Lab Accident, The


By Fan of Muscle

“Please, don’t do this Zachery!” Rigel pleaded. But he knew it wasn’t getting him anywhere. Held in the steel grip of Jace, Rigel was helpless. He could not hope to break free from the monstrous men now standing before him and even if he could, where would he go?

“Why what’s the matter Rigel? Afraid of become like me?” Will questioned. “Why, look at me. What is there not to want?” Will was goading Rigel and if Rigel was honest with himself, he was enjoying it, even if just a little. The formula worked and he and his company would be rich and famous. The three beings that oozed masculinity now standing before him would be the pride of the company’s marketing campaign. After all, bodybuilders and other lovers of muscle would pay anything to get a dose or two of the formula.

Just as Will approached Rigel and was about to face fuck the reluctant CEO, Joe interrupted. “Wait...let’s review what we already know. Hell, I fucked Will’s ass hard and even though it brought him around to our side” Joe explained. Will was smiling at him and swaying his ass back and fourth in a playful motion as Joe continued, just for the humor of it. “The actual change occurs when the person drinks our cum.” That’s when the idea came to Joe. If the aerosol version of the formula changed him and Jace, and Jace’s and his cum could change Will, then what would a pure dose of the formula do to a person?

Jace pushed Sizemore into the waiting arms of Will, who grabbed and held him just as Jace had earlier. Jace walked backing into the containment room and found the wreckage of what was once the mixing vat. Sure enough, there was a pool of pure formula gathered on the floor. “Joe, bring me a syringe, we need to get this stuff up off the floor and,” Joe paused, “make use of it!” Joe looked around the lab and found an empty syringe.

“Here you go bro” Joe said as he handed the syringe to Jace. They paused for a moment and then planted a deep, wet kiss on one another. “Hey guys!” Will yelled from inside the lab, “we have stuff to do, remember?” With that Joe and Jace withdrew from each others mouths and Jace carefully filled the syringe with the left over formula. “Now it’s time to have some fun!” he said comically and he and Joe stepped back into the lab. It was then that Will noticed the security cameras. The two young security guards were making their way down the long corridor to the lab. “Jace!” Will shouted, “see that console over there? Enter the following commands and press enter. Hurry!” Jace entered the commands Will told him into the keyboard and pressed the enter key. As soon as he had finished, bulkhead doors sealed the lab completely. Keeping the guards out and them in, at least for now.

“Oh, please no! Don’t…DON’T” Rigel screamed. It was to late, Joe had unbuckled the mans belt and Jace yanked Rigel’s pants completely down below his knees. Jace was holding the syringe while Joe pulled down the old man’s underwear. There before them was the flaccid cock of a man past his prime. “Now, let’s see what this shit can really do” said Jace. Joe could tell that Jace was having the best time humiliating their former boss who cared for nothing more than money and power. Now it was time for the employees to have a little fun with their employer!

Jace grabbed Rigel’s scrotum and found his testicles. With a push, Jace injected half of the formula into Rigel’s one testicle and then repeated the procedure for the other. Now Rigel had balls about the size of large eggs. Instantly his cock began to grow. From five inches flaccid to six, then seven. “Holy Fuck!” said Will amused by what he was witnessing. Rigel’s eyes had rolled back into his head. “You think we gave him too much?” Joe asked. “Hell no! That guy’s feeling great. Aren’t you Rigel?” Rigel just groaned. His member continued to lengthen, from seven inches to eight, then nine, then ten. When Rigel’s cock reached ten inches, it began to harden make rise up towards his body, and as it did, it began to thicken and get fatter. Veins began to pulse on the surface and Rigel foreskin peeled back to show the large head of his penis. Soon it was standing straight up in the air and at least fourteen inches long. It looked as if Rigel had grown another leg as fat as his dick now was.

“Guys that’s the hottest damn thing I’ve ever seen” Joe commented as he absentminded rubbed his beard with one hand and was stroking his mammoth cock with the other. “Something’s not right” Will noticed. “Look, his balls and sack have grown to match the growth of his cock, but the rest of his body’s not changing, what’s up with that?” Will questioned. Jace and Joe took notice. Sure enough, Rigel’s balls where now the size of large lemons and his scrotum now hung low and full between his legs. In fact, the secondary sexual characteristics had also affected that region of Rigel’s body, has hair had thickened and grown all over Rigel’s nut sack, his pubic hair had thickened into a full bush of white hair and the hair only stopped where his huge cock began.

“I have an idea” Jace said and with that he lightly squeezed Rigel’s balls. Rigel’s eyes popped open and he moaned “Oh Yes!” and as he did, his voice deepened. His eyes settled on the huge cock’s in front of his face and the throbbing cock of Will’s which was now totally erect and pressing against Rigel’s back. Rigel’s body was starting to morph. The muscles in his neck were growing thicker as muscle fiber increased and bulged. His adam’s apple was now very large, resulting in his newly deep, masculine voice. Then the changes stopped.

“I don’t get it?” Will said puzzled. “He changes some and then stops. What’s the point in that?” “Hell if I know.” Jace responded, but I have a great idea. “Oh, you are sadistic” Joe laughed. “I think you can let him go now Will, I don’t think he’s going to bolt” Jace added. Will slowly released Rigel from his grip. Rigel just fell backward onto the floor. He didn’t even try to escape. Rigel’s cock had continued to lengthen slowly, it now measured at least seventeen inches long and was wider then the others. His meat was truly fantastic. That’s when Rigel did something that truly amused the others. He noticed a drop of precum on the head of this dick and tried as desperately as he could to lick it off himself however, he fell short of reaching it. “We got us a live one here boys!” Joe shouted.

Will bent down and looked Rigel directly in the eyes and asked, “Do you want to be like me and the others Mr. Sizemore? Do you want to be a real man?” Rigel looked back at Will, a look of reservation in his eyes told the tale. He wanted it; he wanted it more than he ever wanted anything. He reached up and touched the newly grown beard on Will’s face. He reached up and touched the smooth surface of his own face. “Yes Will, please…please….” he paused “fuck me!” “Well, that’s all I needed to know.” Jace said and with that, he started masturbating. As the precum started leaking out of this dick head, he caught it in the palm of his hand and leaned in close to Rigel. “Here Rigel, something to satisfy you” Jace commented. Rigel licked and drank down the precious juices like a man who had not eaten in days. Will and Joe followed suite. Before they knew it, Rigel really began to show signs of change. The muscles on Rigel’s face had grown larger giving him a more demanding appearance. Joe noticed how rough Rigel’s face was becoming as he was licking his palms. A covering of coarse white hair was beginning to cover Rigel’s face, jaws and neck. With one hand Joe lifted Rigel’s head and planted a deep kiss on Rigel’s ever hairier mouth.

Rigel was still wearing his business suit and it was beginning to become painful. The fabric was stretching out in all directions. It was obvious that the precum feeding was having the desired effect. Through the white dress shirt, his nipples were clearly visible and they were getting larger and larger. That’s when Rigel gained more mobility and pushed Joe off of him. “Fuck this!” he said in his deeper voice. With that, Rigel ripped his shirt and dress tie completely off. His pecks were quite a site, over the years, Rigel had stopped exercising and his body told the story of a middle aged man who ignored the gym. His flabby pecks and pot belly were thickly covered in white hair; apparently Rigel had always been a hairy man to begin with. Before their eyes, Rigel’s pecks were bunching, and firming. His pot belly was melting away and he found his sexual desire increased a hundred fold due to his large leaking cock. He threw himself onto Joe and crammed Joe’s dick down his throat and beginning sucking without abandon. Up and down, up and down, Rigel was deep throating Joe completely down to the root of his dick. Will and Jace could not believe what they were witnessing. But they didn’t mind, in fact they found themselves so engrossed in the situation that they began feeling left out. Jace moved behind Rigel and pressed his cock deep into Rigel’s ass. Will climbed up underneath Rigel and stuck as much of Rigel’s huge cock into his own mouth and began sucking on the largest cock he ever saw.

Rigel’s back was growing wider. Muscle on top of muscle formed a gigantic muscular back that narrowed at his hips and widened at his shoulders. This gave Rigel that cobra shape that so many people spent hours working out to achieve. His traps and become larger along with his shoulders. By the time they finished growing his neck was almost completely obstructed from behind by the massive mounds of muscle. By this time Rigel had drank down all of the cum which Joe had flooded into his stomach, taken the gallons of cum up his ass from Jace and was feeling the moment approaching when he would empty his load into the eager maul of Will’s. Rigel lifted his arms and felt the power. His biceps bunched so high that he almost couldn’t believe he didn’t want this to begin with. His triceps were growing larger as well, causing the overall look of his arms to look extremely impressive. His body hair and continued to grow out. He now matched the others, including the thick, heavy beard which now hung several inches off of his face and the hair on his head and grown out to reach just below his shoulders. His pecks had widened and mounded into to powerful slabs of muscle. His nipples were so large, they looked like the tops of plastic bottle caps and were so sensitive the hair on his chest tickled them. Rigel now had a six pack where before he had a fat pot belly. The hair on the bricks that were his abs gathered and formed a solid line of hair which plunged in sexy swirls toward his massive cock. A cock that Will could hardly contain. It had continued to grown and lengthen to at least two feet in length, but Rigel was beyond caring. “Off!” Rigel commanded, throwing Will across the lab. Rigel positioned himself and stuffed his own cock into his mouth and came, releasing gallons of cum down his throat.

Jace, Joe and Will, who thought they were going to get even with their domineering boss, now watched as Rigel became monstrous. However, they could not bring themselves to care. The sight before them was so erotic, all they wanted to do was please him and get a taste of his cum. The cum which containing the concentrated steroid mixture.

Rigel looked over to the security monitors and noticed two confused young security guards trying to reach the lab. He smiled and tried to rest comfortably, his thighs now so massive they would forever have to rub together as he walked. “Will” Rigel said between heavy breaths, “open….that….damn….door!” •

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