Scrapbook Chronicles: Wrestling with Desire


By Lover_Boy

...Eric shuddered as Zaine's suction seemed to increase. Or was it the fact that his mouth and throat was feeling incredibly cramped. Whatever it was, it didn't matter as waves of pleasure washed over him unlike anything he'd ever experienced. He maoned, head lulling back as a familiar sensation crept into his balls. It danced like the feet of some orgasmic pixie through his cock, up his spine, and settled into his chest with a deep sensual warmth.

Eric had always prided himself on his endurance, being able to last at least 20 minutes. And that was on a bad night. Zaine was obviously unaware of this fact, and his skill was a testament to this as Eric began to squirm. His back arched, and he involuntarily thrust his hips upward. Zaine ground his face into Eric's crotch hungrily, lifting his lower body higher as if trying to consume him with his sexual appetite.

It was no use. Eric could no longer hold back under the relentless force of Zain'es able mouth and tongue. Eric roared, filling Zaine's mouth and throat with is juice as Zaine swallowed. And swallowed. And swallowed. Eric went limp and collapsed back onto the bed as he released the vice-like grip of his thighs on Zaine's head.

Zaine's head slowly rose from between Eric's legs. Eric watched, and his eyes went wide as he saw his dick slide from within Zaine's mouth. It was attached to his body, but it didn't look like his cock. "What in the....?"

Zaine wiped a few stray drops daintily from his mouth and licked them from his fingertips. He smiled slyly, "Surprise...."

Laying between Eric's legs was a massive piece of meat. Despite getting slowly soft, it was about 3 inches longer and at least an inch and a half thicker than he remembered it. He leaned forward, and heafted it in his hand. Its weight was noticeably heavier. "But the fuck!?!?"

"It's a....skill I developed. I don't know how I can do it. I just can", he explained.

"Is it permanent?"


Eric shook his head in wonder. "Do this for all the guys you sleep with?"

Zaine's expression was mildly pained. "I can count on one hand how many guys I've taken to bed. And no. I only do it for guys i really like."

Eric was apologetic. "I didn't mean that I thought you were...easy. I just!"

"Do you like it?" Zaine smiled hopefully.

"It's gonna take some getting used to. But I think I can deal."

"Good. Now, for the encore." Zaine crawled forward past Eric, and lay on his back. "Okay, you really should get on top of me. Straddle me like i did to you."

Eric did as he was told, straddling Zaine's waistline, "Like this?"

Zaine grasped him gently by the hips and slid him backward so that his butt rested squarely on the large mound of spandex covered flesh that was his cock. "There. Perfect."

Eric noticed that even at the narrowest region of Zaine's body, his knees still barely touched the fabric of the satin sheets. "I like this view."

Zaine settled in, "I hope you enjoy the show."

Eric's tone was teasing, "Should I be afraid?"

Zaine's answer was serious. "Maybe."

Eric went to ask why, but went silent as Zaine's eyes slid shut. He relaxed, and put his arms down at his sides. Eric waited a long moment as Zaine seemed to be almost meditating.


Zaine's eyes flicked open, and Eric was caught off guard. They looked different somehow. He knew in the dim light, he shouldn't be able to see the color of Zaine's eyes. But in the darkened room, he could clearly see they were purple. Not like their normal hue. They seemed to be filled with a twinkling glow as if illuminated from within.

Zaine was right. He was scared. "Zaine are you...?"

Eric didn't have time to finish the question. Zaine's entire body suddenly turned to granite as he tensed every muscle. It began slowly, almost imperceptibly at first. But it soon became obvious that Zaine's muscles were growing.

Zaine's entire body began to inflate. The width of his neck increased as the muscles thickened and crept forward to nearly swallow his adams apple. His traps rose, pulling at the straps and the top of his singlet higher as they met with is neck.

His delts lost the look of their solid mass as they expanded outward and became more defined. The thickness of his arms faded as they became more striated, each individual muscle ballooning, and filling in. His forearms sprung to life as each strand separated, rippled into deep definition.

The gully between Zaine's pecs turned into a canyon as his entire chest widened. Deep lines etched themselves into the pulsing meat of his bloatred pecs, giving them a definition all their own as they inflated outward from his body and down toward his stomach.

His arms were pushed away from his torso as his lats suddenly flaired out on either side like the hood of a great cobra as they dwarfed his tiny waist. The growth crept into his midsection as it hit his abs. Each row popped out. Two, four, six, then the previuosly unseen eighth, each of the muscles pushing outward and becoming more bricklike by the second.

The growth continued south as he felt himself begin to raise higher into the air. Zaine's still-soft cock began to enlarge. He felt it pushing up against his buttocks as it slowly crept from underneath him and upward toward Zaine's stomach as his thighs grew. His quads forced Eric's legs to spread wider as each teardrop-shaped muscle filled the legs of his singlet tighter and showed plainly through the stretchy fabric while his calves morphed into a defined diamond shape.

Unready for the sudden shift in stance, eric nearly toppled backward off the bed. Zaine moved for the first time, bringing his thighs up to catch Eric with rapidly swelling cushion of muscle.

"I told you to be careful."

Eric was surprised. He hadn't been expecting much in the way of conversation. He leaned back, putting his full weight on Zaine's thighs and enjoying the warm feel of his skin beneath the elastic cloth. "Sorry. Wasn't expecting that."

Zaine sat upright without the use of his arms. A movement that crunched his abs together and sent them into surreal relief beneath the singlet. "It's okay. I got ya. Enjpying the show....?"

Eric leaned forward now, putting his arms on Zaine's shoulders. He slowly ran them down over his delts and arms. His voice was hushed as he admired the writhing muscle beneath paper thin flesh. "Wow. This feels so....awesome....!"

Zaine took his hands and placed one on each pectoral muscle, "You ain't seen nothin' yet."He moved in, looping his arms around Eric, and they kissed as Eric let his hands slip around Zaine's waist.

They kissed. It was more passionate than before, nearly primal in its raw intensity. Zaine's tongue forced its way into Eric's mouth, and Eric tried to reciprocate. He could feel Zaine's lats pushing downward and out as they swelled, his chest pushing ever outward, forcing them apart. His abs were rock hard against Eric's body, and the space within Zaine's embrace grew increasingly tighter as he forced their bodies to stay together.

Zaine's manhood was still soft, but Eric could feel it pushing outward against his stomach as it grew bigger, and bigger, and bigger. Zaine rose to his knees, lifting Eric with him as if he weighed nothing, and Eric allowed his hands to find Zaine's glutes. They hadn't gotten much bigger, but they were round, and tight. Like two globes stretching the back of his singlet tight against the front.

Eric could hear fabric straining. He leaned back, and Zaine moved his kisses down to Eric's neck and chest. Zaine's entire body had grown to mammoth proportions. The combined growth of his pecs, shoulders, and lats were taxing the straps of the singlet as his quads inflated and forced his legs apart straining the seams of the legs. In addition, Zaine's cock and balls had continued to grow, and were struggling against eachother with his thighs for room within the wrestler's rapidly filling uniform.

Eric watched as Zaine's torso began to tremble with uninhibited power. His delts were pushing ever outward from his shoulders, fighting with his pecs, bis, and tris for room. With a loud >SNAP<, the right shoulder strap broke under the strain. >SNAP<, the left one went, and Zaine's embrace became a squeeze as his now unrestrained chest swelled to its fulll size.

"Holy shit....!!!!"

Zaine mumbled against Eric's chest, "Mmmm, that's better...." Zaine scooted forward slightly, and squeezed Eric as gently as possible between his thighs.

Eric felt Zaine's overenlarged dick pushing against his own, and suddenly realized that he'd gotten an erection and didn't even know it. He was breathless, "Zaine....make love to me...."

Zaine spoke as his lips travelled back upward over Eric's body, "I...thought you'd....never....ask...."

Zain'es cock began to get hard, and Eric could feel it pushing outward as his hands wandered lustfully over Zaine's body, "Please, hurry. before it gets too big...."

Zaine grunted as the confines of the singlet became too much. His cock was still growing, while still getting hard. It was throbbing, and each pulse made it swell bigger as it filled with blood. Finally, the remains of the singlet tore at the seams, and Zaine's massive member freed itsaelf. It wasn't fully hard, but it would be in a matter of seconds, and way too big. Eric was worried.

Reading the look of concern on Eric's face, Zaine smiled. "Don't worry. I'll be gentle." Without another word, Zaine lifted Eric slightly. Quickly, but with unbelieveable control for someone his curent size, gently lowered him onto his swollen member.

Eric's mind exploded with a white light, blinding him with pleasure. He felt himself gently forced down onto the massive cock which filled him to the hilt. "Oh, god.....!" Zaine's cock comtinued to swell inside him, stretching him beyond any limits he felt were possible as Zaine bucked his hips slowly while maintaining his hold on Eric.

"Is that too hard...?"

Eric dug his fingers into Zaine's shoulder, not even denting the muscle. "No. More. Please....more...!"

Zaine let his cock continue to swell, and Eric moaned, a deep primal sound vastly different from his normal masculine tenor. Pleasure and pain unlike anything he'd ever felt shuddered through him. It was like nothing he'd ever felt.

Zaine leaned forward, lowering Eric onto the bed, and increasing his thrust as he bent over Eric's body. Eric's hands went blindly to Zaine's chest as he was engulfed my Zaine's massively overdeveloped bulk, wandering frantically over the rippling mass of muscle as it continued to swell. Zaine's eyes glazed over as he felt pleasure rise inside him, and his thrust became more enthusiastic.

Eic writhed beneath him, screaming and moaning as he was swept into Zaine's body and power, unable to resist the magnetic power of his hulking body. Zaine lifted Eric up against him , and his moans became mufled against the massive slabs of meat that were his chest. Zaine craned his head back, and let out a roar that seemed to shake the entire house as he unleashed inside Eric. Cum began to flow out around his cock as Eric's tiny overstretched hole could became overfilled.

Spent, Zaine collapsed onto Eric's squirming body, and rolled onto his side. As his cock came out of Eric, its massive girth flopped over, and lolled between his legs. "That was..."

"...Incredible...!", Eric finished breathlessly. Eric crept over gingerly, exhausted, and climbed on top of Zaine. "I've never had anything like that....!"

Zaine smiled, and ran his fingers through Eric's hair affectionately. "Same here."

"Now what?"

"I don't know. For now, just rest."

Eric nestled his head into the massive pillow of flesh and muscle that was Zaine's chest. It was warm, and his smooth skin felt good against his face as he closed his eyes. He drifted off to sleep to the powerful rythm of Zaine's heart.... __________________________________________________ ____

Eric stepped out of the shower in his hotel room. His ass hurt like hell, but he'd never felt more satisfied. He looked in the full length mirror of the bathroom. There were bruises on his hips, waist and shoulders. He touched one with his finger and cringed at the sensation. He'd told Zaine everything over a large breakfast. He'd been understanding...but a bit sad. They'd agreed to stay in touch and see where things went.

"I've never met someone who could....handle me before. I don't want you to go." The look on Zaine's face had been heart breaking. And Eric more than felt the same way. Time would tell what happened.

Eric pulled on his underwear. They were a lot tighter than usual. He looked down at the enormous bulge in the front of his briefs. His cock was so big and meaty that it actually pushed the waistband away from his slender hips now. He marvelled at it for a moment. At least, if things didn't work out, he'd always have something to remind him of Zaine Merchante. •

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