Spiced Games


By Texzilla

Not only was this becoming a comedy, I know just the episode it was becoming. On ‘I Love Lucy’ where Lucy and Ethel are working at the candy factory and they keep getting moved around because they’re goofing stuff up. This is my third trip back to the Gay Games volunteer headquarters for a new assignment in the last hour and a half. It’s not like I’m pinching the athletes like Ethel was pinching the chocolates to see what kind they were. So tired and why aren’t the elevators working in this building?

Not my fault that when they sent me to take tickets at the ‘Physique’ contest, because we can’t call it bodybuilding it’s ‘Physique’, that everyone wanted me to take their ticket and not the other ticket takers, asking me to take my shirt off, asking me when I was going on stage, asking me if they could take my picture with them…with my shirt off, and not going in. Not my fault I’m 6 and a half foot of obsessive ‘physique’ builder since puberty banged its hormonal gong. Not even slutted out, wearing my nice Sunday Go To Church pants and a respectable polo shirt. Not even that tight and can’t help it if stuff still pokes its muscled way through the fabric. Sure is fucking hot though, stupid stairs.

Not my fault that the swimming competition got postponed till the pool could be drained and refilled. Sure I was asked to watch the pool but I was asked to watch the SHALLOW end and that raccoon drowned in the DEEP end. And sure you’d have thought it dying that horribly would have drawn my attention but A) I’m dealing of a killer hangover mixed with sleep deprivation and B) was listening in on a couple of swimmers as they talked about this shaving party they’re all having tonight. Not that it was easy to hear what with all the noise from Rocky Raccoon’s death rattle going on. Shaving party sounded like fun but since I’m going to be dead by the time I get to the top of these stairs….

And completely not my fault in any way that other volunteers blew off their assignments to work the Volleyball competition. If I weren’t about to crash and burn I would have stayed around and made someone else come back, but I’m so tired I couldn’t get enough energy to give a shit anymore.

This whole volunteering thing was De’ idea anyway. Sure I went along with it but, the start of it was from his stupid lusciously lipped, bearded mouth that tastes like…. God I’m horny now too. Too tired to be horny. Anyway, if he were here he’d be the one to have to hear…

“Are you back again? I just sent you down there.”

“If you have not gotten calls from the rowing and ball room dancing competitions about their lack of helpers, you will soon. They’re all down at the Volley Ball game.”

“Well why didn’t you just trade with someone from either the rowing or ball room dancing instead of coming back here?”

“Natalie Ah just climbed all those stairs. Don’t use logic on me right now.”

“Allright, poor baby. We did just hear of something that you’d be prefect for. Head on over to the Physique contest...”

“They already kicked me out of there.”

“Backstage, darlin’. They need help with the security backstage and getting the contestants ready. Too many contestants, too many hangers on, not enough room. So our people are getting them ready and you look like you know a thing or two about taking care of muscular bodies.”

“Ah would point out what a horribly over generalized assumption that is if it wasn’t true.”

“You also look like you could intimidate just about anyone trying to sneak in backstage. Just remember, don’t intimidate the contestants.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Thank you, baby.”

Great. Back to where I started. Didn’t need me before. Bet they don’t need me now. Going downstairs is a lot easier though. Terrific, shoelace is untied too. Just a quick sit down now that the stairway is empty and tie the shoe. Maybe take a moment to lean up against the banister. Never knew metal banisters could be this comfortable to rest against. I could even just close my eyes for a couple of minutes to get my wind back, tie the shoes and be off. Maybe just a little rest for the wicked.

------ ------ ------

“You’re the guy they sent over for back stage security and to help out? We thought you’d be taller.”

“I’m pretty much par for the course for your average Thai.”

“Sorry, sorry, busy day. You’re certainly a welcome sight. Everyone is still getting ready but they need help oiling up. Yes, believe it or not we still don’t have enough people to help with THAT. Go figure. Here are some gloves, some oil, you get those 4 guys. PHIL! Here’s your guy!”

“Hey over here. FINALLY! We’ve been waiting for half hour for someone to oil us up. Just what we’re looking for. Humm, in more ways than one.”

“As I was just told, I thought you guys would be taller.”

“Yea, yea, ya see pictures of bodybuilders alone because most of them are less than 6 feet. The smaller you are the easier it is to get pumped up. Still taller than you.” The smallest of the group with the blonde crew cut said adjusting his suit and making sure his number was pined to it well enough.

“That’s true.” I had to admit slipping on the clear thin plastic gloves I was given.

“We heard there was some giant muscle freak out front earlier. Kind of glad they sent him away. We have enough troubles with the women outweighing us.” One of the two black guys I was assigned said.

“So I guess I’m supposed to help you get some oil on you? Tell me what to do and who’s first?” Not the worst volunteer job I have ever had. Better than most paying jobs I’ve ever had. Glad I got this gig first instead of them sending me somewhere else.

“Give us each some in our hands. No, not too much. Yea, we’ll start on the front, you handle the back where we can’t reach.”

“Why didn’t you guys do this for each other instead of waiting for a volunteer?”

“That would have been really gay!” The blonde said. After a beat everyone cracked up.

I started with the first Black guy. Really nice back. Good flare on it. When I put my hands no his shoulders he flexed back slightly, and I could feel the under layers of muscles ripple. Like a solid sea moving in unison. The oil when on this but I could see why these guys needed it. It made his skin shin and the tops of the muscle’s edges sparkle. The skin drank in some of the oil but that was OK, the slight matte effect still made a vast improvement. I worked down to his lower back, being careful not to get any on the top of his posing trunks. They almost looked like they were made of plastic too, but I’m sure that was just some effect of the fabric. I squatted down behind him and started rubbing the oil into his legs. Not as thick as his upper body but nice all the same. Not knowing if it was alright I reached up and smooth a bit of oil on the parts of his ass that weren’t covered by the posing suit. He didn’t say anything so I guess it was all right. Incredibly hard, even here on what I thought would still be a bit fat there was nothing between his skin and muscles.

As I was standing back up, he bent down to do the front of his legs and that ass I just snuck some oil onto hit me in the chest and knocked me back on my own ass.

“Oh, man I’m sorry, you OK?”

“Yea, nothing broken.” I said brushing myself off, but noticing a big butt shaped oil stain on my shirt.

“Oh jeez, look at that. ANYONE GOT ANY STAIN REMOVER?!”

Stereotype perpetuated itself as a half dozen spot removers were brought over. I removed my shirt so it could air out and I wouldn’t get any more oil on me.

“If the stain doesn’t come out I’ll autograph the shirt after I win so, it’ll be a collector’s item.”

“After you win, as if bitch. Hey nice tattoo down there, fella. Cute.” The blonde said turning around so I could start working on him.

“Thanks. You got some nice ones too. Didn’t think bodybuilders usually got these.”

“They don’t, but you know, we’re not professionals. Well professional bodybuilders, I think a couple of the guys over there are ‘professionals’ in another line of entertainment, if you know what I mean.”

“Those professionals get you as stiff as you are right now?” One of the other guys said taking a look at his package.

“No it’s this guy. Can’t help it, the kid’s got some fingers on him and I’m into slightly built Asian guys. Now that he’s got his shirt off, I’m only human. Guy’s been what I’ve been looking for for a long time.”

Hard not to get hard myself at hearing all this. I continued to rub the oil on his back. Letting my hand linger on the small of his back, just above his ass. His skin was getting hotter all the time. I couldn’t notice that he was taking some extra steps to rub that oil into his pecs.

I moved onto the next guy, I think he was Latino. I think the blonde was the only one wearing a skin toner, this guys honey brown glow looked natural. He wasn’t as big as the other three but his muscles were just as solid. Must have some good buddies or paid a lot of money for the service cause as I was oiling his back I could feel little ends of hairs that had been shaved off. Guy’s got to be fairly hairy normally. Didn’t someone mention a shaving party? Wasn’t that over...

“Hey, I’m not the only one getting off on the kid’s work.”

“Too right about this guy’s handy work. Something about it really getting to me. Shit, we’ve all got boners.”

“Boners? What are you in middle school?”

“Middle school kids don’t get hard like this. Think we got time to get these down before we go on?”

“They haven’t let anyone on and we’re the last scheduled. I figure they wouldn’t miss us for a bit. What do you think kid? Up for some action?”

“Yea, but where?”

“If we’re quite we should be cool under the stands.”

I grabbed a towel, my shirts and I followed the guys through some curtains to the darkened areas under the stands. Didn’t I do this before but with… can’t remember who I would have done this with… I carefully removed my gloves and waited for a clue as to how needed my ‘help’ first. Each of the guys carefully reached into their suit pouches and flipped out their dicks, all hard as rocks. They formed a circle with me in the middle. Only to two hands but I could move from dick to dick helping the jag off quick enough. The Latino was the only uncut guy but going back to those stereotypes, our black buddies had the other two felling pretty small. I went in and tried licking a few nipples but the oil really wasn’t the type that you’d want to taste. The aroma was incredible. The confined space, all that oil and their own natural smell, mixed in with the sweat. Like some kind off….why is the only name I can think is spice. Not not name, word, why is the only word I can think of is spice? By this time my eyes adjusted pretty well to the darkness and I could see them beginning to sweat off their oil. A couple of head threw back and two of the bodybuilders shot all over me. And seeing that got the other two. Their breathing went down and they tried their best to pull themselves back together and into their posing suits again.

“I don’t fucking care if I don’t win nothing today, that was worth the trip out here.”

I used the towel to clean them up a bit, dab off some of the excess oil and sweat, but it was there mainly to clean myself up. Got a couple of kisses and a thank you but they had to leave to get ready again. Leaving me alone again under the stands. Guess they didn’t need me for anything more than to just get off. Lots of their cum to clean up, off my chest and stomach. And their oil. Not like it was that hard to clean up, unlike the Latino guy I don’t have to worry about any body hair to shave off. We Thai are pretty smooth. So even….so even if I went to that shaving party they wouldn’t need to do anything. Yea, but if I were taller, more muscular but really hairy. Like form the neck down, like how some guys are, yea then I’d have to be popular at the shaving party. So hairy that you couldn’t even see the skin on my chest through all the chest hair, and my nipples would even be covered. Yea, that’s cool stuff. Weird how it’s mainly European who get like that, even seen some British guys. Tall and lanky but still a good build under all that hair. Even down the stomach. Not the type to trim their balls either. And a beard with long hair too. Like some fucking werewolf almost. Hairy faced with a beard the inched up my cheeks. Hairy legs with a hairy ass would be like having an ass covered in velvet. I’ve got to be crazy going to a shaving party tonight and letting strangers shave all this off, but it sounds like a lot of fun. And it’ll grow back in a few months. Yea. Think I’m done back here, better go catch the competition.

“Must be a popular place back there. Oh man, what is it with that tattoo?” Someone said coming up behind me. Cool one of the contestants, a buff blonde guy with some tattoos of his own. Didn’t think bodybuilders usually had tattoos.

“What do you mean?” I asked pulling my shirt back down over my head.

“Second one I’ve seen today, same design in the same place. At least I think it’s the same, kind of hard to see through all the hair.”

“Don’t know what to tell you.”

“I was looking for someone, you seen a shorter Asian guy around here. He’s about a foot and a half shorter than you?”

“Don’t know who you’re talking about.” •

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