Lab Accident, The


By Fan of Muscle

It was Saturday and the lab had been evacuated except for essential personnel and two security guards in the front of the building. In the back, the company president, Rigel Sizemore, and the scientists on staff watched as the experiment entered its final stage.

“We have containment Mr. Sizemore” reported William Zachery, the equipment technician. “Good” stated Sizemore. He continued, “When this new steroid makes it to market, our stock price will soar and we will all be billionaires!” Everyone around the room grinned at Mr. Sizemore’s excitement.

“We’re ready to go” Jace Chambers stated from inside the test chamber. “The final calibrations have been set for the formula mixing process”. Joe Stein and Chambers where getting ready to leave the lab when the steel doors slammed shut and sealed themselves.

“What just happened?” Sizemore questioned. “I don’t know Mr. Sizemore, there has been some kind of power surge and I can’t get the computer system to respond!” Zachery reported. Chambers and Stein were getting nervous. No one had any idea what the formula would do to people. They were only working on the process now. Clinical trials were not set to begin for another couple of months. Neither liked the idea of being trapped in the lab with a full canister of the stuff.

“Sir, there is a massive energy build up in the lab! The power is shunting through the mixing mechanism. I can’t shut it down!” Zachery reported. “Quickly then, let’s try and get that door open…”

Then it happened. The explosion in the lab; a thick milky white cloud filled the lab and neither Zachery or Sizmore could see Stein or Chambers. After a few minutes the cloud seemed to dissipate. What Zachery and Sizemore saw shocked them. “Oh my God” Sizemore gasped. Through the observation window they saw Jace and Joe, both completely naked and huge beyond belief, bigger than any bodybuilders in the magazines. Their chest’s were massive and covered in thick body hair. Hair that covered their bodies in a thick carpet of maleness, but yet did not hide any of their muscular definition. Both now had cocks that were at least 14 inches long and a thick as a beer can.

It was obvious that the changes that had happened to them in such a short time did not bother Jace or Joe. Both were running their hands over their new bodies and stroking their new thick, heavy beards. Without even speaking each reached out and grabbed the throbbing member of the one before him and began to suck! Within minutes, each orgasmed into the mouth of the other. As each swallowed the cum from the other, their muscles continued to grow larger, harder and hairier.

“We can not let those two out of that lab. Whatever happened to them must be studied!” Sizemore shouted. It was then that Jace and Joe noticed Zachery and Sizemore in the control room. It was then that each grinned at each other mischievously. The sealed door might have been able to contain one of them inside the lab, but even it could not withstand the strength Joe and Jace now exhibited. With a push, the door came crashing down.

With their increased strength, Jace quickly grabbed and held Sizemore with his arms pinned behind his back while Joe subdued William Zachery. “Give it up Will” Joe whispered. “No, please don’t hurt me” Zachery pleaded. “I won’t hurt you Will, in fact you’re going to enjoy it.” With that Joe torn Will’s pants completely off of his body and positioned his again hardened member against Will’s virgin hole. With a thrust, Joe entered Will and began a rhythmic motion. “No, please…oh, please…..Oh Fuck!” Will shouted. His mind reeling as Joe’s massive cock head messaged his prostate. Joe’s precum was already affecting Will. Will was beginning to show signs of muscle growth. Will reached up and pulled his shirt off over his head. Will was by no means a muscular man. He was slender and completely smooth.

With the fucking he was receiving from Joe, Will’s pecks were changing, as was his entire body. Will’s pecks widened and thickened, pushing his nipples down toward the floor and making them harden and enlarge. Each nipple was now encircled by a ring of blonde hair and the hair was spreading out across his pecks. “Oh fuck….please, don’t stop! Keep fucking me” Will pleaded. His mind completely changed thanks to the concentrated dose of the steroid mixture he was receiving through Joe’s precum.

“I hope you’re enjoying the show Mr. Sizemore” Jace goaded, “Because you’re next”. “Please don’t do this” Sizemore begged. “Why Mr. Sizemore, look at how happy Will is now, why would you not want to experience that happiness?” Jace jokingly questioned. In the minutes that followed, Will had continued to change. He was now larger than most bodybuilders with shoulders the size of bowling balls, a huge wide chest with nipples the size of quarters, bulging biceps and gigantic legs. Joe through his head back was he came inside of Will’s ass and let out a massive groan. Joe reached out and felt the rough stubble that was beginning to coat Will’s face. Will turned and looked at the monster of a man that had just changed his entire world. Will had grown taller and was now the same height as Joe and Jace. “Hell, that was fucking great!” he said in an erotic, playful voice. Will’s body hair had filled in, but was not as thick as the others. Will fell to his knees and took Joe’s cock deep into his mouth and started sucking feverishly. After a few minutes, Joe shot again and Will gulped down each and every precious drop of cum. There before their eyes, Will finished changing as his chest hair grew completely out, coating his upper body in a blanket of man fur. His arms, legs, thighs, ass were covered in blonde hair. Hair coated the top of this feet and the back of his hands and his beard had thickened and grown in to a thick, heavy beard which hung down off of his face a least a couple of inches. Will’s beard was so heavy it grew down his neck and connected with his newly grown chest hair. In the bush that was now his pubic hair, Will’s long, thick cock was erect and leaking precum.

Will looked over at Mr. Sizemore and grinned. “Oh, Rigel….I have a gift for you!” teased Will mockingly. Jace and Joe just smiled. In the meantime, the two security guards had heard what they thought sounded like an explosion and were making their way to the lab. •

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