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By plaindudefornow

Days quickly turned into weeks as the changes slowly but surely overcame my body. Every morning I would snap out of bed eager to see every change no matter how minor. For the first few weeks everything went unnoticed by my friends but all too soon they began to comment on how I looked different. It was all I could do just to shrug it off and play dumb acting as if it was just natural work out growth. Everyone took me at my word, well almost everyone. I would notice one friend in particular would always be giving me a long examination when he thought I wasn’t paying attention.

He was in shape himself. Not massively but he was a wrestler at the college so he was in pretty fair shape. His name was Shawn and at about 5’ 9” I would guess he weighed in at about 160lbs, most of which was muscle. I always had found him cute. It made me feel odd seeing him look me over all the time. Since he worked out himself he must know something was unnatural about me. Shawn wasn’t the only one looking at me differently now though.

John also viewed me differently. Ever since the night he stormed out we hadn’t talked. We would run into each other around campus but all I would get is a cold glare before he would walk off. I wanted to console him but his action simply proved my decision right. He would get over it sooner or later so I didn’t want to push and let him act as if he never knew me. Having almost fallen to the same power I couldn’t even be angry with him. I simply let myself enjoy the changes I was going through and forced both John and Shawn out of my mind as much as possible. Three months into the program I was already up to 180lbs and the changes were completely noticeable. More people began asking questions as my clothes began looking more and more like they were painted on. It was then that I decided it would be in my best interest to get myself some new clothing.

So on the next Saturday I made my way down to the mall to shop for clothing. As I went from store to store I noticed how difficult it was to find clothing for larger sized males. It would be easy if I was simply fat but for a large in shape gentleman pickings were slim. To make things worse, I was looking for clothing in the size I would be rather than what I currently was which made trying things on that much more difficult. It had been so long since I saw myself at that size that it was difficult to remember. With a sigh, I stepped back from the hundredth rack of clothing I had looked at and bumped into someone. I turned to apologize, still not use to my new size and strength, when I realized just who it was I had stumbled into. Shawn looked up at me with those same inquisitive eyes that I had seen for the past three months.

“Uh…hey. Sorry about that Shawn…I…” was all I could manage to mumble out. Despite being much larger than Shawn now I was still intimidated by him. I had always thought he was cute and found it hard to talk to him. “What did you do?” asked Shawn rather forcibly.

“Huh? What do you…” I muttered. “Don’t play stupid with me. What are you on? It obviously isn’t anything normal.” “It has just been working out and…and you aren’t a moron so this won’t work on you will it?” “Like hell it would. Now tell me what you did?” “We can’t talk here. Let’s go back to my place.”

Hours later, after the story had been explained in full, he still didn’t believe me. “There is no way some magic program could have done all this. It is impossible,” debated Shawn. Walking over to the computer I sat down and pulled up the program. I typed in his name with one hand while the other used my webcam to take a picture of Shawn. “Tell me what you would want changed on yourself. It is obvious the only way you will believe me is if I change you.” I stated. Shawn’s right eyebrow rose with obvious intrigue and my heart fluttered slightly along with it. I could feel my face getting red so I turned back to the monitor as he rambled off numbers and statistics. He was a lot more humble than John had been. He was completely fine with his height. All he really wished was different was his muscles. I assumed it was because of wrestling. In the end, he essentially wanted to weigh as much as I did now but on his current frame. I admired him being so down to earth about it but if I was going to prove a point I REALLY wanted to drive it home. After inputting a few of my own changes I hit enter and turned to face him.

“The changes will take a few minutes,” I commented, “so you might want to get comfortable. Oh…and you might want to ditch that shirt.” Befuddled, he asked, “Why would I get rid of my shirt? None of the changes I made would rip it. Besides, it isn’t as if this is going to…” It was at that moment he saw the confidence in my eyes and began to felt the changes in himself. I watched intently as his entire body began to inflate. Every breath he took caused him to swell up wider and wider. No matter how many times I saw this, I knew it would always get to me. I could see the pleasure from the changes manifest in his face. The expression he had made me feel more attracted to him than I ever had in the past. Watching his muscles swell under his shirt and that adorable face look so pleasurable slowly drew me closer and closer to him. I didn’t even know if he was gay or bi but in that moment I couldn’t help myself and I embraced him. My body pressed against his swelling physique as I kissed him with all the feeling and emotion I had held back for any guy I had ever seen in the past and been attracted to. His pectorals trembled and swelled in my palm as it was pressed firmly against him. The same warmth I felt within me when I had transformed I felt resonating from within Shawn’s body.

My senses had been so overwhelmed by everything that I hadn’t noticed that not only had Shawn not pushed me away but he was embracing me back. His swelling arms were feeling every inch of my back as my own were still exploring the curves of his chest and traps. We continued to kiss as his shirt began falling to pieces at the seams. His legs had long since stopped swelling but his upper body continued to enlarge from the changes I had made. His torso rivaled my own and was continuing to grow even more. I had a weak spot for me with large arms and pecs. Minutes dragged on and his body continued to swell. His arms were a good 20 inches at this point and that was without even flexing. Despite trying to hold him closely, his pectorals seemed to argue against it pushing me away with their new and still amassing bulk. Almost instinctively, he began bouncing his pecs against my own. My long since hard dick throbbed with excitement at this display and pressed even more powerfully into Shawn’s own leg.

It only took a few minutes longer before the changes finally slowed to a stop. Reluctantly, I broke our bond and stepped away from Shawn and looked over his glorious body. His legs were solid and ripped to shreds. They were nothing compared to his upper body though. His thin 28 inch waist tapered up to a cartoonish sized chest and shoulders. I will admit I had overdone it some but at the same time it looked completely hot. His chest stood out a full half a foot from the rest of his body. The only think that made his chest look even remotely normal were his arms which had to be at least 24 inches cold. Perhaps I had gone too far but…I didn’t regret it. Shawn looked over his body with the eyes of a newborn. They were eager and amazed by everything they saw. He could see the power they held without even flexing or moving the muscles in the slightest. It was at that moment that I remembered how John reacted. I had made Shawn stronger than me. If he reacted how John did there wasn’t much I would be able to do to stop him. Even at his old strength before the change he would rival me rather well. I slowly worked my way to the computer so that I would be positioned to quickly change him back when he began to speak. Taking his eyes off his body, Shawn began, “Hey jack…can…” •

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