I caught my shocked face in the mirror again. Looking myself in the eyes I could see these changes happen. It almost started from my neck, if you could call it that, up. My jaw went from angular to square, and I do mean square. The chin becoming like a rock with a dent in it. The cheek bones started out. Going from a ‘could he be native American?’ level to a ‘hey, nice perpetuating the stereotype there.’ The nose was next and I could see it becoming my father’s side of the family beak in almost an instant. Out and down a little, almost to where it would block the view of my upper pip if looking at me straight on. And the lips, no one in my family had lips like these. Couldn’t get over that nose though, fucker was going to be walking into the room before the rest of me did. Then suddenly it shatters and reforms a bit on the crooked side, what the hell? Worst yet was the eye brows and forehead. Back the forehead went some and out came the brow. Heavy and solid like the rest of my newly thick skull. The face though looks young. As in late teen, no older than 20. I was 35 when this started. I brushed back some of my hair to get a better look at the Kong/Tonto love child I had become when the hair I was moving back, kept on moving out. After a few strokes it became clear that I had a major male pattern baldness going while the rest of the hair that was still suppose to grow was so close to my skin it was like I shaved my head. Going if not totally bald by, I’m guessing, 20? Thanks again Dad’s side of the family. As a matter of fact all the hair on my body was missing. Chest, forearms, the tree trunks for legs, all smooth. I lift one of these gigantic arms, GOD look at those guns, yea and the pits are smooth too. There’s some stubble there so this guy, me, must shave ‘em. If I shave my pits does that mean I also shave my…? Wait up, I hadn’t checked my… I put my hands down the front of the sweat pants and grabbed onto… that when I passed out.

I was glad when the voices calling my name started waking me up, even for the couple of face slaps I got. When I passed out I had this dream my Grandfather showed up and turned me into a…. oh crap, wait a minute.

"Spice!!! Spice! Man you OK. Wake up big guy." The voice kept calling. "Yea, Ah’m fine. What’s gong on?" I heard the voice of thunder I now had ask. "Got us, Big guy. We all heard you scream. Then there was this big ‘THUD’ and all the pictures on the walls in the dorm rooms next to yours and just below yours fell off. Let’s get you up and on your bed, Spice." The male voice said. "OK. Everything is really blurry. Who you calling Spice? Who are you?" I had to ask. That was sort of a mistake. The room got real quiet and the three sets of hands that had been helping me up suddenly got real still. "Let’s just get him to the bed." I heard a female voice say next to me. "Barry, run and get one of the campus doctors. I don’t think we could drag or carry all this down to them." Then I heard her whisper. "Might have hit his head." "How are we going to be able to tell?" a male voice answered. "Ah didn’t go deaf!!!" I screamed at them. And dammit, I’ve got my New Mexico version of the southern accent back. I worked so hard to get rid of that. Everyone thinks it’s cute but they remove 30 points from your IQ.

The laughter in the room gave me the idea I was among friends. At least they knew who ever I was now, even if I didn’t. They helped get me to my feet and walk me the couple of steps over to the bed. Sitting down on the mattress edge things started to become clearer in my head, but my vision was still really blurry. As I laid back supporting myself against the wall someone handed me a pair of glasses. Instinctively I put them on and everything in the room came into focus. "That’s better. Thank you Rachel." Guess I knew her name was Rachel. How did I know that? "That’s a good sign. Do you remember what happened? Do you want a glass of water?" "Yes to both. Can ah have the water first?" I said looking up at the people in the room. The woman, well girl really Rachel smiled and left. The last guy who was in the room also stepped out and started looking up and down the hall. Guess he was looking for the Doctor. This gave me a chance to reach over and grab the wallet that was sitting on the desk across from me. Thankfully when I opened it the driver’s license inside had the face I remember from the mirror. Wasn’t quite ready to call it ‘my’ face yet.

Spice Talltrees, it read, age 19.!!!!!

What kind of name is Spice for a guy? What the crap. No, then again, it sounds like something my Mom would have come up with. Flipping through I found my folks address, pictures of my folks and my sisters but, instead of my being the oldest, I was obviously the youngest. OH MAN, I must be back in college!!! What the hell did my grandfather do? What did I need protecting from by turning me into, like, what it might be like if I had a younger brother? Or me if I had been born 15 years later? I was still digging through the wallet when this Rachel came back in. I think she’s the floor monitor/supervisor along with being one of the grad students.

"Here’s you water. What’s with the wallet?" "Just, uhhhh, just want to get ma health card. Pretty sure the Doc is going to wanna see it." Sounded better than I wanted to learn as much about myself while everyone’s back was turned. "So what happened?" she asked softly and sat down, in what little room there was left on the mattress, besides me. She placed her hand on my arm. "I think ah had a bad dream. You know. Stress. Tests. Midterms. Woke up, Got disoriented and, I don’t know, like you said, bumped into something, hit ma head and passed out. Or got up out of bed too quickly and maybe just passed out." "Umm, OK. And why was your hand in your pants grabbing your privates?” “Was ma hands down ma pants?” “Sweetie your hand is STILL down your pants grabbing your privates.” “Oh crap.” I said pulling my hand out of the sweats. Looking around I took what was left of the glass of water Rachel brought, poured it over my hand and then… with nothing else to use, whipped it off on the sweats. “Well, that was certainly in character so maybe there wasn’t too much brain damage done” she said tapping my low, thick forehead with her finger tip. “Still, we’ll see what the Doctor says. As for being stressed out? Right. The most laid back muscle dude on the planet? Not to mention all the power lifting and weight training you do and you still don’t work all your stress out?" But before she could go any farther that Barry guy came back into the room with an older man in a Doctor’s smock. "Holy Crap." The doctor said getting his first look at me. "He gets that a lot." Barry said.

The Doc took a while to check me out. Got a lot of “My God” while he was doing this too. Luckily not having any hair made it easier for him to see I didn’t have any head trauma. “So just stress huh?” “Guess so.” “And nothing else?’ “Like….” “Like something that might have been the cause of all these muscles? You’re not supplementing you workout routine with..” He was stopped by the burst of laughter coming from the others in the room. “Doctor if you have any idea what his work out routine was like, you wouldn’t ask.” That guy Barry said. “We have enough trouble finding dorm rooms and doorways big enough for him now. If he was also on steroids…. yea, no. That’s all freakishly natural. ” “Actually I think the muscles are part of the spell the ghost of my Grandfather put on me earlier this evening to turn me from a 35 year of corporate lawyer into a 20 year old muscle head college student.” Again more laughter. Well I had to give it a shot. “And I’m done.” The doctor said obviously having enough of this. “Keep an eye on him. If he starts acting strange..” “As compared to what?” “AGAIN, NOT DEAF.” “….If he starts acting strange bring him in for a more thorough exam. Get a good night’s sleep but I see no reason to stop going to classes or your work out sessions. Give us a call if you have any questions.” With that, the Doctor was gone and I had several pairs of eyes still staring at me. “Ok, we’re done. Shows over, ah’m not going to do any tricks. Gonna head back to sleep if it’s alright with ya’ll. No wait, shower first because I’ve had people poking me for a while, then back to sleep. OK?” “OK, OK.” Rachel said motioning everyone to get out of the room. “We’ll listen for another giant thud just in case.” Barry said being the last out the door. Funny guy.

I grabbed a towel out of my closet and a robe and headed down the hall to the communal showers. Interesting that I knew where everything was. My body was a bit on autopilot. Thankful the shower area was empty where I got there, but it was after midnight.

It also gave me a chance to check this body out again. Now with my head a bit clearer and in better lighting, shit it was still a piece of meat. Shoulders are incredibly wide and defined. Never really seen them like this before. The biceps when relaxed hand even with the bottom of my pecs, which hang low enough already., It give in incredible image of all this muscle and flesh suddenly dropping off to waist that’s probably no thicker than the 30 I had before. Time to shed the sweats. Oh man. This isn’t a penis, this is a cock. Unreal. Gramps, for all you’ve fucked up in my life this evening, thanks for the giant trouser snake. Just thick enough to be thick above average and just long enough to be a bit too long to be real. The color was great too. A dark cocoa brown with a nice overlapping foreskin. Above just a small patch of silky hair. Total black, straight and fine almost like a woman’s. As I walked into the shower the cock literally slapped my legs back and forth. And these legs. They were also hidden by the sweats up till now. No hair just like the arms, and from the feeling of the soap on them, they’re naturally smooth. Having a little trouble bending over to reach real low, to get to the calves that are at least as thick as bowling balls. Guess that’s what they call muscle bound. I reach back and start soaping up my ass. Like the rest of the new me, and I guess I can accept this new me, it’s big, hard and incredible. Soft when I’m not thinking about it, then suddenly like a rock when I tense it up. Where the shit do I find clothes to fit all this?

With my hands all soapy I decided to there’s no better time to take the cock of death out for a test drive. It felt great in my hands. Not quite as sensitive as my old one, but what it lost there it made up in mass. The foreskin was tight on the head as it grew long enough to out distance it. My hands, rough from weight lifting maybe me added a new level of experience. Not so rough that it hurt but giving the shaft just the right amount of grip, forced the calluses and healed over blisters deeper into the skin. The balls were nice too. Would have liked a pair of those low hangers I see guys at the gym with, but I’m guessing this dick is housed in one jock strap after another, not giving them a chance to hang down due to their weight as they should. At the last second I realized where I was, turned the face the shower wall, my ass clenched and let it flow. I started to let out a grunt like groan but I stopped for fear that people would think I was having another episode. Never had the jizz come out that hard before. Never had it ricochets off the wall and hit me back. So think that as it made its way down the shower wall, it didn’t dilute with the water, but still was thick and milky white as it went down the drain. Something in the back of my mind told me students weren’t suppose to do this in the shower. Something in the back of my mind told me everyone did anyway.

Probably it was all the stress from the day of work I completed, that now seemed so far away, and the stress of this literal life changing event, but cumming just flipped the relax switch and I could have fallen asleep right there. The hot water feels good. I positioned the shower head to spray right on the back of my neck, above the shoulder blades. That was heaven. Like all the tension, grief and worry in both my old and new life were gone. As I relaxed things started falling into place in my head. Not really started getting memories, but I started knowing why I knew stuff. I know what classes I took, my majors, my friends, my schedule. But it wasn’t new it just… was. And I still remembered my old life. After I get out of the shower I’m going to have to call the folks to see if they know what’s going on.

I dry myself off, as best I can, hiked up the sweats and make my way over to one of the mirror over the sinks. It’s a big room but I still fogged it up some. I wipe away the steam and give the face another going over. Not too bad I guess. Obviously I look dumber than I am, which isn’t always the worse thing. Still those green eyes. Eyes being the mirror to the soul be the reasons they stayed the same? Could it be that the old me is really still in there behind all this looking out with those eyes? I think the steam is building up again but then I notice I don’t have those glasses on. They’re kind of big and clunky, with think frames, kind of like they had in the 50’s. But on me, it’s kind of a cool retro thing going for it. Yea, not bad. Don’t know why I don’t wear contacts but if Gramps was going to make me this near sighted, it’s not the worse thing to deal with.

I give myself on last rub down, throw the towel around my neck and, a bit more confidently, walk back down the hall to my room. I pass Rachel in the hall who gives me a great grin.

“Felling better, Spice?”

“Feeling much more like myself.” Which wasn’t lying. Not my old self but more like this new self. As she goes by I can’t help but notice that, she’s cute. Red hair, a little on the heavy side, maybe the college extra 10 she hasn’t lost yet, but it looks good. I search my memories to see if we’ve ever had anything, or could have had anything when I feel her tap my shoulder from behind.

I turn around to find its Barry. Who grabs the towel and pulls my head down towards his mouth. My head automatically lowers in for a kiss that, while my mind is doing back flips, Spice’s body really likes. I think physics would dictate that this much blood should not be able to flow that quickly to make a dick this big get that hard that quickly.

“Stress my ass. We know you had a guilt trip keeping us a secret. Well, I’ll let you off tonight so you can rest but we’re going to have to talk in the morning.” With that he slapped my ass and walks back to his room down the hall.

What the fuck has my grandfather done. •

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