Perfect Drug, The


By Redman

I just couldn't stop, 13 feet came and went as I continued to just slurp from my mighty cock head. Gallon after gallon of muscle producing seed absorbed into my frame. My pecs started to eat my chin, so I had to keep it permanently nestled between them. Sinking deeper into the valley of my titanic muscles. When I became 15 feet of monster muscle I finally let go of my cock with a gasp, the rest of my load shot forth and soaked into my huge boulders of pec muscle, Which suddenly ballooned out a bit further, unproportional to my frame, with giant steel nipples pointing downwards.

I pushed off the ground with a mighty grunt, my massive hand leaving an imprint. All I could feel was power, all around me and I loved it. When I got up my head smacked against the ceiling and I just laughed rather wickedly. My voice shook the whole house by it's foundation, and sent a tingle through Greg's spine strong enough to make him start leaking pre. He dropped to his knees in front of me with an absolutely astonished look at my massive frame, and my tiny little head nestled between my pecs, with my neck muscles almost completely overtaking my head and making it look sunk in. Both of his hands now went to his member, and he uncontrollably started to jerk himself off as I raised one gigantic arm to flex. A bicep of unimaginable size rose up and pressed hard between my forearm and beach ball of a shoulder. My bicep was now nearly as large as I had just been, rolled into a ball. With a massive hose thick vein that ran along the surface.

"Cum Greg..." I said simply, in the deepest tone I could must, and his body shook violently. It quickly sent him into overload and he started to explode on my carpet. Thick heavy torrents that didn't even come close to matching mine splashed and soaked into the rug as I flexed for him. I made my huge almost car sized pecs bounce a few times, and you could even hear the hard thud as they smacked up and down. My 8 pack was made up of massive basketball sized muscles that pushed out incredibly far it cast such a great shadow between them. I stood 5 feet taller than Greg, even though I needed to hunch over to not break through into my parents room. Thank god they were on vacation. Though I didn't even really care to think about that right now.

My shaggy blonde hair had grown down my back, to almost my butt, perfect flowing hair of an absolute beast. My cock, stayed wedged firmly between my pectoral muscles. It had to be somewhere around 6 feet long, with a pair of testicles that didn't match. They were much bigger and just looked chalk full of that muscle producing cum. Whoever got the next load, if anyone, was going to be beyond a god if they can manage to swallow it all.

"Jake.. jake oh my god.. Please.. make me bigger. Let me have that massive cock, I need more power, I need to become like you!" He whimpered and begged. Quickly getting up to grab my member at the middle and try and pull it from my pecs. Now he was strong, but I was worlds stronger, so I simply picked him up under the arms with both hands, lifting his face up to mine and then smiling wickedly with my row of perfect white teeth.

"No.." I said in a deep harsh tone that sent that same tingle through his form. "I decide who grows now and who doesn't. I'm in charge." I couldn't help but let the power corrupt me, I felt like a beast and even more so wanted to act like one. So I set him back down and turned to look at the door with a laugh. I started walking, and just bulldozed right through it. Not even bracing for impact, I just walked right through it. The hall was crumbling around my shoulders. Since they were much too wide to fit, I didn't look back, but I was sure Greg was hot on my tail, staring at the two gigantic spheres that hung off the backs of my legs. I had to swagger quite a bit, but I could still move pretty fast. Though my balls bouncing off huge thigh muscles weren't helping, and all the while I walked my cock started thrusting itself between my pecs. When I reached the front door I just smiled and burst through it out into the street. There was already a flock of people standing there from hearing all the destruction, but when I burst from the house most of them fainted.

Greg stepped out beside me with a nervous look on his face and quite a few lesser gasps went off. I felt like a kid in a candy store as I looked out over the small neighborhood. Even when I tried to stand up straight I hunched over, and I noticed my hands almost came down to my knees when I let them hang. Though I didn't spend too much time thinking about myself as several girls flocked over to us, and even one boy, who couldn't have been older than 13. The ones that hadn't fainted were transfixed by these two gods erupting from a house left in shambles.

The two girls started to rub my gigantic member quickly and I just stood there grunting. Though they could barley reach the base. So I reached in to pull it from my pecs with a grunt and let it fall down to sit at a 90 degree angle from my body. The girl seemed to be a mom, rather plain looking and her daughter, who was a little chubby, but I didn't really care, I just wanted the whole town to worship me. The two females didn't even really know what to do with a cock bigger than they were, so they just ran their hands all over it's length and tried desperately to kiss at the underside. The boy on the other hand just stood there, staring in awe. Greg was still standing beside me, quite as a ever, though I noticed the goth muscle boy was idly stroking his member as he watched these girls attack me.

This was taking far to long, and I barley felt anything from their tiny little hands, so I stepped back a bit and grabbed my massive cock under the head. I bent it down and they opened wide like two hungry birds. A few drops of pre fell and they quickly fought to swallow it. It was almost as much as one of my loads when I first injected the serum. Then I turned to the boy and just smiled down at him, bending over quite a bit so I could see him better over the mountains on my chest. I stroked a bit hard down and pushed the tip of my member to his face as a few more drops fell. He didn't even know what to do, but the overwhelming urge to swallow filled his mind, and so he did.

In only moments all 3 were starting to grow, though oddly enough it had quite the different effect on the women. They were still starting to gain muscle mass and height, but four breasts were starting to swell as well. They were moaning wildly and rubbing themselves as they swelled and power blasted through them. Though I wasn't done with the boy yet. I pumped a few more drops into his mouth and he swelled even faster, bursting from his shorts and t-shirt in no time. The 13 year old went a bit beyond bodybuilder size before he stopped, and just stood there in awe with himself. Though he couldn't ignore his new 14 inch member. Which was all he really thought about now, besides muscle. So he started to jerk himself off to the sight of this muscle god endowing the people with power.

The girls were bigger than any female bodybuilder that ever lived and most of the men. The daughter somehow managed to get larger than her mother, quite a bit as well, standing at 6'5, where her mother was only 6'0. They were both mostly naked as well, the tight remnaints of clothing clinging to their huge bodies. Huge breasts made to look even bigger by the huge pecs that sat underneath.

Each started to flex and rub at each other, before they noticed each other, and the boy stumbled over to quickly insert himself into the daughter with a grunt. I didn't stay to watch anymore though, I'd had my fun with them, and turned them sex craved. Though now it was on to other business. I turned to look down the street with a smile and just looked down at Greg. "Stop jerking off, we're going to Anthony's house."

I turned and started to walk, my massive feet left craters in the pavement, and in only a few huge strides I was down the street at my friend Anthony's house. I caught him through the window one time, and saw that he had a huge prick. Ever since I wanted to see it up close. It was mid afternoon, but there Anthony was, taking a nap in his bed. I just smiled and one massive hand burst through the window to grab the man by his waist. Careful when pulling him out so he didn't cut his new little toy.

"Hello Anthony.." I said with a sinister grin, and he woke up with an instant boner in his boxers. It took him a while to realize it wasn't a dream and he started to scream. I just laughed and set him down on my gigantic prick, making him straddle it and use it like a seat. Which could easily hold him, and probably a couple more people.

"It's my Anthony.. Jake.. I have a BIG present for you." And with that I flipped him over onto his belly. Pushing him down into the grass. "Greg... you can have his mouth.. I'm going to try it a different way this time.." I pressed the gigantic head of my member against his rump, there was no way I was going to fit inside of him. I rubbed back and forth a bit, and a few drops of pre glistened and soaked between his cheeks. I just smiled wickedly and reached forth to pull his cheeks apart with my huge thumbs, then I inserted one finger into him, which was much bigger than any normal man's prick to begin with. Then the other from a different hand, and I started to pull. Sure enough he started to stretch apart like I had when Greg shoved his member down my throat. I pushed forth and my head started to squeeze in. Pre was starting to flow at a constant rate now, bubbling into Anthony to lube and fill the passge. I could already feel him getter warmer, and starting to grow as I pushed forth. The massive head split his hips and his legs seperated quite a bit as his body distended to take my length, further and further down.

Greg hadn't done what I said yet, due to the sight of things. He couldn't belive I managed to get that thing into Anthony, and was driving in even further. Though eventually he moved to Anthony's lips, who was no doubt screaming his head off from being torn in half and simply shoved that huge member all the way down his throat to muffle his screams.

I only hope I have enough self control to keep him from getting bigger than me… •

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