By Drakkenfyre

Emile smiled as his hand grew larger on Robin's shoulder. Actually, Emile wasn't getting bigger, Robin was shrinking. That became obvious when Robin's shorts dropped to his ankles.

Robin gasped or tried to, his mouth wouldn't open. In fact, his entire body was rigid. He'd answered the notice pinned to the art department bulletin board offering $100.00 for a male figure model to pose for a nude statue. Emile seemed nice and normal enough. Emile had politely asked if Robin would mind if he touched the model's arm and shoulder to get a feel for the muscles he'd sculpt. Robin assented, the request sounded reasonable. Emile had put his hand on Robin's shoulder and squeezed. Suddenly, the room began to grow, and Robin felt strangely weak.

He glanced down, he was standing in a plastic pan wearing nothing but a pair of shorts. He could see the floor getting closer, and noticed a clear liquid filling the plastic tray as he shrank. It was like he was melting he thought, except as he melted he got harder instead of softer. His thoughts started to get foggy. He looked up at mirror, and saw his tanned body had shrunk to half its size and was now a chalky white. Gently, but forcefully Emile repositioned Robin's arm. Robin recognized the pose, it was Michaelangelo's David. He also realized to his horror, as Emile made the final adjustments to the setting stone, that he was now a naked statue standing in a pool of liquid. Emile had already tilted him off his feet to remove the damp shorts, wringing out the liquid back into the pan.

Emile smiled, and posed with his beautiful naked statue. It was a perfect likeness. He'd get at least $2000 for the marble sculpture, and he didn't even have to pay the model his $100.00. He carefully lifted the statue out of the liquid, and poured the liquid through a coffee filter into a glass coffee pot. It was just 2 pints, but it was what he was really after. The statue was really a byproduct, a valuable one, but still a byproduct.

Emile held the glass pot up to the light. He reflected how the process concentrated the model's flesh into stone, as the liquid was extracted. Robin still probably weighed within a few pounds of his original weight less the air from his lungs, and the liquid in the glass pot. Any other weight loss was due to the wave of heat that had radiated from the stone before it began to cool. The liquid was the essence of life. Liquified vitality, thought Emile as he tipped back the pot drinking up Robin's essence.

He stood in front of the mirror and admired the results. He filled out in his face and chest. His scrawny body was bigger, but still lean. His sparse facial hair began to grow producing a small goatee. Emile smirked, and wondered how many more statues it would take to turn himself into champion bodybuilder.

The phone rang. Another male model was answering the ad, and yes he could come around in about an hour. Emile grinned, it might not take that long after all. •

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