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By plaindudefornow

With a groan, I opened my eyes to a voice calling my name. As my vision cleared, I saw my best friend John’s face right in front of my own. “What the hell happened to you?” he inquired. Groggy, I replied, “What are you talking about?” At that moment I noticed my voice seemed oddly deep, even for just having woken up. “I mean this,” countered John as he slapped his hand down on my chest. An odd thud echoed in my ears. It was at that moment my eyes flowed down the length of my body, at least as far as I could see which was my pecs. My pecs? My chest stood proud and firm inches away from my torso and obstructing my view of the rest of my body. I bolted out of bed and began exploring my body with my eyes and hands. Strings of fabric fell from my now Adonis like torso. “It worked…” I murmured as I took myself in.

“What worked? What are you talking about?” John asked in a befuddled daze. Turning my gaze to the left I took notice of John. He was in fair shape for his age. Decent sized chest, nice arms, and I knew from when we’d wrestle around that he was strong. Memories of how I use to think his body was pretty top of the line drifted into my mind. Then I turned back to myself and noticed just how much I dwarfed him now. “I’ll show you,” I answered hastily as I made my way to my computer.

Firing up the program, I inputted John’s name and image. I knew for a fact he had always wished he was taller so I boosted him from his 5’ 9” frame to on par with myself. Hitting proceed I pivoted my view back to face him and lifted his body off the floor so that we were both eye level. John fought back while screaming, “What are you doing?! Put me down!” “Just go with it,” was all I commented. With just those words he seemed to calm and I noticed his legs beginning to lengthen out of the bottom of my eye. He obviously hadn’t noticed because he just stared at me in a confused deer-like way. After a few minutes he got an odd look in his eyes as he noticed his feet touching the floor. I released him suddenly scaring him at first because he thought he would fall but he soon realized he was looking me eye to eye while standing on his own. “How did…” he muttered as he looked down at his now much taller body.

“This program lets me modify anyone I want. Well, anyone that I have a picture of and their full name.” I explained while showing him the monitor. Eagerly he chimed, “Change me more!” The next five minutes John gave me value after value to change on his body. He had been a lot more specific than I was and a lot more…ambitious to say the least. Pressing the proceed button, I looked at John to see the changes. Admittedly, I was almost as eager as him to see the changes. He had picked a very hot looking body based on the numbers I inputted. It took a good ten minutes before anything began to change. His pants, whose ankles were already at mid-calf level, began to ride up higher as his legs began to inflate. John’s slowly forming abs became visible as the bottom of his shirt started riding up due to his quickly swelling chest, expanding shoulders, and widening lats. Everything was happening so fast that I knew it wouldn’t be long before his clothes gave way to his muscular form. Small strains in the fabric were already becoming visible just minutes into his transformation and I knew he still had lots to go.

“Maybe you should take your clothes off before they rip. I know they are some of your favorites,” I said, perhaps a little too encouragingly. “You’re probably right,” he replied as he tried to strip his shirt off. By this point however he was so big he couldn’t get it to move at all. “Looks like it is too late already,” he chuckled out while laughing. With that he slowly began to flex. He began with his biceps, the ball rising up centimeter by centimeter. Once the arm reached its apex he slowly began releasing it but due to the growth he was undergoing the peak of the muscle didn’t lower in the slightest. The moment his arm was fully extend he curled it again and the bicep swelled larger than before while erupting from the top of the sleeve. He was clearly enjoying this show of power and size as a cylindrical object began to grow down his right pant leg. Every inch of his dick was visible through the now skin tight pants and it was clear the changes he had me make there were well on their way. A ripping sound snapped my attention back to his torso as his pectorals relieved themselves from his confining shirt with his laterals following suit. His entire torso was now exposed with tattered remains hanging from the waist of his ever tightening pants. At this point his pants were obviously painfully tight as I noticed his face winch in pain.

John began shaking his quads and flexing trying to get the denim to snap but the material was abnormally reluctant to give in to his will. This pushed him forward as well as turned him on more as his dick throbbed even larger against his massive quads. Every line of his lower body was outlined by his Levis as they dug into every nook and cranny of his red wood like legs. I turned back to the monitor to see the process was 80% through. I wondered to myself if he’d manage to free himself from the pants. Not wanting to miss a beat I turned back to John. His entire body was red with effort as he continued to flex his quads. Small gaps in the fabric were starting to form as I could see his skin tone and underwear between the stitching. 88%...89%...”I am…going to do this…” he grunted in a now animalistic tone. 92%....94%...I began digging my fingers into my own legs in anticipation….98%....99%...”BREAK DAMN IT!” bellowed John. As the process hit 100% completion the fabric of his pants burst into a confetti like explosion. Long streams of denim drifted down to his now size 16 feet. Sweat dripped down his body, starting at his neck, funneling through the gap between his pecs, down the ravines of his sculpted abs, and into the waistband of his boxer briefs which were the only remaining bits of clothing he had. The right leg of his underwear was pulled away from his body by a coke can sized python of flesh that stretched nearly to his knee. With a 6’ 2” body that was a long way to stretch. His 280 pound body dwarfed my own. John was enraptured with his body. A low moan escaped his mouth as he felt his 22 inch biceps and his engorged chest. Rhythmically, John bounced his pecs back and forth. First slowly, then fast, and then any other way he could imagine. I began to stand and near tripped. Using the dresser I managed to catch myself but the loud snuffling noise caught John’s attention. “Oh, that’s right…you’re still here huh? Think we can do more?” he inquired.

We both laughed for a moment before I responded, “ Have fun with it because we are gonna have to change back once I figure out how.” He looked shocked and slightly angry at the same time. “Why change back?” he questioned while standing as intimidating as possible. “Well,” I began, “You noticed my changes when you got here. That means this thing doesn’t alter memories. Wouldn’t it seem odd if we were both magically huge muscle studs and you went from average to towering in just a day?” John rushed passed me and began trying to type in new values on the computer. “Let me just have a little more first then,” he pleaded. Before I could reply he hit proceed and an error message came up saying “invalid user”. “What’s up with this?!” wailed John. “I guess it only lets me use it for some reason,” I deduced after a moment or two of thinking. Nudging past John I pulled up my page and began looking for a way to go back to normal. In the background, sounds of John flexing and testing his strength echoed through the entire house. What a big kid…literally haha. After some searching I finally found a revert button and clicked it. I quickly began deflating back to my old state. “See, it isn’t so bad John. I’m already back to normal. Now I’ll…” I began but was interrupted by John lifting me up and out of my chair by the neck. His large hands completely overpowered me and held me high off the ground. I could almost feel the strength pulsing through him and into my body. Straining, I turned to see what John was up thinking. His eyes held a wild anger and lust that I had never seen before. Raising me even higher, he ordered, “You WON’T be changing me back now will you? I don’t want to have to hurt you Jack.” Struggle as I might there was little I could do.

“This isn’t you John. All that muscle is….getting to your head. I am looking out for…” I said, attempting to reason with him. I could see in his eyes that there would be no reasoning though. With deep regret I said, “Sorry John.” Raising my legs up, I pushed both feet off of John’s crotch as hard as I possibly could. Pain raced through his body and his grip on my neck broke. Knowing there was little time, I raced to the desk, pulled up his page, and hit proceed. Moments after, John was on me again. His powerful hands pressed against my shoulders as he again lifted me off the ground. The pressure on my bones began to increase as his frustration fueled his actions. I just had to last a little bit longer. My bones felt as if they would start to crack at any moment. Luckily, the program began to take effect and John’s body slowly began its metamorphosis back to his original form. Weakening, he dropped me and I fell to my knees holding my shoulders in agony. His muscles withered, his height reduced, and his dick snaked back up into his underwear. As the strength fled his body I could see the anger gradually leave his face.

When all was done he muttered “I’m…sorry Jack. I don’t know what came over me.” “It’s ok,” I commented, “It was the muscles not you. I think it would be better if we waited a while before trying you again.” “No! I can handle it I swear!” argued John. I simply shook my head knowing it would be best to wait. Fist clenched he stormed out before I could even mutter another word. I felt good about my choice but bad that John had taken it so horribly. He was my best friend and I didn’t intend to hurt him. I had always just been better at the big picture and I couldn’t overlook his actions even if it was the muscle. If only I had known then what that one choice would reap. •

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