Monster Blood


By TheMM

Evan saw it, that horrible little can, with the label "Monster Blood." He tried to run, but another can appeared, and then another, and another and...

"Eeevvvaaann....Eeeevvvaaannnn...."came a strange voice. "Wake up lazy!!"

Evan quickly sat up from his bed, not fully realizing he had fallen asleep.

"It's really annoying to not have you doing this with me, if you do it again I'll get the Monster Blood on you! We really need to study!"

Evan instantly awake began to backup againist the wall.

"Hehehe, I knew that would wake you up really fast." Andy teased.

"Aaaannnndddrrreeeaaa!!!"Evan said Andy's real name slowly and loudly to purely annoy her.

"Ok ok! I'll stop, now where were we? Oh yes, 1 step equations. 3+y=19 is next."Andy said.

Evan had fallen asleep again, but Andy knew why he was doing it, the Monster Blood had come back so many times, and he always had to deal with the problems it caused. His dog, himself, a hamster, Conan, all of them he mainly had to deal with himself. All because of Monster Blood, poor Evan. Andy really did feel bad for him, if only for once the Monster Blood would do some good for Evan instead of making life worse.

But maybe it could, Andy's parents had, once more, sent her Monster Blood since she told them she loved the stuff. Unlike the other two types though, this Monster Blood was yellow. While the other two types were green (which simply made the thing that ate it bigger) and blue (which made copies of whatever ate it), she wondered what this one would do… •

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