Perfect Partner


By PriceMazda

“Thank god”, he replied, “I didn’t think I could take anymore of work this week! At least now I have my time to myself”. With that, he quickly gathered his stuff, shoved it in a bag and practically ran out of the office. His colleagues barely new what was happening except for a faint “see you on Monday”.

Marcus’s journey home was always annoying. His office was in a Tube station desert that meant either taking a short bus ride or a 15-minute walk. As he walked towards the bus stop, Marcus saw the hoards of people crowding to get on the next bus. He particularly hated London buses in his own snobby way he regard the bus as the ‘poor man’s tube’, and with that thought he decided it was worth the walk. Spring had just arrived in London. The trees were out in blossom and slowly the city was warming up from one of its longest winters in years. His journey would take him past the countless coffee chains that had sprung up all over London in recent years, he thought to himself “these chains stores are killing the traditional Italian and French cafes. Every part of London is the same now, with the same shops, the same restaurants”.

As Marcus walked past shop windows he would look at himself as he walked by, this was no exception. He was always careful not to attract the attention of the people inside. He knew this was a clear sign of vanity. He knew he was attractive. He was 5ft 9, blond and blue eyed. A few years ago he would have been called a twink but as the years rolled by and he approached his mid-twenties (as is all too often) he started to fill out. Marcus also has gained more weight than happens naturally as we get older. Marcus was about 20lbs overweight. A year ago he decided to give up smoking. After smoking for 10 years, he found it much easier than he than he thought, but the consequence was an increased appetite combined with his love of fatty foods. His vanity was merely a defence mechanism to protect himself from his desires to be a hot muscle boy.

He finally arrived at the tube station and joined the huddled masses crammed onto the tiny platforms. The train was late due to signalling problems, which meant he and everyone else in London were packed like Sardines in a can, but luckily for him he only had a few stops and he would be home in Soho. Marcus knew how lucky he was living in Soho; it was so central. Marcus often loved going for coffee to watch all the hot men strut by. How he longed to be one of them, wearing tight t-shirts and showing off their hard work in the gym, exuding confidence and sex appeal.

He arrived home to find his boyfriend had already got home from work. “Hi” Marcus said, “How was your day?” His boyfriend, Jack replied in his usual mumble ”alright, I suppose”. “Oh so your in a bad mood again?” and with that Marcus walking into the bathroom. He looked at himself in the mirror and thought to himself ‘Jack can be a real pain in the arse sometimes. I wish he would stop being so negative all the time’. Jack was the love of his life, but he could be extremely difficult. While Marcus, had gained weight, Jack had gained even more. Jack was verging on being obese. Marcus had thought maybe this is where John’s bad moods come from. Perhaps if he were thinner, his mood would be better. Marcus often felt that Jack took him for granted, and now that Marcus was going to the gym and sorting hid life out. He made is so hard to live with him, he wondered what it would be like to have a different boyfriend.

Jack asked, “You’re going out tonight aren’t you?” Marcus shouted back from the bathroom, “yeah, I am going out to a club with Jonty”. “Oh” Jack said looking disappointed. “I told you about this on Monday” Marcus said walking back into the room. “Are you ok about me going out?” Jack replied “sure, no problem” but he looked dejected. Marcus decided not to let Jack make him feel guilty; he hadn’t seen Jonty in months and hadn’t been out clubbing for ages.

After a depressing dinner of salad Marcus started to get ready to go out. It took him ages to get ready. Marcus can never decide on what to wear, he usually has to try on every outfit he can find. He wants to look good for the boys tonight!!! As Marcus is just putting his shoes on there is a knock at the door, its Jonty.

Jonty was his usual bubbly self. Marcus often admires the way Jonty can be constantly ‘on’. Its like he is switched ‘on’ with happiness and a joie de vivre. With a kiss good bye to Jack and a “don’t wait up” giving Jonty a mischievous grin, they were off.

The queue to the club was big. It always was. Most of the queue is to create the right impression that the club was popular. Marcus looked around the queue to look at all the hotties. As usual they were everywhere. Marcus scanned the crowd and saw everyone from preppy kids, to Fashionistas, to fag hags, to Brazilian Adonis’s with their impossibly perfect bodies and looks. Marcus than scanned a bit further until his eyes bumped into a middle-aged guy. He was tall and had an imposing figure. He was about 6ft 2. He had grey hair and a rugged face; Marcus could see the grey stubble on his face. It was a face that enchanted Marcus, he found himself drawn towards this guy. The guy was built as well! His ripped check shirt showed the power and size of his arms and shoulders. His pecs protruded showing the years worth of work it must have taken to get them so big. When he turned around Marcus saw the width of his back that tapered down to a tight, small waist. It was almost like this guy knew Marcus took a shine to him and he was giving him a twirl! The guy was old enough to be his dad, maybe late 40’s, early 50’s but nonetheless Marcus found him amazingly attractive. Suddenly, they made eye contact and Marcus panicked but the guy smile in a sexy way and Marcus went red and quickly looked away in fear! He was embarrassed he had been found out for staring. With that the queue started to move and the hot guy went inside.

Jonty and Marcus made sure they were going to have a great night. They bought some coke and some G. Marcus loved G, the confidence it gives you, the way it makes you feel sexy, but most of all for the way it makes you super horny. The phrase ‘bitch in heat’ really is applicable Marcus thought. Jonty was dancing his ass off positioning himself close to the Muscle Mary’s, moving from one guy to the next trying to get one of them to notice him. Jonty was so caught up in his own world he didn’t notice that him and Marcus had got separated. The dance floor was absolutely packed, with barely enough room to breathe let alone go on a search and rescue mission for lost friends.

Marcus too, was looking around for any possible hook-ups. He was his usual smiling self when high on G. Marcus found this to be a really good approach. The egotistical Mary’s almost don’t know what to do with someone who smiles, so they smile back. It really breaks down the self-defence mechanisms people use in clubs. As he was scanning the crowd, his eyes found the guy from the queue! The second he spotted him, his adrenalin started pumping around his body, and his heart started pounding with anticipation. Marcus hadn’t felt like this about a guy for a long time. The guy was dancing in a seductive yet masculine way. He had taken his shirt off and was proudly (and rightly) showing off his decades in the gym. Marcus was mesmerised by his powerful and muscular back. There was something about this guy that had got Marcus hooked on him. It was strange Marcus tried to not look but every time he did he got this intense urge to look up and be in awe of his presence.

Marcus tore himself away from looking at him and turned his back on the guy and danced looking in a different direction. But even then the urge to turn around and look was to strong. So Marcus turned around and bam! He turned right round into the hot guy! “Oh, uh, I didn’t see you there, I’m sorry” Marcus sputtered. Marcus could feel his blood move to the surface of his face and make him go red. He didn’t know where to look, whether to look the guy in the face or at the ground kind of hoping he will not notice you. “That’s OK fella” the hot guy replied, “no worries. Are you here by yourself?” “Ummm, uhhh, no my mate is wandering around in here somewhere” Marcus said, “well its so packed in here you will struggle to find him, by the way my name is Peter”. Marcus couldn’t believe what was happening he was actually having a conversation with this guy who was breathtaking, manly and muscular! “Errrr , I’m Marcus”. “Pleased to meet you Marcus” Peter said and with that he stuck out his hand gesturing for us to shake hands. I found this whole experience bizarre as the man I had been getting hot for all night, is offering me a handshake? When they did shake hands Marcus could feel the tough, rough calluses that can only have been formed with hours of hard workouts. Marcus thought that was really hot, strong, rough masculine hands. “Hey, buddy, there is no need to be so nervous, I am not an ogre” Peter said, with that Marcus thought it strange that he was nervous at all, he looked up and smiled and said “yeah, I’m sorry, I’m not usually” with that Marcus looked over Peter close up. He was even hotter close up than from afar. Marcus could see the lines on his face both from age and from bodybuilding. His grey stubble only added to the sexiness of his face. His shoulders were big and round and you could see the striated definition as he danced to the music. His pecs were big as well, jutting out of his body with large nipples at the bottom. His body tapered down to a tight, small waist, a waist that is much smaller than Marcus’s own he thought. Finally, Marcus looked at Peter’s abs, they were in perfect symmetry but not with overly chiselled definition, just enough to see how well developed his 6 pack was. Wow! Marcus thought. Then he thought ‘hold on a second this guy is old enough to be my dad! I would never usually find a guy like attractive at all!’ but when he looked back at Peter all those thoughts just melted away.

They chatted and dance for a few minutes more with Marcus getting more and more relaxed around Peter and more and more enchanted by him. Slowly, Peter danced towards Marcus, edging ever closer, until they were virtually on top of each other, all the time staring into each other’s eyes in a sexy way. Marcus felt a rough hand on his hip, he looked down and it was Peters! By the time he looked up to Peter, he felt a second hand on his other hip. Marcus could feel Peter’s dick, and he knew that he wasn’t unlucky in that department either! Peter picked up Marcus’s hands and placed them around his waist. Marcus almost had to pinch himself, here he was, dancing with this massive and hot guy, and it was almost unreal. Marcus finally got some confidence back and his hands started to move over Peter’s muscular torso. Marcus felt the power of his shoulders and his biceps were huge as well. Peter started to flex a little. He bounced his pecs when Marcus’s hands moved over them. Peter lent in and said in Marcus’s ear “do you like muscle”? Marcus said “yeah”. “Do you like muscle guys?” Marcus said “yeah a lot”. “Do you like big, masculine guys with big muscles?”, “lots!” Marcus said. With all this dirty talk Marcus was getting really hard, its like Peter knew exactly what to say to turn him on. Peter said, “Because I get off on someone getting off on my body. It really turns me on. Do you get off on my muscles?” With that Marcus said, “Yes, I do”. “Yes, what?” Peter replied. “Huh, what do you mean?” Marcus quizzed. “What do you say, ‘yes, what’?”, it now seemed perfectly crystal clear to Marcus what Peter meant, Marcus replied almost like he was on autopilot “yes, sir!” Marcus knew that Peter was in control.

Peter and Marcus danced the night away. Marcus now felt completely at ease with Peter. It was like Marcus had known Peter all his life. They would periodically get close and Marcus would feel Peter’s hard body while Peter flexed for him. The night drawn on and it was then that Peter said, “I’m getting tired, do you fancy coming back to my place?” Marcus knew his answer even before Peter had finished his sentence, “yes” he replied quickly. “Great” said Peter, “I think you will be just perfect”. “Perfect for what?” Marcus asked, “Oh, ummm. Perfect for me” said Peter. Marcus left the club with Peter in a bit of a daze, but he just assumed it was the drugs he had taken. All he knew is he wanted to go home with Peter, everything else seemed irrelevant.

When they arrived at Peter’s house, Marcus was feeling pretty confused by now. He had the horn now and was desperate for him and Peter to get it on. Peter however had other ideas. He said, “Do you want a drink?” Marcus replied, “Yeah, do you have any juice?” ‘Juice!’ Peter thought, ‘how ironic, if he only knew what is about to happen to him!’ Peter was hunting in the kitchen for the vial of the ‘juice’ he going to serve this kid. Peter would never go home with a guy like this; he is fat and skinny at the same time. This is what he has been reduced to. Ever since his partner Brian died in a road accident 5 years ago peter has been lonely and unable to find his perfect partner. It was a few months ago that he came across a Singles website. He was lonely from years of being alone and he decided to change that. It was purely by chance he stumbled across the website surfing on the web one night. The site promised to “find your perfect partner’ and ‘let’s you stay in control’. The site had a high membership fee but since it promised to find your “perfect partner guaranteed’ he was calmer about paying the money as he can always ask for it back if he wasn’t satisfied. After the long-winded registration process, he got to the good stuff. He had to fill in a long form about everything that he would wish his ideal partner to be from height, age, and eye colour to intelligence, career, and wealth. Peter sat down and listed his fantasy man. The man that was a merger of his ideal and Brian, ‘wow’ he thought ‘wouldn’t that be perfect’. He wanted someone about 6ft 2, he wanted someone around his own age, maybe 43-50 but not old looking. He definitely wanted a guy who was big, built and muscley. It went through every aspect from body hair, to tattoos, piercings, teeth, attire, religious beliefs, the list went on and on. Peter finished and was exhausted from such an extensive list. It felt strangely cathartic the ‘perfect partner’ process, Peter felt like he had just poured his life and soul into this website, he thought ‘it had better be good’.

As Peter found the vials in his fridge, he thought to himself ‘I can’t believe I am going to do this’, but if this works all my dreams will come true’ and all the money on that site will seem like small change for what I’ll get in return. He read the labels on the 3 vials carefully. The first vial was the main agent of change; it should do everything in one dose. However, instructions says ‘it appears that some people requested such intense of severe changes that more doses may be necessary to complete the change. There is no way of knowing what level of dosage is required as each change is unique and each recipient has a different metabolism. Always read the label, in the unlikely event that you feel unwell after taking this product please contact your health care provider’. Peter opened the first vial and poured it into Marcus’s orange juice. ‘After he drinks this’, Peter thought ‘he should go under in 20 minutes and the changes will the equivalent of a full nights sleep to take effect’. Just enough time to rest and then I hopefully I can try out my new man!

Marcus was sitting on the sofa waiting patiently for Peter to return, after a night of drugs and dancing he was quite dehydrated and was looking forward to quenching his thirst. He was also looking forward to Peter quenching his horniness. Marcus had a flash of guilt about John, his boyfriend. They had an open relationship but Jack had always felt threatened when Marcus would pull a really hot guy. But Marcus thought, ‘what Jack won’t know, won’t hurt him’. Peter came into the room with the drinks. He passed the glass of orange juice to Marcus and sat down next to him rubbing Marcus’s inner thigh. Marcus took the drink and said, “I am thirsty” and drank the lot in one go. Peter thought ‘wow, well this is it now we shall soon find out what happens, and this could be the last the world sees of Marcus’.

Marcus polished off the drink and sat back; still amazed he had pulled such a hot guy. He couldn’t shake off the feeling that he wouldn’t have normally gone for someone nearly 25 years older than him, but that feeling was weak and remote. Peter moved closer to him on the sofa and took Marcus’s hands and placed them on his big pecs. Marcus responded by massaging them in a circular motion and playing with his big round nipples. Then the moment Marcus had been waiting for all night, Peter moved closer and into a kiss. Marcus felt himself shiver with the thrill; it was an intense, passionate kiss. Marcus could feel Peter’s stubble against his smooth boyish face. He loved it. He loved the idea of a real man finding him attractive and getting turned on. What Marcus didn’t know is what was about to happen to him was turning on Peter. A few minutes later Marcus started to feel tired, he couldn’t believe it, ‘this is the most amazing guy I have been with’ Marcus thought, ‘and I want to go to bed!’. He was kicking himself. As time went on, he got more and more tired, to the point he could barely keep his eyes open. Peter noticed Marcus was fading in and out, “Marcus” Peter said, “hey, lets get you to bed, you have had a long night”. Marcus, liked how Peter was taking charge, and he readily agreed. By the time Peter had got Marcus to the bedroom and started undressing him, he conked out. Peter started to get excited, ‘this stuff may actually work!’ Marcus was sound asleep; every so often he would twitch and groan, Peter wondered if this was the formula working its magic. Peter sat by the bed for a few hours just to make sure nothing bad happened, but he couldn’t keep his eyes open anymore he would just have to leave the discovery of his new lover to the morning..... •

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