Spiced Games



By Texzilla

“Ah didn’t think there’s be this many people.” I said peeking out from behind the screen that blocked me from the rest of the class. “And Ah thought they’d all be younger. Got a good supply of older folks here.”

“Oh yes, the summer courses, extended education courses, evening classes, all very popular. Always have to turn people away.” Professor Lewis said doing a last head count for the life drawing class students.

“Just didn’t think there’d be this many for an evening class durin’ the week. Was kind of thinkin’ that maybe no one would show up and I could still get the credit without...”

“Mr. Talltrees you’re not the first non-professional model we’ve had pose for the class this term, even this week. It’s a long time tradition to have Art Majors spend some time as figure models so you’ll know what your own models are going through. I did it myself years ago. You’re not getting nervous are you Spice? I didn’t think you’d have this type of reaction to posing nude for the class.” She said closing her attendance book, signaling it was time.

“Not really ma reaction Ah’m worried about. Anyway Ah work in clay Ah don’t use models.”

“Yes, well, just one of those little loopholes that gets us more figure models without having to pay anything. But you do get extra credit….which you don’t need because your work is so excellent…..well...we never do get anyone of your level of…fitness to pose for us. As they say, let’s just do this.”

Prof. Lewis took me by the arm and led me out from behind the patrician. For some reason I tightened the belt on my robe all the more. It was just coming off in half a minute so why was I bothering. I was going to be naked in front of a batch of strangers who weren’t going to be strangers all the much longer. Standing and posing so they could draw me, so very naked. I’m sure this seemed like a good idea at some time. Just wish I could remember why and when.

“Students, our subject for tonight is one of the school’s finest students. While only heading into his second year of college, our Mr. Talltrees has shown a talent and artistry for clay that has rarely walked these halls. Some of his first year work is on display in the main foyer, I recommend taking a moment on your way out tonight to view it and get inspired. I remind you that we are all professional in this class and we are to make every effort to have Mr. Talltrees feel comfortable, as we do all our pose talent. Spice, if you’ll…”

“Ah hope none of ya’ll were lookin’ to sketch some tan lines tonight.” I said as I slipped off the robe and tossed it aside.

OK, got the usual ‘Oh My God’s, a few ‘My Heavens’ from the older crowd, ‘Holy Shit’s, all to be expected. But I’m thinking that Prof Lewis doesn’t typically run for her sketch pad and wear down a few pencils per class like she did tonight.

After a while it wasn’t too bad. Thankfully I had my tan so they couldn’t see me blush too much. And they didn’t want your typical bodybuilder poses. Most people don’t understand the stress that goes into keeping those poses. I doubt that the class saw to the regular model’s needs during the breaks as much as this one. Only so many offers of getting me coffee, soda or bottled water needed for a 10 minute break.

The two hours passed pretty quickly and the class thanked me profusely on their way out. Just keep wondering what they’re going to do with ‘life studies’ of a giant muscle bound super hung bald Native American. Some of these ladies wouldn’t be… pleasuring themselves to my portraitists later on would they? Need to think gayer thought before I puke. As they filed out the door I noticed De’ had shown up and was smiling like the Cheshire Cat. I put on my robe trying to retain some dignity in what was coming.

“’Oh Spice I’m going down stairs right now and check your pottery out!!! Like they ain’t had an eyeful of your pottery for the last two hours.” He said making a grab for my balls.

“Shut up. How long you been there?” I said slapping his hand away, not too hard.

“Just got here. Looks like you were popular.”

“Oh I’ll say” Professor Lewis said coming over while she stuffed her portfolio full of sketches.

“Would you consider coming back for another session?”

“Ah’ll have to think about it. Going to be pretty busy the next few weeks. But don’t you think the football team should help out? Got a fine example of athletic magnificence right here.”

“Well, I can’t promise any extra credit but a positive note would be sent to the Coaches on your behalf.”

“……..Have to think about it.”

“The offer is out there. Spice can you let yourself out? I have a meeting.” She said throwing a coat around her shoulders and flying out the door.

“Yea, like I would hear the end of it if I got up there and posed nude for a bunch of housewives.” De’ said while I got dressed.

“Maybe someone deep down inside secretly wishes he could show off the chocolate perfection to a room of Grannies.”

“Fuck you Spice.”

“If tonight goes well, probably…”

We’d just gotten a place off campus. The area goes empty when the summer hits so the outlandish prices come down some. It’s so great to be living with De’ while at the same time it’s kind of odd how easy it’s been. There was like, no question we’d move in together, no question of how things would be set up, whose stuff would go where. Guess that’s what happens when soul mates connect. We stopped off at a Chinese place on the way back to grab some food. Better than what I can find in New Mexico but not as good as De’ gets in New Jersey. So I keep hearing.

We could see the 4 people waiting out front of the building as we walked up, and hear them pressing the apartment buzzer. When they saw us they started talking amongst themselves, very quickly.

‘We’re sorry we know this is going to sound insane but we’re looking for someone in the building. We don’t know the name but we think the person is Native American and… you appear to be Native American.” She was a bit too thin and the hair dye she used a bit too black. But then the other two girls and the one guy looked too thin and too Goth to really pull it off well. And where were they going with this…..


“We are the ‘Evanston Sisterhood of the Wicca’ and we’ve been...”

“Isn’t one of you a guy?” De’ asked.

“Yes, Colin is male but males can perform Wicca too. We’ve been tracking...”

“No, no that’s fine but how can ya’ll be the ‘Sisterhood’ when one of you is a guy?” I said shifting the food from one arm to the next.

“Because I got outvoted 3 to 1 on my name for the group.” The lone male member mumbled from the back.

“What was that?”

“Children of the Thunderdome.”

“Rockin’” I chimed in. “Tina ruled in that.”

“Spice, food is getting cold, so am I… if you know what I mean. Play with the kids if you want but I’m heading up.” De’ said taking the bag of food from me, opening the front door and smartly avoiding what was coming.

“Be there in a minute. Now, what is all this about?”

“We have heard through the wind that there will be a meeting of great evil tonight at a club in downtown Chicago. We’re not sure of the name but there will be a gathering of unequalled power, dark power. The crystals brought us to you, you do have some Shamanistic powers don’t you? You can help stop this.”

“Girls… and Colin, Ah have no idea what you’re talking about. Sounds like pretty strange shit, excuses the language, which you shouldn’t be fooling around in, even if it was true. And by the way, not all Indians are mystically attuned, no matter what the crystals tells ya. Go home, get some take out and have a nice evening, like Ah am.”

You know, after Florida I’m just not dealing with this shit as seriously. If something comes up, it comes up. But I’m not running off every time the neither world has a hissy. I got a life, I got a boyfriend and I got Chinese food waiting for me. By the time I got up to our place….so cool…our place, De’ had the food spread out on the coffee table in the postage stamp they called a living room, and had gotten very comfortable. And by that I mean naked.

“Have Ah not been naked enough tonight?” I said starting to shuck my clothes and joining him sitting on the floor. “This is….the most incredible thing Ah could ever hope for. Our own place, quite nights, nothing to bother..”

“What did those kids want?”

“Early trick or treaters. We’re mood setting here.”

“Tak called. I know, I know just in case, real quick, let me tell you. Rich is back in town, the Twins are back in town, they got Ricardo and they’re going to a new club down town and they wanted us to join.”

“Did you talk to him or did you just listen to a message on the machine?”


“Then we never got it, kiss me.” Making out with your boyfriend who has Chinese food on his lips is really cool. Well to me it is. Makes me hungry and horny at the same time. I’m not so much the feeding each other type of guy as I am chowing down my food while never breaking eye contact with the boyfriend type. Feeding each other is nice but it takes too long while shoveling the food down your throat gives you the energy for what you’re working towards anyway. Then the phone rang, and the machine picked up. It was a little hard to hear the message through all the blaring music but easy to tell who was on the phone.

“Look you PUSSIES, Stoney just showed up so that leaves you two PUSSIES and Arif out of the fun and you know that PUSSY ain’t showing up so get you ASSES DOWN HERE TO THE FORTRESS on Halstead. All the other evil boys are down here so you know danger’s in the air. The danger of dancin’ our ASSES OFF without you PUSSIES!!! COME ON!” Man I hate Tak. We were laughing to hard to be able to get right back to our make out session.

“Want to go?” De’ asked. “I was sort of thinking we should even before the call. We HAVE been cooped up together the last week. Not that there’s anything to complain about it.”

“Honesty time. Those kids downstairs? They said they had a warning that something evil was going down at a club in Chicago. Didn’t say where, didn’t say gay but, it’s just SUCH a coincidence that Tak used the same phrase and that everyone else is at this club.”

“So you want to go and check it out?”

“NO Ah want to stay here all the more and fuck around. Ah know Ah got to be the defacto leader of this group but, everyone else is suppose to be pretty powerful in their own right. If they’re all down there and something happens, Ah’m sure they’ll be able to handle it. Let’s fuck.”

“Aww, come on. Let’s slut it up and go. Haven’t been to a club in ages. If something happens, it happens. But if not….I’ll wear those black legging you like.”

“The ones that leave nothin’ to the imagination and make it look like you’re naked?’

“And you can wear your Daisy Dukes I love. So when you lean over the bar to order a drink half you ass falls out the back, with your jock straps showing, and maybe not wearing the cleanest of jocks for effect... ”

I don’t think guys as big as us are suppose to be able to move as quickly as we did to get ready. Then again, we were already naked and it’s not like we put a lot of clothes back on. I also threw on a school hoody sweatshirt and De’ some sweat pants since we had to take the ‘L’ downtown and walk a couple of blocks to the club. I poked my head out the front door to the apartment place first to make sure the Wiccas were off Wiccaing somewhere else and wouldn’t follow us. Unfortunately that didn’t keep them from getting to the club before us, where we found them arguing with the door man to let them in.

“Children of the Wicca, ya’ll see how Ah changed that to include Colin, got your back my man, what are you doing here?”

“You came!!! Then it’s true and this IS the club we heard about on the internet!!”

“Ah thought you said it was tea leaves or crystals….”

“We didn’t think you’d believe us if we said we read in on the internet too. But after that we used the sand and the crystals and it all adds up. PLEASE you HAVE to get us in.”

“Only because Ah’m slightly amused by all this, not because Ah believe you even with the internet reference. Once ya’lls in, your on your own though. Got it?”

We walked up to the doorman who immediately unhooked the rope to let me and De’ in. “They’re with me.”

“I don’t think so” Mr. Doorman said clicking the rope back keeping the 4 Wiccas out.

“Ohh, you see if they can’t go in, then Ah can’t either, then we’ll have to leave. And not go inside. Where the boys can see, and enjoy, all this.” I slowly pulled the zipper down on my hoody and slipped it off. Did I mention that after seeing De’ reaction to the muscle brutes we became in Florida I’d been working out even more, if that was possible. Gained 7 pounds of muscle in the last two weeks, added to the couple hundred that was already there.

“Damn. OK, but don’t let them get into trouble.”

“I’m the only one getting into trouble tonight Boss.”

The place was insanely crowed. Wall to wall meat. Sweaty meat at that. I screamed as loud as I could to the Wiccas ‘Good luck’ but I don’t know if they heard me. Me shucking my hoody and De’ stripping off his sweat pants, and our heading onto the dance floor certainly sent the message if they didn’t get my original. This was a great idea. And place like this, all the testosterone, brings out the feral side of De’ real strong. No wonder he’s an ace on the football field with moves like these. Took us forever to find any of the guys. Of course Tak screamed like an idiot when he saw us, and it was great that his boyfriend Rich had returned from England. Clearly both had gotten new tattoos to celebrate their reunion.

“You fucking sluts I can’t believe you left your apartment!!!!”

“Didn’t want you to get in trouble with the FCC screaming PUSSY into your phone all night.” “PUSSY!!” Tak yelled then grabbed me for a kiss.

“Holy shit. Man!! You leave anything at the bar for the rest of us?”

“Just piss and Perrier.”

“Rich, Ah never thought Ah’d say this, but Ah hope you’re driving tonight.”

“Just got me license back!!”

“Lovely. This is a car crash waiting to happen. Been nice knowing you both. You’ll make a couple of hot corpses.” I waved to De’ across the dance floor and gave the universal hand symbol for ‘I’m going to the bar to get drunk.’ He waved me on and started dancing in my direction to join me. I made it to the end of the dance floor and up the few steps to the bar area only to run into the Wiccas and their frantically spinning crystals.

“Ohmygodohmygodohmygod we were right!!! They’re here, the evil ones, we found them!!!”

“OK, OK calm down and remain calm while we talk this out. Look, let’s go over there, it looks a bit quieter.” After making sure that De’ saw where we were headed I steered the group into a corner of the bar that wasn’t being used by one patron to feel up another. “OK, you said you found them, the evil ones. Can you point one of the out to me, are any around?”

“Yes, right over there, not hard to miss, the Japanese or Chinese guy dancing with the blonde guy, both COVERED in tattoos. The Jap guy’s been drinking more than any normal human would be able to tolerate.”

“And that Rasta guy over there with the other black guys. The one with the long dreadlocks and all the charms hanging off his belt. We recognized some of those from our guide books.”

“Those wouldn’t be Dungeon and Dragon gaming books would they?” I had to ask.

“They’re still valid.” Little Colin said getting a nerve hit. “They still to a lot of research to compile them.”

“Plus somewhere around here there’s….. a dwarf….. hanging around a couple of twins. Like that’s not a clear sign of evil. Dwarves AND twins AND gay!!!”

“And not just putting on a show like you are…..I think they might actually BE gay!!!”

Sometimes I think I must be as stupid as everyone says I am since I was still absorbing this even after De’ walked up and said, “What’s going on?”

“…………………………………………………………………………………What?” It was the most intelligent thing I could come up with.

“The guy over there...”

“NO, no stop. Wait. God my head hurts. Let’s go back. You said you heard about this on the internet? Where?”

“A blog called Taktattoo.com. But that was just the starting point, there were other signs…”

“Ah am going to kill Takashi Ito.” I said to De’ “That’s the web site you set up for him right? For a minute Ah thought someone was tracking us, found out about us…but it’s just Tak and his big mouth….Ah bet he….Look…girls...and Colin…the people you have pointed out are not evil, they’re my friends. What ever signs you’re getting, you’re reading them wrong.”

“But they’re all GAY!! Wait, if they’re your friends…does that mean you’re gay too!?!”

“What the hell to ya’ll think Ah’m doing here dressed like this?!?!?”

“We thought you were undercover as a queer boy to get in here.”

“Who says Queer boy any more? Ah thought Wiccas liked Gay, at least the whole Lesbian thing. And how do you explain Colin?”

“Well that’s normal not like this decadent…evil.”

“And I’m not a fag.” Colin said as manly as he could, which was not much

“As the saying goes, oh no?”

We’re in a dark corner. Even if anyone saw anything, the booze is flowing freely enough to be an explanation to anyone who lingers on us long enough to see this. Been surfing the net some myself. And I just HAPPENED to find some pics of those boys that are always labeled as being from Russia. You know the guys. Look a bit on the short side but build strong, tight muscles and cute pug noses. Yea, let’s go for four of those. My new down loaded powers from the Coyote being allows me to shift around clothes now, for all four members of the Wicca now sported very tight 501 and even tighter high neck sleeveless tees. They weren’t that tall be being with and only shot up to around the 5’5” – 5’6” level. Short hunks are adorable. The gender change was quick but there wasn’t much that made these girls girls. They’re small breasts disappeared and were replaced with solid pecs, maybe a little too big for the thin waists they were not sporting. Their arms swelled with big biceps and slightly too small forearms. Well, not everyone knows how to go for over all balanced size like I do. And those wider shoulders also made the image all the more extreme. Through the jeans we could see their legs fill out, way to big on top but again, noting to complain about. Didn’t go too big in the cock department, didn’t want to go too crazy, but Colin was certainly getting an upgrade. Speaking of Colin, I think he needs a little hormone boost given his role in the group up till now. Made him a bit stockier, a bit hairier. He’d been hanging with the girls way too much, time to be a man. Their faces were almost pretty but still masculine, great smiles and a variety of shades of green and blue for the eyes. A quick rewrite of their minds and the smiles on those cute faces spread all the more.

“Sorry Ah didn’t hear you correctly, what with the music and those awesome accents. But yea, Ah think that gentleman over there is the fella you’re gonna want to talk to for the go-go boy try outs tonight. Good luck guys, hope to see ya’ll on stage.”

The four former Wicca now current studly Russian minihunks said something to us in Russian. I’m guessing ‘Thanks’, hoping at least, and disappeared into the crowd. Surprisingly, De’ did not look happy.

“I can’t believe you did that. Just because they were annoying and ignorant doesn’t give you the right to redo their lives.”

“Hold on, hold on. Let’s get some drinks and Ah’ll explain. It’s cool, calm down.”

We made our way to the bar and finally got the bar tender’s attention long enough for a couple of drinks. Then a couple of more. “Well?” De’ asked. Man he wasn’t going to drop this.

“Over here.” I lead him off to the side so we could talk, maybe, without having the scream over the music. “It’s not permanent, only for as long as they’re in the building. Couple of back up spells will keep them from anything that would harm them and they’ll leave alone, no matter what. 5 minutes after they leave, they’ll revert back to their old selves. Completely. As if this never happened.”

“So they’re going to remember this or not?”

“They won’t remember us, or the guys. They’ll only remember enough as they need to. Even then it won’t be detailed memories, only shadows. If it’s enough to galvanize their hatred of gays, then that’s what will happen. Ah’m hoping it’s enough to get them to rethink their opinions and move away from the whole Wicca shit. It’s pretty benign but they were able to track us down and identify us with their crystals. Even though they got a helping hand from Tak. Who’s still going to get a spanking.”

“Well, OK, but I want you to watch this. You told me what happened with the Coyote god shit. I’m worried that…”

“If we ran into a bunch of racist idiots waiting outside out apartment house would the worst thing Ah could do be turn them into homies for a day to let them see….”

“Oh don’t go pullin’ some Twilight Zone After School Special shit on me, you know what I’m talking about and why I got worries..”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. Look. Ah could change them back right here and now. But then we’d miss that!” I said pointing to the stage where 4 very hot, very hunky Russian boys had stripped down to their thongs and were shaking their money makers for all it was worth. As noisy as it was in the place already, it just went to deafing and the crowd reacted. Their asses shook as they moved to the music. Alternating between looking a little confused at what they were doing and then breaking out into wide grins when they found that what ever they were doing, they were doing well, the boys rocked. And maybe thongs made of heavier fabrics would have hidden their growing hard ons, but that would have lessened the money being thrown at them. Hadn’t thought of that. What the Wiccas were going to think when they suddenly had the piles of singles, $5s and, was that a $20 Tak is holding up?

“They are AWESOME!” Tony said coming over to us with his twin Angelo and Ricardo with him.

“Where’d they come from?!” Angelo said as they lifted our dwarf buddy Ricardo up on one of the bar stool so he could see.

“Oh you know, lots of guys for all over are heading into town for the Gay Games. Must be enjoying the new surroundings. How you guys been?!?!” I said trying to change the subject. Man De’ was still pissed.

We caught up with the guys. Figured out that Ricardo was dating both of the twins at the same time and they both new it. Momentarily thought that even for this group that was a bit…you know. But we love our friends and if they’re happy, we’re accepting and moving on. Because the next step was thinking about two built teen wrestlers and a very well build dwarf, and finding it kind of hot….and we’re still moving on.

It was hours later when we left the club. Man, when you’re heading out for an evening of clubbing, taking the L and the trains from Evanston down to Chicago is so easy. Coming back at 3 in the morning, this loaded, it’s more of a work out than what I do in the gym sometime just to stay standing up. But it gave De’ and I a chance to talk. Slurred talk but talk. I promised to talk these things out more, to run past any plans of thoughts of transforming anyone who wasn’t a full willing participant with him before I did it. And if he’s not here to run it past Stoned. And to never EVER ask Tak if it’s a good idea. Kind of cutting my balls off but, maybe I needed a reigning in for a while till I had a full handle on the increase in powers I now had. And he wasn’t being controlling, just concerned and loving. Which is not the worst thing in the world. By the time we got back to our place… our placed yay!!..back to our place, we were all hands and lips and stuck on each other like nothing had happened

Till the four African tribesmen walked out of the shadows.

“We are looking for the Hyena Warrior Magician. It is time.”

“Ya’ll want to get this one De’?” •

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