Perfect Drug, The


By Redman

Wasn't Anthony in the lucky position? Well he probably didn't think so at the moment, but he probably would in a few. I still had quite a few feet of length to push into him, though I wasn't going to give it all to him. I stopped when the massive head bulged out of his belly before I started to thrust, though I could feel Greg's shaft meeting mine, though it was much much smaller. Absolutely filling the poor guy with cock.

Greg wasn't watching Anthony though, he was watching me, still in awe at how big I'd become. Even though he was jealous Anthony was going to get the next batch he couldn't help but feel great to just be helping me pound this little guy into a muscle stud.

My pre was making him swell at quite the constant rate, and in only a few seconds of me pounding him he was gaining on bodybuilder size. I could feel his ass cheeks getting stronger around my prick, though still not even close to strong enough to even dent the skin. It only made me shift back and forth harder. More pre splurting from the tip and mixing with Greg's to make his growth accelerate even more.

I was only going to fill him with my pre and then pull out to spray my load away and watch as they scrambled to lick it up, but I should have known. There was no way I was going to pull out when I was burried so deeply in a swelling muscle bound hunk. So I kept pistoning away with deep grunts until finally I could feel that tingle rolling up my spine.

I exploded with a fierce roar as my seed erupted, truley like a volcano as the molten hot seed sent him inflating. Anthony was growiling deeply around Greg's shaft, soo much power flowing through him as he absorbed every drop. His back popped and exploded before my eyes as I bent over him. I could feel his ass cheeks swelling around my cock with new power, squeezing on me a bit harder now. He grew much faster than either me or Greg had, even more than I expected him too. He was exploding with power, lifting further and further off the ground.

I held still, and just let my cum explode into him, fill him with more and more power. I knew I should pull out before he got any bigger than me, otherwise I'd have a real problem on my hand, but I knew I'd never be able to until I was done. So he just kept growing, soon as big as Greg, and I could see a rather sad look wipe across his face. Greg was already spent and pulled out, and I was still cumming strong. Before long you couldn't see the outline of my cock so well, and I pushed to bury it completely inside of him until my balls slapped against his, which were quickly filling with rich creamy seed. He was gaining on my size.

That was it, pull out now or make him the most powerful being on earth. Though I knew I couldn't, and didn't even draw back a bit. As he gained on my size Anthony started to laugh deep, which was sending Greg into fits of pleasure, and simply sending a tingle through my spine. He moved up to his knees, with my cock still burried inside of him and pushed back slowly to bury it back inside of him and push me down onto my back with a massive earthshaking thud. His massivly muscled ass was gripping me hard now as he sat on me.

"Yes! Yes! Stronger! Stronger than both of you pimpsqueaks!" Was the first we heard from the new Anthony's voice as he pressed down hard on me, quickly becomming strong enough to make even me hurt a bit. He flexed his still swelling biceps and blew as kiss at Greg, which made him burst once again as he jerked on his length to this new god.

When I was finally done cumming the titan pulled off of me, I couldn't see his head over his gigantic back. My dick flopped free and he stood tall, towering over both of us. He turned and bent over to look down at me over his gigantic truck sized pecs, two massive nipples that stuck out at least a foot pointed down towards me. He must have been at least 25 feet tall. Anthony had a pretty big dick to begin with, and now his just dwarfed mine at 10 feet, and about 3 in thickness. The damn thing was nearly as big as I was. His once slick black hair was grown down his huge back, down about mid way now.

"Thanks Jake, I couldn't have asked for a better present. " His voice actually shook my body now, and I gasped as a bit of pre leaked from my member. Anthony was what I'd called a greaser, and was always a smooth talker, but I didn't know if he was gay, and was always afraid to talk to him. Though now he did all the talking, and I just continued to lay there, looking up at him.

"I'm going to keep feeding on you until I can't anymore..." He said with a wicked grin, dropping to his knee's. He lifted my hips and I tried to clamp them around his waist, which only made him laugh and I use using all my force to try and crush him and he didn't even feel it. So here the 3 biggest men lay in Anthony's back yard as he was getting ready to stick that battering ram into me.

It came with a ferocious roar from my deep throat. I couldn't even see Greg, and figured he'd run away scared, but my roar was sure to send anyone around into a sex coma. Though Anthony just smiled and grabbed my arms.

"And there's nothing you can do about it shrimp. I know you've always wanted this cock. I see you peeking at me through the windows. Well here it comes slut." And with that he burried his entire length inside of me, which bulged out between my pecs and distended my deep abdomen. I cried out again and windows shattered from the shock wave of my mighty voice. Though it was nothing compared to his, thank god he was using a relatively soft voice. He grabbed my prick with both his gigantic hands and just grinned, leaning down quite a bit to wedge it between his gigantic pecs, which made my cock completely vanish. He squeezed them together and I thought he was going to break my prick right in two. He bent down further until the head came out the top of his pecs, and he just smiled, talking to my cock like it was a microphone.

"Cum you stupid slut.. Cum harder than you ever have!" He said it rather loud, and in such a harsh voice it made me cry out again in pleasure. Accompanied with a few swift jerks of his hands and his lips diving around the tip of my cock I exploded right then and there with a fresh load. It ripped down his throat harder than ever.

He wasn't swelling as fast this time, but he was definitely swelling at a rapid pace. I gushed and gushed down his throat and the giant started to get even bigger. I could feel his cock expanding inside of me, starting to disten my body further, though he wasn't even fucking me, just making me stretch around him. His cock pushed further and further into me, and I started to gag, I could feel it entering my throat. I don't know how it was even close to possible, but questioning things at this point was a bit silly anyway. I gasped and that was the last heard from my mouth as his cock invaded my throat from the wrong direction. My neck bulged out even further and further and soon enough my cheeks bulged as the head started to come out my throat.

He had me absolutely scewered on his gigantic pole as was still growing. Though he was having a lot of trouble continuing to suck me off as he grew taller and taller and his pecs pushed further and further out around my cock. He finally couldn't reach it anymore and his hips popped off, about the same time his cock was exiting my mouth, my lips spread wider than I could have imagined. He stood up and laughed and I bobbed along with his giant prick as it stretch aboved me now. He could feel his pecs swelling faster than everything else as my cock erupted between them, which gave the 35 foot tall monster an idea.

He reached in and pulled my cock from his pecs to aim it straight up so it splattered back down all over my pricks. Hands started to rub it into my prick and my testicles quickly as he stood there with me hanging off his prick. I barley even knew what was going on, but all I could feel was pleasure.

Though I could feel the distinct feeling of my prick and those two massive muscle producing balls swelling again. Filling with more rich seed.

"Hahaha.. Maybe I won't have to stop afterall!" The giant boom, which instantly sent my cock erupting harder, like another orgasm building on top of the one that was already going off… •

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