Spelstrom Manor

a BIG Book

Mike and Sei walked up the stairs cautiously, as they walked into a large hallway they saw a book laying in the middle of the hallway. The book was big, almost a foot thick, they walked over to it and opened the cover to see what it was. Mike read the fist few pages, and they wernt in english. it seemed to be in a strange foreign language...

as Mike turned the page there seemed to be a list of sentances, that looked to all be categorized... the book went on and on. There was a odd picture of a man... Mike then reads off the first sentance

"Maitz freivenin seitsez salle, gotsez ne matzen, fallal ent talle."

"i know this isnt german" Mike said. "this is just weird"...Mike and MiklSei then continued to look at the book. It had bizzare picures of men and women, some looked distorted. The image looked like hand drawn freak shows. Giant men looming over overly busty women. Enormous musclemen standing next to men dressed in fancy clothes and young girls. "this is just really weird" Sei replied. just about then mike felt a little pinch on his chest "what was that?" mike said with surprise "what was what?" Sie asked. "nevermind Mike replied" Seconds later Sie said "owe!"... mike looked over at Sie and asked him what was the matter. And Sie replied he felt a small pinch on his chest. "you too?" Mike asked Sie.

Mike started to scrach his iching chest, then Sie began to scrach his for the same reason. Sie took off his shirt to see why his chest was inching so badly. As he took it off Mike saw Sie's chest was now sporting dark chest hair. "what the hell happened to me? why the hell am i so hairy suddenly???" Sie exclaimed as he saw his new chest hair. Now to think about it Mike could feel hair under his shirt too. So mike took of his shirt to see if he too had grown hair on his once bare chest. Indeed both teenagers were now iching there new chest hair. As they both sat there on the floor they watched as there chest hair grew thicker and darker. "its happening to me too - what the fuck is happening to us?" said Mike. Sie now noticed that mikes voice seemed deeper and louder. Mike watched as Sie chest hair spread across his chest to his shoulders and up towards his neck. He then watched the same things happen on his body - hair growing out all over his chest -spreading in all directions. Sie saw that mike how had a thick treasure trail growing up towards his chest. And sie watched the same thing grow on him, higher, darker and thicker every second.

"whats going to happen to us..." Sie said in a deeper than usual voice. "dude, Sie, your voice is changing, what? whats happpening..." As Mike now realized his voice too was changing , growing deeper. "mike" said Sie, "i think your arms are getting bigger too" ... "What?, Sie are you kidding me?" Just then Mike noticed how tight his pants were feeling, and they seemed to be getting tighter. "hey...Sie...are your, pants...are they getting tighter??" "yea,...yeah they are." Sie replied. "mike, serously though, your arms have really gotting bigger" "they are bigger , arnt they" mike said with confidence. "look at yourself Sie, look, your arms are about as big as mine now too, dude your so hairy now."

Sie watched his arms grew thicker , more muscular, and noticeing his chest was feeling tighter too. Looking at Mikes own hairy chest he could see they were growing. "woah, uhhh Mike..." Sie said with a slight tone "we are getting really buff... uhhh..look at your arms, and your chest is growing too... " his voice deeper now. "god Sie, this feels great , i cant beleive whats happening to us"

Both Sie and Mike had to take off their tightening pants. There were just to small for their expanding bodies. Standing up they could see there full size, and they were still growing! Sie's biceps now bulged out now, clear defined and tight. His chest was muscular and growing larger,covered by his mass of thick chest hair. Sie's hairy stomach tighened into a defined six pack too. His body was feeling great, and bigger than ever. His shoulder grew wider and wider - growing more masculine every moment.

Mike was feeling the same changes, his massive chest pushing out, his biceps growing huge. and watching both his body and Sie's enlarge so quickly, turning into body builders, gave him a massive hard-on. As he reached down to feel his package though his boxers , he could feel how big his dick was getting. "im really big down there now" Mike said to Sie, - stroking his 9, or 10 inch cock. Sie walked quickly into what looked like a bedroom. He found a mirror, and began to pose infront of it to see his new rippling muscles. "uhh, Mike we dont really look like teenagers anymore..." As Sie stood looking at his reflection he saw a very attractive young man of about 23 looking back at him with a hairy bodybuilders body, that must have weighed nearly 300 pounds. "god i dont know whats happening to us, but im getting really horny , and my body keeps growing, look at me sie!!!, im still growing!, im huge!, and i think we'r taller now too." meanwhile... •

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