Amari's Essence

The Preparation


By cscpttrainer

As Akil slept, his body was incorporating Amari’s mitochondria, myosin, actin, ATP, and other substances into Akil’s muscles and Amari’s testosterone was reshaping Akil’s physique. In his sleep, Akil sweated profusely and his skin was flush with heat.

Akil’s sleep was deep and filled with dreams. His mind replayed the evenings fight between the musclemen, embellishing it and extending it with each replay. His heart raced during these dreams. Later he dreamed he was trapped in a fire in his hut for hours unable to escape. His skin was growing hotter as the fire progressed. As the fire finally reached him in his dream and began to burn him, he woke up. He opened his eyes suddenly to find his heart beating furiously in his chest. His sleeping clothes and mat were soaked with sweat. He got up and went this bathroom to bathe. He found his muscles sore to the touch and they ached. After he bathed, he heard a knock at his door as he grabbed cover and went to answer it.

He opened the door and their stood his friend Sokai whom he had planned to meet at 11:30 that morning at the public gym.

“Hey, Akil, where have ya been?” asked Sokai. “I’ve been waiting for you at the gym for an hour for our workout. Looks like you overslept.” But before Akil could answer, Sokai looked over his friend and exclaimed, “Hey, what happened to you? Where did your bodyfat go? Have you been dieting?”

Akil looked down at his body and simultaneously raised his right hand to touch his stomach. There he could see and feel two small rows of abs just below his ribs. He then examined his chest where he saw two small but firm pecs. He arms were ripped and vascular. His thin layer of bodyfat had melted away overnight leaving him with visible muscles and veins.

“Man, I am impressed. With whatever diet you are doing, keep it up,” remarked Sokai.

Dume and the nurse visited Amari’s home at about Noon the next day. Amari did not answer their knock but Dume had left the door unlocked. They found Amari still sleeping on his mat where Dume had left him the previous night. They shook him and Amari woke up.

“I am sooo tired,” Amari said and he tried to sit up. As he did, pain wracked every muscle he used.

“Wow!” he said and laid back down on his mat. “What happened to me?”

“You had too much too drink last night and the two of you got into a fight and knocked each other out,” said the nurse. “Dume brought you home.”

“I don’t remember any of that.” Amari responded.

“You know that happens if you drink too much kamala,” answered the nurse.

Amari was not interested in arguing with her. He wanted to focus on feeling better. “It hurts when I move,” he complained to her. “I feel like someone used every muscle in my body as a punching bag.”

“Well, maybe someone did,” smiled Dume.

Amari looked at Dume and noticed his hand was bandaged. “And what happened to your hand?”

“I don’t know” said Dume. “When I got home last night, it was swollen. May be I broke it in our fight. The witchdoctor said it looked broken so he bandaged it. I guess you will be the only one in the contest now.”

Amari chuckled but even that hurt. The nurse told Dume she would get some soup for Amari and would bring the witchdoctor tomorrow to see him. So the nurse got Amari some food. After eating, Amari still felt tired and sore so the nurse encouraged him to sleep and Amari quickly feel asleep till the next day.

“Can we still go to the gym now?” Akil asked Sokai remembering what Komoni had told him and he must begin an intense weightlifting program quickly. Sokai answered that he had to get back to work but that he could train Akil in the evening. Akil quickly agreed deciding he was famished and needed to eat first anyway.

So he said goodbye to Sokai and Akil left for the food gathering area where he ate like he never ate before. After his 7,000 calorie lunch, Akil returned to his hut and felt sleepy. His muscles were still quiet sore. He took a short nap. The food and the nap eased his muscle soreness significantly. When he woke, he left to meet Sokai at the public gym.

Sokai was a personal trainer at the warrior gym. He helped the warriors enhance and maintain their strength so Akil thought he would be the perfect person to train Akil to get stronger for the contest. Sokai thought Akil’s plans for the contest were silly as he was confident Amari would win. Sokai though felt a loyalty to Akil because of their friendship so he agreed he would try to help him.

When Akil reached the gym, he felt energized. Sokai led Akil through an upper body workout. Akil was surprised at his own strength and Sokai was surprised at Akil’s stamina. Sokai kept giving Akil heavier weights and Akil keep lifting them as if he were getting stronger with every lift instead of fatiguing. Sokai worked Akil’s upper body muscles using a wide range of exercises. After about three hours, Sokai said he had enough and they would have to stop for the night. Though disappointed, Akil understood and his stomach began to growl for food. Although Sokai recommended Akil rest tomorrow, Akil was not interested in that advice and Sokai agreed to meet Akil in the morning for a lower body workout. Akil left for the food gathering hut where he ate voraciously and then went to bed for the night.

During his sleep, Akil again had wild dreams along with terrible night sweats. His dreams were much more sexual due to the Amari’s testosterone still working in his body. Amari’s HGH was also now kicking in developing and repairing Akil’s body.

On the next day the nurse brought the witchdoctor to see Amari. Amari was still sleeping when they arrived but they were able to wake him. The doctor examined Amari. Amari indicated that the pain was less than yesterday. The witchdoctor told Amari he had an illness that would pass in a few days if he rested and he gave him a drink of a pain-easing brown brew made from several roots. The witchdoctor then departed and the nurse brought Amari more food which he ate readily. Amari then went back to bed to rest.

The next day Akil woke up and was famished again. “I must have a tapeworm,” he thought to himself. He got up and went to the bathroom. He felt funny but not sick. He felt bloated or heavy like he was carry more weight or water. He was not sure which. He noticed his muscle soreness had returned. As he got to the bathroom, he looked in the small mirror stone he had. He could not believe it! His upper body had grown muscular! Sokai then knocked at the door and Akil let him in.

“What is this?” laughed Sokai. “Man, you have real muscles now!”

Akil and Sokai examined Akil’s now muscular upper body. They measured his biceps which had grown from 13 inches to now 16 inches, his chest had grown from 41 inches to 47 inches, his neck from 15 inches to 16. His pecs were full, rounded and thick and there was a clear channel between them. Sokai had to touch Akil’s pecs to convince himself they were really real. Akil’s front and side delts made his shoulders bulge. A third row of abs had now appeared. “Wow even your lats and rhomboids have grown,” said Sokai as he examined Akil’s back. Akil rubbed his hands over his new physique and he enjoyed touching his new large muscles, particularly his pecs.

“This is really amazing!” said Sokai. “What magic is this?” he asked.

“It is called hard work,” smiled Akil knowing it was much more than that. “Now let me get dressed and let’s work these legs! The contest is next week.”

Not wanting to draw attention to his transformation, Akil covered his upper body with clothes and they left for the gym. There Sokai worked Akil’s lower body with squats, lunges, deadlifts, leg curls, and raises for almost three hours. Akil’s energy and endurance seemed endless. Although Sokai then left Akil after they had lunch, Akil decided to return to the gym and repeat the upper body workout they did yesterday even though he was still sore. By the end of the day, Akil was exhausted. After another large dinner, he went to bed and whispered “Now, grow,” just before he dozed off to sleep.

His wild dreams continued. However, this night he dreamed of Dume. He dreamed of examining and touching Dume’s impressive body and feeling every rock hard muscle of the muscleman. He ordered Dume to flex various poses for him. He compared every inch of that god-like body to his own and was jealous. His night sweats continued during these dreams as Amari’s essence continued to work on him.

Akil slept late that day. When he awoke, he was again very hungry but he ignored that and examined his legs. Like his other muscles, they had grown. As he flexed his leg each quad danced to firmness. His quads had grown from 18 inches to 23 and his calves from 14 inches to 16.5. He covered his body as much as he could and went to satify his large appetite before going to the gym alone for another total body workout.

Akil followed this regimen for several days. Each day his strength grew tremendously and each muscle he worked grew larger though the gains each day were smaller than the day before. By the time of the contest, his weight had reached 198 pounds of striated muscle. He chest was 49 inches, his arms were 17.5, his quads were 25 inches and his calves were 17.5. His waist remained from the start at 31 inches. While he still was not as large as Dume or even Amari, he was certainly strong, benching far more than everyone else at the gym.

By the fifth day, Amari was finally free of pain. He decided to go to the warrior’s gym to work on restoring his strength and preparing for the contest which was still a few days away. At the gym, he found his strength had decreased by about 40 percent on all his lifts. He began to worry and went to see the witchdoctor again. The witchdoctor advised that he was still weak from his illness but that his strength would return gradually if he continued to workout, eat right and get sleep. He also gave Amari a liquid extract from the creatine plant and told him to drink it each night and that it would help restore his strength. Amari followed the doctor’s advice and his strength improved alittle each day. •

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