Lab 4

By Greg

Gregory checked his watch. 5:05. That’s AM. No human being should be awake at this time. Certainly, not to work. But here he was, crouching behind a tall medical cart with his buddies Brent and Robert, along with Eugene, a regular four eyed, prissy Einstein with a voice to match. Gregory moved back against the wall, positioning himself behind Brent and Robert. At least while we they were waiting, he could give them a good look over without anyone noticing. Both of them were hot. Even at this hour, his cock tingled at the thought of mounting Brent's firm buttocks using his cock and Brent's

asshole to lock them in place for a little Śride-em-cowboy'.

Brent, half American Indian, half Anglo, had a solid 5 foot 6 build with smooth golden brown skin. The guy looked like a walking tanning lotion advertisement. Dark Hair. Deep, dark brown eyes. His visage was very masculine but with an effeminate shell surrounding it, giving him an extremely friendly look. People liked Brent just because he was handsome yet approachable. Better yet, he had personality to match. A sure fire super model if he had more height. Unfortunately, with Brent, it would always be fantasy. The engagement ring on his finger, flashed in the light, an unwelcome reminder. Robert, sporting a military-marine look that also fired Gregory's fantasies, was different. He never dated. At least, he never spoke of it. Instead, he worked his body hard at the gym almost every day turning an otherwise slim 5 foot 10 frame into sleek long muscle. He didn't have huge size but his body fat could not have been more than 2 or 3%. Robert wanted it that way. His idea of fun was a martial arts session or a run up hills north of town. Gregory had seen him kick his leg over the head of a man standing right in front him. Perdincular splits were nothing to him. And with a tiny, 28 inch waist, his sexy legs and chest looked bigger than they really were. Gregory bet he could give himself a blowjob with that kind of flexibility even with a small erection. Maybe that's why he never dated. He didn't have to.

Gregory let his hand drift over his cock. He imagined his tongue running down Robert's muscular chest, down to his engorged cock. He wanted to rip off Robert's shirt right then there. Gregory's dick responded with a show of support. He wanted to wrestle him to the ground. He wanted us to have sex and he wanted Robert to be desperate for it. But no. He looked too aggressive, like a tiger ready to attack, with intense green eyes that could kill if a mere gaze were capable of such a thing. The building fantasy crumbled. Gregory might have approached him for a private session but the aggressiveness kept spooking him off. Instead, Gregory got nothing more than a cold fantasy.

"Alright Einstein"I mean Eugene," Gregory whispered irritably. "What next? You said this would be a piece of cake"that you had all the necessary security clearances." Eugene looked back with his typical superior, nose in the air intellectual arrogance. "All but one code." Murder crept into Gregory's eyes. Fuck, I just wanted to give this nerd a right hook that would wipe that little ŚI am so much smarter that everyone else' expression right off his gooky face. "Do as I say and everything should work out just fine", added Eugene a bit hastily. "We are almost there. The codes for this Black Project section changes every day. I have determined the precise moment it changes. This scanner I'm holding is keyed to the entrance for exactly that instant. Thirty more seconds. Now get ready to do your part. There are 3 guards behind the door. When they see me they should hesitate a few seconds. "This magic formula of yours better be worth it," said Robert. "Or I will be a very unhappy camper" Eugene didn't bother to respond. Behind that door was ultimate power. He would be the first to use it. The others would watch him be transformed. Then they would die. He would not share the power with anyone. "Got it!" Eugene keyed in the code. The door opened. Eugene walked in, confidant. The guards hesitated. Eugene's security clearance was only one level below Black Section. Perhaps he had been given additional access. Before the guards could think further, Robert, Brent, and I wrestled them to the ground. Gregory enjoyed the display of strength. He might not be big but these suckers didn't stand a chance. Eugene injected them with a drug that quickly put them to sleep. "What next." "We go to lab 4" said Eugene.

Gregory like the looked of Lab4. It looked like some mad scientist's dream; the sort of place that might just hold a magic formula.

Vertical tanks lined the walls, stacked 3 levels high. On the right were three lines of 20 tanks filled with a clear fluid in a greenish tint. On the left, the first two rows were the same except the liquid held a bluish tint. The liquid on the top tier had forbidding dark red glow. In front, a row of 10 tanks glowed white with such intensity that the overhead lighting seemed redundant. The second row was much the same with a golden glow like liquid sunshine captured in a bottle. The top row"the top row was something else altogether. There were 3 tanks. Each pulsed with a hypnotic black light. It seemed as if the liquid churned with life. Gregory felt his six inch cock harden, almost to a complete erection, and his pulse pounded. The black glow called to him. Gregory was sure of it. Whatever force was up there knew his name and it wanted him.

"What now?" whispered Gregory. "We work fast", said Eugene. "The next shift starts at 5:30." Eugene moved to a computer terminal. A few keystrokes later and all of the tanks were activated. A power strip on each tank showed them to be fully charged. "The liquid has been nicknamed ambrosia-wine. The green is weakest, then blue, red, white, yellow, and black. From what I've learned slicing into the files, the transformation has failed every time beyond blue. Blue gets you an Arnold Schwarzenegger physique. Not bad. But I'm going for white. You three can make your choice once I am done" "What makes you so special that you can handle white" said Gregory. Eugene turned around, his usually pristine expression almost savage. "I want it that much. Desire plays a part. That much has been made clear from previous tests. " Eugene started to walk up to a white tank. He undressed and started to stroke his poor excused for a penis with the; feeding his desire. Robert and Brent looked away but not Gregory. In a rush, he bounded towards Eugene and knocked the pasty white, bony frame to the ground; Gregory sneered; not even a nedophile could bet excited over that kind of body. "What the hell's going on?" demanded Robert. "Get me some of that knock out juice. Just enough to put him out a few minutes. I don't trust this weasel. We're going at the same time. "

"I'm going for the green", said Brent, stripping off his clothes. "My soon-to-be-wife would not want me ti be too freakish." Gregory nearly cock exploded. He gazed with such intensity at Brent's smooth naked body that Brent turned away in embarrassment and headed to a tank. "I'm going for white", said Robert. "If that little cum-sucker thinks he can handle it, I know I can." "I'm going for black," said Gregory, his eyes glinting with heat. "You'll be fried like a stupid mother-fucker," said Robert. Gregory didn't respond. He headed up the stairs to the black tanks.

Brent slipped in the green tank. Immediately, his skin erupted with a tingling sensation. He felt power flowing into him. He flexed his arms, which rapidly grew to 20 inches. His chest muscle thickened, broadening to 48 inches. His height increased to 6 feet. His love handles disappeared as his waist tightened to 30 inches. He looked down and saw his quad muscles rapidly bulge and split into 3 sections. His dick lengthened 9 inches and thickened to a solid 21/2 inches. He grabbed his bulging member. He wanted to try to pull it to his mouth. He wanted to suck right there in the tank. He wanted to taste his muscle juice and roll it around his mouth and throat. He wanted to take it up his noise and smell its bouquet. What was wrong with him? Cock sucking was for freaks. He would not be a freak. In a panic, he lifted himself out of the tank. It was already clear. Brent looked he would be at home in a California muscle gym. He tried filling his mind images of his girl friend. It was enough to deflate his hard erection.

Gregory ripped off his clothes even as Robert plunged into the White tank. Gregory's fully erect cock throbbed painfully from the pressure of pushing against tight jeans. He stroked his shaft up and down. He felt the coming of explosive release. A squirt of clear, hit jism dotted the top of the tank. At that perfect moment of maximum desire, he dived in, and his mind and body exploded. Every one of the 100,000,000 billion muscle fibers in his body seared with fire. Muscle fibers exploded into existence, then lengthened as if millions of heated nails grew within him. Every one of the 600 muscles burned as if they had been transformed into hot, white coals. His mind raged like a wild beast. His body jerked spasmodically with titanic muscle contractions. He screamed like a deranged animal but deep inside he wanted the pain. He loved the pain. In the pain, he could feel his body explode in all directions.

Pure, unalderated power. He grew rapidly. He reached 6'5", then 7', and then 8 feet in a matter of seconds. The tank boiled unrestrained, with undirected energy discharges. Gregory's chest swelled to 95 inches even as he reached a height of 9 then 91/2 fucking feet. In painful estacy, Gregory looked at his chest and was pleased to see large, expanding nipples the size of a beer bottle's bottom with tits that jutted out like gun turrets on a tank. The separation in his chest became so deep that it could just about swallow a 12-inch dick. Gregory smiled lustily at the thought; he would let his favorites ring his huge neck with many, many purl necklaces if they were man enough to risk their cocks to his deep, manly chest cleavage.

He flexed his chest and they seemed to move like continental plates.

As his chest jutted out, his stomach flattened into hard, amour like muscle with 5 striated levels. Layers of cord-like muscle flowed down at an angle into the ten pack adominals; his waist tightened to only 32 inches but it seemed tiny on his now massive frame. Gregory was astonished. He never realized how thick and defined oblique and intercostal muscle could become. He opened his mouth to shout in furious pleasure, taking in a gulp of the fading black liquid. The arms, lagging behind, exploded in size. Biceps bulged like a round mountain. His triceps burst out like Cerberus beast,

the rear, outer , and inner heads growling with

barely contained fury. His arms grew to 25 inches, then 30, then a fucking 36 inches.

His arms outclassed even bodybuilder's legs. Forearms hung like clusters of fat, juicy grapes from the elbows and seemed to be made from bundles of steel cable. Fucking huge. Gregory gurgled with unrestrained joy. Rippling quad muscle turned into 70-inch tree trunks. The legs not only had mass but were vascular and cut to long muscular ribbons. His calves hardened into 40 inches of quartz like muscle. Gregory felt like the strength of 2 might oaks coursed up his legs to his engorged, growing cock.

His mighty shaft grew out perpendicular to his body, almost touching the tanks front. Gregory guessed it had to be 25 inches with an apple-sized head. Shit, it was as big as his arm had been a few minutes earlier. The tank had cleared. Gregory listed himself out. He felt alive, more than ever before, as if a hundred life forces had been added to his own. He yelled in triumph, his voice booming with deep power. He looked down at Robert and Brent. He leaped down like a leopard pouncing on defenseless prey, easily absorbing the shock of impact. "Get down, little man", said Gregory to Robert. "You look just big enough to fit my needs." Robert's heart beat fiercely. The white liquid had made him huge, bigger than any body builder had realistically dreamed of being, but Gregory looked like a Greek god pumped up with Śroids. He idly wondered howGregory would fit through a door with his massive shoulders and a v-shaped back that spread out like a giant manta ray. Those lats actually looked like they exceeded the width of his mammoth shoulders. Then again, he could probably make his own door. Robert

felt his body quiver as the sinuous hunk of beef stared him down. Of course he would get down. He would to anything for a man like Gregory. Anything at all. Robert spread his thighs apart. Gregory mounted him on top and plunged his throbbing cock into his ass hole. For a moment, Gregory wasn't sure if his head could penetrate Robert's muscle hole. With a savage thrust, he forced it in. His mightily gluttes worked like mightily pumping stations as they forced the huge cock deeper and deeper into the hole. He kept the pelvic muscles locked to prevent coming before he was ready. Robert felt the cock slide up his body. It seemed to completely fill his mid section. He screamed with pleasure though at times he seemed as if his body might split apart from the force of such a potent man. Once Gregory worked most of his cock into Robert, he leaned over and ran his tongue over Robert's 15-inch super-heated shaft. Without warning, Gregory engulfed the entire cock, as it was an Oscar Meyer weenie. He pushed forward and took Roberts nuts as well despite their studly size. Gregory sucked hard. He loved cock and he had wanted Robert's for a long time. Robert exploded in Gregory's throat. Streams of hot muscle juice shot into Gregory, enough to make most men choke or gag. Gregory took in every last tasty drop. At almost the same time, his unloaded in Robert's muscle hole with such force that he had to lock Robert down hard to keep him from pulling away. Gregory continued to pump. He came three more times. The hot muscle juice gushed out of Robert's hole like the Spindletop oil well. Gregory got up; his enormous cock stood out as hard and big as ever. Robert lay on the floor, quivering with pleasure.

Gregory eyed Brent. A tasty morsel if there ever was one. "Your nextpretty boy."

"Don't need any", said Brent, unsure if he meant it. He was getting married for Peat's sake.

Gregory grinned. He would not except Śno' from anyone. Not now. He lifted Brent over his head like a rag doll. His tongue caressed Brent's hardening dick. Brent fought his rising tide of excitement. He could not believe how excited he was becoming. Something must have been in the liquid. Suddenly, Gregory practically swallowed Brent's 9-inch dick, balls and all. Almost immediately, Brent squirted his manly juices down Gregory's throat. Gregory kept sucking, and Brent came again and again until there was nothing left. Gregory roared with escastic power.

Robert had seen enough. He was getting to one of the other black tanks. "Where do you think you're going?" asked Gregory.

"The Black Tank"so I can be a real man like you."

"No"I'm taking all 3 for myself."

Robert's face contorted between fear and anger.

"Don't worry. You and Brent are my bros'. You will become musclegods like me. I will become the black liquid if I take all 3. A walking temple of muscle. My muscle juice will make you and anyone else I choose grow"as

much as if you took the black liquid yourself."

Robert wasn't sure he if believed him. But since Gregory could swat him down with little effort, he backed down.

Gregory climbed into the second black tank. The burning power was even worse than before. Muscle grew with tortuous pain. He reached 10 feet; his chest expanded to 105 inches. He cock grew to 36 inches, then 40 inches with a graipfuit sized head. His adonimals developed another layer, becoming a 12 pack. His legs bulged and hardened further becoming like the muscular version of Greek marble columns. This time, other changes came as well. He felt his muscle-hole expand. He stuck his arm up his hole and felt orgasmic pleasure that increased the further he penetrated. He knew innately that from now on his body's waste products would be converted to a rich, tasty golden muscle orgasmic juice. He stroked his huge cock. Like his muscle-hole, the pleasure increased the further up the cock he went. Complete, fucking, estacy. His pleasure threshold had been increased by many times. Idly, he wondered if he still had a threshold. He fingered his huge nipples. They too had become more sensitive. His nipples produced five-inch erections. A milky white liquid squirted out. Gregory grinned. This was going to be fun.

The tank cleared. Immediately, he jumped in the last tank. Energy surged again, trying to overwhelm his mind, break his focus. Gregory wanted the power too much. It took it all in and directed the remaining changes. His eyes burned with power. All of his body hair fell away except for the hair on his head and a thin line above his mighty cock. His body turned to a golden-bronze metallic color while nipples changed to a deep, rich maroon color. His tongue grew in length and became a powerful, controllable muscle in it's own right. Muscle juice changed to metallic silver and carried the power of the black tanks. But still, the tank held more power. Gregory focused. All remaining energy he infused into his aura. No one would be able to resist him.

The tank cleared. Gregory raised himself out. Robert and Brent dropped to their knees. Gregory could do anything he wanted with him. They only hoped they were worthy enough to be used in some way by the giant, golden behemoth with the dense, lush muscle. Drool ran down their chins as they watched the shimmering muscle move hypnotically. Gregory jumped down, landing in front of Robert. Robert trembled with fear and awe. "Do not fear", said Gregory, his voice booming like a gods.

I want muscle-gods companions to share in my strength and power."

Gregory ordered Robert to place a cleared office trashcan in front of him. He told Brent to take point on his muslce-hole. "The ass juice is not as much but more potent than the muscle juice. Direct my fire at the trash can. Don't pull it away until it's completely filled. Then take your power little man and become a muscle-god with me."

Robert stroked Gregory's massive cock. Boiling jism shot out, burning his body. Robert pointed the huge cock to the trashcan. It seemed like a rushing river erupted from Gregory's head. Robert kept stroking. Gregory shook

with pleasure, and a golden glow intensified around him. Muscle juice poured out like an erupting volcano that would not stop. In a couple of minutes, the trash can overflowed. "Drink as fast as you can", said Gregory. "The power fades fast out of the body." He then took his own cock and gulped the hot juice down that still came as if a damn had burst.

Robert put his face to the pool of muscle juice. It had a pleasant bonquite. He took a tentative swallow. The juice tasted like the perfect wine. That was all he needed. He lifted the trashcan up and drank as fast as he could. The juice burned like pepper juice but Robert kept his eyes on Gregory, what he wanted to become, and not the pain. His body exploded in size. He drank faster and faster. When the liquid did not flow, he stuck his head in the can and licked every last drop. Muscle juice dripped down his jaw. Gregory smiled approvingly. Robert was nearly has big as he was. Definitely sexier.

Brent was having trouble. He tongue could not get much penetration down Gregory's long muscle hole. "Use your arms," said Gregory. Brent forced one arm in and found he had room for the other. He pushed himself hard against Gregory's melon-sized buttocks, using his legs and back to drive in and out of the muscle hole like a minor shoveling coal. Gregory's ass seemed to stretch without limits. Pleasure move through Gregory like titanic shock waves each time Brent drove his arms deep into his muscle hole. His body shuddered violently and golden-amber cum spewed out, a real gusher. Without thinking, Brent caught some of the flying juice in his mouth. The taste was perfect, the perfect food. Brent dived in, frantically devouring all the cum in sight. He felt his muscles erupt with heat and size. Fuck it felt good. He knew he should hate the idea of sucking male ass and cock but Gregory had to be the most edible creature on earth. He pulled out his arms and licked them clean before falling back in agony; the muscle grew faster than it did for the others. The fires faded. He raised himself. He was overall smaller than Robert and Gregory but not by much. He looked at Gregory eye to eye. Brent looked him up and down. His flaccid cock aching for release. Brent lowered himself forward, the lower leg supporting his weight against the floor. He cock stuck out like a fat rocked. "Get down on my cock", he said, but Gregory was already moving forward. He slid down the shaft, his already lubricated muscle hole eagerly taking in the giant meat package. Brent lifted Gregory up and down while he rapidly alternated between sucking his engorged nipples and cock.

Hot, steamy cum explosions came again and again. Robert watched, stroking his own stick, spraying his buddies with superheated muscle juice.

A moan from Eugene stopped the fun. "Our fucking guide comes to join to us." Gregory moved in front on Eugene. The pasty face nerd quacked with fear. "You did the black liquid." "All of them", replied Gregory. "That's impossible?" Gregory put his hand on Eugene and bent him to his will . "You were going to kill us. Tell the truth slave." "Yes." Gregory leered at Robert and Brent. "Then I think we should return the favor." Gregory took a drop of spit and forced it down Eugene throat. "He will not gain in power from us since he took the spit before being initiated", explained Gregory. "Lift him up. And drive this scum ball up my fucking ass." Robert and Brent bellowed with lustful laughter. Brent did the honors. He drove Eugene headfirst up Gregory's twitching ass hole. He pushed as far as he could go, actually getting Eugene's puny penis and balls in the muscle hole the hard way. He pulled him and out then pushed him in again and again. Gregory fought release. He wanted it to be as if Hoover dam had suddenly given way. The shock waves of pleasure broke his resistance. With shuddering force, golden-amber cum shot from the hold. His mighty buttocks constricted hard, crushing Eugene's ribs and lucks and snapping his neck. Brent pulled the body out and threw it to a corner. "He got what was coming him", said Robert approvingly. "And you were much more creative than he would have been." "Let's go", said Gregory. "We have many eager disciples out there waiting to share our power." "Do you know where to find them?" asked Brent. •

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