True Muscle God


By mf81

“So where do we find these worshipers?” I asked him.

“They’re everywhere.” said Magnus. “But our powers will not work on everyone yet. We must wait until they grow.”

“What powers are you talking about?”

“We can sense and bring out the lust for muscles and power in men. It will be stronger in some than others, but eventually no one will be able to resist us. But first we must get out of here.”

I looked up at the hole in the ceiling staring at the starry sky and the full moon. It was at least fifteen feet up. I had no I idea how to get up there. Sensing my doubt Magnus broke in saying “You forget Rich, we have the power of a god inside of us. Jump!”

I stood directly beneath the hole and crouched down. When I pushed up my tree trunks rocketed me upward at a dizzying rate. I hurdled up about fifteen feet above the forest canopy then fell down hitting the forest floor with a resounding THUD!, leaving a foot deep crater where I landed. I was exhilarated! I wanted to test my power more. I walked up to one of the trees, a 25 footer with a trunk about 3 feet in diameter. I took my new meaty paws and put them on each side of the tree and squeezed. The bark and outer layers of wood began to splinter. Then I began to pull up the tree. Every one of my muscles strained. Each fiber unleashed power and strength I thought would have been impossible. An electric feeling filled my body as the roots the base of the trunk began to break through the dirt. My cock began to spring to life feed more electricity into my body. As it rose to a right angle to my body the head began to scrape against the bark, the friction sending waves of pleasure through me. I instinctively bucked my hips causing my cock to form a crack in trunk. I pushed harder and harder into the wood, my new god cock feeling no pain but only pleasure as the wood grinded against it. When I buried it to the hilt I put my entire arms around the trunk, by biceps forming even deeper indentations, so much so I thought I might snap the tree in half before it would come out of the ground. Most of the root system began to breakout of the soil by this point and was left began to snap one by one until it finally came free from the ground. I continued to lift it up and down on my dick until all of the electricity running through my body began shoot into my balls causing my dick to shoot a jet of cum so hard that it blasted out through the other side of the trunk. I must have jizzed for a full ten minutes before my orgasm subsided. I lifted the tree off my member and pushed it so it would fall forward taking down couple of smaller trees with it. I walked up to the middle of the trunk and raised my right foot. When it came down splinters flew everywhere snapping the tree in half and leaving a two inch deep foot print in the ground. Now I knew what Magnus meant when he said the power of a god. My cock was still raging hard and was even hornier than before.

“You yearn for more power I can sense it Rich.”

“Yes! YES! I need more!”

“Then let us find followers. Now concentrate. Let your mind reach out and sense the desire for muscle, for masculinity.”

I closed my eyes and imagined my consciousness reaching out, like thousand of hands stretching for miles. After about a minute or so I began to pick up little “blips” on my radar. Small flashes of desire in my mind. But they were all to small to focus on. “Be patient.” said Magnus. “It will take little bit before you will sense desire strong enough to home in on.” I kept reaching for a few more minutes until I felt it, a source of desire to the east. I began to move quickly to the source. Despite my now large frame I was surprisingly agile. I ducked and weaved through the forest with a grace and speed greater than any gymnast. And where that wasn’t enough…well, let me put it this way, in a collision between and 350 pound muscle god and a tree, who do you think would win?

As I got closer my sense of the desire became stronger and source be came more distinct. It wasn’t just one man it was two. There appearance became clearer as I got closer. One was in his early thirties, short black hair, deep brown eyes, at least a day’s growth of a beard. He was wearing a plaid flannel shirt with a tuft of black h and underneath you could see the bulges of a pretty impressive build but along with the beginnings of a beer gut. The other guy was around the same age. This one had much more of a model look to him. Clean shaven, blue eyes and shoulder length, almost platinum blonde hair. He wore an A&F tee revealing that his biceps were not as large as his friends were, but were ripped without an ounce of fat on them.

I finally neared them and saw their campfire about one hundred yards in the distance. “Stop here.” Magnus said. “We must not get too close yet. We must wake their desire first.” I stayed back well into the darkness so they wouldn’t see me. A normal person would have had trouble seeing even two distinct figures let alone their faces from this far away in the middle of the night, but my new godhood had enhanced not only my strength and speed but my senses as well. As if some one had installed zoom lenses into my eyes my vision closed in on the scene until it seemed I was standing right next to the fire with them. My hearing also focused in so I could listen in.

“Hey Josh, aren’t you cold with just a tee on?” said the one with black hair.

“Nah, I’m fine Mike. I never was affected much by cold.” Josh replied.

“So, is your boss still riding your ass?” Mike said, with one of those nervous laugh/grunts at the end.

“Yeah, but my modeling work should pick up soon so I can quit that crappy job.”

All the while there body language was awkward and they avoided eye contact. I reached into their minds and found the reason. There was indeed a very strong attraction to each other, but they were both in denial about it. They had been friends since high school when they met in the school’s gym while training for their respective sports. Mike football and Josh track and swimming. From the beginning they had a very strong attraction that they managed to fool themselves into thinking it was friendship. In reality it was much deeper than that, evidence by the quick glances in the shower and the locker room, the feeling of each others muscle out of “friendly admiration”, and the slaps on the butt that lasted just a little bit too long. Mike always yearned to have more ripped muscles like Josh, while Josh wished he could have Mike’s size. Hence, they made the perfect match. Over the past 15 years they managed to maintain their friendship, and denial. That is they did until about six months ago when after very drunken night watching football the two of them woke up, Mike with his pants down and Josh laying face down in his crotch, dried cum on the corners of his mouth. The immediately tried to rationalize what had happened as just some drunken one time thing. They avoided each other till about two weeks ago when Mike called up Josh asking if he wanted to go camping like they used to. Ostensibly they did this to prove they could hang out as “just friends” and the one night was truly just a fluke. Subconsciously, however, I could see the real reason was that they were still attracted to one another and wanted an excuse to be close again.

“Good, these two are ripe for the picking. Now, inflame their desire and brake down their barriers.” said Magnus.

I concentrated on Mike first, tapping into his long repressed lust for his friend. Feeding his mind with naked images of Josh, of him rubbing his hand all over his tight, ripped body. Flexing that perfectly peaked bicep and then bringing it to his mouth and tracing every etch and curve with his tongue. Mike began to stare at Josh with intense lust while licking his lips and rubbing his crotch through his jeans.

Josh looked frightened and it seemed he wanted to run away at the sight of this, but I sensed the other part of him that was attracted by it. I reached into his mind and started feeding him similar images. Mike naked, his hairy, bulging torso exposed flexing his bicep and hitting it with a resounding “thwack”, saying in a deep sultry voice “Oh yeah! So big. So hard. You want it don’t you?” Unzipping his pants and saying “You want this too.” pulling out his hard 7” cock “You want my cock up that sweet ass of yours don’t you?” Josh’s look of fear had been replaced by the same look of lust Mike and began to pinch his right nipple through the tee.

I knew they were ready now so I began to send wave after wave of pure lust to them. My super hearing could hear their heart rates becoming faster and faster. The sweat was pouring off their bodies. Then, as if the floodgates of their desire broke, they ran at each other and pressed their lips against one another and began a deep passionate kiss. Their hands began to explore their bodies and rip the shirts off each other in a lustful frenzy. Their tongues seemed to be fighting each other over who desired whom more. Finally, their kiss broke and they went work worshiping each other. Josh stuck his tongue into the valley of Mike’s pecs while Mike began to squeeze his chest momentarily trapping Josh’s tongue. Josh began to lick all across his chest making sure to linger extra long on the nipples. Meanwhile, Mike decided to do a double biceps pose causing Josh to reach up and kneed the hard muscle. Mike did not have the same definition as Josh, but Josh seemed to be impressed enough with his superior size. After Josh was done working his pecs, they locked lips for a short while then Mike lifted Josh up from underneath his arms and then slammed him into one of the trees. Proceeded to kiss and lick his neck, working his way down till he hit Josh’s abs. I could feel Mike’s envy of Josh’s abs, especially since he started to developed that gut about a year ago. It was why they were so sexy to him. He didn’t just want to touch them he wished they were his. He felt the ridge of each and every one of the muscles in Josh’s 8-pack with his fingers, tracing out the lines. He took the tip of his tongue and repeated the same process end with one long sweep of his tongue all the way up his body until their lips met again. When the kiss ended, he moved in closely to his ear and whispered, “You don’t know how long I’ve waited to do this.” He proceeded to roughly turn Josh around ripping at the button and fly on his jeans and then pushing them down. Mike pulled out his own throbbing member and positioned the head on Josh’s hole. He slowly pushed in making Josh wince with a mixture of pleasure and pain as he popped his cherry. After about one minute he finally buried his staff to the hilt. He proceeded to with draw at about twice the speed and then re-entering even faster, continually picking up speed until he you could hear a steady slap of skin on skin. Josh had begun to bury his fingernails into the bark of the tree and crying out in pure ecstasy. Mike took his right hand and reached around to grab Josh’s prick, jacking it with the same furious speed that he was plowing his ass. I could feel their climax coming on and about 3 seconds later they simultaneously let out a guttural scream of passion and released both of their loads. As they both squeezed out the last bits of their juice they collapsed on the ground, completely exhausted. They wanted nothing more than to fall asleep in each other’s arms. I however had different plans. This time it was my turn.

I began to walk towards the camp. The closer I got to them the more excited I sensed them getting. Their exhaustion was being replaced by a renewed lust. As I neared the camp they were standing again, ready to start another fuck session, until I yelled out “Stop!” That voice! The voice dripping with sex I had heard Magnus use was now mine. Both Mike and Josh let out a deep groan as their dicks became instantly hard again. As I stepped into the light of the campfire and revealed myself to them, one look at me caused them both to cum immediately and then drop to their knees. Their eyes were glued to my body and each look and longing stair they gave to each of my muscles was like a caress of the hand. I enjoyed the feeling as they traveled all over my body, my skin tingling with excitement. I could sense how they longed to touch me, but my command of “stop” kept them in place, unwilling to disobey me. I was going to have to change that.

“You two have become my first two followers. Together we shall find more and eventually reshape the world. But first, every god needs to be worshiped so, WORSHIP ME!”

They ran over to me like men possessed. Both of them latched their mouths on to my pecs, trying to cover every square inch of them with their tongues. If their mere stares felt like actually touch to me, their actual touch was now a feeling I couldn’t describe. It didn’t just overwhelm me with pleasure, I felt something deeper. Like it was some how infusing me with power. Josh began biting at one of my nipples while Mike moved down to his favorite, the abs. He used his mouth and hands to travel all over the cobblestone street, enjoying every bump and curve along the way.

The sense of growing power deepened and, strong as I was, I began to feel even stronger. It was then I realized I was stronger. The ground seemed to get farther away and it hit me I was growing taller. This was what Magnus meant when he said we needed worshipers to regain his former glory. Their devotion, their desire, their lust for me was making me grow. There was something else I was feeling too. The sensation of having to men fondle and worship me felt new and exciting, but at the same time it felt familiar as if I had been waiting for this for millennia. The feeling began to strengthen then I began to notice that for each stroke of my muscles, for each kiss, it felt as if the pleasure had been doubled. It was then I realized I was feeling what Magnus was feeling too. “The barrier between us is melting away.” Magnus said. “The merger has started.”

As I grew Josh had to reach further to get at my pecs and at the same time my lengthening cock began to slap him in the chin. He eventually turned his attention to my cockhead, slathering the purple grapefruit with a coat of saliva while stroking the shaft with both hands. Mike had now worked his way down to my balls, slapping at them like they were punching bags (Well they had grown to that size after all). I flexed my biceps seeing their growing glory as they became thicker around than Josh’s chest. As I flexed them up and down a wonderful idea popped into my head. I reached down and picked Mike up off the ground with my left arm and lifted him to my right bi, placing the peak in his ass crack and told him, “Hold on to my forearm.” I twisted my fist, causing him to take a ride on my bicep. As he bobbed up and down the peak began to rub against his hole stimulating him so much that he shot his load all over my forearm. After an orgasm that lasted about a minute or so Mike collapsed in exhaustion on my arm so I set him to the side while I focused on Josh. I picked him up and straddled him on my cock facing away from me. All the while he never stopped licking and stroking the shaft. He began to his cock on mine, pulling himself up and down my rod. The strokes became faster and faster until with a final moan he let loose his spunk. Exhausted like Mike was, I set him right next to him and gave each a kiss on the lips.

Now it was my turn to release my load. I felt the need to test my power again and saw the truck one of them had bought to the campsite. I walked over and reached underneath the truck lifting it with ease. I then started to push up on the front and rear causing the truck to slowly fold in on its self. With each groan and screech of the metal I became more and more excited. As the window began to bust I could feel the gathering explosion in my balls. The veins in my arms pumped so hard you could take my pulse from 10 feet away. The pump in my pecs was so big that they almost touched my chin. The will of the steel collapsed under the unrelenting pressure of my god muscles. As the rear bumper began to touch the front hood I felt the flow traveling through my cock till it burst out of the head so hard that it ripped a hole strait through the truck. My cum rained all over the campsite covering everything in it, including Josh and Mike. As the orgasm finally subsided I stood there enjoying the feeling of bliss, accompanied by a similar feeling of bliss from Magnus. “Very good, Richard.” said Magnus. You have learned to use our new powers faster than I thought you would. Now turn around and see the show.”

Confused, I turned to see what he was talking about. All of the spunk I had spilled began to flow all to one point, where Josh and Mike were.

“What’s happening?” I asked Magnus.

“They are being made worthy, Richard.” •

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