Spiced Days


By Texzilla

De’ turn around. Turn around and see me. DE’ANDRE HARDY YOU WILL… ah shit this ain’t working. Spent months working on my powers, and it’s so cool that I get to use phrases like that, my POWERS bwahahahaha, anyway can’t use my powers to get my stupid boyfriend to turn around and see that I’m stuck at the back of this hotel check in line that he’s almost at the front of. We must have just missed each other at the airport. It’s not like he wouldn’t see me if he just turned around. 6’4’’ muscle bound Indian with a so tight it must be painted on red Gay Days t-shirt who towers above the people he’s stuck in line with. Of course while I’m two feet taller than most of these folks we all might weigh the same. MAN these are big people with big kids.

“I like your shoes Mister.” A small voice said behind me. I look down to find a little girl poking at my shoes.

“Thank you. They’re moccasins my Grandmother made me. Ah like pink princess dress.”

“Only Indians were moss-kins.”

“Well…. Ah’m an Indian.”


Her parents quickly pulled her away. Wonder which was going to get older faster. The whole Pocahontas bit or the lets not mix with the queers here for Gay Day at Disney World bit. Eh, who cares? Me and the boys spending a week at the parks acting like idiots during the day, and partying all night like the sluts we boys are. I can put up with both.

DE’!!!! TRUN AROUND!!! How can he not feel my eyes burning into the back of that perfectly shaved head? Got to be him. No mistaking the broad back, incredibly round shoulders and massive triceps of my man De’ about to go up to the counter. His deep brown skin looking all the more rich when covered by that thin white sleeveless shirt and white jeans he had on. De’ moved a little to the left, shifting his weight so I could see the left check of his ass swell up some from the new position and stretch the fabric all the more. Yea, were sluts.

One of the employees, I think they’re called Castmembers, how cute, motioned for him to come down to her station to be checked in. As he walked down, dragging his carry on behind him, he glanced over briefly in my direction, saw me, and then exploded.

“AHHHHHH THAT’S MY BOO!!!!!” De’ yelled jumping over the velvet rope that divide those waiting in line from those lucky enough to get checked in. I’m guessing many of these people waiting in line had not seen two grown men express their love and adoration so openly with each other before. Since every pair of eyes in the joint was now on us, they were going to get a detailed example of that.

Nothing tastes better than these lips. Nothing smells better than this man. I’m holding him in my arms and I can’t feel his weight at all. I can feel his heart beat though, and it’s going a mile a minute. We composed ourselves and got back in line again. We’d have to put in that wait all over again but at least we’d be able to wait together. It turned out to be a good move anyway since we were in the same room they could check us both in at the same time. We got our key cards that not only opened the hotel door, but we would use as tickets into the parks for the week. We kept it cool, and in our pants till we could start back to our rooms. In the Love Bug building. The rooms are cheap, the rooms are cheap, the rooms are cheap… . “Good lord boy look at you!!! How much sun have you been getting? You’re looking like ‘A’ Brother not ‘My Brother.”

“Out working the ranch and roaming the desert looking for answers.”

It was great just being near him again. Just walking next to him shooting the shit. We sent e-mails every hour and called every other day but nothing was like being together.

“How far back are we?”

“We’re in the building with the giant VW sticking out of it. You know, I think this is the first time I’ve seen you since, you know, that night, that you don’t have your casting stick with you. Did you leave it at home?”

“Funny you should ask.” I said stopping. While not taking my eyes off of De’ I put my left arm out and, the next second, my casting stick fell from the sky, standing straight up it hit the ground with a shock, hesitated for a second then fell back, gently into my palm. Its bells and charms making little tinkle noises. “Ah didn’t think they would let me take this on the plane so ah threw it in this direction three days ago from home.”

“From home?!?! From New Mexico? You threw that from New Mexico to land right here, right now?!?!”

“Yea. Hold on, Tak should be following.” I put the casting stick down, bent my legs, held my arms out like I was going to catch a large object and started looking up. De’, in complete slack jawed amazement, also started looking up in the sky, moving around, blocking the sun with his hand, trying to catch a glimpse of Tak up in the air.

“What are you maniacs doing?” Tak said walking up behind De’. I had seen him in the back ground running to catch up with us. De’ jumped a foot and it took a minute till he figured out what was happening. My laughing my ass off didn’t hurt him getting a clue either.

“Son of a bitch!!” De’ spat out but quickly got the joke. His punch was a bit more than the usual love tap I get for being too clever for my own good.

“What’s going on?” Tak asked still confused, but going in for welcoming hungs and kisses.

“Spice convinced me he threw you from New Mexico and was getting ready to catch you.”

“Uh…….huh. And here we all thought Spice was the goofy one.”

‘Was that a compliment or an insult?” I asked picking up my stick and bag.

“Six of one….”

“Wait up bitch. How’d you do the sitck then?” De’ asked joining us as we continued to the room.

Coming to an agreement as to who got what bed was easy. Coming to an agreement about what the others would do when the beds were ‘in use’ was also hammered out. Fighting over who got the shelf space by the bathroom sink was a cat fight like no other. Between Tak’s need for every product on earth to keep his long hair looking good, and De’ and my need for every product on earth to keep our hair gone… not pretty. Felt sorry for poor Stoney, our last member, from Haiti, wasn’t coming in till tomorrow. And those dreds of his don’t take care of themselves. Not a lot of room left.

While Tak and De’ took over the one small table in the room for their media center, De’s laptop with it’s built in video editing software and ALL of Tak’s video cameras and equipment, I laid back on the bed and, well, started playing with myself. They have their hobbies, I have mine.

“We’re still going to one of the parks today right because, Ah’m really bored.”

“Soon enough. The grown ups are busy sweetie. We’ve got a couple more things to set up. Just keep doing what you’re doing.” De’ said.

“Have you seen what he’s doing?” Tak asked.

“I don’t even need to look. He’s alone on a bed for 5 minutes. It’s Spice, what else would he be doing?”

“Did Ah mention that while Ah was walking around the desert Ah usually didn’t even have one of my jocks on? So no tan lines. And that if you think my arms and legs got dark, you should really see Mr. Penis. He’s so very big and dark now.”

“Look I wanted to take a shower anyway before we went out anyway. You want to take care of him while I do that?” Tak asked getting up from the table. “I should be a few HOLY SHIT SPICE minutes.” He said passing by closing off the bathroom door.

“Are you going to be this naughty for the whole trip” De’ asked standing at the end of the bed and peeling off his white stretch shirt. Slowly he stated crawling up the bed till we were face to face.

“Ah’m going to be a perfect southern gentleman and a fine example of fag politeness and etiquette while in the parks. But we ain’t in the parks right now.” I said grabbing the back of his head and pulling him in for kiss. This wasn’t like the kiss we shared in the lobby. This one was meant to start something. He started pushing my shirt off over my head as I continued to pump my cock harder and harder.

“Well, as long as you behave.” De’ said lowering himself down and taking the head of my cock into those incredible lips of his. This was something nice. Usually I’m the one doing the blowing. I can see why someone might enjoy being on the receiving end of one of these. The soft edge of his beard would come into touch with my shaft at times, making it all the more sensual. I maneuvered my leg so I could rub it up against his crotch. Yea, it was about as hard as I’ve ever felt it. With my hands free I was able to stroke those massive shoulders of his. Deep striations defining muscle after muscle, all housed in a warm deep brown skin stretched so thin across them. It wasn’t long before my hands moved to his head to hold it gently as I shot my wad down his throat. Some gentle making out followed till Tak returned from the shower, with a towel wrapped around his waist.

“Why so formal?” I asked as De’ left the bed and returned to the computer.

“We all weren’t raised in barns.”

“Again, having been raised on a ranch with a barn… insult or not.”

“Which is what we love about you Spice. Oh dear.” Tak said looking at his DVD camera and faking concern. “Did I leave this on record and pointed at the bed? I’ll just push this button to make sure the disc is finalized and can’t be erased. OH you probably didn’t want that to happen either? Too late.”

I think it was by the time we had spent a couple of hours at the Magic Kingdom, been on a few rides, and had gotten our late lunches did Tak finally convince us he wasn’t going to down load out session onto the internet. Or if he did, that he’d cut us in on the profits. Given the choice of eating somewhere even adult and eating somewhere that had a robot lizard singing for us, there was no question that we would sit near this giant lizard from outer space. Not a great offering of food and with no real workout room to shed the pounds this greasy stuff would add, I’d have to cast a charm or two to make sure I could still fit in my clothes by Wednesday. But…ummmmmm greasy food. While we weren’t the only red shirts in the room, we were the only ones without kids sitting this close to the singing lizard.

Tak was replaying all the video he had taken so far while eating his food. I made sure he left the sex disc back at the hotel. De’ was looking over his shoulder completely IGNORING the lizard singing. So I was the only one who saw the thin young man with the cheap blonde dye job cautiously walk up to our table.

“Hey guys” He said softly “Woff. I thought the meat was only behind the counter. Hope you don’t mind but some guys I know are throwing a party tonight? Thought I’d give you a flyer in case you might be interested. See you ‘round.”

“Hey thanks” I said taking the flyer from the guy. Kind of cute guy. He joined a table of other guys along the same build and choice of Clairol products who treated him like a returning hero. Who knew we were that imposing? Well, OK we did, but we’re such big sweeties too.

Tak looked up from the video screen to make sure the guy was far enough away. “Perfume enough? What type of party is it, Barbie dress up?”

“Now, now.” I said reading over the flyer. “He had a tattoo also, just like you. Sure it was only a little butterfly on the shoulder but he’s tasted the ink needle like you have. Not as much as you have but then, who has?”

“Yea, we’re like soul mates. Come on. I’m not saying effeminate guys give us a bad name...” Tak started

“No Ah’m just saying you used to have a vagina.”

“You said that was an illusion!!!”

“Va. Gi. Na.” De’ was laughing so hard he had to leave the table and walk it off. “Might not be too bad. Contrary to popular belief not exactly my thing. But the cover charge ain’t too bad. We could swing this if you guys want. Didn’t your absent boyfriend also used to have a vagina?”

Tak grabbed the flyer out of my hand and started reading it. “Yea, this looks good. Beers and Bears Party. Even if the bears aren’t so hot, maybe the guys who are into them will be and settle for some prime beef that hasn’t been aged as much.”

“Are you that desperate for Rich to come back from England?”

‘We came here to party. It’s at one of the better hotel’s pool and it’s cheap to get in. And yes, as horny as they get.”

Hours later we made our way across a parking lot to the entrance to this Bear party. We could hear the noise and music from down the street. No one in this hotel was sleeping tonight. A think layer of cigar smoke hung over the party which we could see through the fence. The door man, or gate man, didn’t appear quite as happy to see us as we thought he would be.

“Evening boys. You guys together? Any one joining you?”

“Uuhhh yea, we’re together. Thought we’d come by and join the party.” Tak said handing him the flyer.

“Yea, well. MAN this is tough because… look at you. Thing is, we can only get so any people into this place. We’re pretty packed already. And it’s a ratio of 4 to 1 right now. 4 kids for every Bear. The point of the party was sort of to celebrate the Bear community. So, unless you got someone a bit more….you know, I can’t let you in.”

“Aw shit.” Tak said

“Yea, Pop’s back checking the car. Warning light came on in the rental when we pulled up.” De’ said hoping that would work.

“Then you good sons you don’t mind waiting.”

“He should be here by now. Let’s go see what’s keeping him. Be right back” I said leading the guys away.

“Well that was a bust.” Tak said checking his watch “Back to the hotel by 9”

“Not quite. Let’s head over here.”

I dragged the guys into a small clearing between a large air conditioner ground unit and the shrubs that were suppose to shield it form the view of passer buys.

“OK you guys owe me for this. Tak, let me have one of those cigars you brought along. Just need one and you should have enough left to tempt the Bears once we get in there. Light me.” Tak flipped out a light he bought and light the end of the cigar. While I don’t smoke, hell, I live on a ranch in New Mexico, it’s kind of in bred. I waited till I got it going to begin. “Don’t know how well this is going to work with my casting stick back at the hotel, but give me room. Daddy’s about to join his boys.”

I moved the cigar to the side of my mouth, took a deep draw, and remembered the steps that my Grandfather has been teaching me.

Race is always the easiest and I didn’t want to stand out too much, so I went with you average white guy…oh wait, slow it down some, let’s go Italian. Take in the cheekbones some, nose shifts to more roman and the jaw gets stronger. Brows heavier and a couple of caterpillar eyebrows sounds good. I lighten up my skin tone, losing the tan and the heritage to a decent white. Next the body hair, lets go with lots. I let the chest explode, even the back. De’ wasn’t going to like that but it was Bear time. Shit he’s rubbing his crotch through his pants, maybe he is into this. The arms are really hairy on the forearms with a good trail up to my shoulders. The face is still shaved but I’ve got a 5 o’clock shadow from hell.

OK race is done. Another good drag of the stogie and I’m onto physical. I can keep the mass but I need to get shorter. I feel most of this in my spine, and there’s a tingling in my legs and arms as they shrink a bit to fit. Keeping the mass distributed as it is means I still way too built, especially for someone who’s now only 5’7”. Get to that in a minute. But shortening myself has made the body hair all the thicker. Going to keep the arms solid, not as defined, hands big. Oh I know this guy I’m turning into. I turn slightly so Tak and De’ can see my ass disappear and grow at the same time. Not as far out but a bit wider. And here go the abs. My 6 pack becomes a keg, as they say. Still solid but there’s a layer of girth that’s hanging over my jeans now. Instead of broad shoulder going into a thin waste I was not pretty much the same thickness from shoulders down. That hard proud chest of mine is now a fur covered mass, sagging a bit bit not bad. I add about 10 more pounds of fun fat. Hope Tak doesn’t remember I pointed out he used to have a pussy now that I look like I could use a bra. I feel my face sag some as a double chin comes in. As proud as I am of that, I think the next move will look better if I had a beard after all. I get that started as I move onto the next level of change.

Another drag, reposition the cigar on the other side of my mouth and a pat De’ on the cheek. I say “This is for you, Junior.” in my new gravely voice. I run my hands over my head and got full on male pattern bald. There’s a 4 inch horseshoe fringe around my head that I let grow out a few inches. I knew De’ liked my balding head so I decided to excel the process instead of fill it in. By the time I’m done the beard is think and full. Growing think enough to hide the double chin and long enough to hide part of my neck. I left the mustache off both for style and to hide the fact that it won’t have the aroma of a life time of cigar smoking embossed in it.

Now the hard part. Gramps always said do age last. When I reverse the spell I will literally be reversing this. So it’ll be easier to turn younger first and do the rest of the changes, rather than have the old guy I’m about to become deal with the stress of going though all this. Three good puffs on the cigar and I’m back over 30 years. I can feel my face sag a bit, my skin loosen over my chest and arms more. And as I look down an out break of grey spreads across my chest and down south. I’m sure what hair I left on my head is a good balance of black and grey, as a waterfall of white spills down from my mouth taking the beard to a whole new level. Even my balls feel like they dropped a couple of inches.

“See why I believed him when he said he threw you from New Mexico?”

“I think you just became the poster daddy of that party.” Tak whispered in awe.

“Oh we’re getting in the party. And I am not buying one drink tonight. You got that boys?” I bent over and started rolling up the end of my pant legs. While my new waste line would fill up the top, being shorted I didn’t want to trip over them. Kind of hoping that when I bent over my ass crack would pop out the back.

“Hold crap.”

“Just trying to get into character. Like the cigar. Figured this guy would be the kind to light up as he worked on his car. I say, we try this again.”

It was weird walking with the guys as this new man. So used to being the biggest in the batch. De’ was really staring at me. In an “I can’t wait to get home” type stare. I left y shirt off because I wasn’t sure I could get it back on. The door man didn’t even say a word, didn’t even take or money. Just opened the gate and let us in.

We mingled for a while. I let myself get adored over and over again. I went with the name Gino since Spice didn’t seem to fit this persona I was trying to carry off.

“I think you can turn this off now if you want. We got in” De’ said as we headed off to a side table that was empty. Good place to watch the action for a while. Tak immediately disappeared into the crowd.

“Takes a lot of energy to do this. I’d be too whipped to party. It’s cool. Kind of digging being able to change and have other’s see it. I have to say you seem to be digging it too, Boy.” I grabbed him for a rough kiss with more than our usual amount of tongue play.

“Gino, huh? I’ll have to remember to call you that instead Spice.” De’ said snuggling in close.

“No, you’ll call me Sir.”

“That is still you in there, right.”

“Just getting into the role. Not that I think anyone will figure out what’s going on but, when in Rome, be a Roman. By the way I’m sorry I just called you ‘boy’ and I don’t want you to think….”

“Spice, Sir, you’ve never been one to over think a situation. Don’t start now. I know what you mean when you say it. You mind if I go mingle? I haven’t seen Tak for a while and I’m wondering where he could be.”

“As long as you bring me back a beer, kid. Go have fun. I’ll wait here.”

Almost immediately I was joined by our friend from the restaurant who gave us the flyer. “Well hey there Mister. How you doing tonight? Enjoying the party?”

“Yea. Just here with my boys. How you doing?”

“Oh you’re here with someone. Well you have a great time.” And then he sauntered off. Little prick, sorry I defended you to Tak. Who wears pink boardies to a bear bash?

“That twink’s been bugging me all evening.” I heard a voice off to the side say. A large, and I do mean LARGE, leather bear came out of the darkness and pulled up a chair. He was a good 10 years older than I currently was, mid 50’s at least, and had one of those builds that gone to pot a bit, but you could still see what he must have had in his prime. “He’s hot for a daddy tonight. A bit more on the prissy side than I like em but, can’t help but notice how much attention he’s asking for. I’m Ed by the way.” He said reaching out one of his giant hands.

“Gino. Nice to meet ya. Yea, the kid seems desperate for attention that’s for sure. Dropped me like a ton of bricks when I told him I was here with my boys.”

“Boys huh, good for you. Yea I’m solo.”

“One of them would like that tat of yours, what is that?”

“Family crest. I researched it years ago, before you could do it in a minute on the internet. This animal here, it’s a Mantacore. Most crests if they feature a mythical animal its unicorn or gryphon, this guys are suppose to be pretty rare.”

“It’s interesting. Don’t have any myself. My boy Tak takes care keeping the tat artist around us in business. Here he comes now.”

“Very nice.” Was all Ed got out before Tak overwhelmed me.

“I need you in the men’s room Pops” He said WAY too desperately.

“I think you need to remember how to address me when asking permission for something, boy.”

“Can I please see you in the men’s room, Sir, so I can tell you about how to keep you’re retarded son Spice from getting a baseball bat to the head while he sleeps tonight?”

“Yea, OK. ‘Scuess us Ed.”

We made our way off to one of the more secluded rest room areas by the pool and headed into... the ladies room?

“Are we forgetting what gender we are these days Tak?”

“HA, yea, that never gets old. No one ever uses the ladies room at parties like this. Look I need you to do me up. I’ve been trying to get into this guy’s pants for the last hour but he’s only here for a bear daddy. I got all the details of what he wants. What do you think? Can you do me as you did yourself?”

“I can try but, got to tell you, it’s going to take a lot out of me and like I said, I don’t have my casting stick. If I can pull this off I’m not sure how strong a spell it will be. Like Cinderella, you might be turning back into Tak at midnight.”

“I will do anything you want for the rest of the trip if you’ll just give it a shot.”

“OK, get ready. Let me know if things start hurting.” I took a minute to center myself and placed my left thumb on his forehead. “What are we looking for, race first. Guessing Japanese ain’t doing it.”

“Latino, kept going on about Mexicans.”

I was actually surprised at how easily the changes took place. A lot easier than when I changed myself earlier that evening. Maybe I had enough time to rest. Soon Tak’s skin tone was taking on a more brown hue, more of a deep honey. His face became a little more over and he lost some of the cheekbone definition.

“That whipped out your tats, but I’m guessing you didn’t want them for this.”

“No that’s perfect” he said in a slightly deeper voice. “Take the muscles down a notch, but not much, and I can stay this same height.”

“Got it.” I took Tak down a little, not a big across the chest, arms noticeably smaller but, then again, bigger than most of the guys out by the pool now. Shoulders came in a little and the pants got a lot looser. “Too bad you didn’t wear a belt tonight.”

“Yea, hold on for that. He wants someone with muscles AND fat so….. God what I’m doing to get laid, start packing on the ponds. Don’t start till the pants say give and I know seeing my dick is no longer an option.”

This was going to be so insanely cool. I felt the energy just flow from me into Tak as he started getting bigger and bigger. You could still see the muscles under all the weight he was gaining but they were getting covered in what started as a thin layer and was becoming a think layer of fat. I concentrated on the belly and love handles, filling him up till an apron of fat fell over the pants. That face that got a bit rounder REALLY got rounder, with a double chin that put mine to shame. Didn’t do too much to the legs but they filled his pants almost like sausages. His chest though, welcome back to the big tit club.

“Yea, I still got to move so let’s keep it here. Can we do hair? Lose the body hair, all of it from the neck down and….my poor babies, I’ve got to be COMPLETELY bald. Not MPB like you, no shaved shadow. Lose the goat but I need a mustache from hell. So long it blocks my mouth as much as this belly blocks me seeing my dick.” He said taking a slap to his new padded front. With the muscles and fat he had to be well over 225 by now.

Since I needed the hair to grow back I had it pull into Taks skin so, given how long it was, it took a couple of minutes, The ‘statch was lot easier to do, just kept the hair growing till Chumly the Walrus had nothing on him.

“Last, age. I think anything over 40 but under 50 would do.”

It was harder to tell the changes on this, hair being the easiest trait to watch on a change. But Tak’s face defiantly got older, things sagged a little more. A bit of grey hit the ‘statche.

“I think we’re done.” I said noticing that I enjoyed that a lot more than I thought I would. But the effects were beginning to hit as a wave of feeling washed out started to hit. “Take a look, big guy.” Which I got to say to someone else for once.

“Oh my God I must be insane” the fat muscular Mexican said when he turned to faced the bathroom mirror. It was pretty amazing, but of us were now that I got a good look at myself in the mirror. Instead of a towering bald muscle bound Indian and a tattoo covered, muscular Asian, there was a 50 something, hairy Italian that looked like Santa’s really hot brother, and a bald Mexican daddy bear, feeling up is newly puffed out tits.

“This feels insane. Thank you so much. You’re not too tired?”

“Naw I’m fine, this was worth it. Hope it works.”

“Can you do anything about giving me a Mexican accent?”

“Sorry, too much like mind control. Going to have to fake that on your own.”

“Shall we light up?” Tak said taking his last two cigars out of his back pocket. They were a little flatter than before we came into the ladies’ room, but still smokable.

“Might as well” We lit up, took a few puffs and checked the mirror again. Perfect. “We better get back out there. De’ might be looking for us. At least let him know he’s can stop looking around for Tak tonight.”

Tak gave me a great thank you kiss before we left. His new mustache grinding into my bare upper lip. Why does the smell of cigar smoke become such an irritant, but the taste of it on someone else’s lips is so great? Our massive chests rubbing up against each other. You know, if I ever stop obsessively working out, letting myself go might not be all that bad after all.

He had a little trouble waking at first, dealing with the new distribution of all that weight, but he quickly got the hang of it. Just as we headed back to the table I saw that Ed guy head off into the party with who I thought was the twink from earlier. I can’t change these lousy eyes of mine and I left my glasses back at the hotel not thinking I’d need them. De’ was at the table looking around, saw me and my ‘new’ buddy and looked confused as to why we would be leaving the rest room area at the same time.

“Here’s one of my boys.” I said slipping back into character. “Son, say hey to Jose.”

“Hello. Nice to meet you. What were you…have you seen Tak?”

“Yea we’ve seen him.” Tak said trying to cross his arms over his chest. “You’re just not looking hard enough. Gotta go amigos. Don’t wait for me. I’ll see you in the morning.” He waved good buy and as waddled off into the crowd. Some of whom were VERY happy to see him.

“What the hell? Tak?”

“Long story. I’ll tell you when we get back to the hotel. Think you’ve had enough fun for tonight? I’m kind of wasted.”

“Sure we can head out. Still want to know what’s going on.”

“Hey, was that Ed guy going off with the twink who gave us the flyer from the restaurant?”

“That guy, no way. You are blind without those glasses. That guy had about 30 pounds and several dozen hormone shots over the guy from the restaurant. Same bad dye job, maybe that was it.”

“Yea. Must be these eyes. And a misunderstanding of when pink boardie shorts are a good thing to buy.”

We walked casually though the crowd and around the dance floor. Taking a look around I couldn’t help but see the new Tak heading into the hotel with a guy who just maybe have been worth turning into who Tak now was in order to get him into bed. Hope that spell lasts. It felt pretty strong.

Others made their way out of the party at the same time, so I guess it wasn’t as early as I thought. De’ couldn’t keep his hands off me and I have to say, I saw not reason not to respond to his attention. His hands running though all this body hair was unreal. He was even able to twirl some chest hairs on his fingers. And he just wouldn’t leave the top of my head alone. Distracted so much we almost tripped over yet another guy, this one even beefier than the last, in pink boardie shorts and a bad dye job. Must be a Florida fag thing. Parking lots are not the best place to make out.

De’ had a great laugh on the way back when I told him what Tak had asked me to do, and even harder when I told him why. He said he’d help me come up with a payback plan that would really embarrass our buddy. What are friends for? The hotel room was nice and cool when we got back. With a place this big we never ran into anyone from ether the hotel or other guests so, no one was the wiser as to why a 50 year old guy was heading into the room with De’. A message on the answering machine was from Stoney letting us know he’d be there in the morning. Which was just hours away now. De’ started to get undressed and I went for my casting stick to reverse the spell.

“Ummmm. Don’t suppose you need to do that right now?” He asked quietly.

“On one hand I’d like to talk about this interest in the older man I’ve become.” I said kicking off my shoes and undoing my pants. “On the other hand, I want you bent over this bed right now, Junior.”

De’ slipped the shirt over his head and bent over the bed. His ass high in the air, ripe for just about anything.

“I thought I told you to bring me a beer?”

“I’m sorry sir, I forgot...”

“That’s not a word we use now is it.” I said taking a major swat at his ass. It shook like I’d never seen it shake before. Even with his dark coloring and the low lights in the room, I could still see my hand print.

“No Sir.”


“I’m sorry sir.”

“Not yet you’re not. Let’s get some lessons learned right now.” I rammed my hand between De’ ass and really got a grip. My thumb entered his hole and started loosening it up some. Of course, we’re not dealing with my usual member so, for all the bravado and role playing, he wasn’t going to be getting his usual fucking. Not that I wasn’t going to try.

Finding my dick was more of a challenge than usual. Pretty much used to it being there and accessible no mater what the state. With his new body I had to reach down, around the gut and grab on. All the new curly dick hair didn’t help. It got big enough, and hard enough and certainly De’ let me know he wasn’t noticing any change in sensory pleasure when I rammed it up his ass. Really gave him a good screwing, like a piston. Easier with the smaller dick but, we’re not trading it out anytime soon. I quickly came and shot the full load into him. Pulling out I pushed him down and flipped him over. Using the left over cum on my hands I grabbed his black cock and started pumping away. Soon enough he blasted all over his chest like I’ve rarely seen him. I fell on my back right next to him, totally spent.

“De’, even for us….this was a little odd.”

“Let’s do it again.”

The deep sleep I was eventually allowed to go into was broken only once when a rather large Mexican dragged himself home and collapsed in the bed next to our.

“How’d it go?” was as much as I was able to get out.

“Ay Carumba.” Was all Tak could saw before he drifted off too.

In the morning I was pretty well rested, and still Gino. Just was Tak was still in his Mexican form. I took my casting stick from the corner and flipped him back so he’d at least wake up as his usual self. For all the changes his body went though, the smile on his face never changed.

I turned the TV onto the local channel to get the weather and sat on the edge of the bed while I worked on my own return to Spiceland. I was just about there when a breaking news story came on. Police had found the body of what appeared to be an elderly man naked on the side of a deserted road about 50 miles away. There didn’t seem to be any foul play involved and it’s assumed he died of a heart attack. But along with the state of the body, and the location, there was the fact that he almost seemed to have been mummified that was confusing everyone. Police are checking that his strange tattoo might be involved in some cult or gang activity. The screen filled with an artiest reproduction of a family crest with a Manticore in the middle.

Dammit, I’m on vacation. •

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