Perfect Drug, The


By Redman

I couldn't believe how great Greg looked. So much bigger than both of us, bigger than anything I could compare him to. He finally pulled me free of his lips with a deep growl that sent the most intense sensation through my spine. I continued to spurt, at the sight and sound of this man. The goth god had returned, and could probably dominate either one of us with his pinky.

Several news vans and tv stations had shown up to my once quite street and there was just a massive group of people watching the spectacle, though only a few of them were filming. Greg dropped me without another thought, laughing wickedly. I hit the ground with a grunt and hefted to stand, but even so my testicles touched the ground and made it almost impossible for me to move. I finally stopped spurting, and Anthony just stood there in awe. Less than half of Greg's size. The skyscraper of his cock casting a huge shadow over Anthony.

Greg flexed a bicep for the crowd, which was bigger than my house. Many people who hadn't already fainted dropped right then and there as the mountain rose on his arm. He looked over the crowd of people, which was starting to grow in numbers and just smiled. He bent over and looked around for a few moments before he spotted me again.

And here I hoped this god was done with me. He snatched me up quickly under the head of my shaft, which made me gasp as he lifted me by the sensitive organ which had been quite over used today. Yet I just kept producing more and more. With one hand he cupped my balls, and the other he started to jerk on me wildly, which sent my relatively little body bouncing back and forth. I spiraled into lust again and started to grunt as Greg tugged on my length, it felt like he was going to rip it right off, but I didn't care.

In no time I was cumming again, though this time he used me like a water gun, and started to spray the crowd. Gasps and moans and screams could be heard as most of the crowd got caught up in my sticky mess and fell onto the ground. It didn't take long for the drug to infect them, make them crazy for it. There was one particular news woman who was spooning handfulls of cum into her mouth as she started to burst from he nice dress suit.

The entire crowd began to grow and growl as I continued to spray load after load onto them. I heard a symphony of clothes bursting with heavy deep toned groans beneath. Then in only another few moments it became one massive muscle powered orgy. There was no preference among these people now, everyone was going after everyone, bodies tangled up as muscle pressed hard into inflating muscle.

One man was sitting in the front by himself, stroking his own tool. Though he noticed when he rubbed my seed into his member it grew much faster, which sent him crazy. He too began spoon up handfulls of my seed and dumping it over his member to make it swell and swell and swell.

I was in an absolute state of bliss. Greg was still jerking my member and growling in my ear, which kept me blast and blast to fill the street. I noticed one man standing above all the rest and looked a bit closer. Anthony had joined the crowd and was desperately trying to get as much of my seed as he could while the jackals attacked him for being the biggest.

The news woman I noticed only a few moments ago was huge, standing well above the crowd and she noticed Anthony and headed straight for him, pushing people out of her way with a wicked look on her face. As she mounted him I gasped and blew a particularily hard load which knocked some poor kid over.

The huge orgy continued for some time until I finally stopped exploding. Greg stopped stroking and just laughed wickedly, which almost sent me off again being so close to him. The crowd was still going at it like wild, Anthony was still the biggest among them, but wasn't much larger than he had been.

Greg just smiled and watched his work for a few moments before abruptly turning and stomping off with me cradled against his gigantic chest. He went over my fence and stomped off through the woods, towards the nearest city on the horizon. •

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