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With John gone, my attention returned to the program. I was intent on finding a plausible way to make the changes. Leaping over the back of my chair I situated myself in front of the monitor and began scouring the help menu. Folder after folder explained every detail of the function of every option of the program. Letters scrolled on the surface of my eye as I tore through the information as fast as possible. My right hand was red as I clutched the mouse overly tightly without even noticing. With each bit of information I gathered a mountain of ideas swelled in my brain. Before I knew it I had finished reading every inch of the help menu and two hours had passed.

“Alright, time to figure out what I want,” I said trying to remain as calm as possible. Even though I was all alone, my voice slightly trembled in anticipation. It had all been something I wanted for a long time. I had been trying to work out for 3 years previous to this program but could never muster the nerve to hit the gym. There were some weights in my backyard that John had brought but I could never stick to a schedule. Friends would ask me to hang out and I would fall off the horse before I even realized it. True, I had already experienced it from only a few hours previously but it hadn’t seemed real. It felt as if I would wake up at any moment. After reading all I could, I knew now it could be real. I could obtain what I wanted and no one could take it away from me. Power almost made me want to simply damn the consequences and go for the full shot right off the bat. “No, I have to do this right…especially after what I told John,” I scolded.

The program had a progress function that would allow me have changes increase either to a desired point or exponentially until I hit the space bar. Not knowing exactly what would look good on me, I opted to grow exponentially, slowly of course, until I saw what I wanted. Then I would simply set that change to happen at a natural pace over a set duration of time. No one would be the wiser and I could still have exactly what I wanted in the end. First however, I set my height back up to 6’2”. No one would notice an inch. After setting the speed of the change I set the program into motion. I stood and looked at my body in the full length mirror the far wall from the computer and realized I hadn’t put on a shirt since I tore out of the other one early. My body wasn’t that bad to start with I suppose. I wasn’t muscular but I was thin at least. A lot of guys would kill just for that. That all slowly began changing. I placed my hand on my right pectoral feeling it slowly swell underneath.

A burning sensation began to fill every fiber of my body as I slowly began my march to musclehood. It wasn’t in the least painful, in fact it felt euphoric. The closest I could describe it to is how your skin feels when you are taking a steamy hot shower on a cold winter day only it was inside my body. How had I slept though the first transformation if it had felt anything like the second? I snapped myself out of the trance my senses were putting me though, reminding myself that I had to watch the changes carefully. They would not stop until I hit the space bar signaling them to. I wasn’t going to end up like one of those saps in those muscle growth stories online who let things go too far and become immobile. This was my life after all and not some guys fantasy. My body had already changed a sizable amount in the few minutes I was lost in though. The flat lifeless slap that was my chest had ballooned out with my hand still cupping it. Beginnings of laterals began pushing out from my sides and baseball like lumps had already inserted themselves in my former pipe cleaner like arms. Not wanting to hide anything that was happening, I lowered my hand away from my still expanding chest. Moving that hand was probably the hardest thing I had done that entire day. The sheer force that welled under my increasing taunt skin when my hand had been on my pectoral was almost intoxicating. These changes made me understand to some degree why John reacted how he had. Veins I had never seen began rising to the surface of my body as new muscle formed and swelled. Blood coursed through every vein feeding each and every change. A mere five minutes had passed and I was already up to a solid 175 lbs of near pure muscle. My arm began slowly rising, wanting to curl up and see just how I was progressing but I held back. If I gave in to the primal urges to soon I could be lost in the transformation. I was in control and I was not going to let anything change that. Reality slapped me in the face as the phone rang. Startled, I walked over and answered, all the while keeping my eyes on my body in the mirror.

“Hey its Edwin, how ya doin man?” said the voice on the other end. “Oh, uh hey. I’m cool…just umm changing before bed at the moment.” I replied while thinking if only he knew. “So you got any plans for tomorrow?” “Uh…what day will that be?” “Sunday…duh. Are you ok? You sound a little weird.” “I’m fine…I do feel a little like I’m not myself at the moment though.” “Maybe you’re getting sick. Well anyway, I am having a kickback tomorrow. Think you can make it?” “Sure…maybe I will even bring some entertainment”

At that moment the growth seemed to kick up a notch as my muscles seemed to explode in a surge of power and energy. The burning sensation in my body skyrocketed becoming all the more pleasurable and I let out a moan I had NOT intended. “Umm…haha, I won’t ask what THAT was. I’ll catch you tomorrow man. Later,” was all Edwin said before he hung up. Not giving it a second thought, I returned to my room. I was getting pretty large by this point. My arms had to be at least 17 inches and they weren’t even flexed. The denim of my Levis was tight but not to the point of being uncomfortable. As I made my way to the monitor my hands explored the chasm between my pectorals and hefted the weight of them. I had wished Edwin didn’t call. Once again I had missed the best parts of my transformation. The size at that point looked about right so I quickly tapped the space bar and made a note of all the statistics.

Height was set to 6’2”, weight at 220 lb, chest a solid 48”, arms a sizable 18”, waist still kept at 32”, and quads a thick 28”. After noting down all the measurements I began to input the data so that I would gradually grow to that size in the course of six months. It would be faster then anyone I have heard of but I figured no one would really catch on since none of my friends really knew much about working out. After saving all the changes I was about to set myself to normal when I noticed that I could continue with the indefinite changes. If I was careful what was the worst that could happen? I deserved some fun for being so responsible right? With little more thought that that I clicked continue and the changes resumed. Warmth once again infected my entire body as the muscles rhythmically swelled with each pulse of my heart. Not wanting to miss a moment I turned to the mirror and let my hands explore every growing inch of my body. I flexed and relaxed my arms seeing them swell larger as I flexed and maintain their size as I relaxed. The speed of the transformation seemed to increase as my excited did. I decided to close my eyes and simply let my hands do my seeing. With an open palm I began working my way up my now pulsating left forearm and over the peak of my split bicep. My fingers lingered at its apex as I felt the soft skin encasing the rock hard ball of muscle. Pressing onward my palm rolled over my rounded deltoid and up the steep slope of my trap. As it reached the top I felt the back of my hand brush against my earlobe slight. My body shuddered as I realized how big I was getting. As my hand tracked down my neck and to the valley between my monstrous pectorals, I began to feel a slight pain throughout my entire body. Ignoring it I simply traced the shelf of my left pectoral before slowly coursing over each ridge of my abs.

All the while the pain began to increase. It was a deep pain that felt like it was originating in my bones. In that moment it clicked in my mind. I opened my eyes to see just how massive I had grown. My muscles had swelled so large that they were beginning to press against one another. Movement was beginning to slow in my body as I made my way to the computer. The pain had been my muscles not only weighing down on my skeleton but pressing in against it as well. I had made no changes to account for the added strength and weight so my old frame was having to hold onto all the above human sized muscle. A sigh of relief escaped my mouth as I hit the space bar. Was this the power that had changed John? More importantly, was this a result of the software…or something that was preset in people that was simply brought out when it was used? •

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