Amari's Essence

The Elixir


By cscpttrainer

At 8 PM Akil approached the guard who was standing outside Komoni’s home. He identified himself and was led into Komoni’s reception room again. There sat Komoni with a leather bag in front of him.

“Here, Akil, this is what I have for you. Now listen carefully to my instructions. If you follow them, the gods may smile on you and grant your request. If you fail to follow them, there is no hope for you.”

Akil said, “I will follow them,” and listened carefully. Komoni stood up and walked around the table and stood in front of Akil.

Placing his hand on the bag, Komoni said, “Inside this bag are two vials, one red and one brown, four small darts and a blowgun. You must dip two darts into the brown elixir. Then you shoot one dart so it hits here, stabbing his finger into Akil’s left pec and the other so it hits here, stabbing it next into Akil’s right pec. Now once the elixir has entered the body, you have roughly 15 minutes to activate it. For the elixir to become activated, his heart rate must beat over 100 times per minute. If it does not, the elixir will have no effect. When the elixir begins to take effect, it will sedate your challenger. Then you must wait and let it do what it is designed to do.”

“But what if it does not take effect?” asked Akil.

“Then young Suri, I do not think you will have to wait till your contest day to confront your challenger. Now shut up so I may finish.” Komoni then told Akil that the red vial contained a forgetfulness portion and told how to use it. He then whispered into Akil’s ear the remaining instructions which told him what he must do once the brown elixir takes effect.

When Komoni was finished, Akil had a frightened stare. Komoni looked at him and said, “Did I not warn you that this would not be easy? Know that the gods have looked kindly on your offering and let’s hope they do not abandon you. Now go home to Suriland with your hope in this bag.”

Akil clutched the bag tightly, not knowing what to think or do. He had already given up the diamonds and did not know if he had something which was going to help him or not. He knew if it did not work, Amari would surely kill him.

Akil left for Suri City the next day and pondered the risk he was about to take and began to plan. •

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