Spiced Games


By Texzilla

“Stupid idiot dumb…ow… fucking jerks stupid…ow….. jerks don’t care…fine just fine Ah’ll take…. ow…..show him...”

The tattoo artist turned off the needle and looked up at Tak and Rich again. “Are you sure he’s…normal? Sounds like he’s got that tourettes thing or what ever. I’m only doing it because you guys vouched for him. But as good as customers as you guys are, I’m not taking the heat for marking someone who’s….special, if you know what I mean.”

“Trust us, while he’s far from normal, as compared to others, this is OK for him.” Rich said checking out the work done so far.

“At least he’s not crying, so that’s an improvement.” Tak added.

“Yea, it’s the big guys who always cry when getting their first ink.” The artist said turning the needle back on and starting up on the tattoo I was getting on my lower back.

“No, he’s been crying for two days because his boyfriend went back to Africa for a while and left him here.”

Yea that set me off again. “STUPID Fucking Idiot God Damn…ow….Tribal council jackasses stealing away my boyfriend…ow….only had airfare for one…stupid parents won’t pay for apartment AND my ticket so I’m here….ow…”

“You see he stopped crying and started doing this so we’re taking it as progress. Not that it’s any easier to go out in public with him.”

“Oh I don’t know. I think it’s easier to pass him off as an angry men’al case than a FUCKIN’ BABY, isn’t it!?!?”

“Don’t scream in my ear, Richard. You’ll make me jump and then the guy will impale me with that needle.”

“Seems to me someone giving you a poke in the arse till De’ comes back might just be the thing to shut you up.”

“I should be paying you guys for this show. Anyway. All done. Just going to clean it up a bit then you can take a look.”

I felt the artist whip away at my lower back a bit. Tak and rich seemed to be making positive noises. A couple of finger touches here and there from the guys.

“How’s it look?”

“Got to say, that looks really cool. The black looks great with your skin tone and it’s just large enough that it’s going to show over you shorts, but not too big. Take a look.” Tak said giving my ass a slap.

I got up for the table and used the full length mirror in the corner to look at the tattoo I just got. I have found a great artistic rendering of the man in the moon on line and deco-ed it up a bit. Had been thinking I should get one. The moon means a lot to the history of the Shamans in the past. Plus Tak was right, once the redness goes down, that was going to look great over those red Speedos I got. And naked, oh yea, really hot.

“That looks great Spice. That’s going to be a nice surprise when De’ gets home.”

“More than you know. He told me he hated tattoo over the ass like this. Well screw him.”

“Damn it Spice!! You know that’s forever. You couldn’t just paint the apartment pink or change the furniture around to get even, NO you had to get something that will forever remind you of what a silly shit you can be. It’s going to be there after you’re done throwing your hissy fit over De’ leaving. Which you that should be by the end of the weekend!!! I can’t believe you’re reacting like this!!”

The tattoo artist gave me some instructions and some antiseptic for the first few days. But I knew from having around Tak and Rich enough how to take care of this. No long baths and keep an eye out for redness or swelling. The guys were all but out of the shop leaving me behind when I caught up to them.

“Ok, fine Ah’m sorry Ah’m having trouble dealing with this.”

“Spice there’s ‘having trouble dealing’ with something and there’s ‘going off the fucking deep end’. He’s not gone forever, just maybe a few months, maybe even less. This is important to him. He’s been cut off from his real roots since his parents were killed and the Hardy’s brought him over here.” Tak said

“He’s not doing anything different than when you went to New Mexico and hung out in the desert for a while. He’s learning about his powers and who he really is.”

“When Ah went home we had it planned and we didn’t have an apartment we were sharing and we weren’t starting our lives together.”

“Spice. I love you but you’re being an asshole. When you want to stop, give us a call. Till then, enjoy your tantrum on your own. You can get home on your own, right?” Tak said turning around and storming off, with Rich close behind.

Fucking useless fucking so called friends idiots leaving me alone and fucking no good….. my head hurts.

------- ------ ------

The gym wasn’t any help either. Not enough weights on the machines. No matter what the owner said, they just weren’t heavy enough. And if they’re so fucking made of steel how could I possibly be close to breaking the weight machines using them the way I was. And and and where I ask does Tak get off telling me how to react to this? Maybe I should do what he did when Rich went back to England for a while and sleep with everything that comes within line of sight. Yea, how about that? That would show him. Well, it would show Tak but probably wouldn’t help much with De’.


Why did he have to go? I know it’s important and I know it’s something he’s been longing for but. Damn. Everything was going great. After all the shit that was done to us we finally had our lives on track and were doing what we wanted. Now I have to be here alone so he can do what he wants, without me. Can’t wait till he explains this to his Mom. Why doesn’t she like me? Not because of the whole gay thing or the artist thing, no. De’ told her about my being a Shaman and she played the heathen religion card. That’s what you get for being raised by Christian Missionaries buddy. Love to hear how she’ll handle the whole hyena warrior magician shit. Hyena. Where’d that come from? Thought it was some type of lion or something he was turning into. Hyena. Great. Maybe when he comes back he can do me doggie style for real.

Now instead of going home to an empty apartment I came into the school to do some work. No one around to tell me what a jerk I’ve been. Or everyone’s already left me behind like all my friends. Anyway. Trying to get some work done on this pottery I’ve been thinking about. Clay is about as cooperative as everyone I know today. Of course I’ve been up for 29 hours, gotten a tattoo, worked out harder today than I usually do in a week not to mention having tee many martoonies. But it’s the clay fucking around, not me. And the glazes aren’t mixing right. Like I don’t know my primary colors. What the fuck happened to the lights?

“What the...”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know anyone was in here.” The cleaning guy said when he saw me stand up.

“Yea. Just me. Just using the room when there’s no one here. Quieter and Ah don’t have to wait for the kiln.”

“’S cool. Just make sure when you go to flip them off. Sorry to bother you.”

“No prob.” I said thinking about my little lie. I wasn’t here totally alone. I had my buddy Jack down here at my feet keeping me warmer than that oven ever could. And why, I think he needs some attention. Cheap Jack Daniels is still Jack Daniels. The cleaning guy was hot. Maybe I should have fucked him. Tak and Rich seemed to think that’s what I needed. Man, my head hurts. Maybe I’ll just glaze this tonight and fire it after my morning volunteering at the Gay Games tomorrow. I think I’ve pushed things to the limit for today.

------ ------ -----

Must look like an idiot trying to check my new tattoo out in the bathroom mirror when the cleaning guy came in. Got it on my lower back so not the easiest think to see. Know it’s there, been stinging a little so I wanted to make sure it wasn’t getting infected.


“Hey man.” Hey the cleaning guy’s kind of nice. Haven’t seen him around here before. Got the scruffy looking white kid bit down really nice. Doesn’t have the attitude the other student shits on this campus have so he must really be the cleaning guy and not a student with a summer job. “Hey man. You real busy? You got a sec?”

“Uhh, what’s up?”

“Going to sound odd but can you check this tattoo out on my back? I got it today and it’s stinging a little. Can you give it a quick look and see if it’s getting red and puffy?”

“Yea, I guess.” He said moving his cleaning cart off to the side of the bathroom. I faced the mirror and placed my hand on the sides of the sink. “You said on you’re back?” he asked hiking up my shirt.

“Yea. Lower back.”

“I don’t. Oh there it is. Kind of hard to see. If you don’t mind my saying you’re almost as black as the ink they used. Wow, that’s a cool design. But it looks OK. Wow that’s so cool how when the light hits it right it shows up against your dark skin. Very fine. Yea, when I had mine done it got infected but I don’t see any of that here.” The kid said lowering my shirt and letting his hand linger a bit too long on my ass.

“What’d you get?” I asked playing with my shirt end like I was going to be tucking it into my jeans when I was really playing with myself in hopes he’d catch me and get a clue.

“Joined the panther club.”

“Let’s see, man.”

“Really, yea OK.” He unclipped his overalls, letting them hang at his waist and lifted his shirt up and over his head. On a working man’s chest lay the classic black panther hanging into his hairy left pecs, claws drawn into the skin. While he was doing this I crossed my arms so that my chest puffed out a little more and my biceps would look a bit fuller. The kid had about 15 pounds on my but it look like it’s more due to working than working out. That and being a few inches taller than me at around 6 feet.

“Yea, that’s nice. Looks a bit home made but nice.” This boy wants my black hand to touch him. His eyes are screaming it. I flash him my best smile and go in for a grab of pecs. “Sweet, indeed.”

His larger hand met mine and he leaned in for a kiss. “We don’t kiss man.” That took him back a bit but my hand on his crotch let me know he wasn’t totally derailed by the comment. “I don’t kiss guys, man. I also don’t get fucked. But that’s doesn’t mean there aren’t other places your mouth can’t get busy on me. We could still have some fun if you’re up for it?”

“We’re going to have to be careful. No one’s suppose to be in the building but, beside you, there’s some big guy down the hall in one of the art studios.” He said fishing a condom out of his pocket and lowering his overalls all the way.

“If he walks in we’ll ask the art fag to join us. Right now, let’s see how much you like this body.” I lifted my shirt up and let him go to work on my chest and nipples. Boy had a talented mouth. Got those nipples of mine standing up like little black pushpins. His tongue like the curly black hairs that circled them. Sent a great shock of pleasure though me too. I lifted my arms up and let him start in on my pits. More hair for him to enjoy. That white head bobbing in and out of my black pit, very sweet.

His hands hand been busy stroking himself off and made his way down into the front of pants feeling around for me. Through his boxers I could see he was pretty well fully hard and I wasn’t that much father away myself. He tried again for a kiss but I made it clear with a push of my hand on his cheek that we weren’t doing that.

He pulled out his cock and I got mine. Damn the kid not only had a couple of inches on me, a good 6 and a half, he also wasn’t cut. Oh well, I was still thicker than him and he was still going to be fucked by my black cock no matter if he had a horse dick between those legs.

“You can put the condom on me kid.”

He snapped it out of the packet and rolled it down my dick. Gave it a few good pumps to get the air bubbles out. Nice and tight when he was done.

“Where do you want to…?”

“Lean against the sink. So you’re facing the mirror. I like to see the face of the guy I’m fucking.” We switched places and he leaned forward against the sink, sticking his white ass out for me. Nice bubble butt from being on his feet all night long cleaning up after kids. Working man’s ass going to get a work out.

“Nice and hairy. Just the way I like them” I reached around him, pumped the piqued soap dispenser and squirted a couple of soapy shots into my palm. Was going to need something to lube this ass and I don’t think he wanted me to use his Draino.

I pushed in and he didn’t make a noise. Kind of like it when they make some noise. Yea but then he’s not too tight, not too loose. And the boy knew just when the tense upon the pull out for maximum sensation for both of us. Not that I needed nay more proof that this wasn’t his first fucking.

That smile on his face in the mirror proved that too. Hair getting wet with sweat on his forehead. I was beading up in the reflection, and my smile certainly wasn’t any smaller. Well, maybe our boy here needs a rougher fuck than what I was giving him. Been a while since I’ve been to the gym so I could use the workout.

When my hips started bucking more, forcing my dick deeper into his ass, that’s when the smile went off his face. Like his mouth going into my pit, my black groin slapping into that white ass of is was nice to see. Even better when that ass started to turn red from all the spanking I was giving it with this fuck. The kid got that great look all true bottoms get, like they’re off in their own world. I grabbed his hips and really laid into him. Don’t remember ever grunting like I did but the kid was going to get a fucking he wasn’t going to forget anytime soon. Just before I was ready to shoot I pulled out, ripped the condom off and shot all over his back.

He turned around, still pumping his dick. Big purple mutha for a white kid. He might have thought I was going to help out with that, but don’t do that either. Well, he was in the zone enough to shoot after a couple of seconds anyway. Glad he’s the guy who also has to clean this floor up too.

Classic after fuck mood set in as we went about cleaning ourselves up real quick and not making eye contact. Hey, fine with me. Not like I’m going to see him again, unless I’m in the building again late one night. He gathered his cleaning stuff and went back to the end stalls to get going again on cleaning.

“Holy shit!”

Had to see what this was about so I went back to see, and then wishing I’d had just left when the smell hit me.

“Crap. It’s like someone threw up their dinner back here and missed the toilet.”

Nothing quite like vomit mixed with booze. “That’s someone who needs to tone down the partying a lot more. Well, good luck.” He was a fun fuck but I’m not hanging around while he cleans this shit up. Night’s not too old and there’s plenty of things to do between now and last call.

----- ------ -------

What am I doing in my bed, why do I hurt this much and since when does the sun scream so loudly? Too many questions. Really can’t stand thinking right now so, let’s blame Tak. This is all Tak’s fault. No wait, this taste in my mouth. I was drinking a lot of Jack last night wasn’t I? OK, Tak’s off the hook and Jack’s to blame. I’ll remember why it’s really all my fault later on but right now, let’s blame the bottle of Jack and stop thinking. Oh hold on.

Going to edit out what just took place, thankfully, in my toilet. Oh yea. This is not good. Now, kind of glad that De’ won’t be back for a while. This lovely vomit smell isn't going anywhere anytime son.. Luckily my aim was better than last night. Last night? That’s right I threw up in the school bathroom before….. thinking… must stop thinking…..oh my head…

That’s not a good face in the mirror. Those are not happy eyes. Oh my god I’m wearing my glasses!! Everything is this blurry and I’ve got my glasses on. Holy crap this is not good. Got to remember my sunglasses for today’s volunteer work. So glad I’m not competing in anything. Hard enough to function. The only sport I’m up for today is the Dying of a Hangover 50 yard dash. Since I would stand in front to the firing pistol in hopes of getting shot to put myself out of this misery. Would that disqualify me or make me the winner?

Just drag myself to the couch. Maybe just staring at the TV for a while will help. If that goes well, I’ll turn it on. A quick stop by the computer shows me still no e-mail from De’. Well, he said he didn’t know if the place he was going would have easy access to the internet. Or how long it would even take him to get there if it did. We guessed his cell phone wouldn’t work either. And I’m sure there are many other reasons why I haven’t heard from him in three days. Dead grandfather shows up whenever, boyfriend on the other side of the world without me, not so much a word.

God I wish last night was clearer. Shit most of yesterday is pretty much a blur, including getting this tattoo. I was finishing up the pottery I made. Checking the glaze. Decided to hold off on firing it till later since I knew I wasn’t going to make it up that much longer. Getting ready to leave and just made it to the bathroom. I sort of remember throwing up and passing out? Do people really do that? Must have just dragged myself home after that.

Oh wait, message on the answering machine. Keep forgetting we have a real phone number and not just cell phones. Could De’ have.…

“Spice, it’s Tak. I’m really really sorry for what I said yesterday. I just don’t know what to do when you get like this and I got frustrated..” Beep and message’s erased. Call me back when the only thing Rich is putting in your mouth is his dick and not an apology.

Well I’ve got 2 hours before my volunteer meeting downtown. Which means if I hurry up and die right now, I just might be able to come back to life and make the meeting. Or a long shower would work better. No one around here seems to need me, maybe I can find people who will appreciate my existence down there. •

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