Perfect Drug, The


By Redman

So Anthony was in total control now. There wasn't even any way to get off of his giant prick. So I'd just have to wait as the giant continued to rub my hormone laced seed into my prick and the massive spheres beneath that were starting to bunch up against his abdomen. My cock continued to erupt, and I could feel his hands growing bigger on my length, gripping me tighter.

When I was finally done shooting I couldn't even tell how big my prick had become, but it felt heavy, even on my incredibly muscled frame. I whimpered around his mammoth member, which did little than make him moan a bit. He stared to laugh quite deeply, sending shiveres through my hulking body. I felt his huge hands on my hips and slowly began to pull me off his prick. I gasped as his cock exited my throat and pulled all the way back until he popped out of me. I just groaned and sighed in relief, though now I finally got a chance to really look at him. As he held me like a child, high enough so we were eye level. I just stared at him and he smiled wickedly. His head was bigger than mine, but still looked ridiculously tiny atop his gigantic trap muscles.

Then my vison focused on something closer, my cock. Another gasp came from my mouth. He'd turned me basically into a dildo that could spew magic. My cock was just as big as I was, almost as big as his, and my balls were actually bigger than his. He set me down on the grass with another laugh and just bent over to look at me. One huge hand came down to grip me just under the spongey tip of my cock. He started to drag me across the grass by it, which sent me into a fit of moans and more pre bubbled from the tip. The pressure in my balls was rather intense, I didn't care that he was going to get even bigger now, I just needed to release.

He continued to drag me until we came to his pool, at which point he flopped my prick down so it hung into his olympic sized swimming pool, which was currently empty. I suddenly heard a rustling a ways away but didn't even think anything of it.

He slowly got down behind me and I could feel that deep abdomen press into the back of my head, which made me whimper. He leaned down a bit further and slid his cock slowly between my massive thighs. So the muscle squeezed at it before my legs were forced to split. Under my huge ballsack along to ground to lift it a bit, and then along the underside of my cock until his pelvis was pressed into my huge bubble butt. His pecs rested on top of my shoulders and cast a massive shadow over me. Then one gigantic arm came from around me and grabbed my massive prick to start stroking it wildly.

"Cum now you little slut." He said simply in that deep commanding tone that just wracked through my body. I started quivering and jerking as I sat atop his member, and before long another load burst forth from my shaft. It hit the far end of the pool and dripped into it, a very thick and rich white. He kept jerking me, which made me pant and whimper as I continued to explode and fill the pool.

"Look at all of that. I'm going to have to clean that all up myself." He let out a booming laugh and started to stroke me even harder. Though the site of his massive bicep bouncing right next to me had my full attention. My hands instantly went to touch the giant muscle and press against it. Even with all my strength I couldn't even dent the skin.

We both were suddenly quite infatuated with his body. He looked down as I continued to burst and started to bounce his pecs, which started punching my shoulders rather hard. I reached back, my own biceps bunching up as I grabbed at his huge hardened nipples and tugged on them a bit. I latched my legs around his prick and started to grind myself against him. I just couldn't help it, it all felt so good. I was starting to give in completely.

"I w-w-want.. you to get bigger." I said in a shaky voice and he just smiled starting to pump my shaft even faster. More and more cum spewing forth, though our eyes were completely locked on each other. He was watching me watch him flex and tease me.

Then suddenly we heard a rather deep laugh, and I felt two huge hands grab the head of my cock. Followed by a pair of hungry lips. We both looked just in time to see that adorably hunky goth boy stuff my 15 foot cock into his lips and a ways down his throat. He had already drank quite a deal of cum that had filled the swimming pool, but wanted it straight from the tap. Cum started gushing down his throat and Greg just exploded. His face winced as he felt unbelieveable power rushing through his frame. He was bigger than me in no time, all the while Anthony was trying to get himself up.

He pulled out from under me and pulled away, standing tall now, but Greg was almost as big as he was already, and now had be pushed all the way down his throat.

"Yes Greg yes! Grow!!" I whimpered at him as suddenly Anthony swaggered past me to grab Greg by the shoulders and push. Though he only managed to get him back a couple of inches before Greg was strong enough to push himself right back down on my cock. Anthony moved behind him in quite a frantic manner and grabbed him by the hips to try and pull him away, but it was no use. So Anthony did the only thing he thought of, and pressed the head of his member between two massive asscheeks, which actually let him in. He speared into Greg with a grunt, hands instantly clinging to his growing ass muscles and started to pound away like his life depended on it.

Greg was hunched over, and was already much bigger than Anthony, now lifting me off the ground to hold me in the air and continue sucking down my cum, which just kept flooding and flooding his throat.

"Yes yes!! BIGGER GREG!!" I cried at him with a lust stricken voice, the goth boy just looked so beautiful and he was getting bigger and bigger and more handsome, and could easily pin Anthony to the ground with just his mighty cock, but I wanted him to get even bigger.... •

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