Truth of Myth, The


By Muscl4life

Okay okay - as millions of human beings I also read "The DaVinci Code" and i confess i loved it, polemical issues apart, it is really a well written and fast reading book.

And since I use every possible reason to fantasize about muscle growth, i just came up with that story - don't worry before you start wondering what will i do to the "last Supper" picture i will base my story on a totally different way - You'll see I created my own conspiracy theory.

I dedicate this story to a great friend and author "Bobaroo2 original" and he'll recognize right away my intention to celebrate his wonderful stories.

I changed the names, and everything so although i say it had inspiration on hte novel above mentioned, it is nothing but a muscle growth fantasy story, if you are by any chance offended- well go read the book itself, which is much more teasing

One by one, the strange figures dressed in dark cloaks entered the enormous room. Their bulks were definitely impressive even covered by those baggy clothing. Their rhythmic chanting filled the space and brought every member into a trance state, the symbols were all over the walls � telling their proud story, marking the marble stone with their precious memories passed forth from generation to generation � and so it has been made for centuries. Suddenly, they stop and go silent, assuming a respectful position in perfect synchrony � a huge man, bigger than anyone in that room enters through a huge arcade door � since he couldn�t enter through the same door the other members did given his enormous size. With one simply move of his hand, all the members relax, and reveal their heads and faces.

They come in all kinds of colors, cultures and countries, some were young, and some were older � all kinds of men, with one thing in common, their massive muscular bodies, a true display of male power in every possible way. Soon the baggy cloaks were taken off, revealing that the cult members were all dressed in just brown leather thongs, some had distinguishable signs such as tattoos or rings pierced in special parts of their powerful physiques � which indicated they must have a special hierarchical organization. The younger individuals had no ornament at all, but as they grew older you could notice that not only they had those but, especially, their bodies augmented in mass, muscle size and even height � indicating that the biggest man among those already colossal specimen should be their elder and unquestionable leader.

The biggest among the big revealed his face � he was a really old man, but just in his face we could notice any mark left by the passage of time � his wrinkled eyes and grey shoulder length hair balding at the top, his mouth also showed that he had experienced many things during his long life � but those obvious signs simply disappeared once you looked to his body � he was incredibly colossal � 9�tall and he had to weigh over 2000 pounds � his shoulders were almost 6� across, his chest was titanic, with humongous muscle pecs and he had 12 enormous boulders for ab-packs, with absolutely no fat on his entire body. His arms were just unreal, much longer than the should be to accommodate the size on his powerful biceps, so thick, ripped and veined that even the biggest members were nothing compared to this colossal leader. The body on that old muscle man was just the epitome of definition, hardness and vascularity, and crowning his gargantuan figure there stood a humongous endowment � well over one foot long and completely soft. The leader of that strange cult was the only one who stood completely naked now � his body had certain symbols tattooed in a special manner which made his muscles look even bigger. Also, some metal objects were pierced on his nipples, ears and even on his impressive member which suddenly started growing bigger and harder. The look on this powerful elder passed the feeling of calm and confidence, but also he inspired fear and apprehension � he was their leader and protector not to mention their prosecutor, judge and jury.

�My dear children� � his voice was deep, profound echoing around the room with absolute all respect possible � �Tonight we shall celebrate! After thousands of years of searching, it came to me today a very possible location!� His voice was carried in emotion, he stopped to recover his pace � �Our moment of glory is near my children!� he rises his huge arms and flexed the enormous guns throwing his head back and laughing out loud. At this moment his own massive cock was at his full size �30 inches of veined, ripped throbbing mammoth cock. Volleys, and volleys of thick cum flew all over the room, reaching the members which were already engaging into a sexual frantic orgy, flexing and jerking, fucking and sucking like one single person, they rejoiced in pure ecstasy, as their impressive elder calmly sat on his throne, a massive marble piece with the same symbols carved on the rugged stone. Soon, a big young man with blond long hair came along him carrying a golden tray with a big crystal jar. The huge leader said or did nothing but keeping focused as the man approached and gently placed the jar, waiting respectfully for his master. The elder looked at him, and stood up, walking towards his pupil � then he brushed his hair and placed his huge veined hands on the shoulders of the blond muscle guy � the difference between their bodies was just at the edge of hilarious � the young man was nothing less than 6�6� over 400 pounds but the master just eclipsed any size on the powerful pupil, the look on the young man was of pure dedication and happiness � he just said � �Grand Master, are you sure that this time we may finally recover what was stolen so many time ago?�

The elder nods and grins, holding the chin of his muscular subject � �Have faith, my dear boy, our society had survived so many years without it, that we learned the hard way how to conquer and maintain our influence over the societies, it was a slow but steady process, once we recover what belongs to us � we will finally have all the power we deserve� The man kneeled and looked at the blond muscle guy in eye level � �And you, my dear boy, will lead our brothers in this new era of absolute bliss, this is my gift to you and the future generations�� the elder just opens his arms and embraces him, causing the blond muscle freak to immediately scream in pleasure spewing his thick load all over those hard powerful muscles. The muscle guy suddenly realizes he had broken the protocol and feels afraid of the consequences � �that�s alright, my child, in such a joyful moment like this; your essences are more than welcome!� He grins and stands up again, looking to the other men.

�Know all of you, my dear children, that I am your Grand Master and Protector! If necessary, I will give my life to recover what was stolen!� His voice now sounded like thunder, his look now was serious and intense � �Once more I swore my loyalty to the Holders and to you!� everybody goes silent again, they form a line of huge muscular men drenched in sweat and cum. Meanwhile, the blond guy is already performing his duty in this ritual, whit his big muscles he is jerking the enormous cock of the Elder, who stands there with his hands on his hips, feeling the verge of his new orgasm building again�

The thick volleys flew in perfect trajectory to hit the jar which has been placed precisely to accommodate the Grand Master�s precious emissions, while the blond guy watched in awe as the thick cum went perfectly into the angle to reach the exact center of the jar, not one single drop could be missed, which showed how experienced the elder was to control the outcome of his own orgasm in order to perform such astonishing accomplishment � �Fear not my child, when the due time comes, you�ll be able to do same as I do now, and much more�� he says looking down at his dedicated apprentice.

Soon, the jar was completely filled with hot creamy spunk. The elder looked at the blond pupil and he carefully brought the jar to the center of the altar where they stood, and divided its content in several smaller jars, while other members grabbed them and distributed among the line. The Elder assumed his position at the throne where three huge muscle members including the blond guy waited � As the Grand Master approved, the smaller jars were passed to the other members, each one scooping a handful of the thick cum and spreading all over their bodies. The Protector had three of the biggest members to perform the ritual on him; they spread enormous amounts of spunk over his glorious form. Then, all of the muscle followers of the cult started enchanting again, louder and louder, and their bodies, all glistening from sweat and cum, started to grow more and more muscular, each biceps, leg, chest, abs growing thicker, bigger rounder, more veined, cutter, harder, and smoother. The bodies growing more and more muscular, in a freak display of communitarian muscle growth.

But no growth was compared to the blond guy and the Elder himself. They stood at the center of the altar feeling each other�s muscles growing bigger and more powerful. The grandmaster stood proudly at the center and smiled as his pupil grew bigger and bigger, gaining dozens of pounds as those moments passed � even so, the Elder�s muscles grew much bigger and freakier, his whole anatomy changing to accommodate more and more muscles and it caused the blond pupil to open his eyes and hug his mentor in a clear display of admiration. They hugged each other, the blond guy now tenderly looked up and as a little boy he asks to be carried by his giant muscle mentor, who happily accepts the request. He grabs the now over 6�9�, 500 pounds of pure muscle and nurses him on his ever growing arms, returning to his throne, where he sits and continues to enjoy their growth. The elder is so much more muscular now, his weigh causes the floor to crack loud as he walked to the throne, but he didn�t care, his muscles grew bigger and brighter, glowing with intense power.

Feeling their mutual growth ceases, the members reached for their baggy cloaks, which now felt so much tighter around their even bigger muscle bodies. The last ones to stop were the apprentice and the Leader who exchanged tender looks and kissed each other�s foreheads � �I promise you my beloved boy, one day you�ll have the growth you deserve! Once we recover what-had-been-taken we can perform the complete ritual!� he caresses the big blond muscle freak that lean his head on the impossibly thick and hard pecs of the Grand Master � �I trust you, master, more than I trust in myself!�

(A few hours earlier at the Smithsonian Institute)

The secretary answered the phone � �Yes, Professor, I will let him enter�� She hang up looking to the man sat in front of her, who was already standing up � �The Professor will see you now Mr. Worthington� � she presses the button and the door to the office opens. The man takes a deep breath � he had waited so long for that meeting with Professor Kotsiopoulos, the most important Ancient Greek Mythology authority in the last 40 years, who finally agreed to schedule an appointment.

�Professor Kotsiopoulos, it�s an honor to meet you!� Darren said in anticipation and reached for the host�s hand in such an enthusiastic movement he dropped a delicate statue over the table. In the urge to grab, he just dropped most of his books and documents, causing a terrible mess at the impeccable office decorated with rich taste and expensive furniture.

�Mister Worthington, please take your seat, I�ll put everything back.� The man said in absolute calm and stood up with graceful movements and quickly he re-arranged the desk.

�I�m so sorry, I guess I�m a little emotional to finally meeting you�� the pale skinned brunette said in discomfort, holding his suitcase at his chest, watching as the Professor grabbed the spilled things. The man was really in great shape for the age he was supposed to have � he was tall, well over 6�tall, tanned skin. His suit is very well designed to show his slim but strong figure, broad shoulders and narrow waist, his head was balding at the top, but he handled it with real class, quite different from those who insist on wearing ridiculous topes.

�So, Mister Worthington, how can I help you?� the man asked returning to his comfortable leather chair.

�Please call me Darren�� he said and opened his suitcase revealing a series of pictures � �Professor, I am a graduate in Literature with s strong interest in ancient mythological stories, recently I�ve been dedicating my efforts to compile a series of stories��

�That�s very interesting, Mister Worthington, but as far as I know there are lots of books telling the Greek Mythology, including mine � the man grinned � Why would your book be any more interesting?�

�Well, Professor, that�s the reason I�m here. I admire your work and I could never write like you, but the basis of my work is those myths that are not very known around the world, like the Titans stories�� Darren said a little nervous.

�What about the Titans? I�ve written a whole series about them�� his eyebrows frowned.

�I know that, but according to my studies, you wrote about almost everything on Greek mythology, except the Amphora Myth�� Darren concluded with a glow in his eyes but Professor Alexander Kotsiopoulos didn�t like the insinuation.

�You come to my office to talk about such imbecile stories? The Amphora Myth is not worth to figure among the stories the Greek people are famous for creating over the ages! It is nothing but a fraud!� the man said with a sudden rage in his voice � �Besides, we all know that this story was created by Edward Green, a modern day author, a truly charlatan who just wants to sell his books!�

�But Professor, you had written that some of the parts can be recognized on the classical stories� I just wanted to elaborate that, and I have done my researches��

�Oh really? And I suppose I haven�t been researching over the last 40 years?� he said in a sarcastic tone�

�Absolutely, Professor, I just came here to discuss with you about this�� Darren showed him a leather covered volume written in golden letters � �one of the former Deans of the University I attend recently passed away and his personal library was legated to the Literature�s department, I was responsible for cataloguing the material, when I found this book. It has no author I can recognize, but judging by the age of the material and the excellent content of this volume, it has to authentic, it is over 100 years old!�

�So what? Green probably found the same volume and just copycatted this!� The man said almost smiling, but Darren remained serious.

�Professor, you know more than anyone else about Greek Mythology, and this book is filled with true and already checked evidences that the Amphora Myth was indeed an ancient Grecian story, but for some unknown reason, no one seems to recognize this fact!� Darren concluded with his voice sounding a little too harsh�

�Very well, mister Worthington, you say that the Amphora is truly a legit Greek myth � why bothering on convincing me about this? Just go write your little book, using the commotion that author caused and go have your minutes of fame�� He stood up and opened the door but Darren was a little more insistent than he had anticipated. Darren just grabbed a drawing and showed him.

�Professor, do you recognize this picture?�

�Of course I do! This is the temple of Zeus, one of the �Ta hepta Thaemata� � the Seven Wonders�

�Precisely, according to the story Phydias was designed to build this enormous sculpture, and although he was acclaimed to be the best sculptor of his days, this was his last known piece of art!�

�Mister Worthington I know all of this��

�Yes, after returning from Olympia, where he had spent several years to build the colossal statue, he was charged to sculpt the statue of Athena as his image, and such blasphemy got him to spend the rest of life in jail. Isn�t it true?�

�Indeed� The Professor kept listening.

�Well, besides the fact that he was a close friend of Pericles, what could have caused the anger of such powerful enemies? I believe it has something to do with the statue of Zeus! Most of the reports say the statue seemed �bigger than it should be, considering the size of the temple�. Also, we have to consider that the most enigmatic part of this sculpture was the throne itself � according to the descriptions, it had many symbolisms��

�What is your point, Darren?� the Professor simply asked with a sudden calm.

�Phydias was punished after he left Athens to build in Olympia a bigger and more powerful masterpiece, but I don�t think it was just that. Primarily, he was accused of stealing the �gold� from the statue of Athena � but it didn�t have the effect his accusers wanted, so they came up with the blasphemy charge. Many years later, the Temple of Zeus had been closed and the statue was taken by a rich Greek politician to his personal castle in Constantinople where it had been finally destroyed by an unexplainable fire in the year 462 of our era. We only have the reports to know how the temple of Zeus in Olympia actually was, but I suspect that the true meaning of such destruction was to retrieve whatever Phydias took from Athens.

�What you mean with that young man?�

�Phydias and the King of Athens, Pericles, were very close friends, and the reason that the sculptor was persecuted like a criminal was that they couldn�t punish the king, so they decided to attack his friends. Since Phydias was sent to Olympia as an offer from Pericles, I can only believe that the artist was actually taking the �gold� from Athena�s statue, meaning that he took something really valuable from Athens to the new temple which would be built in Olympia. That is the reason the artist was quickly sentenced after his return � they want to punish Pericles for sending away their �gold�, making his close friend pay instead of the king himself.

�So, Phydias was sent to Olympia with the gold from Athens, under the orders of Pericles, you think he actually used the gold from the Athena�s statue to build the Zeus monument?�

�No, Professor � I mean that Phydias took something much more valuable than gold � and according to this volume what he took was the Amphora itself, and hid it under the statue of Zeus, it explains all the strange events that surrounded the construction of this statue � it almost couldn�t fit into the temple, and when the Roman Emperor determined the temple to be closed, they took the statue which was made of pure gold, but why wouldn�t Rome want a 40 feet tall statue filled with gold and precious stones? Maybe because what they really wanted was what laid beneath the glorious artwork?

�So in your opinion the Amphora was inside the throne of Zeus statue? It�s a very good idea for a best seller novel, my dear young man, you have all the questions but no exact answer can be given�� the Professor simply smiled in irony and pointed the door � �I have more serious business to attend now, if you excuse me��

�I never said I believed the Amphora was there� Darren smiled �If you wanted to hide something, REALLY well, what better way than creating a monumental decoy?�

The Professor closed the door � �Please explain that�

Darren smiled, he had finally got that stubborn man�s attention � �The statue of Zeus was nothing but a decoy, a massive monument full of symbolisms and too much obvious to hide anything, that is the reason that no one found the Amphora, if that was they were looking for�

�And you have an idea of where would he had hidden it?�

�Well, not actually, but in my opinion, Phydias passed it forth, to avoid being caught with that � and that�s the true reason of the Symposium he realized! As a sculpting master he gathered the other artists who were also loyal to Pericles and he trusted them the thing he had taken from Athens, many of those sculptors worked all over the ancient world, entering the cities with their rulers approval, taking their sculpting tools and materials along with them without being questioned � what better way to hide something than having free access to whatever city needed a temple?� Darren finally concluded.

�Yes, but even so, you didn�t prove it was real, it is just a theory��

�Well, yeah, but this volume is the proof that the Amphora really belonged to the Greek Mythologies!�

�Well, Darren, we can never be sure, since even Phydias and Pericles are way too modern to belong to the Ancient Greek myths, what you have developed was just another conspiracy theory��

�But, Professor, I still haven�t told you the reason I�ve looked for you, I want to know more about the symbolisms of the Zeus statue��

�Haven�t you said yourself it was nothing but a decoy?�

�Yes, but even so, I still believe there was a reason why a Greek politician took the statue away from the temple��

�Really? Besides the fact it was made of gold?�

�Yes, I have reasons to believe that this man already knew what I told you, that the statue of Zeus was nothing but a decoy, however, it still could reveal where to find whatever was taken from Athens�

�I see, well let me know your questions.�

�Thank you Professor� He grabbed many pictures of the temple, done by various artists over the years and the descriptions of the history researchers � �According to all of this, Zeus carried in one hand Nike, the Victory Goddess, and in the other a hawk, which some said had replaced the original scepter, why would that be?�

�And what would be your theory? I�m sure a clever guy like you had developed one�

�Yes I did. The reason why Nike is there is to symbolize the final victory � Zeus won the combat against the Titans and buried them under the Mount Olympus � the hawk represents that he is always watching the world from above � but in this concept what really doesn�t fit is the fact that the original scepter had no hawk.

Professor Kotsiopoulos grinned � �Well, probably because Phydias didn�t want to bring up the manhood issue, we all know Zeus was known for his sexual encounters with female mortals, in the form of animals with golden parts � the scepter is, by all means the symbol of Zeus�s promiscuity.

�I see, so if he was rendering a homage to this god, why bringing up this subject?�

�How can we know what is going on in the mind of the artist without looking at the actual piece?� I�m afraid I can�t help you anymore�

�Well, anyway, the volume just brought my attention because it was written by an anonymous author but we can recognize this content � Darren shows the cover again and suddenly the old man open his eyes widely, but managed to disguise his recent enthusiasm on that old book � �where did you say you found that volume again?�

�In the legacy of a former Dean, his name was Winston Burns, ever heard of him?�

�No not really, I�m afraid your university has not much tradition in Ancient Mythology to be regarded in the academic world, but you are certainly changing it young man��

�Thanks Professor! Well I�m very flattered by that, would you consider helping me?�

�I�m not sure of that now, I would have to research my books at home � would you be willing to meet me in a day or two?� the Professor smiled and gave him his card.

�Sure! I would be honored!� Darren said with a big smile and handled the man his own number � �Great, we�ll stay in touch; I�ll let my personal assistant schedule a proper day with you�

�You mean your secretary?�

�No, not really, my personal assistant, I don�t think it�s a professional issue, just a hobby of two great admirers of the Greek Mythology, I would prefer to handle it outside this Institute, don�t you agree?� he smiled

�Sure, but where will I find him?� Darren asked

�Don�t worry, young man, he is very efficient you�ll see by yourself, I have full confidence over him.�

Darren thanked and said goodbye to the professor � �Can I keep a copy of this volume? I could have it analyzed for our next encounter��

�Oh please, professor, I can lend it to you, be my guest!� Darren handled the book with great pleasure and finally left the room, but Professor Kotsiopoulos insisted on taking him to the elevator hall � �We shall meet soon, my dear lad!� he said as the elevator door closed.

He walked to his office, smiling to his secretary � �Janice, my dear, you can take the rest of the day for yourself, I�ll be heading to a meeting pretty soon, and won�t return today��

�Yes, Professor, as you wish�� she said and prepared to leave, which happened not even two minutes later.

Alexander Kotsiopoulos was alone on his office; he looked to the volume on his hands, leather cover, and golden letters, entitled �Notes on Greek Mythology�. He smiled as he read the pages, marveled with such important discovery � �Winston Burns � what a clever pun� Alexander considered as he remembered what had destroyed the original Zeus statue was fire, a criminal fire � caused by the traitors.

�You and your unfaithful kind were able to steal what-was-our-by-right, but using it is much more complicated than you thought!� He grinned, left the book at his desk and closed his curtains, making the office really dark. He just kept there in the dim light, looking at the symbol at the cover page � a very interesting and yet almost unnoticeable detail, but not to someone as Alexander. He smiled as he felt his own body getting tighter inside his suit. He took a deep breath � �Calm down Alexander, we need to calm down, there�s no reason to rush now��

He looked back at the volume and the symbol.

Notes on Greek MYTHOLOGY The letter �o� from Notes and the T in �mythology� suddenly made a all the sense in the world � the little circle atop the big T, the very meaning of his creed, how come he had taken so long to understand?

The Professor simply grabbed his knife to open letters and gently cut the leather cover from behind and removed the paper as gently as he could. Then he proceeded the same way all over the book, to careful remove the cover. Once he did this, he looked to the volume once again and then to the cover, smiling � �We are closer now, much, much closer!� He admired as the cleverness of this author � �as they say, the best way to hide something is to make it so obvious no one will ever consider it as suspicious..� Alexander felt the buttons on his shirt and suit almost giving to the growth pressure of his body � �I can�t afford ruining all my suits� he considered and stopped for a moment before he could fully pay attention to his recent discovery.

The man took of his suit and the shirt underneath it � they were all snuggled so he had to be really careful. Finally his hard muscled body completely smooth, veined and tattooed at many places, was incredibly in shape for his 68 years old. At 6�3� tall what other man on his age would weigh almost 250 pounds of solid muscle? Only Alexander knew such men.

He then removed his pants and sat on his big leather chair with the giant bulge on his pants � He knew it wouldn�t take long to reach his true form, it is very exhausting keep this puny figure for too long, but fortunately the days to hide his glorious body are almost over now, thanks to that young man.

He called his assistant on his cell.

�I�m at your service Grand Master� the voice was deep and profound.

�I need you to do your usual task, my dear child.� Alexander spoke feeling his body growing bigger and more muscular, causing huge loud noises as his own muscles struggled for space.

�Who shall I bring this time?�

�He�ll come to you, precious child, in the mean time, summon the other brothers! Tonight we�ll perform!�

�So soon? Grand Master, you need time to recover�� the voice was a little apprehensive. �I have my reasons to determinate the ritual tonight, don�t you love me and trust me?� He said in a much deeper tone now, and the simply agreed � �Yes, Grand Master�

�That�s all for now, my dear child, we�ll see each other tonight, make sure to do your job as I trusted you!� he hung up, looking at his immense figure on the mirrored wall. Alexander stood up in all his glory, feeling his body growing more and more. He had in his huge hands not all he had been looking for, but a very strong reason to believe that he was closer than ever. •

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