Spiced Days


By Texzilla

�OK, OK. Let me sum this up. You went to a party. Spice turned himself and Tak into fat old men. Yet somehow, both got some ass.�

�4 times, thank you very much� Tak said for the hundredth time maybe. Had to become a fat old man to get that potent but we�re not pointing that out. Unless he doesn�t stop it.

�Spice talked to a guy with a weird tattoo. A body of an old man was found this morning that might have a matching tattoo. But the body was 30 to 40 years older than the guy Spice met and was�.mummified? And somehow, maybe, a troupe of bleach blonde, pink shorts wearing guys might be involved. It that it?�

�Don�t forget that I filmed Spice and De� having sex.�

�How is that connected?�

�It�s not, just don�t forget. If you want to watch I got the disc back at the hotel room.�

�We�re sharing a hotel room for another 5 days. Something tells me I�ll get my own performance soon enough. Can you take me back to the airport? I forgot to stay in Haiti.�

�Don�t bail on me here Stoney, I was counting on you.� While he was the last to join our group, Stoney turned out to be the best equipped to follow up on our emerging powers. While most of us had either ignored or completely refused to acknowledge our gifts, in the corrected reality we found ourselves living in, Stoney had embraced his powers since a child. So he really needs to start believing me here and not pull a Scully on me.

�Look, we�re on vacation, let�s just relax. Can�t go to the police, can�t track this guy you think is dead down to even find if he�s missing.�

�Which is what we�ve been telling him.� My traitor boyfriend De� chimed in with.

�As for the clothing bit, well, yea sounds like a fashion disaster, but we�re all alike in an ethnic, late teens, muscle bound god kind of way and we�ll all be wearing red t-shirts for the rest of the week. So let�s all just keep our eyes open but just chill.�

�Or you can go rent a green van, get a talking great dane and try to figure out if it was the Sea Captain or Mr. Tompkins the librarian who did it, YOU MEDDLING KID!!!� Tak yelled taking a hand off the steering wheel and shaking his fist at me before beginning to laugh so hard he almost missed out exit into the park area.

�That�s Warner Brothers, wrong studio reference, Dick Weed.�

The worst thing about going into a pout is that after your 6, no one pays any attention to it any more. Which reminded me of what my plan for the day was anyway.

�Speaking of kids, Ah was thinking of going shopping for some kids� clothes, turning myself into a 7 year old and enjoying the Magic Kingdom as a little boy for the day. Anyone interested in joining me?�

Tak slammed on the breaks so fast that he�s going to have some explaining to the rental company when he takes this back later in the week . As he got the car going again, and got the folks who had to slam their breaks on in back of us to stop honking their horns and swearing at us, I explained my idea and my reasoning. I mean, yea we�re here for Gay Days and where here to party and have fun but, fuck, it�s Disney World. We�ve got passes, we can take the bus from the hotel, and both the hotel and the park are going to be crowded so no one�s going to notice 4 kids running around. We could still get to the park by 10 and have a full day of running around like idiots kids. All we need to do is get some clothes to wear and we�re set. A quick side trip to one of the Disney clothing store took care of that.

De� and I picked out outfits for each other, much to Tak and Stoney�s chagrin. Come on, it was adorable. Of course I would have been happier it every piece of clothing bought for me DIDN�T have Goofy on it, but I still had a Princess Aurora shirt for the adult Spice to wear later in the week as revenge. After I paid, I was by the DVDs, waiting for the others, when I saw the first blonde pink shorts guy pass by the window. I ran out of the store but he wasn�t there. De� joined me and we searched around but nothing. Figured out later that I caught the guy�s reflection of a reflection and while I thought we was out one door, he was actually out another. Dammit.

There was another long wait at the hotel check in to get Stoney taken care of so I ran to the gift shop for a couple last minute things I thought we�d need. Back in the room, after Stoney bitched about not having enough room on the sink for his products, like I thought, well, we all got naked.

�Before we get started ah want to go over a couple of things, and just comment, Stoney, first time Ah�ve seen you naked and, very nice indeed.�

�Yea, Spice so are� is ALL THAT part of your transformation powers.�

�Ah think if this goes well Ah�ll be able to prove that it�s standard equipment, for this model, so to speak. Anyway, just to make sure, we�re only going to physically become ourselves but at age 7, right? Not other changes, no other manipulations.�

�But we were under that spell our ancestors put on us so in some ways we never 7 in these bodies, but now we were�.are you sure?� Tak asked with my knowing where he was going.

�Yea, don�t worry. It�ll be these bodies and this life, not the illusion, so no vagina for you anymore young man.�

�You used to have a vagina?� Stoney asked.

�Yes.� Tak said very quietly.

�I know, just wanted to hear you admit it.�

�Moving on, and thank you Stoney, everyone put spare adult clothes in the back pack right? Remember we�re going to be under one spell, not four individual. So if something happens and the spell ends, we�re all going to turn into adults at the same time and our clothes won�t change. Ah think we should try to stay together as much as possible.�

I got a round of �Got its�

�Major ground rule here and Ah�m looking at you Takashi. We will be adults but in CHILDRENS bodies. NO FUCKING AROUND. We�re not changing to do �THAT� with each other or with anyone else. And more importantly, since my spells are still hooked to a certain extent to some sexual energy, if Ah get some indication that something is going on, that someone is pulling something, Ah�m going to react negatively mentally without control and the spell will break. Got it?�

�I don�t think I needed to be singled out�. OK I did. I�ll be good.�

�If you ever want to turn into a fat, old Mexican and get lucky again you will. So, everyone ready?�

�Let go for it� De� said with a great smile on his face.

We got in a circle and I placed my casting stick in the middle of all of us. Concentrating hard I left go of the stick and let it stand alone, OK so that�s working. A lot more concentrating and I could suddenly feel myself shift and I was hoping the others were too. Hadn�t really done younger before, not this younger so I wasn�t sure what to feel for so at first I figured everything was going good.

�Spice sweetie� a much lower voice to my left said �We�re heading in the wrong direction.�

Trying not to break concentration I opened my eyes to see the muscle roid monsters standing across from me. While I�m a non-roid muscle bound freak already, looking down my physique even I was adding pounds to match them. The guys were also getting taller and much darker. While De� was a great deep brown and Stoney even darker, we were going black. The kind when the light hits right it�s almost blue in the highlights. Very nice but not what we were going for.

�And you warn me to keep it in my pants� the African American giant Tak was becoming said as he started pumping his biceps.

�Something�s interfering, hold on.� Instead of letting the stick stay alone I reached out and grabbed it, almost immediately I felt the shift back in the other direction. �Think Ah got it this time.�

I opened my eyes again to find the guys not only shifting back to their original forms but shrinking down. OK, this was how it was suppose to go. Since we were all starting from late teens early 20s it wasn�t long before the major changes kicked in. Muscles disappeared, well on most of the guys. Arms and legs shrank, torsos edged down. Mighty arms that had spent hours in the gym became thin wiry arms that didn�t get ore of a workout than holding onto the handle bars of a bike when ridden to school or holding a pencil for hours while doing homework. Body hair went, on those that had it, balls shank back into bodies and long things shortened. Again, on some of us.

I looked over at De� who was enjoying the show as much as everyone else, and I couldn�t help notice how thin he was getting. Stoney was certainly thinner than before but De� was getting thinner and then some. And thinner still.

A nice trade off was going on with the hair on our heads. While Tak�s was getting short and spiky, I could feel mine growing out in places that hadn�t grown since I stated going bald at 17. As I once mentioned to De�, the only reason I stopped having hair growing down my back was because I didn�t have any hair to growing anymore, period. But now it was back, just as long and just as thin on top as I remember. Should have seen that as an early sign of the baldness to come but who thinks about stuff like that when you�re 7.

�Spice this is the coolest thing ever, CRAP WAS THAT ME!� Stoney asked as the changed started slowing down as we hit our goal age. 4 little boys, with tiny little stiffies.

�Why is Spice still a hunk? That�s just odd?� Tak asked as he mindlessly played with himself. �Who has a cock that big at that age?�

�Ah�m only 7 now so it�s not a cock yet, it�s just a wee-wee. Running around a ranch your entire childhood, got interested in the growth Ah could get my body to do around this time, hence the 6 pack on the child.� Running a hand up my abs for effect. �And ah hope ya�ll notice the hair� I said giving my hair a great Jacqueline Smith flip.

�It�s almost as creepy as De� being this thin, what�s up with that?� Stoney said going over to my now very small, very thin boyfriend.

�I was sort of afraid this would happen. I�m about a year after the Hardy�s found me in Africa and brought me to the US. I was still on the mend at this time.� His chest was ribs and his legs way too thin. You could see some weight had been added to the body, because it looked too new. Like a bodybuilder who suddenly gains some extra mass, it was part of his body, but he hadn�t lived with it yet. I almost started crying. He told me he had gone though this, but to see it, to see the extent. To know someone you love had to suffer like this.

�You know� you said we shouldn�t fool around with each other, or anyone else�. But that rule out�?�

�Playing with ourselves for a few minutes�.yea a dry cum circle jerk won�t break anything.� anything to break the thoughts about De� And standing there enjoying a brand new dick for a few minutes was a great way to do it. I guess it�s one of those things that just make it easier on parents, that little boys don�t know their dicks can get hard. Because I don�t remember this when I was a kid. Cause if I did, I�d have done it more. But like I said, we didn�t become this to do that.

�Let�s get dressed and on the road.�

4 little boys ran to parts of the room and opened up the bags of clothes they bought as adults an hour before. De� liked the Stitch shirt I got him and the cool cargos. They were low enough they covered those thin legs of his. I guess dressing in everything that I Goofy isn�t so bad. The shirt was a little tight on me but, with the musculature I had as a kid, it out grew most clothes that were for my age group a year before I should have been wearing them. A 4 pack of kiddie undies was opened and a pair handed out to each.

�Didn�t wear �em as a kid, don�t wear them as an adult.� Stoney said refusing his pair.

I took a pair and using the elastic waste band like a rubber band, shot the shorts across the room and hit Stoney in the face. High pitched shrieks came out of Tak and De�. The echo around the small hotel room was incredible.

�Put your panties on Stonewall. You�ve got the brain and emotions of an adult still but that body is EXATLY the body of a 7 year old. We�re not coming home early if you soil your shorts so, be a big boy and put that mouse in its house.�

Soon enough the boys were ready for our day off. The adrenaline that was flowing was incredible. Didn�t think it would effect us like this. We could have run to the parks instead of using the bus. Before we left the room I handed everyone a little Disney wallet since our adult wallets wouldn�t work, and gave everyone a disposable camera. Tak�s expensive camera equipment would stand out too much for a kid to be able to use, but I didn�t want this to be missed.

Getting on the bus and getting into the parks went perfectly. No one paid any attention to us. We stayed close to other large groups to give the impression we were with them, so no one would begin to question to where our parents were. We wee even told that we were very polite boys when we rented the locker for our emergency clothes filled back pack.

From there we were off to ride everything we could work in. Luckily one consideration we forgot to take in wasn�t an issue. We were all tall enough at this age that we didn�t have to worry about being too small to ride anything. Kept going on the Big Thunder Mountain railroad rollercoaster ride so often I thought we�d get dizzy. But it was great. And the bumps and jumps that hit our little asses were not to be missed. Even sitting though the shows like the Hall Of Presidents was new since we found that our feet didn�t touch the ground when we were seated. Maybe it was the location, maybe it was the message the place sent, maybe it was the freed from all the adult responsibilities, but we laughed a lot more than we could ever remember.

Lunch was odd since we didn�t need to order big adult meals. Had to fuel these bodies though, they were taking a lot of energy and expelling it. And there were the pictures we took. We all almost used up our cameras within the first hour of the day. Mugging to the camera was never so much fun. It was late in the day, hours after lunch when all the grease from the burger and fires hit my smaller digestive track and the large ice tea Stoney had kicked in.

�Potty run!� Stoney yelled and ran off to the closest men�s room.

�Me too!!� I yelled following him.

�You�re going to make us wait in front of Small World and listen to that song?� De� called after me.

�Ironic, no?�

I had warned the guys, we had the bodies of children and the capacity of children to keep food in. Just didn�t think it would come back to haunt me. Stoney made a beeline to one of the boy�s urinals while I found an empty stall near the back. Busy place, the only one left was a large handicapped stall next to mine. I guess you don�t realize just how big a toilet seat is until you have to put a much smaller ass on it.

You know when you�re an adult and you�re in a public can and really have to go and you start thinking that it you just blow you ass out everyone will hear so maybe you should try to muffle it�.it�s not just me who thinks this, right�.well when you�re a kid you can just let it blow. That felt good. It�s a kid�s job to poop and pass gas. As I was sitting there doing a mental check that I didn�t have more in the works when the handicapped stall was suddenly occupied by someone who didn�t have a wheelchair. And from the sounds and the movements, there was something going on that really shouldn�t be happening in a public restroom in the world�s most popular family vacation location.

�Can�t believe how big you are?� I heard one of the voices say.

�Been circulating all day, and I still have that guy from last night.�

�Mark and I will top you off. Drop �em� a third voice said

I have to see this. I got a good idea what�s going on and it�s something a 7 year old shouldn't be subjected to but it�s only the body that�s 7, and I ain�t missing this. Only thing, the only way to see into that stall is if I lay my head on the floor and peek under the slight gap between the stall wall and the floor. The floor of one of the heaviest trafficked bathrooms in the world. Well�..there were plenty of sinks and antibacterial soaps out there to clean up after.

Peeking under the wall I saw an incredible blonde muscle stud being worked over by two smaller guys. The stud wasn�t having to do much of anything except lean back against the wall and let the other two take control. They had undone his short shorts and were feeling up his engorged hairless cock that was a deep purple. His body was insanely muscled, veins like ropes up and down his arms. The chest was massively solid, the 8 pack hard and rocks. Not an ounce of fat on him. This was what bodybuilders looked like after weeks of dieting and a day of carb intake before a show, not for wandering around a theme park. They�re usually too tired and all but insane from the lack of water and nonstop training. The two smaller guys were feeling him up and down as they worked his cock. Surprised that neither was taking that cock of his into their mouths. The action picked up by one of the guys while the other took something out of his back pack. Guess we weren�t the only ones sneaking things into the park in that. As the bodybuilder came his buddy took that large plastic container he�d just gotten and collected the studs cum in it. Thing is, he filled it. A gallon bottle and his one ejaculation filled it with cum to the top.

�Let�s take a taste before it loses all the potency�

�Is that allowed?�

�I think we�re owed something and besides, we can get the last bits out of his prick. Like licking the spoon.�

The first guy took the shaft, placed his hand at the base and slowly, tightly squeezed the cock to the head, letting some left over cum leak out. They both ran their fingers though it and lapped it up.

Which is when the shit hit the fan. The blonde bodybuilder moved his head forward enough for me to see that, it wasn�t a natural blonde, but a dye job. That was getting more and ore obvious as the bodybuilder shrank. Like a balloon that was deflating he slowly shrank down, losing pound after pound, muscle after muscle. His shoulders shrinking in so that I could now see the butterfly tattoo that I had noticed on him the day before. The hunk of a bodybuilder was becoming the twink from the restaurant. Hold crap. And his buddies!!! They were gaining muscle. Not a lot, but still some. Crap again, they were the other guys at the table yesterday. Why hadn�t I noticed that? Guess I didn�t pay that much attention to them. Now the twink was the twink again and his buddies were bigger than before, like his cum was fueling his muscles and feeding off of it gave the other two some. What would have happened had they taken his load? How does..

�We better get out of here. Keep circulating and we�ll meet up again tonight. Later boys�

I heard one leave and then a couple of seconds later the other two. Sitting back down on the toilet I had to think this out, had to try to figure out what I just saw�ah shit I had to follow them. Whipped my ass as fast as I could and ran out of the stall. I was met by Tak on the other side, who looked kind of shocked.

�Spice you�re not going to believe this�

�You followed a hunk of a bodybuilder into the bathroom and the twink from yesterday came out of the stall instead.�

�How did you,� were you able to��

�We can�t talk about this here, and we have to follow, come on��

Outside we caught up with Stoney and De� and tried to explain what was going on, but it was too bizarre to get into details and still follow the guy. We finally caught up to him was he chatted it up with some guy out front of one of the rides. From the body language you could tell they didn�t know each other but it wouldn�t be long till they made up for that.

�Limited options here boys. We can�t follow him like this. We can�t tell security what we saw, they�ll want to talk to our folks. But we should find a way to track the blonde and do something to keep his new buddy out of danger. All my charms are back in my suit case so I can�t tag him. Anyone else got anything� Stoney asked.

�Ah�m too busy holding our youth spell together. Ah do something else I break that.�

�I might have something.� De� said. �You know I got that whole Beastmaster powers thing going on, even though I don�t know much on how to use it. Well, I�ve found that if I can mark something with my scent, I can sometimes track it. Haven�t lost my car keys in weeks.�

�Ewwwww� three young other voices chimed in.

�Well I didn�t pee on my keys, thank you very much. I just�.licked them.�

�I don�t see you being able to do either of those�

�I�m not. But all of us are going to wish I could have instead. When I say run, run.� De� left us and, to our surprise, instead of walking over to the blonde, he went over to one of the little ice cream carts they had in the parks and bought a mouse head shaped ice cream bar. Then surprised us all the more when he downed it in about 5 seconds. Well, surprised the other, I�ve seen him take things down his throat� any way. He then made his way over to the blonde, fairly quickly, with his hand on his stomach. From across the plaza I could hear him ask�..

�Excuses me Misters, do you know where the bathrooms are?�

As the blonde�s new friend turned to give directions, De� got out �I�m sorry Mister� and threw up all over the blonde�s legs and shoes. Then he started running away, in our direction, passed us and we followed, as fast as we could. There were calls of Hey come back, but getting out of the park as quickly as we could was the plan right then, even though none of us spoke it out loud.

After we grabbed out back pack out of the locker and got on the bus back to the hotel, De� was nice enough to tell us it was OK and we could start laughing. Which we did. Back at the hotel Stoney and I talked out what I had seen while De� washed his mouth out with Scope and Tak bounced on the bed a while.

�There are things called a succubus, a creature that will drain a person of their life. Usually you can�t see the, most times they�re female and they only work at night. But the basics of stealing another�s life force might explain what�s going on. Which is how he went from a thin guy to the mountain of muscle Tak made sure we all saw before he headed into the bathroom.�

�Always on the look out.�

�You might still be 7 but don�t hit your head on the ceiling. It sounds like he�s been absorbing the life of people at the parks, which might mean that indeed the dead body they found could be the person Spice was talking to last night, but completely drained. But from the legends they live off the life the take for others, not ejaculate it out or able to pass it onto other with their cum�

�Something else Ah�ve been thinking of. ALL those blondes in the pink boardie shorts last night might have JUST been this ONE guy, filling up.�

�Like a tick.� De� asked, joining us on the bed.

�But Ah clearly said he�d been filling up at the park all day. There�s been no announcement of dead mummified bodies found all over the Magic Kingdom.�

�I�ve heard that on average two people come to Disney World every day and kill themselves and retarded and handicapped kids are abandoned at the parks every night but no one hears of it. I better stop jumping I�m getting dizzy.�

�First, stop saying retarded and second, no shit you�re dizzy. No one would be able to cover this up.�

�Before we go any farther, can we get back to our regular age? This is getting all Hardy Boys right now.�

I reached towards my casting stick and snapped my fingers. Immediately our bodies started returning to normal. Or as close to normal as we get.

�Fuck, your clothes. Everyone take you clothes off before we get too big.� We scrambled to get naked before the clothes got too tight and we had to cut them off. Never seen 4 guys get naked so fast in my life, and I spend most of my life in the gym where taking your clothes off is the prereque. But as we aged and got closer to being done, we quickly reverted back to the roided black muscle heads I accidentally turned us into this morning.

�What the fuck?�

�Sorry, sorry. Still part of reversing the spell. It includes going back along the path we weren�t suppose to take. See, back to normal. I can�t help thinking though that we�re also back to where we were with this weird shit. Can�t tell anyone. Don�t know who these guys are.�

�De� will you be able to track that one guy down?�

�Not really track him down as much as know when he�s near by the scent. Haven�t been able to try this out that much.�

�It�s something though. At least it doesn�t seem like they know we know that they� well you know.�

�I want to make a suggestion and I�d kind of like to be able to get it out before it dismissed solely because I�m making it.� Tak said hiking up his boxer briefs.

�The guilt trip certainly helps helps your case. Go.�

�They�re out there sucking the life out of guys. They made a point of inviting Spice to the party last night and the guy the blonde walked off with last night was pretty big. So it seems that they want big guys. Didn�t the door man say there were too many young guys at the party last night? Maybe that was their doing more than anything else. While we�re big guys, we�re going to an even bigger party tonight than last night, full of even more gym bunnies. A few might even put Spice to shame.�

�Doing pretty good so far. At least there�s nothing so far that sounds like an ulterior motive to get laid.�

�Shit. Well that�s not what I�m going for here but now that you said it, it�ll sound like it. I think we should go to the party at MGM tonight as the black roided out bodybuilders Spice almost turned us into. That is if he�s up to it.�

�And how is that not a plan to get laid?�

�Honestly, not saying it won�t happen but still hear me out. Let�s do something to get their attention. See if we can attract them. The diversity level is pretty low for these parties so going as very dark skinned black men will be a good start to get us noticed. Guess we could go as any race, as long as we were all the same but�.that change this morning was pretty sweet. If we roid out into muscle monsters, there�s no way they�ll miss us. If they�re looking for men, let�s go as MEN. And hey, I�m sorry, let�s also be honest. Even if it doesn�t work, come on, what a blast! We�ll have plenty of time to party as ourselves for the rest of the week.�

�Crap that makes sense.�

�I can give us protection charms. If it works and they come for us, we should be protected.� Stoney said starting to dig though his bags.

�We�ve all got gym wear that will fit no matter how big you make us. It might be way too tight but, along the lines of, can�t believe I�m using this term, Tak�s logic, that would be even better. It�s putting a lot on you though big guy? Do you think you can pull it off?�

Why did De� have to ask that? I�ve gone for just practicing here and there to some fairly complicated transformations multiple times in one day. But we have to find out what�s going on. Kind of why we�ve got these powers. I lay down on the bed and closed my eyes for a minute.

�Or� why did I ever think this was going to work. �Or we could go as thin little twinkies like the guys we�re searching for. Might be easier to get around. Drawing attention to ourselves is one thing but being incognito is another.�

3 � 2 � 1 and three voices say �Roided out muscle bruthers.�

�Ah�m going to need a little nap till the party then. Then a big dinner. Do what you want but Ah�ve got to sack out for a while.�

�Would you like some help with that nap.� De� said sliding into bed in back of me.

�Ah would not be opposed to some supportive spooning.�

Naps should not be unrated. Maybe it was spending the day as a child but I slept like a baby. Woke up a couple of hours later to find De� still lying in back of me, arms around my chest. I also found Tak and Stoney watching the sex disc he had made of De� and me. I sometimes wonder if reality knows its fate lies in the hands of a group of teenage hormone driven queer party boys who really have no clue as to what they�re doing. And if reality learned this, how loud would it scream in panic?

Dressing for this was a lot easier than dressing to become a kid. Like we�d though, we all had some stretch type of gym wear we could grow into without having to buy anything new. The idea being to show as much muscle as possible so we went with stretchy workout shorts, the only that kind of look like the one bike racers wear, only without the padding I the butt. As luck would have it, we also each had a pair in black. Those, a fanny pack to keep our money and cell phones in along with the charms Stoney came up with, and our trainers. We also decided that while no one would notice 4 kids running off to the parks, someone might wonder why 4 massive black bodybuilders came out of this room that 4 pretty damn big muscle guys are sharing right now.

This unfortunately meant a bit more concentration on my part. In the series of things I�m trying out for the first time, I cast the individual spells back at the hotel but I�m not going to trigger them till we park the car and we�re sure the coast is clear. But so far it�s going fairly well. Not too drained, not too on edge keeping the spells from popping. If Tak would stop charming �The darker the berry...� I could possibly concentrate harder but it�s better than him singing the theme to Kim Possible.

The reason the spells are going better than I think they should might be is due to the fact that, from what my Grandfather has told me, part of this power is from the Coyote spirit. Or what even the coyote spirit really is, not getting into that again with him. Anyway, the main characteristic of the Coyote spirit is that it�s a trickster. And that�s what I�ve been using the powers for this week. Tricked the door man to get into the party, tricked the guy Tak was after into thinking he�d found the Daddy bear of his dreams, tricked everyone into thinking we were kids. And now tricking the hundreds of guys at this party tonight that we�re massive muscle beasts. Maybe it�s because of the number of people we�re tricking that the spells are getting easier to cast and sustain? Or maybe I�m getting better at this, that would be a shock.

�I think the coast it clear.� Tak said looking around at the other cars now that we�d been parked there for a while.

�Going to release it then. Watch out though, since I�ve been holding it in check this might pop the spell quicker than before.� Was all I could get out before I released it. Like a deep breath being let out and the suddenly the deepest breath I�d ever taken filling me up.

�Crap we better get out of the car before we break out� Stoney said and the changes just over took us.

By the time we were standing next to the car we are all Africans and as dark as they came. Like before my height stayed the same but the other three sprung up to meet me. The shirts we were wearing quickly came off before we ripped them off ala the Hulk. Hair disappeared, except for De� beard which I made sure stayed. All bald, all totally smooth from the neck down. Hair wise that is. The ins and out of the incredible builds we were gaining were anything but smooth. Stomachs got hard with defined 8 packs then grew out a bit in a roid gut we were going for. Asses, can I even explain how gigantic our butts got. Like bowling balls shoved under the fabric. And if those didn�t stretch the cloth in back to the breaking point, what was going on in front certainly did. Pecs swelled into giant man tits that hung almost below our second rips. Finally our arms swell to the point that they were almost as thick as our legs.

�You out did yourself big guy�

�We�re all big guy now. Before we head in, quick seam check. Make sure your stretch shorts stretched enough. We�re going to cause enough commotion like this alone.�

We were set and we were off. The Disney/MGM Park was rented out after hours each year for this party and it�s tougher than hell to get into. For some reason, like the bear party the night before, I got the feeling we would have gotten in even if we didn�t have tickets. Maybe it was the other party goers parting of the red seas when we sauntered up. Not in a row did we walk, but 4 wide. Very wide. The music was already blaring so loud it was hard to think but we could still tell that everyone got quite as we passed by. Then everyone went nuts when we hit the dance floor. Yea, we�re sluts.

We made sure first that everyone saw us before Tak and Stoney drifted off and partied on their own with their group of followers. De� and I stunned the crowd with far too obvious/close to obscene signs of affection. More than a few pictures were taken. Going to have to do a web search to find all the sites we show up on. Tak brought one of his cameras too and was doing a fair amount of filming himself.

De� and I made our way over to one of the bars, grabbed some drinks and started making out in a corner. More flash bulbs went off.

�Knock it off.� I yelled in this great new voice I had.

�In the history of good idea��De� said going in for a series of kisses.

�This is kind of hot. Afterschool specials taught us that being ourselves was an import thing but, shit, they couldn�t turn into THIS!�

Making out continued till one of our cell phones chirped.

�Spice, it�s Tak, I got him. He�s got a guy in his 40�s with him. They�re heading into the bathrooms on the far side of the giant hat when I was coming out. Fuck this is a great body for quickies in the john.�

�Details on that later. We�re on our way.�

We got through the crowds and joined Tak and Stoney outside the remote bathroom.

�Ah can see why he picked it. Bet most people don�t even know about this place.�

�That�s why I used it. 5 times tonight, and it�s not even midnight.�

�Ah just hoped you played it safe because there�s no way you found a condom big enough for that. You didn�t pick up anything De�, no scent nothing?�

�Nothing. Too many with the crowd to weed out my own. I might be getting a slight hint but� I just don�t know how to control al this yet.�

�It was worth a shot. Maybe you�re powers can�t work when you under one of my spells? Hadn�t thought of that as a possibility. Tak, you sure he�s still in there? You seen him come out yet? Or a bigger or smaller version of him?�

�Nope. No one went in after him. We made sure of that. The guy he went in with hasn�t come out either. And I don�t know if there was anyone else in there before them.�

�Let�s find out.�

It smelt wrong the second we opened the door. Sure it�s a toilet but even the worst ones don�t smell like this. And most don�t have a sea of white�.something flowing out of the last cubicle along the wall. That can�t be what I think it is. Not a lot of room in here and with us being so big, it was one at a time. Guess who got to be the leader. With one of my giant feet, backed up by these incredible tree trunk legs I kicked open the last cubicle door.

It took a moment to sink in. The dead body of what looked like a 90 year old man in the corner. The exposed testicles the size of grapefruits sitting purple and swollen on his lap while gallons of cum continued to pump out of the cock. And a much larger version of the twink, on his hands and knees, lapping it up off the floor like a bizarre cat. Could have stood on the other side of that door for most of the evening and not guessed that was going on in here.

Twink saw us, shot a look at the body in the corner and, while we were ready for it to lunge at us, it backed up, placed its hands on the wall and crawled up to the ceiling.

�HOw fucked is this!?!?!?� Tak said as we all made it into the stall.

�Who are you? What are you doing?� I asked it, trying to make contact with its crazed eyes. �Are you even aware of what you�re doing?�

Then it used the wall as leverage to lunge at us. Yea, it knows what it was doing. Moist of the bathroom stalls fell from the impact of the tackle. It was strong, but not only were each of us stronger, we had Stoney�s protection charms working for us.

In the realm of things we learn for future use. First, while Stoney�s charms might protect us from direct attacks from creatures, it does nothing again an object picked up off the floor by them and used like a club. I got hit several times pretty good by a wall section before we got the message. Second, being under one of my spell does not keep De� from turning on his so called Beastmaster shit. Lack of a better way of putting it, when De� was his baby getting hurt, the claws came out. Quite literally. And the fangs. If the Twink had looked like a demented house cat lapping up the cum on the floor, De� was like a lion catching up with dinner on the run. Don�t really have much of a frame of reference when it comes to two mostly human looking guys starting to rip into each other like wild animals.

�Shit. Tak, go out there and keep anyone from coming in. We don�t need an audience right now.�

�Hold on. I think I can end this.� Tak said holding his hand together, rubbing them slightly then slowly started pulling them apart. An arch of lightning started gathering between his palms. �DE� MOVE!�

De� looked up from battle and leapt aside as Tak let his lightning bolt go. The blue energy shot across the room and was absorbed by the Twink. It stood for a moment, shaking it pain, let out a low moan and started to melt.

�That wasn�t supposed to happen. I didn�t hit it that hard.�

It pooled into a mass in the middle of the floor, almost smelled like gasoline and rubbing alcohol. �Don�t feel so bad throwing up on him if he wasn�t human. What happened to other guy�s body? I don�t see it anymore� De� asked having just about reverted to normal. We moved the portions of the stalls that had been thrown in the corner to find the body had all but turned to dust. Like its life essence had been drained and there was nothing left to hold the flesh together.

�This leaves us nowhere. We have no idea what�s going on, why it�s doing this or where the other two are. And at least one more man has died. Our only real connection just puddle to death on us. Nowhere, we�re left nowhere.�

�It leaves us having to get the hell out of here before anyone discovers us. Come on, well figure out stuff later. We made too big a show for them to start missing us soon.� Stoney said moving us towards the door. �Spice come on, there�s nothing we can do now except get in trouble if they catch us.�

We headed out of the bathroom and back into the party. Got a couple of questions asking us where we�d been but when you come up with a vague answer that hints to a muscle giant 4 way that took place in the opposite direction of the supernatural battle you just had, it�s easy to fool people.

�You OK?� I asked De� a bit later when things clamed down and the attention was off us again.

�Oh yea. Going to take more than a glorified linebacker to hurt chocolate perfection. How you?�

�On one hand Ah feel completely useless as the greatest shaman in human history tonight. Then again, have Ah mentioned how much fun it�s been to be chocolate perfection along with you tonight? Dark chocolate perfection that is. Except for the whole demon cum sucker battle, this has been great.�

�Maybe I can join the tribe sometime and see what it�s like.�

�We could buy loin clothes and run around Tom Sawyer Island tomorrow? Make Injun Joe jealous.�

�It�s 3 in three morning. What say we get the guys and head back to the hotel? You can take the spell off and we can do some more spooning.�

�Or Ah can take the spell off of only them while we�..�

�True, true...�

So far the vacation has been equal parts mystery, parties, theme park fun and my boyfriend and me fucking while looking like different people. 5 days left to figure out what was going on and maybe to do at least one thing that�s in the travel brochures. •

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