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That night with Tony changed almost everything about Grizzly. He became more confident in his body and his strength, finally realizing that he was a bear like he had always dreamed of becoming. But that didn’t mean he could rest. In fact, hanging out with Tony only stoked the fire and made him want to eat and lift more. The duo hung out together quite often, making use of the advanced fitness center and the extravagant meal plan. They pushed each other in all areas of life and both gained more muscle and size than if they were working alone.

While Tony didn’t gain as much weight as Grizzly did during their lifts, Tony did become more and more ripped as they worked. Grizzly seemed to grow another inch and gained close to 50 pounds, bringing his massive size up to just under 400 pounds. The two brothers had an amazing college life. Tony was planning on becoming a doctor, so he and Grizzly planned on staying roommates for Grizzly’s full college career. They had no inhibitions around each other, nor did they mind the other bringing home a ‘friend’. Both of the guys found it amusing though when one would bring home a playmate and ask the other to join in the fun.

They also got jobs together bouncing at the most popular night club in the town. The owner was more than glad to hire the two biggest linemen on the football team to work his club, and because he did, there was less incidences than he could remember. The bouncing was fun for them because they could look very intimidating, yet gentle when they cared to do so. They got hit on more times then they could imagine and both took people back to the room quite often.

The bouncing job made Grizzly feel really good. He enjoyed the thought of protecting all the people that were smaller than him. It felt so good that he decided he was going to do it full time. He told Tony his decision and he suggested that he go into law enforcement as well as bouncing. The idea was so good that he immediately changed his major to work toward that goal.

Football, bouncing, studying, lifting and eating: That was Grizzly’s life for the longest. He enjoyed every minute of it too. He took great pride in how well he protected the patrons of the club and how well he did in school, even with his advanced classes. He was proud of how much Tony and he were lifting and he was extremely happy with his constant growth. Nothing much changed in their lives. They led the college team to four straight national championships, the club they bounced at was the safest hang out outside the military base, and they both had high marks when they graduated.

Tony became a doctor like he planned and Grizzly entered the police academy, despite numerous offers to play professional football. The two still lifted with each other even though their jobs kept them separate, and Tony constantly showered Grizzly with praise over his amazing accomplishments.

Grizzly’s police training went very quickly. His instructors were anxious to get him on a street patrol, fully intending to use his impressive size and demeanor to help inspire confidence in the police. Grizzly agreed, knowing he wanted to do this. Protecting people, inspiring faith and befriending others is why he got into the field. He passed all his tests with flying colors, and after a week of waiting for his custom uniforms to get in, he finally became a cop.

Four years later, Officer Grizzly, or Papa Bear as his youth group called him, was still as big and muscled as he was in college. He had awards spanning a wall in his house from community service to bravery in the line of duty and other things that brought him pride. He had a youth group that he started to give kids a place to go to after school. It was known city-wide and was so good that it started to sprout offshoots in other districts. He smiled whenever he thought about those awards and the cute pictures of him that his kids drew depicting him as a furry tower of a man canopying over all them.

So lost was he in his thoughts, he almost missed the guy going 63 in the 50 mph zone he was watching. Exhaling a deep breath, he turned on his sirens and exited the parking lot he was in to pursue the speeder. A few moments later, Grizzly had the assailant pulled over. He put on his Smokey the Bear hat, the wide brimmed hat he got when he became a sergeant that really accented his “Big Police Bear” look, and his chrome sunglasses and stepped out of the car slowly. He loved doing this because the speed and methodicalness he exited his car gave people time to see he was serious. It usually diffused any pleading or complaining about being pulled over. He walked up to the car and leaned down and looked inside to see a fairly average guy sitting there looking as nervous as a trapped animal.

“License and registration please,” he grunted.

The guy started at Grizzly a few moments before he started fumbled a little to get inside his glove box. Grizzly looked at him feeling as if he knew the guy from somewhere, but couldn’t place it. Then his glance wandered downward to see that the guy had a major hardon that was fighting his jeans. He smiled to himself and thought, “Another bear lover. Wonder if I should take him home.”

The man in the car handed him his information and Grizzly looked over it. Then his eyes widened as he read the name, “Dustin Withers.” Grizzly was shocked. Dustin from his high school days, his tormentor, his secret childhood fantasy, his nemesis, was in the car before him. And obviously, he didn’t recognize the giant bear that stood before him as “Little Jacob”. A sly smile crossed his face as he devised a plan to pay back all the hardship he went through as a kid.

“Would you step out of the car sir?” Grizzly said in his gruffest baritone. The guy stumbled and whimpered a bit before getting out of the car, hand strategically placed to hide his raging erection. “Hands up please.” Dustin hung his head then raised his hands, revealing the tenting meat. Grizzly smirked then turned Dustin around and placed him spread eagle against the car. He took his nightstick out and laid it on the roof. Then discreetly adjusting himself, he leaned against Dustin and began to “search” him. He made sure that he rubbed his thick cock along Dustin’s body as his giant paws patted him down. He even reached around once and gave Dustin’s cock a squeeze, eliciting a moan from him. Grizzly smiled and stood up to his full height, towering over a foot above Dustin. Turning him around, he looked down and saw the wet spot in front of Dustin’s pants. He smiled and rubbed Dustin’s head before pulling a card out of his front pocket.

“I see you like me boy. Wanna spend some time getting to know this?” he growled as he flexed his right arm, causing the sleeve to roll up his arm. Dustin weakly nodded.

“Then you need to be here at exactly 9 pm.” He handed the card to Dustin who looked like he was trying to burn Grizzly’s mass into his memory. “And make sure you don’t speed anymore. Next time, I won’t be so forgiving.”

Dustin nodded and returned to his car in a daze. Grizzly grabbed his nightstick off the roof and started to return to his car. He had planned on spending time with only one cub tonight, but now he was going to do something even better than that. He twirled his stick around a few times, chuckling to himself before he got back in his car and headed back to the parking lot to finish out his shift. •

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