Monsters High

By Musclebuff

A tribute to Michael Brandon of Monster Bang/Raging Stallion Studios and written with his consent and encouragement.

Michael curled his lithe muscularity into the back of the chair and stuck one bare foot into my crotch which, of course, responded immediately.

He'd taken his shirt off as soon as his bemused host (me) had closed the door of the hotel room behind him. When he had shucked off his boots he was nearly as naked as I was except for his satin-thin black leather chaps and pouch.

After he had stuck his tongue down my throat, encouraging me to do the same, for what seemed a very long, luscious and passionate moment, he invited me to remove his cod-piece.

"But don't touch the Monster yet," he warned, "touch him and you're lost. You'd lose control and we need to talk first."

I gingerly undid the top three snaps of the studded cod-piece. I'd hardly got the first one off when the famous Monster reared its huge head and poked itself out towards my face. Belonged in my mouth but, shit, mustn't touch! Off came the cod-piece and the great twelve inches started to throb as it uncurled in the air. Even semi-tumescent it was spell-binding.

So there we were, two (nearly) naked guys, talking.

"You reminded me in your e-mail that I'd boasted I could take you to places I'd never dreamed of."

"Yeah, stud. What are they?"

My dick, prodded constantly by the sole of his foo, had leaped upward.

"You'll find out - maybe. It depends a lot on your desires: where you want to go and what you want to be. How far you want to go. You're about the same size as me, I guess you want to be bigger?"

"Sure, doesn't everyone? But....."

"But you want to know how. I'm not about to give away any secrets, but I shall warn you."

Shit, more warnings? The foot pressed again, hard into my gonads.

"I can take you to distances you've never considered in your wildest dreams. Distances so passionate and so consuming that you might not be able to return here. Would that worry you?"

I looked around the dreary L.A. hotel room I had rented to get near to Michael and I thought of my boring life - office, gym, home, TV dinner, sleep, office, gym.......... Only the workouts had any excitement for me and even those had gotten stale and unprofitable.

"I couldn't care less if I lost all I have or spent another day doing what I do. The only excitement in my life is when I jack off to your DVDs. I only feel alive when I'm held by the power of you and your Monster dick. But when I've cum, all the color goes back to black-and-white, back to the same dreary life. No, I don't care if I never come back!"

"In that case, you passionate stud, come over here get my twelve inches up to its full sixteen and we'll get going."

I knelt in front of his sleek, smooth, tiger-like muscle and gently took hold of the Monster. As soon as I touched that hard, vibrant, amazing silk-skinned organ an electric thrill ran through me and homed in my nuts, shaking my libido into awareness beyond normal.

As it rose in my grasp I would have flaked out if a hand hadn't gently pushed my face down to the muscle-dick of all time. My head was already feeling the magnetic force of Michael's libido, but when my lips closed around the thick, throbbing pole he called The Monster, and my tongue traced the shape of the hardening corona, I felt as if I was sucking his libido into my soul.

I felt a deep desire, a desperate need to sink the ever-hardening tube of fuck-meat deep down my throat. I took a deep breath and sucked and swallowed the invading Monster, wrapping my greedy tongue the fuck-rod. I had never tasted anything as succulent as that throbbing dick, so I was not surprised when the stiffening stud-fucker slipped easily down my throat.

Slowly he pushed in, his hands on my head, until I could feel his big nuts churning against my chin and I could inhale the musky aroma of his pubes.

Shit, I had Michael Brandon's Monster so deep in my throat - as deep up to the hilt as he could go - and I was feeling him get thicker by the second. My libido became delirious, as if I was on a huge inhalation of poppers, and I responded eagerly to the fuck-thrusts of Michael's dick.

He started to groan as only Michael Brandon groans when his Monster begins to satisfy itself. Following its demands he started to fuck my throat which was only there for him to be a tight sleeve of flesh to caress it as he fucked me out of my mind.

I could feel his gonads churn each time they crashed into my chin and I wondered if he was about to cum. Slowly he pulled the Monster out until I could trap the mushroom head between my lips which had no intention of letting it go. As I squeezed with all my strength I licked a gob of hot honey out of his piss-slit. When I swallowed it, it was as if my head had been given yet another popper-whiff.

"That's enough for n ow. You did well. The Monster's pleased."

He pushed me away so he could display the Perfect Vision of the fully extended Monster, slick with my body juices and spasming with frustrated desire.

Now come and sit here..." he waggled the Monster provocatively, "and we'll get going. No need to lube up - I've got enough here for both of us."

His dick started to pour with succulent oils which I longed to get into my crack.

I stood up and looked around the dreary room, so redolent of my tedious, unfulfilled life.

"Regrets? Nervous? Wanna do this or having second thoughts?"

I looked at the magnificent creature, so powerful on his cat-like repose, with honey still gushing from his dick.

"No. Nothing. Let's go!"

I stood astride his outstretched, leather-skinned legs, looking down at him. He put his hands on my waist and slowly drew me down. The Monster holed me in one and I was soon sinking in exquisite agony - soon to become ultimate pleasure - on to what my fevered mind felt was the largest, thickest fuck-rod of the universe.

His pelvis rose as I sank the Monster to its root in one reckless thrust.

"Now we've got you!"

"No, I've got you! I've got you in the depths of my soul. I am yours - take me, do whatever...."

He pulled me down towards the bluest of blue eyes which had to go out of focus as soon as our mouths joined. As Monster began his relentless fuck, his master (and mine) kissed me into oblivion.

The furniture, the room, the day faded into a blue void as I gave myself, body and soul, to Michael Brandon and the desires of his Monster. Everything became a blur except for the reality of the man and his libido to whose will I had irrevocably subjected my self.

I reared back from his kiss when his hands found my nips and started to squeeze them. His thrusts gained force as he pulled me in close to his body and rammed me with extreme force and increasing speed.

Our thrusting bodies levitated up and away from this world. The only reality was Michael inside me and what he and the Monster demanded of me. I was only conscious of our mutual minds being conjoined through his cosmic fuck.

We were flying - he was fucking me up the ass, down the throat in every which way position, forward, backward, upside down - one fuck flowed into another. I clutched at his magnificently lithe muscles and willed them all to possess me. I know I started to yell for More, Harder, Deeper, Faster! And he yelled back as the Monster took possession of us both.

My whole body became one great dick, one great hole for Michael. Michael had become one great Monster whose only purpose was to fill that hole. Monster was everywhere but always rooted in my nuts as I made love to Michael. Michael, empowered by Monster, now fucked me with an unbelievably crazy abandon which infected me: the harder he fucked and yelled, the more I was yielding my whole self to him.

Then, as I felt Michael erupt inside me, he filled me, not only with gallons of his hot jizz, but also with some kind of cosmic power. He roared and jerked in spasms as the Monster ejected several final spurts of splooge His hands slid over me everywhere, caressing, squeezing every muscle.

"Now - be what you want to be!"

I was turned on my back in the air. Michael caught my legs and pulled them high and wide and Monster started to fuck me again. It was if I was in an invisible sling. Michael grabbed my dick and jacked it as he fucked. Again he said,

"Be what you want to be!"

A vision of huge, vascular muscle slammed into my brain and I started to envision myself wearing it. Now we both went into extreme overdrive. As our libidos exchanged, melded, I knew I had to cum soon. This rising feeling of orgasmic ecstacy seemed to fuel what happened next.

As we both thrust our way into unimagined ecstacy I felt my muscles beginning to swell wherever Michael touched them. Wherever the palms of his hands went (and they went everywhere) the muscle fibers responded and pumped themselves up in to new size. As each area responded to those hands I felt an amazing power growing in me. It started with an intense, wonderful, almost masochistic pain in my nips as he pressed the heels of his hands into my pecs.

His hands stole around my back and I felt it widen and thicken. My waist condensed as he reached my hardening abs. My glutes responded next as ten fingers found all those pressure points and dug viciously into them. As Michael stroked up my legs I could feel and see the quads and the hams expand before he reached my calves.

Finally he took me by the shoulders which obediently swelled and thickened to balance the huge thickness of my new pecs. By now my arms were screaming out for the pressure of his hands and were rewarded with the immense growth of the bi- and tri-ceps.

Now we were face to face and the Monster was firmly rooted up my crack where my glutes and hams exerted all the pressure of their new muscles to hold him in there.

His blue eyes called on my lips to close on his, and our tongues entwined, I felt ecstatically complete, totally fulfilled for the first time in my life. I was held for ever by his vibrant power, happy to be his sex slave, his top, his bottom, whatever he required. I flexed every muscle in my body as I felt myself melt into him, melding my new muscled self with the power that had created the new me.

Still lip-locked, fuck-locked, I heard his voice run through my head.

"Yes, I'll always be with you. You will feel the Monster possessing you as you fuck or are fucked by other guys. You will feel me filling you, fucking you. I am your life-fuck."

I saw myself reflected in the blue cosmos we floated in and gasped at the huge muscularity he has given me. Still feeling Michael and his Monster deep and huge, stretching my fuck-channel, I marveled at the behemoth he had made of me. The sun glistened on the sheen of sweat that covered and heightened every huge muscle. Even the dick was a rival to the Monster (though no one could ever really rival that one). As I stood there, wondering at the sight, I felt it was created only by Michael's power which permeated and now controlled every fiber of my being, outside and in.

Then he pulled the Monster out of me, took hold of my delts and turned me to look into those sorcere'rs blue eyes while he rammed both our dicks together between our abs.

"This is when you have to decide whether to remain a part of me or take your new body back to your old life."

"Michael, what ever I do, I will always be a part of you, and you of me. I can still feel you from the top of my head to the tip of my dick."

"Exactly. And if you fuck me now - which I know you will - you will return to a new life enhanced by all you now are and all that you now know. And I will fuck you every time you fuck another stud and, every time another stud fucks you you'll feel Monster up your ass as well as him. Just hope there's room for us both! In your dreams Monster will find his way through your rosebud and I'll be fucking you to delirium, dude, then, like today, you will lose all sense of time and place and reach the ultimate heights of muscle-sex pleasure.

"Every thrust of your dick into me, here and now," - he stood there jacking the Monster - "will confirm and intensify your new self until, at the moment we both cum and you reach a peak of the most orgasmic ecstacy you have ever experienced, you will be entirely mine for ever."

I grasped those tiger-like muscles with both hands and sealed our pact with a deep soul kiss. Even while our tongues were fucking each other, my dick found its way up into Michael's hot and hungry crack. With every thrust he squeezed his glutes and those inner muscles to give my dick a real workout. The Monster reared up into my face as Michael yelled at me to fuck him harder -- ever harder.

Throughout the fuck I felt myself to be at that exquisitely agonizing moment that only happens just before a cumming. But here I was suspended in it permanently. Every time I rammed into him I felt my muscles swell that little bit more and I couldn't resist flexing my bis and pecs and abs in Michael's face. We were both yelling as our nuts churned with the thick, volcanic muscle-juice. I emulated Michael's maximum speed pile-driver technique as he yelled for more. I knew I could not contain my self much longer and as I flexed and fucked I screamed at him to cum.

"Open your mouth!" he yelled back. "Drink me, every fucking drop!"

As I erupted into him, the Monster spewed his torrent of thick, juicy muscle-jizz in an unending stream. It shot into my mouth and I gulped, gasped, swallowed, determined not to lose a single drop. I closed my lips around the corona and my tongue lapped at the gushing piss-slit, encouraging it to give me more, more and still more.

Michael's whole body began to spasm and his orgasmic cries sounded like a muscle-guy stretched to his limits. I never took my mouth off him and I was rewarded with another huge glob of cum with every spasm.

As Monster made love to my dick they were both pressed together as I lay on top of Michael, lips joined and slurping together for what seemed like an eternity. Then, still joined as one, he rolled on top of me and I could feel myself soaking into his wonderful body.

Somehow he got a finger up my crack - then two, then three, until he was able to torment my joy-button with his questing fingers. I groaned.

"Oh, shit, Michael! Fist me, for pete's sake, fist me!"

"If I do that now, your body would grow into impossible proportions that even you wouldn't enjoy."

"But I want it so much!"

Another squeeze of the prostate almost sent me over the edge again.

"No, you're just greedy! Call me another day and we'll arrange a good handball session along with some other talent, OK?"

Michael was good with all his promises, fisting included. He was with me, inside me, even as I stood on the Olympia stage a year later with my trophy. With me, in me, at every hard-flexed moment of the contest. At this moment of victory I thought I could no longer contain my very large equipment in my posing briefs. In the pump-up room I had already pulled the twelve inches back between my legs but there was still a huge bulge in my briefs - far bigger than all the other contestants. Now , as it threatened to break out of the silky strap that contained it, I truly felt Michael's power was affecting every other male in the contest, all of whom were having trouble with their erections. Much to their embarrassment several of them came spontaneously in their pouches. There were groans from all over the auditorium too. I had the crazy idea that an orgy might erupt at any moment - no holds barred! That's the kind of effect Michael has on people - even by proxy through me.

Yeah, my Monster-clone was winning his contest too. Not much competition against all those steroid-shrunken packages.

Except one. The runner-up (he only lost by two points) was a gigantic Russian with a craggy face, a great smile, and a titanic and perfectly proportioned body. And a huge packet which was now stretching his white helanca posing pouch to maximum distortion. Muscles bulging , full-bellied, cut to hell under his paper-thin skin, blood running through the vascularity to feed his gigantic muscle, here, under public scrutiny, he walked up to me and put his hands on my sweaty delts.

"I never been fucked. Want you fuck me. Fuck me very much. Very hard."

"Sure, Sergei - happy to!"

"Then I fuck you - also very hard!"

"You bet! Tonight?"

"No. Now. Here. Victory fuck. Like wrestlers - 'loser gets fucked'!"

So, history was made that night as, with a dozen other muscle studs thrashing about around us in orgasmic confusion, we did it, there and then. Someone had the sense to pull the curtain down as Sergei dragged me down on top of him and brought his legs up, high and wide.

That night - which was continued until dawn in the privacy of his hotel room - we fucked. As I fucked him and he fucked me, Michael and his Monster, as promised, fucked us both with a passion the Russian had never experienced. That continuing orgasmic ecstacy was something he'd never met. I'm happy to say that it drove him crazy - especially when he was fucking me With every fountaining eruption we felt ourselves immediately renewed, nuts fully replenished for the next imminent bout of muscle-sex.

Tonight was the supreme fulfilment of all Michael's promises. As Sergei and I clutched and squeezed each other's huge proportions, I knew that it was Michael who was demanding muscular mastery and sexual satisfaction.

When Sergei's giant Russian log of a dick pushed into me I could feel it competing with the Monster for supremacy as they raped my love-channel, each demanding dominance. I could also feel Michael's mega-dick to the tip of my own: the effect on me was beyond mortal belief or experience, so extraordinary that, almost immediately, I splooged a gallon of jizz, Michael-style, lubing our abs and pecs for all that followed.

Both of us, the new Mr Olympia and the Russian Hero, were under Michael's total control as the gigantic Russian muscle-god sank his body into mine. Our mammoth muscles melded and mashed together, pecs pushed and pummeled, trees of legs entwined, arms clutched and encircled, lips locked, rapaciously wrestling, we thrashed about the huge bed in an orgiastic ecstacy of endless orgasm.

I had made my choices and Michael had fulfilled his side of the bargain beyond my wildest dreams. My monster was his and his was mine. I was beholden to him, and part of him for ever.

As for Sergei and me, well, that's another (long) story for another time. •

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