By xythan_shadow

The first day of school came and Jacob sought out Dustin. He knew that he had to be bigger than Dustin even if Dustin was 225 before the summer. He felt even more confident as he walked the halls getting looks from everyone, guys and gals alike. He went through his day with a swagger and joyous attitude. He had gym class again at the end of his day and desperately hoped he would see Dustin. But, as he found out from Dustin’s old friends, Dustin had moved away during the summer. Jacob was actually disappointed to hear that, much to the chagrin of Dustin’s friends. In his mind, Jacob wanted to prove to Dustin who was the better of the two, but now he wouldn’t have that chance. But he soon got his mind off that subject when he overheard a few of the guys talking.

“Dude, have you seen how huge Jacob got over the summer?”

“Fuck yeah man, he blew up. I didn’t know a guy could grow so fast.”

“I know what you mean, I heard he was taking ‘roids since before school ended last year.”

Jacob laughed out loud and the guys in the locker room turned toward him. “If I were taking ‘roids, would I have a slice of meat like this?”

And with that, he pulled down his boxers and let his cock slide out. Over the summer, it had grown around 4 inches longer and a few inches thicker, and it filled him with pride seeing how huge it looked soft and against his growing legs. The guys that were there looked at it with their jaws hanging open, amazed at how much Jacob really had grown. “If you guys don’t close those mouths, I might have to stick something in ‘em,” Jacob chuckled as he gripped his cock. The guys closed their mouths so fast Jacob could’ve sworn he heard the wind whooshing. Chuckling some more, he put on his jock and shorts and prepared for gym class.

School from that day forward was an amazing time for him. That year, he became known mostly for his locker room incident but for a few other things too. Girls would come up to him and see if they could feel him or ask him to make a muscle. He didn’t mind much at all performing for the ladies but he would always be coy and shy about it. It’s not that he didn’t like doing it, he just didn’t want to lead them on romantically. Thankfully, no one pressed the issue.

That year, he also truly became his mentor’s protégé. He became a starting lineman right next to Tony and together they did amazing things on the field and to opposing teams. They continued to lift every day, increasing the workout that Jacob was doing along with the cardio and protein. Jacob spent more and more time with Tony, wishing to be more like the big man. Tony also didn’t shy away from Jacob, even knowing his sexual orientation and fetish. Of course, Tony was straight, but didn’t mind showing off for Jacob every now and again, constantly reminding him what hard work would do for his own body. Unfortunately for Jacob, it was Tony’s senior year, so their time together would be cut short. But they were determined to make the best of their time. Tony packed on about 15 more pounds of muscle in preparation of his college entry and Jacob was steadily growing.

“Have you seen Jacob lately?” Jacob and Tony perked up a bit, hearing a cheerleader say Jacob’s name.

“Yeah, he’s huge. Is it true he used to be a scrawny little kid?” a hot blonde cheerleader responded.

“Yeah, he used to be this short guy then all the sudden he hooked up with Tony and he got really big over the summer.” Tony stifled a chucked as they continued to listen.

“Yeah, you saw those arms of his? I saw him help Mr. Black move a desk and he just picked it up and moved it when Mr. Black couldn’t even push it. I swear his arms look like they were about to burst with muscle.”

“And I saw him without his shirt on after practice one day. His back is huge. The quarterback Greg was in front of him and I couldn’t see him when Jacob turned. It’s like a road map back there.”

“His legs are the same way. They’re amazingly huge and lean. He was playing basketball in gym class and he could slam dunk easily. I mean, how strong does his legs have to be for him to jump that high. He’s got to be over 200 pounds easy.”

“And did you hear about Jacob’s…um…gear? Sally told me that she heard from her brother that it hangs almost to his knees.” Jacob blushed as Tony burst into laughter. The cheerleaders turned to see Jacob and Tony sitting at the end of the table about 6 feet away and started giggling.

“So man, does it hang to your knees?” Tony asked then resumed laughing.

“Fuck you,” Jacob chuckled while punching Tony in the shoulder.

“Hey man, I’m just curious. Sounds like you been working out a body part that wasn’t in our plan. I just wanna know how effective it is,” Tony snickered.

Jacob looked around and saw a few of his fellow teammates had suddenly perked up and were listening intently, as if he was about to unveil the holy grail of manhood. Standing up from his seat, he turned slowly and thoughtfully to each of the guys. Taking a deep breath, he slowly began to speak, “You know what……fuck all you guys.” He flipped them all off and everyone in the lunch hall began to laugh, including him. “Life is great now,” he thought to himself.

His teammates gave him a nickname after the first few games he played as a starting lineman. He became known as “Grizzly” in part to the plush bear he had with him all the time, partly because of how hairy he was, even after shaving, but mostly because of how fierce he was when he mauled the opposition on the field. Something felt right about that nickname to Jacob and he had a few things made with the nickname on it, including his football jersey.

By the end of Tony’s senior year, “Grizzly” had grown to become more of a true bear. He started to shave less and less, finding it an annoyance to repeat it every day because his hair grew back so fast. He kept it trimmed but bushy and exceptionally masculine, growing it out to a full beard and moustache that covered his entire lower face. He kept his head clean shaven which made him look even more primal and threatening on the field. He also grew another half a foot and almost 100 lbs. At the age of 15, Jacob had several people thinking he was at least 25. It was a good thing that he didn’t drink or smoke due to the fact that he never got carded when he and Tony hung out at some bars on the weekend every once in a while. He finally became taller than Tony and outweighed him by a good 15 lbs. Both of the guys had huge muscles exploding everywhere from constant diligence, and while they also had a gut, they would constantly punch each other in it with blows so fierce they would almost kill a normal man. Thanks to a year of that kind of work out, their guts were like someone made them swallow a stone.

Tony’s graduation was an emotional time for the duo. Grizzly had come to think of Tony as a big brother and it saddened him to see him go. Tony thought the same way about Grizzly, but college was important to him and his family. They promised to keep in touch and Tony made Grizzly promise that he would never stop lifting. They vowed to have a lift off every summer and Grizzly swore that he would push himself harder than he did when Tony was there.

Grizzly was true to his word and his promise to Tony. He became more and more of a threat as his junior and senior years came and went. He was constantly lifting and working to get bigger and stronger. The coaches were impressed with his determination and his classmates and teammates were amazed at his physique. He didn’t take any breaks from lifting like most of his teammates did during the summer. He rarely went to parties on Friday night because he had to work out Saturday morning. His dreams came before all else and his dream was to be the biggest bear possible.

He was fortunate to live in an area that was warm all year round because he always opted to wear as few clothing as possible. Most of the time it was comfortable enough to wear shorts and sleeveless shirts but sometimes it caused a few problems.

“Hey Grizzly, would you mind flexing that arm for me?”

“We’re in class Sally, I wouldn’t want you to get too excited”

“Aww, c’mon, please? I’ve sat behind you for almost the whole semester and I just love watching your huge body almost rip out of that shirt.”

Grizzly mockingly sighed and raised his hand to scratch his head. He flexed his arm and heard a few gasps and a moan and laughed to himself.

“It’s so huge. It’s like a volleyball is in his arm.”

“I want to touch it. He’s so manly.”

“Mr. Gregors. I know it’s hard to resist, but would you place your arm down so the class behind you can pay attention to me again.”

Grizzly blushed and put his arm down. Most of the class went “Aww” which made him blush even more. The teacher resumed the lesson and the girls started whispering again, “That arm has to be at least 18 inches around. Is the rest of you that big Grizzly?”

He wanted to be good, but he just had to respond. “It’s actually almost 20 inches, and yes, the rest of me is just as big.”

The girls behind him broke into hysterical giggling and Grizzly just put his head down, refocusing on his work.

Situations like that happened constantly for Grizzly. Flex this, help me lift that, give me a hand with this, oh my god fuck me, he heard it all. Each comment only reinforced his desire to become the biggest guy possible. But nothing inspired him more than seeing the results of his workouts. He looked through some of his old pictures and saw how small he looked so long ago and how big he was now. This in turn inspired him even more. So much so, that when he graduated, 4 years after his fateful meeting with Tony, he lumbered across the stage at a massive 6’5’’ tall, 330 lbs musclebear monster. Draped in his custom made letterman jacket embroidered with numerous awards for football, he stood as the centerpiece of his graduating class as the photographer took the final picture of his high school career. •

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