Journal, The

Day Four


By Braun1

Tom was visibly looking better as Thad hovered over his reclining form like a mother hen. He looked almost refreshed by the protein drink and soon stood up an stretched. What a sight he was. Taller than Thad by a couple of inches making him easily 10 feet tall. My juice seemed to become more potent as time goes on and I get bigger. His broad shoulders capped arms the size of tree limbs and his squared chest was so large it made his dramatically small waist look impossible. His thighs were so cut and ripped it was difficult to tell when he was flexed. His huge pale pink cock swung heavily between his knees like the clapper of some giant bell.

I was still a bit taken aback by the size of Nick. He was sitting on the ground at the base of a huge tree and still appeared to be growing. Rob fed him all of the protein drink that Jake had brought, but it was Rob and Jake that were supporting the big guy from falling over.

His head just kind of rolled to one side and when he wasn't drinking he was breathing heavily. His now giant body was, evidently, having a hard time adjusting to his increased size. I walked over to where he was sitting and realized that I was towering over the two guys ministering to Nick's needs. Jake stood up straight and I was looking at the top of his gold capped head rather than into his eyes.

He just looked up at me and smiled. "So, big guy, you couldn't resist at all could you?" He was joking, but I know that underlying that humor, he was serious. I'd have to try to restrain myself more often. "Jake, if you were around, I'd have no need for restraint at all," I quipped, but I could tell by the look on his face he wasn't buying it.

His beautiful golden body showed some signs of exertion himself. Nick groaned loudly drawing our attention. This was one big bear sitting beneath us. Rob was taking care of the big cock sucker. He reached over and grabbed the last of the protein drink from Thad and continued Nick's feeding.

Jake surprised me then by grabbing my ass, "What were you thinking with these two? They work for a good friend of mine. Now how am I going to explain that his two best cooks and caterers are so big they'd probably eat him right out of business."

His words were scolding, but his hands had started to roam all over my body. While his right explored every inch of my ass, his left rubbed the soft fur of my pecs. His fingers seemed to easily find their way in the crevices like no other.

I looked down at that stern face and smiled. "Well, I guess you'll just have to invite him over, let the boy's cook dinner for him and 'we' can give him a dessert to remember."

Jake lost the pretense and burst out laughing which also got me going and separated us for a moment. Tom and Thad strolled over. Tom looked at Jake like he was the enemy, the competition and Thad was none to happy about it. He grabbed Tom by the ass and then Tom was the one being looked at as if he were a possession.

We all turned to look at Nick and Rob again as Nick let out another groan, this one making the tree he was leaning on shake. He was still out of it, and still appeared to be filling out.

Tom was already seemed to be fully recovered. As Thad rubbed his hand on Tom's marble smooth ass, Tom's cock started to swell. Jake looked over at the two appreciatively,

"Geoff, you really do know how to pick them. Tom, is it?" Jake asked. Tom nodded. "Tom, you have to be the most beautiful of us all, man you are hot."

Jake reached over and unabashedly stroked Tom's pecs, grabbing hold of one of those huge pink nipples and giving it a twist. It rose and hardened at least twice it's previous size. Tom got the innocent boy look on his face and he actually blushed, all over. Jake was really pushing it with him, he moved closer, pressing their pecs together and kissed Tom. Tom kissed him back hard and soon had Jake enveloped in those huge long arms.

Thad moved over next to me, looking a little dejected. I put my arm around his broad shoulders holding him tightly and told him, "Don't worry, those two are just playing big guy." He looked up at me and returning my squeeze, just smiled.

At that point Nick let out a growl and started moving to stand up. He was recovering and quickly came back to life moaning, "Man, what was the number of that truck that ran over me?" He stood holding his head.

As he stood all of us watched, because he stood up and up and up. I knew he was going to be big after taking all those loads, but the being standing in front of us could be described as nothing other than super human.

He was at tall as I was but much stockier. He had shoulders the size of beach balls that were so far apart, he was certainly wider than some men were tall. The space between was filled with traps, neck and pecs that certainly looked bigger than my own. His arms were gigantic, his triceps so huge they were easily visible from the front flaring and etched, his biceps so huge I just had to see them flexed.

"Hey look at the size of Nick's arms. How about a flex big guy."

He was still a bit groggy, but complied. Then he got a good look at them himself and all he said was, "Wow!" It was a deep growling voice and we were to hear it say that word over and over as he put on a show for us. He flexed his arms and you could almost hear the muscle bunch and the skin stretch, his forearms were made of bunched steel and his fists looked three times the size of normal hands.

When he flexed his thighs, they bunched and separated as though the ripped muscles were fighting each other for room, bulges on bulges. His calves were larger than most men's thighs and cut as if from stone. His abs looked like huge cobblestones, deeply cut and rounded with such definition you could almost see the muscle fibers. This was no wasp waist like Tom's, this waist was built for power, he looked like a giant version of a wrestler or powerlifter, but ripped to the bone. This man was thick everywhere.

When he turned around to display his back, I felt like grabbing him and taking that muscle ass right then and there. His ass was like two solid boulders in motion. His glutes ended at the beginning of a dramatic back. When he showed us a rear double bicep pose, my cock rose to attention, smacking into my abs and pecs. His back was so thick, so rippling with muscle, I could barely contain myself. His lower back had that christmas tree but even that was overshadowed by his thick incredibly wide lats. His traps rose so thick that you could barely even tell he had a neck from the back.

All the while he was posing, his huge cock was swinging between his legs. His balls actually swinging around with that huge prick. He was cut with a huge mushroom head and a dark shaft, his bush was thick and fanned out as his hair rose in streams over those mounds of abs. He had hair all over his abs, chest, legs, forearms and ass. Man he had one hairy ass, but the remainder of his body was completely hairless. With, of course, the exception of his head which had a thick curly mass of locks that would have made Samson jealous.

Of course right now that huge cock was swelling even longer and beginning to rise, and he was staring right at my cock. Jake took notice of this fact and decided to throw a proverbial bucket of water on the scene.

"Hey, guys, how about we go back to the tents show the other's our new recruits." He was smiling from ear to ear but walked over and grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the beach.

Quickly the other's followed, and the pairings were not as obvious as it may seem. Thad and Rob were thrown off, at least for the moment, by the two former coworkers exploring each other's new growth. I noticed that Tom's infatuation with big hairy guys might just be transferrable, and at the moment Nick was eyeing Tom's giant pink cock like it was his next meal.

When we arrived back at the tents, the other guys were, almost all, otherwise occupied. Max and Steve were out in the middle of the lake swimming and horsing around, Jorge and Mario had evidently gone back to the house for something or other, Troy was still sound asleep and we found Brad stuffing his face in the food tent.

He nearly choked when he saw Nick come into the tent. Nick went over to one of the ice chests and grabbed it like he normally would and it crumbled between his hands. He stood shocked as the contents spilled over the ground between his feet. He turned toward the rest of us and just rumbled, 'Sorry.' when he shrugged, his shoulders pressed against his ears. That got us all laughing.

I just walked over to the giant stud. "Buddy, you have to be real careful until you get used to being stronger than your average bulldozer." He just looked at me puzzled by what I had said and then a smile spread across his face, the likes of which, I had never seen.

He had incredibly white teeth and a huge set at that. Almost predatory. I grabbed the next cooler and set it on the table and he began passing out the contents. There was a ton of food in those coolers. Nick and Tom just took charge of it as naturally as if they had been born to it and soon we were feasting. Sure it was just sandwiches and salads, but these two made it a feast fit for kings.

Of course their hunger was evident because they were eating as much as they were serving, but it was great just the same. Tom picked up a five gallon jug of the protein shake and gave each a few shakes. Jake's eyes about bugged out of his head watching the incredible shaking arms, shoulders and pecs. I could tell he was more than a little interested in the big blond and I knew I would love to be the meat in that sandwich.

After lunch we all got cleaned off in the lake and even convinced Max and Steve in to the shore. Troy had finally roused himself and he and Thad were relating stories of Nicks cock sucking prowess. We decided to head back to the house for an afternoon of fun by the pool and, of course, Tom and Nick couldn't wait to see a mirror any longer.

So, off we went again like the mutant giant dwarves marching through the forest. Jake was evidently feeling very lively and started humming the Hi Ho song and I gave him a quick jab in the shoulder with my elbow and he just started to laugh.

Traipsing through the forest Troy was taking moments here and there to show Tom and Nick just how strong they were. He'd grab a boulder and throw it to Nick like a ball and then grab a tree and pull it up by the roots and hand it to Tom. Nick threw the first boulder back and Troy wrapped his arms around it and crushed it into dust. After that Nick took great pleasure in doing the same. Tom had the idea right off the bat, and began squeezing the tree trunks into splinters immediately.

When we got back to the house, we were not at all surprised to find Jorge deep inside of Mario humping away in the pool. Jorge had evidently been there for a while because he was panting, grunting and was holding on to his beautiful son like his life depended on it. Their contrasting hair was mingled along their wide shoulders and their sweat was pasting them together. By the looks of the others there was more than a few leering glances at the two lovers.

Just then Jorge reared back and evidently filled his beautiful blond son with his load. He also noticed us all watching. Not to be deterred in the least. He raised his son's shoulders, turned them both toward us and said, "So, what are you waiting for, the water feels really good."

In the next 10 seconds truly half of the water must have been forced out of the pool by the avalanche of beef that descended, dove and jumped in, head, cock and ass first. This was going to be an afternoon to remember. There was no way for me to know who was fucking whom as I was descended on by two beautiful blonds and one newly huge Samson with a cock that hit me in the gut like a steel pole.

"Geoff," Nick rumbled "I know you haven't asked yet, but I hope it's Ok if I stay too? Tom said he was staying." All the while he was talking he was using his entire body, pressing our cocks together between us, while Jake and Tom were working on my back and ass, I was so hot I swear the water was beginning to steam around us.

Tom and Jake moved around to the sides and pressed their massive cocks into the fray. Soon we were all worked up to incredible proportions. This was so intense that I knew was headed for a massive explosion. Nick started to lick the head of my cock and I knew he really didn't need another dose so soon, so I told him, "Nick, no, really, if we want this to be really fun, then the next load needs to be Jake's," I looked over at Jake and gave him a wink, "he's a wild man after he get's his."

He got an almost sad look on his face, but said, "Ok, he get's the load, but I get to make you cum, Ok?" His smile was irresistible. I nodded and he dove for my cock. I could feel Tom moving around behind me and I guided his steel pole between my legs. He had ideas of his own. Soon he was teasing my ass by rubbing that smooth pole between my crack and up along my spine. He was backed against the pool wall, and I knew he had to be holding the weight of all of us at times. Jake moved around behind Nick, and looked to be doing the same.

As soon as he started, Nick's hold on my cock tightened and he raked my shaft with his teeth. I couldn't believe the sensations he was making me feel. I started moaning and closed my eyes. Tom moved to press his hard hot rod into my tight ass. He grabbed hold of my glutes and forced them apart with his hands. This boy was a fast learner. I soon felt his hot cock pressing deeper and deeper until I felt the tickle of his pubes against my butt. He was soon pistoning in and out and I felt his partner in my bliss working my cock up and down so hard and fast I never thought it possible.

The load he was building in my balls was actually beginning to feel uncomfortable, but just as my balls started to rise, he grabbed hold of them and pulled them back. The pain was incredible but he just pulled off of me long enough to say, "Not yet, big man, your lover is giving me a first class fucking back here, so it's only fair that I get him a first class load."

Then he smiled and dove back down on my cock, still crushing my balls to a pulp. When I could focus again, I could see that Jake was pumping away, deep into the big boy, he was hanging on to Nick's traps which were bunched up like two loaves between shoulders and bull neck. I could tell by the look on his face he was as close as I was but I had Nicks hands holding my flood back, Jake did not. He let out a groan and a shout and he flooded Nicks bowels with his load. Nick clamped down on my cock and soon I felt something different.

Nick's rock hard incredibly hot prick was forcing it's way along side of Tom's spreading my ass open so wide I could feel the water sloshing in as well. His rod was huge and throbbing and he began thrusting so deeply I knew I would gush. Just then I saw Nick reach behind him, grab Jake and pull him around and plant his mouth over the end of my cock.

He held Jake's head down with one hand and then released my balls with the other, and began massaging those tormented orbs. Tom lost it next and I felt his heat deep inside of me flooding down along his and Nick's cocks. His seed was soon followed by Nick's as he erupted in a hot gush. His cock may not have been planted as deep as Tom's due to his position, but his cum shot deeply inside of me, well past Tom's cock head. I heard Tom moan behind me at the sensation of Nick's hot load.

My balls were now on fire, the load moving up my shaft had to be the most intense ever. Jake was poised to get it all and I couldn't have been more pleased, but at the moment I couldn't think of anything, but getting off. My whole cock felt like it was going to explode and I could feel it swelling inside of Jake's throat.

Nick was stroking the shaft below the water while using Jake's head to jack me above the water. I could feel the scream building deep within me and when it let out, I felt as though my soul was rushing out of me. I know if it wasn't for Tom holding tightly on to me I would have probably drown. I was lost in the orgasm, lost in the feeling, lost in the passion. Jake was still sucking down stream after stream of cum. Gallons must have poured out of me, into him. I know I blacked out.

When I came to I was laying next to the pool, the hard hot concrete of the patio pressing into my back. Tom was holding my head and Nick was lifting Jake out of the pool. I tried to move, but was evidently so completely spent, all I could do was watch.

Tom stroked my face. I looked up at him. Then over at Nick carrying a completely limp Jake, he looked blue and out of it. "Please, take me to Jake. Please." Nick laid Jake down next to me and I could see my fears right before my eyes. He wasn't breathing. "Rob, GET ROB." I shouted, fear welling up from deep inside of me.

Nick ran over to the pool and reaching down extracted Rob who was still linked deeply into Brad, so both came lifting out to the water. Rob and Brad were both really pissed off until they realized the situation. Rob immediately extracted himself from Brad and rushed to Jake. He start CPR and Troy moved in to help. He took over the breathing for Rob and they worked and worked.

Jake was still blue and I was scared. After what seemed like forever, water shot out Jake's nose and he started coughing. Evidently he had passed out when I was shooting down his throat and didn't even know he was drowning. As the color returned to his face, I noticed that the man that I loved, looked like he was pregnant, with at least twins. His breath was coming in gasps. He evidently had to breathe lightly, even though he craved air, because of the pressure caused by his full stretched stomach. As I looked closer, I could actually see his stomach was so distended there were stretch marks along his sides and his skin was tight as a drum.

He looked over at me, but his eyes were empty. My magnificent blond superman, looked like he was in another world. Then his bulging stomach began to recede, his body absorbing the essence. His chest rose and fell with deeper breathing and more color returned to his face. Then his face relaxed for a moment and his body started to convulse.

His huge muscles flexed and relaxed, each flex appearing larger than the last. His body was straining with the growth he so desired. He was actually growing taller. I could hear his bones popping and stretching, he screamed in agony. He was too old for his bones to be growing, but they were forced to because the size his muscles were becoming demanded it.

He was now sweating profusely, rivulets of it were running off of his body, that body that was writhing in growth and pain. Tears streamed from his eyes and a scream was emanating from his lips that would have shattered glass had there been any around to break. It was a scream of agony, a scream that grew right along with Jake. I crawled over to him.

He reached out his hand and I could feel it swelling in my own. He squeezed that hand and for the first time since we'd met, I knew real pain. He was in such agony that he wasn't controlling his strength at all. Jake was bigger alright. He was once again as big as I was. When his agony finally ended and we both stood up, I was once again looking into my Jake's eyes. His body was unbelievably beautiful.

His eyes looked bluer than ever and they looked deeply into my own. His pecs seemed to be everywhere. Swollen large as my own. Here we were. Mirror images of each other, one hairless, one covered in it. Two giants each at least 12' tall, both with arms at least 60 inches around, each with a 40" cock that was as thick as any bodybuilders arms. He reached out and grabbed me an a bear hug and kiss that left me breathless.

I couldn't believe how tightly his arms felt around me, how perfectly we fit together. When he finally spoke it was a deep rumble from his chest, "Not in my wildest dreams did I ever expect this. All my life's hopes and dreams have come true, because of you. Because of you."

The others were all gathered around us, but we saw none of them. It was almost as if they didn't exist, it was just the two of us. I knew now that I would always be with Jake, it was as though we were part of one another. Jake reached down and picked me up as though I weighed nothing rather than over 1100 pounds. He turned to the others and said, "The house is your's, tonight is for us" and he turned an carried me toward the forest. All he would do was smile down at me and when I opened my mouth to say anything, he kissed me.

He didn't say another word until we reached the main tent. It was set up as if for some sultan, there was silk and pillows everywhere and even though it was only afternoon, he laid me down, snuggled in behind me and whispered, "I love you" and I turned to face him.

"I love you too, Jake. Just hold me for a little while Ok, big guy?" I rolled back away from him and he quickly moved in behind me, wrapped his arms around me and kissed my neck. It was only a few moments before I felt his breathing become regular and my beautiful giant was asleep. It wasn't long before I too drifted off.

The End •

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