Monster Blood


By TheMM

Andy thankfully had brought the new Monster Blood with her. She took out the can and looked at it. She saw the label clearly marked "Monster Blood" and the yellow goo inside of it. She wondered if she really should, she didn't know what would happen. Andy decided it might be for the best and opened the can. She pulled a little of the Monster Blood out and watched it jiggle. But the weird thing about this Monster blood, it was tough to pull out, much stronger then normal.

She wondered if that had anything to do with what it did. After all, the green Monster Blood had grown on its own, the blue had made copies of itself. Maybe this Monster Blood made you stronger? Andy took the little bit of Monster Blood she took out and waited until Evan's mouth was open enough for her to put it in.

She stuck the Monster Blood in Evan's mouth and helped him swallow it so he didn't choke on it. Andy waited a moment and nothing happened. Andy sighed, she might as well wake Evan back up.

"Evan!! WAKE UP!"Andy screamed.

Evan once more being instantly awake almost screamed himself at the sudden scare. After he calmed down Evan felt very full of energy and felt like running a few laps around his house. After he was done Andy wanted to continue studying.

"Nah Andy, right now I feel so full of life, like I just awoke with a new body, a new life force... Too bad I don't have any weights, I feel like I could lift the world!"Evan said very confidently.

"Evan, I know why you're so full of energy."Andy said quietly.

"Oh, what's that Andy?"Even asked.

"I gave you a new type of Monster Blood..."Andy replied.

"M-M-Monster Blood!!!!!"Evan began to panic "Howmuch?Why?Whichkind?"

Evan began to break into sobs since once more, he had tasted Monster Blood. He didn't know why Andy would do such a thing to him despite his fear.

"E-Evan..."Andy gulped,"When did you get so big?"

"What are you talking about ANDREA?"Evan nearly yelled at her.

"L-look at yourself."Andy pointed to Evan, and then his full body mirror.

Evan turned and looked at himself, all of himself. He saw what he had changed into. He must have been 200 pound of solid muscle, his poor shirt and jeans was barely containing his great girth. Although still only about 4'10" his muscles were so large he was almost as wide as he was tall.

"Andy...."Evan whispered,"Is...there...more?"

"Yes....Why?"Andy whimpered.

"I think I know someone who would love to see my new body."said Evan as he got an evil look in his eyes. •

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