Journal, The

Day Four


By Braun1

As Tom walked toward the lake, I could but marvel at the site of him. His newly grown body was perfection in motion. He moved with the grace of a dancer yet had the muscle any body builder would have given his life savings to become.

His shoulders were so dramatically broad when compared to his waist and his glutes were so incredibly smooth and firm, like two balloons bunching up under his skin. As he walked into the water I felt a pang because I knew how cold that water was. He didn't seem to mind at all and when it had reached his shoulders he turned around and smiled.

All I could see now was his head as he floated in the water and what I saw made my heart melt. His emerald green eyes shone in the morning sun and the smile was that of incredible contentment. I walked toward him in the water but reached him floating while my pecs were still out of the water. The water was amazingly warm in this cove and I guessed there must have been a warm spring or something.

I wasn't paying attention to him as I was trying to get the cum out of my hair and he dove under the water and pulled my legs out from under me. I went splashing under the water and reached around for him, but he wasn't there. I surfaced and the water ran off of my body taking the sweat and cum with it. I pushed the hair off of my face and looked around for Tom.

He was no where to be seen. I continued to clean myself and just as I was about to dunk myself for one last rinse, I felt a warm mouth envelope my cock head. I was immediately aroused and could feel it swelling quickly. I reached down and grabbed Tom by the shoulders and lifted him. He was smiling from ear to ear and he reached out and wrapped his arms around my neck and his legs around my waist.

"Man, I can't believe how well my body works," he said. "I've been swimming since I was just a baby and on the swim team in high school, but now, man I can move through the water with incredible ease and hold my breath seemingly forever. It's so cool."

I had to chuckle at his exuberance. He may have been an instinctual sex partner, but he still had a child like innocence about him that could easily have stolen my heart, if it had not already been stolen by Jake. Thinking of Jake, set my mind wandering back to the tent where I had last seen him downing a dozen eggs and a couple of gallons of orange juice.

"Well, my blond adonis, are you ready to head back and show the other's?" I asked. He tightened his legs around my waist and I got the definite impression that he wanted to stay there. I carried him like that to the shore and then set him gently to the ground.

He walked back over to where his clothes were and tried to put his shirt back on. The arm of the shirt tore off as he pulled it over his forearm. He looked at me, "Well I guess these are useless." I explained that there may be something he could fit into back at the house, but that none of us cared to wear anything when it was just the guys. He just smiled and used his clothes to dry himself and then me. We were still kind of wet as we started our trek back to camp. I hadn't realized how far we had come until that moment. It must have been a couple of miles back up the shore before we could begin to see the tents.

About half way back we passed an out crop of trees and heard loud deep moaning and decided to investigate. In a small clearing we found the source of the moaning and Tom's coworker Nick.

Nick was still chowing down on Troy's huge cock, but now Thad had also joined in. Nick had his back to us as we approached and Troy was too close to the edge to notice. Thad on the other hand was soon getting up and walking toward us.

"Well, Geoff, I see you didn't waste any time bringing this one into the group?" and he extended his hand to Tom, "Hi, I'm Thad, you must be Tom and that big lout over there with your friend is my brother Troy."

Tom took Thad's huge hand and gave it a good tug and Thad looked at Tom with hunger in his eyes. Thad broke the contact first and looked at me, "Geoff, I don't know where Jake found these guys, but that one on top of my bro, is one incredible cock sucker. I mean, we are talking king of the dick pigs. He hasn't stopped since before you guys left. He must have taken at least 4 loads from Troy and has had two from me and still keeps going for more."

Tom was obviously feeling more relaxed and started to chuckle. "You know, he's been telling me for months that he's wanted to suck me off. I thought he was just kidding" he commented as he watched Nick go at Troy.

Troy looked to almost be asleep and he was covered in sweat, obviously almost worn out by this little guy, well not little exactly, but smaller in comparison to the rest of us.

Nick was more than a little chunky, he had short black hair and those gray wolf eyes, but most of him was round, he had a gut on him that anyone would have called a paunch. He still had his shirt and pants on, but you could see the huge wet spots in his pants where he had obliviously shot several times. His hands and mouth were totally focused on the job at hand, and the way Troy was bucking I knew he was close.

Soon Nick pulled off of the huge black rod and began flicking the head with his tongue, while he stroked the shaft with hands a blur. Troy threw his head back and grunted and Nick was soon covered with his cum. Nick lapped some up with his tongue, but quickly, using the new juice as lube, went back to stroking the huge rod.

I could see he wasn't going to stop anytime soon, and was totally mesmerized by Troy's huge meat. Troy looked up at me with a look somewhere between pleading and 'you've got to try this'. I was surprised to notice Tom licking his lips and Thad was running his hands over Toms huge pecs. Not that Thad's were one ounce smaller, but it was as if he was fascinated with Tom's pink nipples.

Seeing that Tom was going to be well occupied, I decided to 'rescue' Troy from yet another round with Nick. I walked over to where the two men were and, in a playful mood, lifted my humongous cock and stroked it to near full hardness. Troy was watching, but Nick had his back to me.

As I reached near painful hardness, I slapped the head down on Nick's shoulder, "So, you like to suck cock Nick?" I said as I rubbed the side of his head with my shaft. He turned his head and without a word, began working his tongue all over the shaft just where it meets the head.

His tongue was everywhere at once. As soon as he turned away from Troy and started concentrating on me, his eyes about popped out of his head. He looked all over me and was still working my cock over like a champ. His small hands couldn't wrap around the rod, even both together were too small. All I could think was, this was intense. This kid was a master.

All at once he stopped, my cock was now almost painfully hard and easily was stretching over three feet, he stopped because he couldn't work the head and reach my balls at the same time. And from the look on his face, he was none to pleased about this. He turned around toward where Troy was laying and started leading me by my cock and pulling me down to the ground.

I wasn't sure what he was up to, but was intrigued by his control of the situation. Troy was still feeling a bit dazed as Nick had me kneel over Troy's head, but Troy quickly reacted and my nuts were soon on fire with his mouth working them, almost on automatic. Even I was amazed as I looked down his torso to see our cocks side by side, his pointing up toward my crotch and mine easily reaching his.

I had definitely grown quite a bit since our last encounter, but had not imagined that my huge vein covered member was now more than twice as thick as Troy's monster. Nick wasted no time with fascination as he quickly kneels between Troy's spread thighs and began to work on both of our monster cocks at the same time. He was soon running his tongue the full lengh up my cock, sucking off the drooling pre cum off of Troy's then working his way back down Troy's to lick my juice from Troy's nuts.

It was a never ending cycle for him, his own cock evidently very hard and evident in his pants, but he made no move to even touch himself and continued working us with his mouth and hands. He looked up at me for a moment and made a motion with his arms, asking me to flex. He had me so close to the edge, I knew if I started flexing, it would be over and he would be so covered in cum, he'd be lucky if he didn't drown.

When he looked up a second time, pleading with his eyes, I couldn't resist and started. First a hard flexed double bi shot that made him moan. My bis were now easily as big as my head, bigger as they pumped thicker and meatier. Then move to a couple of most muscular poses and that nearly drove me over the edge.

I never noticed when Thad and Tom joined in, but Nick was very lucky they did. Nick started to work tongue magic on my piss slit and was using Troy's huge cock to rub my shaft where he couldn't reach. Thad and Tom slipped in behind Nick and began working Troy's balls and Nick's own cock through his pants.

I could feel Nick cum and spasm just before I felt my own balls begin to draw up for the final blast. This Nick's mouth was so hot and so everywhere I was amazed that he had the presence of mind to keep his mouth working overtime on my cock, as the two on either side of him began covering him with their huge loads. Then it started to happen, my cum was racing for that piss slit and I guess Thad knew what was happening, because he grabbed the back of Nick's head and pressed it, mouth open, against my cock.

Nick was soon rewarded for his intense effort, by quarts of cum rocketing down his throat. Not even the flood of cum deterred him and he just kept on sucking and drinking. His already good sized gut began to expand and I thought he'd pop as he kept drinking more and more and my balls felt like they were ready to deliver all he could handle, and more.

Troy then surprised us both by cumming another huge load all over my abs, chest and running down my balls back into his own mouth. The sight of this must have sent Nick over the edge again as his cum oozed out from his trapped cock. He threw his head back off of my cock only to get hit in the face with the last of my load.

Nick let out a moan that could only be described as chilling. It started at a pitch of his normal fairly high voice, but quickly dropped to a deep and dark pitch. His body was already changing as the effects of my cum took over. He never lost consciousness and he never appeared in pain.

Perhaps it was his extra body fat to begin with but his growth took off like a rocket. His kneeling form just seemed to expand from his legs pushing Troy's even farther apart, the seams of his pant's ripping to shreds in the process, to his entire body getting taller and longer until I could actually feel his hands enclosing more and more of my still hard cock, his shoulders were getting broader by the seconds and his shirt stretched past it's limit first looking like a seconds skin, then falling in pieces to the ground.

His eyes were on fire as he saw what was happening and he actually removed a hand from my cock, long enough to flex his now enormous arm. "Fuck, yeah" he exclaimed in a deep sexy voice. "I could get used to this." He flexed a few more times. Bouncing his hard thick pecs, watching the hair spread across them like a dark carpet, watching the muscles roll before his eyes, and then he looked up at me with those gray wolf eyes and smiled such an lecherous grin that I knew we were not done yet.

He relaxed his arm and reached over with a now much larger hand and grabbed my cock and resumed his stroking, now reaching further down the shaft with each stroke. His growth had not subsided and his own cock was now traveling up Troy's torso, being covered in the cum that had landed there and he began to rub it across Troy's abs. "Oh, yeah, gotta have more of this," he groaned, and before I could even think to stop him, he had nearly half of my cock in his mouth. My body took over and began thrusting it deeper and deeper.

Tom moved in behind Nick and began feeling and squeezing his shoulders. Then I saw his cock swelling between Nick's legs and the pink head slide beneath his growing balls. Tom began thrusting. I looked down at Nick and it was almost as if he didn't notice the blond beauty was about to fuck him silly.

I looked at Thad and he looked back at me and I said, "Thad, go get Rob and Jake, and bring back some of that protein stuff if there's any left." Thad got up and started to leave, then remembering his brother, moved around behind me and pulled Troy by his shoulder's from underneath us. He lifted the passed out form of his larger brother over his shoulder and started off down the beach.

Tom pulled back and started pushing forward to thrust his two foot piece into Nick and for the first time since he started on me, I felt teeth rake my cock and a rumble that could have only been a moan vibrate through Nick into my very core. Tom soon had himself fully inside of Nick and began thrusting, Nick's face was inching it's way ever closer to my balls with each of Tom's thrusts.

Tom had reached around the huge chest of the bear he was fucking and had begun twisting his nipples. Nicks own cock was dripping cum all over the ground and it wasn't long before he began slamming his ass back into Tom. Nick's tongue was working it's magic against my cock and I knew I was going to blow again, this time, who knew what would happen. It had only been a few minutes since his first growth. None of the other's had taken a second load so soon.

I reached down and started to push on his shoulders to ease him off, but he took that moment to grab hold of my balls and fully impale himself onto my cock. His throat was incredibly hot and Tom's thrusts were forcing Nick's body to become a full body suction tool. Nicks hands tightened around my balls, giving them a squeeze that made my eyes water, then he grabbed hold of my ass with his hands, and went almost limp, as Tom thrust into him with such force, even I had to ease back a step. Tom was grunting now with each thrust, and sweat was rolling off of him in sheets. Seeing him so deeply thrust into Nick and Nick's now powerfully wide back and ass at Tom's mercy was an incredible turn on.

I leaned forward and placed my hands on Tom's shoulders. He looked up at me and I kissed him and he came. I could feel his orgasm explode through his entire body. His muscles tightened and soon his cum was running out of Nick's ass. Nick's own cum was soon shooting all over the ground between us and I could feel his throat pulse around my cock.

I was beginning to lose all sense of where I was as I felt the burning in my balls and I was soon unloading directly down Nick's throat. I tried to push him off so he wouldn't get another full load, but his grip on my ass was like a vice and I was too enthralled in my own ecstasy to try very hard. What felt like gallons of cum were forcing their way into him.

I don't remember it stopping, but soon we were all collapsing in a heap, cocks going soft and covered in sweat and cum and dirt. I woke from my daze and saw Tom collapsed next to a tree, his now flaccid huge cock slung over his, even now well defined thigh.

Nick was laying next to me and looked completely unconscious. His breathing was erratic and his stomach was so distended it looked as though he were pregnant. I reached over and held his head, then lifted him so he was sitting against me and I propped myself against a tree. His breathing seemed to be easier in this position and I started to look him over for other signs of distress.

I watched as his overblown gut began to recede as he absorbed my essence. Then it began again. He was growing. He started moaning in his unconsciousness. His leg's pushed out beyond mine and soon were covered with just enough of his black hair to look incredibly sexy. His thighs were swelling larger and larger. His abs soon resumed their incredible definition and I watched as they became even more deeply etched. His obliques were now the size of tight cables.

His torso was also covered in a layer of that incredibly sexy black hair and his chest soon swelled beyond my ability to peer over it to see his abs. His shoulders were quickly broadening to the width of my chest and perhaps even a bit wider. His arms hung heavily at his sides and I could clearly see the outlines of his now giant sized muscle, even without being flexed. His cock was standing straight up along his abs and soon reached that magnificent chest and began to harden. It lifted itself off of him and rose to at least 30" and very thick, and it was pointed straight at my face. His body began to shake and then convulse.

I felt his incredible glutes squeezing against my crotch. His humping caused his cock to swing around and soon it began spewing cum everywhere, the small glade was soon covered, as were we, with an amazing amount of juice. Thick and white and everywhere. His entire body shuddered as he came, and once it seemed to subside, he began to regain consciousness. He looked over at me and kissed me on the cheek. Then he looked at himself and just said "Damn", nothing else. His body was nearly as large as mine now, there would be no normal public life for this huge stud.

Just then Jake, Rob and Thad appeared, each carrying a large container of the protein mix. Thad immediately went to Tom and began feeding him. Rob started to help Nick up and was quickly realizing just how big this new guy was.

Jake took one look at me and just started laughing. I guess I was a site. Covered in cum and dirt, with one incredible hard on. "I can't leave you go off by yourself at all can I?" he chuckled.

I just smiled back and reached up to take his hand, "Nope, I guess you'll just have to come along with me next time." •

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