Amari's Essence

The Confrontation


By cscpttrainer

Akil returned to Suri City and went to see Sanaa. He told her of his visit with Komoni and showed her the bag of vials. Seeing her again reminded him how much he loved her and he told her he would try the witchdoctor’s elixir even though it might not work. He said he had devised a plan during his return trip and that he needed her help. First, he needed another diamond and second he needed her to lure Amari into a trap. Sanaa obtained the diamond he needed and with it, Akil went to visit Dume.

“Dume, I need your help,” he told him.

Dume was working out in the warrior’s gym. He had been exercising very hard these last few weeks because he wanted to enter the warrior contest against Amari. He knew he needed to be stronger. However, he was unsure of himself and did not want to suffer another defeat at Amari’s hands in front of the whole tribe.

“What do you want from me, Akil? I’m busy.”

“I need you to work as my bodyguard until the contest,” he said.

“HA! Your bodyguard? Why? Who is going to attack you?”

Akil wanted Dume to protect him if Amari attacked him but he did not want to tell Dume his complete plan. Akil concocted a ruse for Dume explaining that he had planned a practical joke on Amari and he offered Dume the raw diamond if he would help him.

Dume thought about Akil’s proposal. While he was well paid as a warrior, the diamond was extremely valuable. He also thought if he had to defend Akil and fight Amari, it would give him an opportunity to test himself against Amari without entering the contest. He would then know if he would have a chance against Amari in the contest. After some thought, Dume agreed he would work as Akil’s bodyguard.

As Akil requested, Sanaa sent Amari a note asking him to meet her at a quarry clearing in a remote area outside Suri City at dusk on Thursday. She warned him that she might be late for their meeting but that he should wait for her there. She wrote in the note that she needed to tell him in private something important about their life after the contest. Amari had no doubt that he would win the contest and he knew everyone in the tribe also thought he would win so a note from his future bride did not seem unusual to him. He responded that he would wait for her there. Although Sanaa did as she was requested, she was worried and begged Akil to go with him but he said the situation was complicated enough and her presence would only make it more so.

Akil knew now everything was in place. In the late afternoon on Thursday, he and Dume went to the clearing. He told Dume that he planned to use some sleep darts on Amari first and that before they took effect Amari might attack him so Dume should be ready. Akil and Dume then hid in the brush and waited for Amari. While they waited, Akil removed the vial holding the thick brown elixir from the bag that the witchdoctor had given him. He coated two darts with the elixir and loaded one into the blowgun. He then waited and watched.

At dusk Amari entered the clearing. He walked around looking for Sanaa but saw no one. While he was looking, he heard a rustling in the brush and turned around. SWOOSH! One dart embedded itself in his thick left pec muscle just above his taut quarter-sized nipple. Amari cried in pain as he looked down and saw the dart protruding from his chest. A small drop of blood oozed from his pec. Before he could remove the dart, he heard another SWOOSH and the second dart landed in his right pec. Again he cried out and using his hands pulled the darts out and threw them to the ground.

As he massaged his wounds, he looked up and saw Akil at the edge of the clearing standing holding the blowgun in his hands.

“You dared to attack me like this?” yelled Amari angrily.

“It is just a joke,” responded Akil.

“I will teach you a lesson you won’t forget,” yelled the muscleman as he rushed forward toward Akil.

“Well you will first have to get through my bodyguard,” smiled Akil, and Akil stepped back into the bush and Dume stepped forward into the clearing. Amari stopped his advance.

“You, Dume! Get out of my way. I have no quarrel with you. I am interested in Akil,” shouted Amari.

“No, Amari. I have agreed to protect him until the contest. You may not harm him till then. Otherwise you will have to deal with me first,” he answered him calmly while crossing his arms and placing them on his chest. Dume’s pecs arched high into his arms.

“I will wait for nothing!” responded Amari. “Get out of my way, Dume. I do not want to harm you. Did your already forget our last encounter?” Amari flexed his right bicep for Dume, showing it off to him. “It is now 18 and a half inches, a half inch larger than our last meeting.”

“Watch, my friend,” and Dume also did a right bicep pose for Amari showing off his 19 and half inch gun. “I too am larger and stronger than our last meeting. It is I who does not want to hurt you, so step back and leave Akil alone.”

Akil’s jaw dropped at the size of the muscle display. He eyed each’s physique. Dume’s muscles were definitely larger but Amari’s looked leaner and fuller. He wondered which one was going to win this fight of strength. Perhaps he had underestimated Dume. What would he do if Dume won?

“So be it,” growled Amari and he leapt onto Dume sending the shorter, heavier man to the ground. The two men wrestled each other as they rolled across the clearing, each one punching the other. Each muscle flexing as they fought. Amari’s heart rate skyrocketed as Akil hoped it would. Dume seemed to have the upper hand finally coming to rest on top of Amari. As Dume turned his body to raise his fist to strike Amari, Amari was able to slide his foot onto Dume’s torso. Using his foot as leverage, Amari flipped Dume over and Dume landed on his back. Both men worked to rise to their feet. However, Amari was faster and as Dume rose from the ground, Amari hit him quickly with multiple punches to his head. Dume staggered and fell to the ground unconscious.

Seeing his opponent incapacitated, Amari then turned around to face Akil. Akil stood there staring at Amari and swallowed hard not knowing if the elixir was going to work or not.

“Now, little weakling,” sneered Amari pointing his finger at Akil. “You will not wake up when I….I…” Amari stammered as he stepped forward toward Akil. His vision blurred and he grew dizzy but he stepped forward again only to stop and fall down onto his knees and then the ground. Akil kicked Amari to make sure he was out cold. Then he turned the unconscious hunk over on to his back.

Akil looked down at the now prostrate warrior. He was in awe of this muscular beauty. He admired Amari’s pecs which even with arms outstretched were heavy and thick. He touched them to find them hard though relaxed. He studied the vascularity of his arms as the veins ran across his large shiny biceps dripping with sweat and the six pac abs that heaved up and down as Amari’s breathing began to quicken. “Now good elixir, do what the Great Doctor has promised,” he whispered.

As Akil watched, Amari developed a large bulge between his legs. Akil thought it was an erection but it wasn’t. Instead, Amari’s gonads began to swell. Soon they were three times their normal size. Each one became a testosterone factory in hyperdrive, pumping massive amounts into Amari’s bloodstream. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Akil, Amari’s pituitary gland was also in hyperdrive, flooding Akil’s bloodstream with HGH and his adrenal glands were flooding his bloodstream with adrenalin. The elixir had also traveled into every major skeletal muscle in Amari’s body. There it pulled out mitochondria, myosin, actin, ATP, myofibrils, creatine, and other substances and deposited them in Amari’s lymphatic system which wisked them to Amari’s chest. Akil did not understand what was happening to Amari but he knew something was going on inside Amari’s body. Soon he noticed Amari’s muscles began to swell. They looked larger but bloated. He no longer had the vascularity he had earlier and his abs had disappeared to be replaced with a swollen belly. Only Amari’s face was not swollen. As Akil watched, Amari’s pecs began to grow. Soon they were thicker and larger than any professional, roided up bodybuilder. His sternum looked like a deep gorge between two massive cliffs of muscle. Akil touched them again only to find them soft and that his finger left an imprint. Then slowly the other muscles in Amari’s body began to lose the fluid that had surrounded them and if they were being drained except for Amari’s pecs. His chest continued to expand. As the vascularity began to return to the rest of Amari’s body, his pecs became distended. No longer were they the overblown pecs of a bodybuilder. They began to become fat and filled with fluid. As they grew, they looked more like breasts. The largest and most shapely yet somehow masculine breasts Akil had ever seen! Akil noticed that Amari’s man-nuts had also begun to shrink back to normal size. As his pecs continued to fill, the once taut nipples also began to stretch down and out. As the change in his chest began to slow down, Amari’s body elsewhere appeared as it did before. Then Akil noticed Amari’s nipples. They were now like two cones. “Yes,” said Akil. “He is ready now.”

Akil laid down on his stomach next to Amari. He took the right man-breast with his hand and place his mouth on Amari’s distended nipple and he began to suck. At first nothing came out so he sucked harder and then pop! An enriched warm fluid flowed quickly into Akil’s mouth. It tasted bitter but creamy. Akil sucked harder and harder slowly draining Amari’s essence that had accumulated. He almost chocked it came out so fast. As he drank, Amari’s breast began to shrink. Amari groaned slightly as if with pleasure as Akil swallowed. Eventually the man-breast returned to its original size and when Akil was done with the right one, he began to drain the left. Again that one slowly returned to its prior form. When both had been sucked dry, Amari got up and looked down at Amari. Amari’s nipples still looked distended but he otherwise looked as he looked before the fight though his pecs were no longer rounded and as thick. They still looked powerful but flatter.

Akil reached down and patted his own abdomen which was now full and protruded like a little pot belly from all he had swallowed. Akil then retrieved his bag and dipped two darts into the forgetfulness potion and fired one into Amari’s left forearm and one into Dume’s. The darts injected the potion into the men's bloodstreams. He then removed the darts. He then took out a flask of kamala, a highly potent liquor made from the fruit of the Marula tree. He poured a mouthful of kamala into Amari’s mouth. He then poured some around Amari’s chin and neck to be sure he smelled of it.

He went over to Dume and stopped to admire Dume’s physique which was even more impressive now compared to Amari’s. He sprinkled some the kamala on Dume’s clothing, hands and face. He left the flask opened next to Amari’s body.

Akil then attempted to wake Dume.

“Dume! Dume! Are you alright?” he said as he shook the muscular warrior.

Gradually, Dume woke up. “What happened to me?” he asked. “Ouch, my head,” he said as he sat up.

“I don’t know,” answered Akil. “I came here to tell Amari that Sanaa could not meet him here tonight and I found the two of you lying here unconscious. It looks like you were in a fight. Were you drinking? You smell of kamala.”

Dume looked around and could see Amari lying unconscious next to the flask. He could smell the kamala. “I don’t remember coming here or drinking anything. God, does my head hurt.”

“Can you get up?” asked Akil. “We need to get back and I need help with Amari. He is too heavy for me and I don’t think he is going to wake up soon. He really smells like he’s drunk.”

“I think I can,” said Dume. As he staggered up, Dume and Akil went over to Amari but they could not wake him. So they gathered their horses and Dume lifted Amari and placed him over the back of his horse. They returned to Suri City. Dume brought Amari to Amari’s home and put him in his bed to recover. He arranged for a nurse to see Amari in the morning.

As Akil reached his home, he grew very sleepy and quickly climbed into his bed to rest. •

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