Scrapbook Chronicles: Wrestling with Desire


By Lover_Boy

....Eric's eyes were glued to the Zaine the entire match, dissecting him visually. Everything about him screamed "POWER". How could he have not noticed when he met him in the hallway? His technique was flawless, a perfect balance of fierce power and graceful finesse. He easily kept his opponent off balance.

Sommers moved in, getting Zaine in what appeared to be a complex headlock, but within seconds, Zaine had reversed and gotten free with a minimum of effort.

Sommers was panting while Zaine didn't appeared to have even broken a sweat. They stood, facing one another for a moment then locked up, grappling for the advantage.

Sommers managed a takedown, bringing Merchante onto his hands and knees. He pressed his conciderable weight into the move, but Merchante refused to go down. Eric could see the muscles in Merchante's arms and legs straining, refusing to relent, and bulging with power as the veins stood out clearly beneath the skin. Eric imagined it must be like trying to wrestle a living statue.

Suddenly, Merchante's torso began to raise from its horizontal position. As his hands left the mat, Eric could see the confusion and surprise register on Sommers' face as he was lifted. Merchante's thighs contracted, and with a cross between a growl and an exhale, he stood with a burst of power that broke Sommers' hold and sent him flying backwards out of bounds.

The ref made sure Sommers was alright, and called them back to the starting position. Merchante was breathing heavily after the display of might, and Eric could see the front of his singlet strain as his pecs rose and fell with each breath. He looked bigger now. The straps were plainly tighter over his completely visible chest, and the legs had ridden up slightly higher on his thighs. Eric knew this match was already over.

The ref dropped his hand between the combatants, signaling them to begin again. They locked arms for a brief moment, and Zaine powered foreward breaking the hold and sending Sommers backward a few steps. Sommers looked shocked. They lunged at oneanother again, but this time Sommers shifted to Merchate's side, and locked his hip against Ziane's. Their legs locked and he pushed against Merchate's torso. Caught off guard, Zaine went down. With unfathomable agility for a man of such size, he easily utilized his own momentum and rolled backward into a kneeling position. Sommers moved in again, and Zaine coutered swinging his arm out and taking the now helpless Sommers to the mat. He laid across Sommers' supine form for the pin as Sommers struggled desperately but futily to avoid defeat.


It was over. The McBride spectators stood and cheered the man that had just won the match and the meet. Zaine shook hands with Sommers, and allowed his hand to be raised by the ref in victory. Eric watched as he humbly walked to his teammates' bleacher amidst the roaring cheers. Now, it was time to meet the man. __________________________________________________ __________

Eric stood outside the gymnasium's class double doors. He was nervous. Many people had exited, but still no sign of Zaine. He'd about given up when he heard a familiar voice.

"Hey, man."

Eric turned to see the tall broad form of Zaine Merchante strolling toward him. He was drressed in a leather jacket, and the same baggy jeans as before with a t-shirt on underneath. His hair was spiky as before, but now sparkled in the light with droplelts of moisture from being washed.

Eric tried to think of something to say. "Hi." Great, Eric. Really smooth.

"You waitin' for a ride?"

"Uhhhm, actually no. I was waiting for you."

He cocked his head to the side and raised an eyebrow. "Really? How come?"

Eric began to feel awkward, "I...I wanted to meet you."

Zaine's face registered confusion. "Buuuut, we already met, remember?"

"I know....but I didn't get your name."

Zaine adjusted the shoulder strap on his backpack, and smiled mischieviously, "Well, you didn't ask."

"Well,I know your name now."

"Lemme make it official, then", he put his hand out, "Hi, I'm Zaine Merchante."

Eric took his hand and shook it. His grip was strong, but his hands were warm and soft. Not the kind of hands he'd expect from an athlete. "I'm Eric Surich."

"Very nice to meet you. So what did ya think of the match?"

Eric thought of a hundred adjectives, but decided on one. "It was....impressive."

"Zaine smiled a bit embarrassed. "Really? Thanks."

"Yeah. I've never seen someone wrestle like you. I mean, you're really....", more adjectives, "....powerful."

Zaine's face flushed. "Well, I can get kinda...competitive."

Eric couldn't think of what to say next. He decided to say what he was thinking. "I know this is gonna sound really wierd, since we just met. But, would you like to grab a bite somewhere?"

Zaine smiled, revealing a bright toothy grin with one chipped tooth. "Sure. Thought you'd never ask." __________________________________________________ _______

The waitress brought their desserts, and Zaine thanked her. From the admiring look and knowing smile she gave him, Eric surmised he was a regular customer.

Zaine popped a bite of chocolate cake into his mouth. "So, what brings you here to Chicago?"

Eric savored a bite of blueberry pie before answering. "Told ya. I'm in town on business. After the match, I uhh, wanted to meet you."

Zaine's expression became serious, almost menacing, as he put down his fork. "You're not queer, are ya...?"

Eric nearly choked on his dessert. He swallowed and it went down hard. Had he been wrong? Was Zaine just a really nice straight guy? Was he about to get his ass kicked...?

Eric stood, and tossed a twenty dollar bill on the table. "Uhhh, this was a bad idea. I think I better go...."

He started to leave, and Zaine grabbed his arm as he walked by. His grip was strong, but not painful. Just enough to keep him from leaving. Eric tried not to soil himself.

Zaine looked up with a serious expression, "Sit down...."

Eric did as he was told. He slowly returned to his seat. There was no one here besides the waitress and a cook. And they didn't appear to be the type to care about some gay guy that might get bashed in the parking lot. Eric began to tremble as Zaine's piercing purple gaze nailed him to the spot.

"I'm gonna ask you again. And I'll know if you're lying. Are you gay?"

Eric tried to think of a way to defuse the situation. He decided that honesty was the best policy. "Ye-yes. I'"

Zaine smiled, and his response stunned Eric. "Good! So am I!"


To Eric's bewilderment, Zaine burst out laughing. "What's so funny?"

Zaine stopped laughing and smiled. "I wanted to see how honest you were. I wanted to see if ya had the guts to tell me."

Eric was stunned, but gradually began to chuckle, then laugh. "That's so mean....!"

"Awww, c'mon. Ya shoulda seen the look on your face. I thought you were gonna piss yourself."

"I almost did."

Zaine shrugged off his jacket, and hung it from the end of the booth. Eric watched, mesmerized. The t-shirt was a strange gray-blue that oddly brought out the color of his eyes. It was stretched tightly acrocss his chest and shoulders, the short sleeves were forced to ride up slightly by his arm which Eric estimated to be about 20 inches cold. As he turned, his the seams at the side of the shirt seemed to strain against his humongous lats. He turned back to catch Eric's wandering eyes.

"Like what ya see, huh?"

Eric looked up, blushing again. "Yeah. I have to admit, I'm a big fan of...uhhhh..."

Zaine finished for him, "...Muscle?"

Zaine leaned foreward and placed his forearms on the table, intertwining his fingers. "Okay. So, be honest with me. I can tell you're not from around here. And no one comes all the way to Chicago just to meet a collegiate wrestler on a whim. So, why don't ya tell me why you really came here to meet me? You know...don't you?"

Eric wanted to be certain. "Know what?"

"About what I can do. You're a muscle fan, that's obvious. You know, right?"


"How'd you find out?"

"Long or short version?"

"Short version."

"I have ways od getting information. I searched for you. For months."

"You from the government?"


"Good. That's why the last guy was here. Wanted to do "research". I said no. He tried to take me by force."

"And what happened?"

"I gave him a personal demonstration, and a trip to the ICU. Haven't seen or heard from'im since. Agent Graham, I think his name was."

Eric tried to supress the chill that went up his spine. He could only imagine what this incredible young man was capable of. "Aren't you afraid they might come back?"

"No. So, ya wanna go to my place? Or would you rather your hotel room?"

Eric was startled by the suddenness of the question. "Uhhhh...uhh..."

"I know ya want it. And I gotta tell ya....", He looked Eric over with a lusty gaze. Eric wasn't used to being the one who was checked out, and he turned a fiery red under Zaine's leering appraisal. "....The view from here ain't bad either." __________________________________________________ _______

Eric looked over at Zaine behind the wheel of his T-top Camaro. The car type fit him. But he looked a bit too big inside the low-cielinged car. His head was a fraction of an inch from breaking through the glass above.

Zaine looked over and smiled as they pulled into an off-street parking lot. "Here we are."

They got out of the Camaro, and Eric followed him into the apartment. It was half of a duplex on the ground floor. Zaine dropped his bag, and Turned on the lights. Eric had been expecting the messy living space of a jock. Or maybe even the spartan furnishing of a serious athlete. He was wrong on both counts.

The furnishings were plush, overstuffed pieces. A chair, a recliner, a loveseat, and a four seater sofa with an elegant oak coffee table. The recliner had a permanent indentation that suggested it was Zaine's favorite seat. The hardwood floor was covered in places by tasteful throw rugs, and near the big bay window at the living room's front sat an entertainment center furbished with a big screen plasma, and an elaborate home stereo system.

"Make yourself comfortable. I'll get us a couple of beers. Woodchuck alright?"

Eric nooded, "Yeah, thanks." He picked up a photograph from a prefab shelf loaded with Cds, and books. In the photo stood Zaine with his arm around a man that was handsome, and athletic looking. The man was noticeably shorter than Zaine.

Zaine came in and handed Eric a cold bottle of Woodchuck. "That's my pops."

"Where's your mother?"

Zaine took a swig before answering. "She passed away when I was six."

"Oh. I'm sorry."

He waved a hand dismissively. "Nah, no worries. She was great. I'm just glad for the time I had with her. And pops was a good father."

Eric loked into Zaine's beautiful purple eyes. There was a sadness there deep inside. "But you miss her."

He looked at the picture as if trying to imagine his mother in the photo with them. "Sometimes. Dad always said she was 'a hell of a woman'."

"Does your dad know you're gay?"

"Yeah. He took it kinda hard at first. His only son and all. But he got used to the idea."

"Well, that's good." He looked at Zaine again. "Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure, shoot."

"Do you wear contacts?"

Zaine chuckled and put down his drink. "I knew you were gonna ask sooner or later."


"Nope. It's strange. No one else in the family has purple eyes. Just me."

"Well, they're really....beautiful...."

Zaine looked deep into Eric's own crystal blues, "Yours ain't bad either...."

They stood, staring into eachother's eyes for a moment, a soft silence between them. Without warning, Zaine lunged forward, and pressed his lips to Eric's. Eric was taken by surprise, dropped his beer which thudded on the floor. It began to spill onto the polished wood. He felt Zaine's eager tongue force its way into his mouth. It was thick and powerful, massaging his fervently. Despite the alcahol, his mouth tasted strangely sweet.

Zaine wrapped his massive arms around Eric's waist, squeezing him slightly, flexing his pecs against Eric's own chest. Instantly aroused by the feel of Zaine's bulging chest, he pressed forward, urging his own tongue into his mouth and deepeneing the passion of the kiss. He put his arms around Zaine's narrow hips, and got a handful his rock hard glutes. They were rounded, tight, and warm through the denim of his jeans.

They broke the kiss, and Eric caught his breath. "Not shy are ya?"

Zaine shrugged, "I'm a wrestler. I like to be in control."

Eric looked down to the puddle of beer on the floor. "Shouldn't we clean that up first? It'll stain the wood."


"I don't think the landlord would appreciate it."

"No worries. My pops is the landlord."

Eric laughed. "I suppose that's an advantage."

Zaine moved quickly, not releasing his hold on Eric, and swept him up into his arms. Eric had to supress a squeal of delight as he was carried like he weighed nothing into the bedroom.... __________________________________________________ _______

Eric laid on the bed, waiting as Zaine went into the bathroom. "What're ya doing....?"

"I'm slipping into something more comfortable."

Eric wondered, and was soon answered as Zaine stepped into the doorway adjoining the bedroom and bathroom. He was wearing a plain, dark red singlet. Eric took in the sight with great appreciaition. Zaine's massive physique filled the singlet nicely. Every masculine curve was displayed. Every bulge, every striation, every ripple showed through the shiny elastic red fabric. And Eric could see that he was wearing nothing underneath as the crotch and front of his pelvic region were bulging with his massive man meat. Although soft, Eric guessed that it had to be at least 7 inches long and about 4 inches round.

Zaine turned a slow 360 for Eric's approval. "Well? What do ya think?"

"It looks great on ya. But...why?"

"If there's one thing i know about guys that're into growth, it's that they like watching a guy bust out of his clothes when he does grow. Almost as much as the growth itself."

Zaine walked, almost swaggering forward, and crawled onto the foot of the bed. His purple eyes seemed to glow with desire in the dimly lit room as he crawled up the bed toward Eric. Eric sat up, leaning on his elbows and Zaine stopped, his midsection in a parallel to Eric's outstretched legs. He moved forward, and again, their lips met. Eric slipped his arms around Zaine's thick neck, feeling how the muscles there bunched and flexed as he moved his head.

Zain's hands moved eagerly down over Eric's chest and stomach to his waist and untucked Eric's t-shirt. He hitched his thumbs under the fabric, and curled his broad hands around the sides of Eric's waist, sliding them upward. The shirt came with them, and Eric broke out in goosebumps. They broke the kiss long enough for Zaine to remove the shirt entirely.

Zaine looked down at Eric's slender defined torso admiringly with a low whistle. "Wow, looks like you're hidin' quite a bod under that shirt."

He placed his hands on Eric's chest, caressing his pecs and causing him to tilt his head back and inhale slightly. He continued the caress, moving down over his abs, and back up his sides as he used his hands to explore every inch of Eric's torso. There seemed to be a warmly electric energy flowing through Zaine's hands, and the sensation of it caused Eric's arms to weaken and give out as he flopped back into a prone position.

Zaine fumbled slightly with Eric's belt buckle, and slowly pulled his jeans down over his thighs and calves, discarding them to the floor. Eric lay on the bed in nothing now but a pair of sky blue bikini-briefs. Zaine moved up to straddle Eric's thickly muscled swimmer's thighs, pressing his package down on Eric's own member and squeezing his waist and hips between his own powerful quads. He could feel Eric's erection beginning to swell and push up against his own massive bulge.

He smiled,"You keep in good shape, Eric. I'm gonna enjoy getting to know every inch of you."

Eric blushed, still not used to being the one that was fawned over. "Thanks. But I got nothin' on you."

Zaine shrugged, "Don't sell yourself short. You're quite possibly the hottest guy I've ever had. And by far the best bod. Ya ready....?"

Eric nodded silently, and Zaine moved in. He lowered himself onto Eric slowly, making certain he could feel every inch of his body as it came into contact with Eric's. He slid his arms underneath Eric, putting his arms around him as they locked lips. The kiss felt different this time. More passionate, more electric. And he lost himself in the feel of Zaine's body. He could feel his raging hardon swelling and filling his briefs. he knew he was fairly well endowed at 8.5 inches, but knew he probably didn't have anything compared to the monster meat he felt pressing against his stomach.

Zaine moved his lips over Eric's face, then down to his shoulders. As he moved to Eric's pecs, Eric slid his arms around Zaine's shoulders, rubbing his long slender fingers of the rippling mass of his traps and delts. Zaine tantalized Eric's nipple with the tip of his tongue and gently tweaked the other with his thumb and index finger. Eric's head pitched bac, and he moaned in ecstacy.

Zaine continued downward, kissing each of Eric's six-pack abs, then using his tongue to trace the firm lines between each one. Eric began to squirm, and Zaine looked down. Eric's erection was stretching the waistband of his briefs, and finally popped up over


Eric looked down in concern, "What's wrong? Why'd you stop?"

Zaine smiled, "Sorry. I just wasn't expecting you to be so....big too...."

Eric went to say something, but was quickly silenced as, without a word, Zaine slid his briefs completely off, and took his full erection into his mouth. Eric moaned as wave after wave of pleasure engulfed his body. It felt like Zaine was wrapping his tongue completely around his shaft and sucking at the same time. He squirmed, and couldn't hold back as he pushed his hips upward and squeezed Zaine's head between his toned thighs.

Zaine barely registered the squeeze, and only continued. He wrapped his arms around Eric's thighs, and began sucking even harder. Eric couldn't tell what he was doing exactly, but it felt like the suction was causing his cock to swell even bigger as Zaine's mouth began to feel cramped. Suddenly, the cramped feeling lessened and Eric gasped as he felt Zaine deepthroat his cock. It'd never been big enough for someone to do that before. What the fuck was going on....? •

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