True Muscle God


By mf81

As the last drops of cum flowed into them both Mike and Josh began to glow beneath their skin. The godly essence seemed to have reenergized them as they woke up from their unconscious state and were now standing yet still planted in place while their breathing and heart rate increased. I could feel their excitement grow as my god cum permeated every last part of them inside and out. That’s when the change began.

Josh started first with his ripped muscles beginning to absorb any fat he had left and bringing every ripple and bulge into relief. He moaned in ecstasy as his formerly lean and lithe muscle began to grow into the massive hard rocks he always wanted. He slowly and seductively flexed his arms as they transformed from small but sharp golf ball sized peaks into baseballs, then softballs, then into large grapefruits with each flex and each time accompanied with a sound pleasure from Josh. His pecs, previously firm, tight, but fairly small (well my perspective on size was off at this point anyway), now they looked like they were being inflated like circus balloons into thick meaty twins of power. His already sharply defined abs now became bricks on a cobble stone street which rippled with power and strength. His already tight glutes grew and expanded with striations eventually poking out so far you could have set a drink on it. His thighs grew that familiar teardrop shape began to grow larger some of the tree trunks surrounding him. The calves followed suit soon after becoming not only diamonds in shape but in hardness as well.

Soon after Josh started his transformation Mike’s began. His growth was not as dramatic as Josh’s was as he already had a large amount of mass on him the beer gut quickly disappeared as it deflated to reveal the tight abs I knew he so desperately wanted. It’s sharply defined lines and bumps soon became the equal of, if not greater than Josh’s. His skin tightened and began to show every muscle fiber in the greatest relief. As he flexed his arms they changed from the big rounded balls into sharp craggy peaks that would have put Mt. Everest to shame. All across his body veins began to form road map across his legs, arms, chest and just about every other place on his body. The only thing that didn’t change was his still generous coat of hair, which despite its thickness was still not enough to hide the sheer beauty of his definition.

After both of their body’s had finished the transformation the change spread to their cocks which began to lengthen and thicken until their rose to full mast, topping a foot when they reached full hardness and both as thick as a beer can. As they came out of their euphoria they looked in each others eyes and themselves for the first time. As they looked at each other I could feel their lust for each other reach new heights and even more potently, I could feel their love which was now flowing forth, the denial they had keep about now swept away.

For the most part if felt exhilarating but there was a part of me, or rather, a part of Magnus which longed to feel that kind of love again. The merging of our minds was still only in the beginning stages so I could only catch glimpses of the memories it brought up. The day Zeus presented Apollo on Mt. Olympus and how Magnus became enthralled by him. The first time they made love and how its sheer power had leveled a mountain into a valley. Despite his betrayal Magnus still was desperately in love with him. Even though our connection was still small the feelings still overwhelmed me. I never knew I could feel longing and heartache so acutely. Sensing I was inundated with his emotions Magnus said “I am sorry if my emotions tax you. As merge further you will also be able to cope better with the feelings of a god. For now let us enjoy your new disciples.”

It looked like they stared without us however, for they had already begun to explore each others bodies and were locked in a deep kiss, their tongues darting in and out of each others mouths. I decided I should let them become acquainted with their new bodies before joining in.

Before the transformation Mike was the dominate one, but now Josh seemed to be the more aggressive one as he picked up Mike from underneath the arms and slammed him into a nearby tree just as Mike had done to him before, except this time the tree made a loud crack leaving a small fissure where he had slammed him. The augmentations must have increased their strength as well as their size. He continued to hold him up against the tree lowering him till his now throbbing cock was pointing straight at his mouth. I could feel Mike’s exhilaration at his friend’s newfound aggression. From Josh I could feel his uncontrollable urge to use his new mass, to feel its power, and wanting to explore this power by giving Mike the rough ride he had given him before. Josh placed his tongue at the base of Mike’s cock and slowly lowered him causing his tongue to slide up his big, new, and if the waves of pleasure coming from Mike were any indication, highly sensitive pole. It stead of swallowing Mike’s tool when he reached the head, Josh kept on going past his cock and moved on to his furry abs. As he was lowered, Mike’s steel hard back was stripping the bark off the tree, the rough splinters having no hope of doing any damage to the tough, rippling muscles of his back. Josh’s tongue continued its journey through the bumpy valley of Mike’s abs. When he reached his chest Josh drifted over to his nipples biting and sucking on the sensitive flesh causing them to become erect and plump. He continued up the hairy valley of his pecs, up his thick, veiny neck, and when Mike’s feet touched the ground again Josh’s tongue parted his lips and messaged the inside of his mouth for a full minute.

When he finally released the kiss he slowly leaned in whispered something only Mike could hear, that is if I didn’t have divine super hearing. “I always envied you Mike, the size and power of your muscles. You don’t know how long I waited to have you plow me up the ass, to feel the power of those muscles at work. Now I have big and powerful muscle too. Do you want to feel what you made me feel just before?”

Mike was so overwhelmed he barely managed a slight nod and a small, breath filled “Yes.”

With that Josh lifted him in the air again except this time he positing Mike’s puckering hole over his throbbing member. In one swift motion he lowered him and buried his tool to the hilt causing Mike to let out yell mixed with pain and pleasure. Josh rammed him mercilessly as the waves of pleasure radiated from his cock to the rest of his body. If it wasn’t for the transformation Josh might have broken every bone in body. But their new found strength allowed them to go at each other with out worrying about hurting one another. The tree, however, was a different matter. With each trust he rammed Mike’s body into the trunk, every one accompanied by loud “Craaack!” of the wood. When I felt Josh about ready to deliver his load he gave last powerful plunge into Mike’s ass causing the tree to begin to keel over and with a few last snaps of wood it fell down behind them. As Josh began to spew his load inside of him Mike began to cum as well unable to contain himself after the awesome display of power. Josh lifted Mike off his cock and back onto the ground. The two embraced and then locked lips and lost themselves in each others embrace.

I said to Magnus in my head “Now I know what you mean by ‘worthy’.” •

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