By xythan_shadow

After graduating high school, Grizzly went off to college on a full sports and academic scholarship. “Well, if it isn’t my little brother, all grown up.” Grizzly heard a familiar voice yell from behind as he walked onto the football field. He turned to see Tony jogging toward him and he dropped his bag right there.

The two engaged in a massive hug and started to jab each other.

“Damn man, you’re even bigger than I remember,” Grizzly said. “What are you? 320, 330?”

“Yeah man, I’m up to 330 now. Coach here don’t care how much weight you put on as long as you can still run and hit. And I can hit like a motherfucker.”

“Prove it. Let’s see what you can do against this baby.” Grizzly patted his stomach and exhaled. Tony leaned back and came forward with a punch. Grizzly scrunched his nose and said, “C’mon man, I know you got more than that. I’ve been keeping up with the stomach, don’t hold back.”

“Heh, I didn’t think you’d be able to tell. Ok man, here comes a full power punch.” Tony tightened his fist to the point where his knuckles cracked and came forward with all his might. Grizzly was forced back a step by the power of Tony’s punch, but laughed and said, “Man, you have gotten stronger since being out here.”

“I can say the same about you big man. I knock regular guys out with a punch half as hard as that. Good to see you’ve kept your promise.”

“Tony Andrew Martins, you stop picking on that guy!”

Grizzly and Tony turned to see this red headed woman run toward them screaming. “Tony, how many times I got to tell you not to pick on other guys.”

Grizzly laughed as Tony looked down at the small girl poking him in the side. “I’m not picking on anyone. This is my little bro Grizzly. You know, the one I visit during the summer?”

“Pleased to meet ya,” Grizzly said as he extended his hand.

“Oh, I’ve heard so much about you. Tony said you were big but I didn’t think you’d be this big. You have to be 6’6’’. And he looks a bit more muscled than you Tony.”

“Yeah, the big lug looks like he’s been really hitting the gym hard over the years. Still got your workout book?”

“Yeah man, I learned from the best and I still keep track of all that shit.” Grizzly turned and leaned to go through his bag. Shifting aside the shorts and tanks and jocks to get to the bottom, he pulled out a thick 3 ring binder. Tossing it up to Tony, he zipped up his bag. Tony inspected the book, holding it down so the girl next to him could see.

“See, he started out about 4 years ago not even bigger than you.” Tony flipped through the tabs to different sections of the tablet. “We kept this journal so we could see where we come from month to month. Mine’s in the coach’s office. Anyway, right about here, he started blowing up. I mean in about 3 months time, he packed on a ton of weight and grew up.”

Flipping some more through the book, Tony stopped at the section labeled for the previous two years. “And he kept growing. Hey man, I see you broke 800 squat. Nice job. So lets see, end of school, 21 inch guns, nice, 60 inch chest, 37 inch waist, 26 quads. Not too shabby. Lifts: 450 bench, 820 squat, 100 dumbbell curls, 360 incline, kinda low, what’s with this 1700 leg press? You should be doing a ton more than that.”

“They ran out of weights for it,” Grizzly laughed.

“Fucking awesome man. You’re beating me out on a few of your lifts. I’m not at all surprised though. You look amazing. Big thick and meaty. Girls would be all over you, but I know, I know. Oh, by the way, let me introduce you to Virginia. She’s been my gal for a while now. Keeps me in line, ya know.”

Grizzly smiled as Virginia nodded at him. “So man, came to meet the coach?”

“Sure did. You know me, I have to get access to the gym asap.”

“Fuck yeah, this place has an amazing gym, you’ll love it here.”

“I’d hate to interrupt this male bonding session, but I just have to ask, what’s with that little bear in your pocket,” Virginia interjected.

Glancing down at his pocket, Grizzly’s gaze came to rest on his companion. He took it out of his pocket and presented to Virginia. “This is my inspiration in a sense. My mom gave it to me when I was young and I’m aspiring to become it.”

“So you want to become a little blue plush?”

Grizzly laughed, “No, I want to become a bear: strong, majestic, furry, protective, and most of all, cuddly.

Virginia giggled a little then handed the bear back to Grizzly. He gently rubbed it against his cheek and said, “He’s very special to me. My mom bought it when I was really down in my life. He got me through a tough time when I didn’t know what I was going to do.” He placed it back in his cargo shorts, positioning it to where his arms were resting comfortably on the top of the front pocket.

“Well honey, I’m going to head on to my practice. You and your brother take care.”

“We will.” Tony leaned over and gave his girl a long kiss. She waved to Grizzly then went off towards the athletics center. Tony turned to Grizzly and said, “Well bro, let’s go get you acquainted with the coach. He needs to get you an access card for the gym and some other stuff handled. Oh, and you have GOT to get the linemen meal plan. You can eat as much as you want and it’s covered.”

“You’ve got to be shittin’ me. As much as I fucking want? Oh hell yeah, this is going to be a great four years.”

The brothers headed to the coach’s office where he was immediately floored by the mass of Grizzly. The coach knew instantly that these two were going to be the lynchpin of the entire defense and possibly would lead the team to the championship. Tony, seeing an opportunity, asked the coach to set it up to where he and Grizzly were roommates. The coach one upped him though and set it up to where they had senior dorm rooms to accommodate their phenomenal sizes.

Grizzly felt a comfort he had missed for two years once he got settled into his new dorm room. He saw his closest friend and brother kick off his sneakers and pants and settle down in the king size bed on the left side of the room. Grizzly placed his gym bag on top of the desk then stripped down to his boxers and shirt. He laid on the other bed and Tony began to speak, “So bro, I hear you led the team to the championship for two years straight.”

Grizzly placed his hands behind the pillow his head rested on and responded, “Yeah, coach was kinda disappointed that no one was as big as me to take my place.”

“Kinda hard to find that though. I mean, I was huge and then you came along and easily outpaced me. What are the odds that someone else is going to come and be as big or bigger than us?”

“Yup, that’s what I was thinking when coach was complaining bout the runts that were playing now, even though they’re bigger than average. Well, he had a good 4 years championship and the team is still good, they’ll be ok.”

“Hey Griz, you saw coach’s mouth drop when you came in?”

“Fuck yeah man, that was funny. You think after seeing you for two years he wouldn’t have been so surprised.”

“Well, you are a big man, can’t deny that.”

“You’re no shrimp yourself.”

Tony chuckled. He looked over to Grizzly sprawled out on his bed and he tossed a pillow that hit him square in the jaw.

“What the fuck? Don’t make me come over there!” Grizzly growled back.

“Oh yeah little bro, whatcha gonna do?” Tony said as he tossed another pillow.

“You got one more time and I’ll show you what.”

“Really now,” Tony wound up and tossed a third pillow.

“That’s it!” Grizzly hopped up and jumped onto Tony’s bed, making sure not to land too hard. He quickly pinned Tony’s shoulders to the bed and said, “Told you not to make me come over here.”

Tony laughed and said, “So what now big man? Hope you don’t think I’m just going to lie here and take it, do ya?” Tony shifted his right shoulder deeper into the mattress causing Grizzly to get slightly off balance. He then used a little momentum to roll the big man off him and then quickly plopped his full weight on Grizzly’s chest. Grizzly grunted slightly before repositioning his hands near Tony’s chest and stomach. He inhaled a bit then started to press Tony off him. At full extension, Grizzly tossed Tony off to the side and quickly rolled on top of him.

“Let’s see how you like it!” Grizzly laughed as he spread himself over Tony’s chest. Tony chuckled and moved his hands to Grizzly’s chest and stomach. He started to lift but Grizzly wasn’t moving. “Ah hah!” Grizzly crowed before Tony readjusted his handhold to a bit closer to Grizzly’s cock. Grizzly felt himself being pushed upward and Tony’s massive hand so near his meat and got exceptionally aroused. Tony locked his arms and held the exceptionally large Grizzly in mid air for a sec before dropping him to the bed. Tony chuckled and prepared for Grizzly’s next onslaught, but it never came.

“What’s wrong little bro?” Tony asked as he tapped the thick trap facing him.

“It’s nothing man.”

“You know good and fucking well you can’t lie to me, now what’s up?”

Grizzly got off the bed and turned to face Tony. Tony’s left eyebrow went up as he saw Grizzly’s 15 inch cock tenting his gym shorts. “This is what’s up. Damn it, why does this always happen.”

“Calm down man, it’s ok.”

“Fucking hell! No it isn’t. I thought I was over boning up over you. But here I am, rooming with my best friend and brother and I’m getting hard just from play-fighting with him.”

“Dude, you know I’ve known for years how you’ve felt. I know you bone up over muscle and let’s face it, I’ve got a ton of it.”

“But man, it probably would freak you out, me jacking my meat while thinking bout you flexing.”

Tony sighed. “Look at me Jacob.” Grizzly’s gaze came up to look Tony in the eyes. “How long have we known each other?”

“Going on 5 years now.”

“And have I ever said anything about your feelings about muscle, besides go for it?”


“So why do you think I’d have a problem with you jerking it while thinking ‘bout these guns workin’?”

“I don’t know man, it’s just, ya know, I didn’t want to offend you or nothing.”

Tony got up and slapped Grizzly on the cheek. “Dude, stop thinking like that. Here!”

He stepped back and stripped off his tank and his boxers. Sitting back on his bed, he took his cock in one hand and started flexing his arm. “This is about what you’d jack to, right?”

Grizzly was speechless. He couldn’t believe his bro was sitting across the room from him, flexing and jerking just to make him feel better. He knew Tony was as straight as they came, but there he was, engaging in Grizzly’s biggest fantasy just to make him feel better.

“Well, you better get to work, I can’t do this all day.”

Grizzly slid his shorts down, reached in his boxers and started to stroke his rod.

“You know, you have a lot more muscle than me little bro, you should flex it and see how it feels to worship your own bod a bit.”

“I never even thought about that. You really think so man?”

“Fuckin’ a man. Let me show you what you obviously haven’t seen.” Tony got up and led Grizzly to the closet door. Opening it, he revealed a full body mirror. “Take off your shit.” Grizzly took off his shirt and slipped out of his boxers, letting his cock bounce a few times before he turned back to Tony. “Now stand here,” he pointed. Grizzly stood about 5 feet away from the mirror and Tony stood in front of him, avoiding being impaled on his hard meat. “Now what do you see?”

“I see me and my bro.”

“What else?”

“I…I don’t know what you mean.”

“Well, I’ll tell you. I see a 6’1’’ 320 lb guy standing here. And he looks small compared to his backdrop. You realize that you’re easily 6’6’’ and you have to be 350 plus.”

“I don’t know, I haven’t measured in a while.”

“Flex your arm behind mine.”

Grizzly leaned down and pumped his arm a few times to get the blood flowing then flexed hard. Tony did the same and placed his arm in front of Grizzly’s.

“Your book said you had 21 inch guns, but I knew that wasn’t right. You’ve been shortchanging yourself bro. You always have. I know for a fact that my gun is 22 and a quarter big. You see what I see?”

“Mine’s bigger.”

“How much bigger? Is it a little bigger?”


“No the fuck it isn’t. It’s a lot bigger. You got a good 2-3 inches on me. That’s the shit I’m talking ‘bout. Just because I was there when you were small doesn’t mean that I’m always going to be bigger than you. Look at you man, you’re a fuckin’ beast.” Tony stepped to the side. “Look at you. Those guns have to be near 25 inches. Think about that. A lot of pro bodybuilders want 25 inch guns and you have them. Look at that vein on that bicep. Fuckin’ amazing man. Take a look at yourself. Take a real good look.”

Grizzly stood in front of the mirror with his arm flexed and it was as if his eyes were just opened. He recognized the figure looking back at him as the same figure he imagined when he was lifting in high school. His jaw dropped as he ran his free and across his hairy chest. He punched himself and saw that it barely moved from the impact. He ran his hand through his stomach fur, feeling the hardness of his belly. He licked his flexed bicep and started to wrestle with his now throbbing cock.

“Ahh, I see you finally realized what you really are.”

“Fuck man, I didn’t know.”

“I know you didn’t. You would push so hard in the gym but you were never satisfied. I realized before I graduated that you were beating yourself down, but I knew that if I told you, you wouldn’t have believed me. Now that you’re bigger than almost everyone, I knew it was time to let you stop beating down yourself.”

Grizzly nodded then returned his gaze to his reflection. He was a bear now. The fur was just thick enough, the beard fuzzy enough, the muscle big enough and the cock huge enough. He tugged on his cock a bit harder, flexing his forearms and biceps even more. He grunted and moaned then shot his load over the mirror.

Tony clapped and returned to his bed. Grizzly went to the restroom to grab a towel while Tony took care of his boner. He cleaned up the mirror then tossed the rag to Tony who was just finishing up himself. Grizzly sat on the bed across from Tony and said, “Thanks man. I know you’re not gay, but what you did today really helped me.”

“I know man, sometimes, you just need a bro to tell you stuff you don’t know. Plus a mutual jo never hurt anyone.”

Grizzly and Tony laughed a bit before Tony leaned over and cut off the light. “At least we don’t need any AC since we’re both sleeping naked.” Tony commented.

“True,” Grizzly yawned. “Thanks again bro for not being weirded out.”

“What are brothers for?” •

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