Journal, The

Day Four


By Braun1

As we made our way back to the lake, I noticed that Jake again had his Cheshire cat grin. It was as if he knew something the rest of us didn't, but at least this time no one started in on the hiho song.

As we reached the crest in the hill overlooking the lake I could see the sunrise was incredibly beautiful. Jake put his arm around my shoulder and looked into my eyes saying, "Isn't it just like our own little piece of paradise?" and he kissed me on the cheek and all I could do was smile.

When we reached the pavilions I noticed that there was a large truck parked next to the food tent and gave Jake a look of, 'what are you up to now?' His grin returned but he didn't say a word. When I looked in the tent where the other's were, I could see they were all sleeping, but that Troy was missing.

When I went to check the food tent I saw the tables once again filled with food, but this time it was every breakfast food you can think of and then some. It was at least enough to feed an army, but the men who had been at the house were already chowing down. Eggs were disappearing a dozen at a time, waffles as far as the eye could see and the same for the steak and sausage. Gallons of OJ and ready mixed supplements were easily at hand. I joined them happily for a few minutes downing my share and several gallons of the supplements. Once I was feeling less ravenous, I decided to leave the guys and try to find out what happened to Troy.

I found him all right, he was behind the truck with two seemingly little men who were working over his huge black cock, like you wouldn't believe. There was more than enough for two, but I couldn't see how either of them were going to satisfy the evident hunger that was written all over Troy's face.

As I approached, he said, "Hey, Geoff, I was beginning to wonder what happened to you guys and then these two showed up with the food and I just had to see if they were as interested in muscle too."

From the looks of things they were. As I got closer, I could tell they were about my age, but from two very different categories. Tom , as I was later to find out, was about 6' tall, blond, green eyed and kind of cute, but looked like he was little more than a kid. Nick on the other hand, was shorter about 5'6" and very stocky, dark hair and dark complexion but these incredibly gray eyes, like a wolf. He gasped when he saw me.

Troy, just pushed his head back down on his own crotch and said, "you wanted it, buddy, now keep working." Then he explained that he had found these two loading last evening's leftovers into the truck and unloading the breakfast feast. He said that they had evidently been up all night preparing it and were really beat. At first they were very scared of him when he entered the tent, but then they were just very curious. He told them that if they wanted they could 'try him on for size' once they had finished unloading the breakfast.

Nick was the really curious one and moved from feeling hard bicep to stroking Troy's long cock. When Tom had shied away from them, Troy had grabbed him by the shoulder and convinced him to join his coworker, even though he protested that he wasn't interested. Tom looked up at me pleadingly and I told Troy that if the guy didn't want to, that he shouldn't make Tom do it. Tom started to get up and his eyes locked onto me.

"Oh my God, you're not real," was all he said with his mouth hanging open and his eyes bugging out. It was as if he was in a trance, he simply stood up and walked straight over to me and placed a tentative hand on my abs. His hand was snatched back as though there was an electric shock.

He looked up at me, his head barely reaching the top ridges of my abs and almost whimpered, "Oh man, I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to touch you, please don't hurt me."

Troy burst out laughing, "He sure doesn't know who he's talking to does he? Tom," his head whipped around to look at Troy, "That giant your were touching, well he just loves the attention, don't you big guy?"

Tom's head slowly turned back toward me and I swear he looked as though he were either going to mess his pants or make a run for it. If you look at the situation from his perspective, you'd probably do the same. Troy was still within the realm of human size, but I was larger than this man had ever even imagined before, he was really scared.

Nick on the other hand was devouring Troy's cock and balls with gusto. I looked down at Tom, he was literally shaking in his boots.

"Tom is it?" He nodded. "Well, Tom, I'm not going to hurt you, I'd never force anyone to do what they didn't want to, but I can see in your eyes that you want to touch me, just to make sure I'm real. Well go ahead, touch me."

His long slender hand reached out very tentatively and he touched my hand. It was three times the size of his own, and he reached up further to stroke my forearm.

"See, Tom, I'm as real as you are, just bigger."

He again looked up from his trance and after clearing his throat a few times said, "Can I feel your arm? It's so huge."

I couldn't help myself, I just burst out laughing, "Of course you can, I told you that you could touch me, that's not limited to my hand."

He had pulled back again as soon as I started laughing and Troy was laughing so hard he was losing his hard on. Nick looked none too pleased about that point so I decided that if Tom was to get his chance, we should find some privacy.

I took a step toward Tom and placed a hand on his shoulder, "Why don't we leave these two to their fun and go for a walk?" I gave him my most convincing smile and he nodded. I moved us down the beach away from the others and as soon as we were out of sight I stopped.

Tom hadn't said a word. He looked at me with such an innocence. There was no lust at all, just pure curiosity. "So, Tom, you still want to feel this?" and I raised my arms up into a hard flex and his mouth dropped open again, his breath escaped in a gasp and he reached up, his fingers barely grazing my arm, this was not going to work at all.

I knelt down so he could get a better grasp. His hands were all over my arm. I pressed them straight out to the sides and he ran his fingers along the ridges of my triceps. Then he walked around behind me and stroked my shoulders, my lats, moved across my back tracing the muscles with his fingers. His attention was driving me nuts, but I had promised I wouldn't force myself on him. If he was trying to tease me, he was doing a damn good job, but that's not the impression that I got.

All the time he kept murmuring to himself. I couldn't quite make it out but thought he was saying, "Oh man, oh man' over and over. When he had worked himself around to my other arms he placed both hands on top of my bicep and I flexed it with him holding it. It grew into a mountain as he tried to squeeze it. The split was incredible and he traced it with his fingers.

By the time he had moved back in front of me, my cock was more than half mast and I was beginning to leak precum. He looked at it, as if he were drawn to it, and then started feeling my hairy pecs.

"Man, this is like silk on steel, it's so incredible." Tom was beginning to open up a little and I could see his cock straining inside his tight waiter pants and there was a large wet spot right at the tip so evidently I wasn't the only one getting excited.

He looked into my eyes and then cast his eyes downward and very shyly said, "I've never done this with a man before, I've never even touched a man like this before."

I reached down and lifted his chin, "Tom, it's Ok, I'm not going to force you. It's up to you if you want to do anything more than just feel me flex. There's a whole tent full of guys back there if I want to get off."

His eyes looked deep inside of me and for the first time he smiled a really genuine smile. I melted, his face was so beautiful and so innocent that he could have asked me for anything and I would have moved heaven and earth to get it for him. His eyes sparkled in the growing sunlight and I knew that he wanted more than just to touch me, but didn't know what to do.

I reached down, without another word, and placed my hands around him, lifted him up and kissed him. At first he was hesitant but he allowed me to open his mouth and started kissing me back. I grabbed his butt and pulled his body tightly against mine and flexed, rubbing my body with his and he moaned and I could feel his cock hump my hairy gut.

I pulled my mouth away from his, "Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked. He answered by burying his face in my chest and licking the crevasse between my pecs. I pulled him off of me and set him down and proceeded to remove his clothes. As I had suspected, he was sporting a nice body under those clothes, all hairless as the day he was born with the exception of a small patch of blond fuzz right above the hard pink six inch cock which was leaking precum in a steady stream.

He was the kind of guy that I would have normally been with just a few day's ago, but he would have been calling the shots. But then it wouldn't have been Tom. I got the distinct impression that he couldn't believe this was really happening.

When I set him down to remove his clothes, he stood straddling my cock as though he didn't want to touch it. I was still on my knees and I grabbed it at the base and gave it a couple of quick tugs and squeezes and it jumped to a very hard state almost immediately. The head was well behind Tom and as it hardened it moved up between his legs, I stroked it a few more times and could begin to feel the heat his crotch was giving off in waves.

His hands were all over my torso, feeling my chest, running his fingers through the hair on my abs, and his mouth was soon connected to my pecs, first one then the other. He was so concentrating on my body that he nearly jumped out of his skin when my steaming hard cock planted itself between his legs and rose to his crotch like a hot steel bar.

He looked down, and gulped, then turned his head to look over his shoulder where he could see the blazing head of my cock. He looked up at me again and said, " Damn, it's as big as my arm, no bigger."

I just smiled and said, "Yes, and stronger too." And with that I stood up, he must have weighed about 170 but this was almost nothing to my cock. He wrapped his arms around my waist, holding on for dear life. I could feel him shaking and I reached down and held him against me with one hand and gently stroked his hair with the other.

"Tom?" He looked up at me. "Tom, I'm going to take you somewhere we can be more comfortable and then you can explore this body all you want."

Now it was his turn to smile and like a little boy he just smiled and held on tighter. I found an area with a huge flat boulder that was already soaking up the heat of the sun. I laid down on my back with Tom still holding on tightly. He was soon sitting on my gut with his hands planted on my pecs. I lifted my arms and placed them behind my head so I could watch him. He shifted lower on my abs and I saw my cock head peeking over his shoulder, I flexed it a little and it slapped him on the back.

He turned like he had been bitten by a rattle snake, but instead of lurching away as I expected, he shifted his full attention to my cock, turning around and moved up to sit on my chest. He very hesitantly reached out and touched the shaft. His hand didn't even make it half way around, but that didn't deter him.

He was like a kid with a new toy, he looked at it and touched it, but didn't really make any move to get me off. Then my balls must have caught his attention because he stood up and moved around until he was sitting on my right thigh, man this guys ass was hot. He hefted each ball, one in each hand, and whether he knew it or not he was licking his lips while he did it. At first he just sat there breathing in my scent, I was beginning to feel like he was chickening out, but then he swung his body between my legs and buried his face behind my nut sack.

Soon his tongue was everywhere. He may have never done this before, but you couldn't tell by me. He soon had me writhing in the pleasure of it. I tensed and flexed my legs and he groaned between them. His body was quickly becoming sweat covered and all I could see was flashes of his blond hair between my legs. He pushed himself up with one hand on each of my massive thighs and he looked up at me actually licking his lips.

His face was covered in sweat and his hair was disheveled, but he looked even more like some kid. Without a word he crawled up over my body and started licking the shaft of my cock. His work over of my balls had really gotten the precum flowing and there was a puddle of it in my abs crevasses. As soon as he noticed it he was lapping it up like a little puppy.

Once he tasted it there was no stopping him, he was all over my cock and that tongue was working like he had a three day sucker. When he moved to get a better angle on the my cock head his tight little butt presented itself directly in front of my face. This was no little boy, but a full grown man crawling around on my body.

The scent of him reached into me and I reached out and grabbed his ass with both hands and pulled him toward my mouth. I could feel his mouth sliding up the shaft of my cock as his ass got closer. He was immediately tense and as soon as I started rimming his ass his cock flooded my chest with cum. Rope after rope of thick creamy cum was soon matting my chest hair and he was panting for breath. I wasn't that close yet and still didn't know if he wanted to grow or not, but as soon as he regained himself he was pulling my cock with both hands and tonguing, no sucking the precum out of my slit.

His tongue was so fine and my slit so huge that he could almost fit his tongue inside. I was soon out of control with pleasure, I could feel it happening and could do nothing to warn him or stop. I grabbed hold of the boulder we were laying on and held on. My entire being was about to blast out of my cock and probably take him along with it. His hands tightened around the shaft and I knew he felt what was happening. My cock became steel hard and swelled even larger.

He was lifted slightly by it's swelling and I could feel his mouth begin to envelope the head. I tried to reach up and pull him off, but at that second he thrust his tongue back in the slit and that was all there was. It felt like my balls were exploding and I was afraid the sheer force of that first volley would be enough to hurt him. As the first blast hit him, he choked, but swallowed.

After that first blast, there were many more, and he was like a starving man, he held on even with my dick twitching like a bucking bronco. My blasts seemed to go on and on and Tom just kept lapping it up. I couldn't believe how much he was putting away. When my shots finally subsided, he was still lapping at the slit, almost involuntarily. His face and chest, even his cock, was covered with cum.

His stomach was distended and he looked like he had a beer gut, but he just looked good enough to eat. He looked down at me with a look that said, is that all, but then he started swaying and I caught him just as he fell, pulling him to my chest. I sat up and cradled him in my arms and waited. I could feel him getting warmer in my arms and I new it would begin soon.

What would his reaction be? He had no idea what he was going to become. Did he even want to be huge? I only knew that from his reaction to me he liked muscle, but did he want it for himself?

All at once I was drawn out of my questioning because I could feel him getting heavier. As I looked at him, his eyes opened and he screamed, it was blood curdling. His body kept getting heavier and heavier, he was squirming and convulsing and that scream just kept on and on, I was afraid it wouldn't stop.

Every breath came out telling of incredible pain. Then all was silent, all was still and I stood up and placed him gently on the boulder where I had been laying. I knelt at his side and waited.

He was larger, that was certain, but it was kind of an indescript larger, he was perhaps a foot taller, but still seemed proportionately the same slender guy I had met just about an hour before.

Then it began, his body began swelling. It was inconsistent at first. His six inch pink cock was soon over a foot long and looked so red and swollen that it might burst. His thighs took on incredible definition and they jerked and twitched, flexing larger and larger until his legs began to be pushed apart by the swelling. His whole body was turning crimson as blood rushed throughout his body. His legs had distracted my attention from the rest of him for a moment and when I looked upwards, I saw an incredible adonis forming before my eyes.

His waist was so tight it appeared as smooth as glass and hard as steel. His abs were thick cords of muscle that rose in waves toward two incredibly swelling pecs. His pretty pink nipples were stretched to the size of half dollars and sat below a chest that appears to have a life of it's own. It swelled thicker and thicker until those nipples were forced downward by the sheer mass of the muscle. His shoulders had become so broad that his head looked small, too small, but that too was correcting itself, the face changing becoming broader, cheekbones and jaw becoming broader and seriously adult and handsome.

No one would ever accuse him of having a baby face ever again. His neck was amazingly thick and the traps on either side of the mammoth neck bulged higher and broader. The arms were almost indescribable. At first they appeared thin, as though they were left out of the process, but then I watched as first his triceps then is biceps swelled. The skin was so thin you could see the muscle fibers underneath writhe and bulge. These were going to be some major cannons. His forearms were corded with thick cables of muscle and his hands had grown to over twice their size. The total package was, well, in a word, beautiful.

From his now long blond hair to his huge feet this man was beautiful. His angry looking red cock was standing straight up in the air at least two feet and as his breathing returned to a more normal pace. He turned his head and looked over at me.

"What's happening to me?" he pleaded, in an incredibly deep and sexy voice. Even that startled him.

"Tom, how do you feel?" I asked.

"I guess..." again his own voice startled him, "I guess I feel Ok, but different. Kind of heavy and very horny."

"Well, Tom, I didn't plan on this happening, I want you to know that, but, um, you're not a normal man anymore."

I could see the panic rise on his face and I knew I had said the wrong thing. "Tom, calm down, just try to stay relaxed. I'm going to explain what happened as best I can, but you have to just relax for a minute. Ok?"

He looked over at me with fear in his eyes but he nodded "Yes." I told him the entire story. At several points he tried to get up, but I told him just to relax and let me finish. Once he had let it all sink in for a moment, we were both startled as his huge cock slapped against his abs almost to his chest.

"Damn, is that really all me?" he asked and reached down to grab his heavy meaty pole. "Damn!"

"Yes, Tom, that's all you and there is much much more."

He sat up and started to look himself over. He was so beautiful, I could feel myself getting aroused, just watching him flex for himself. There was a constant mantra of "Damn" and "Un-fucking believable." Then he turned to me, "Just how big am I?" he asked. I walked over to him and his head cam up to the top of my pecs.

"I'd guess you are about 8' tall and probably somewhere between 6 and 7 hundred pounds, but we won't know for sure until you come back to the house and we can measure you properly." His jaw dropped and you could see some of that innocent boy he used to look like. He continued checking himself out for a few more minutes.

His posing was really getting me aroused and there was no way I could hide my excitement. His skin was so thin every movement was like a living anatomy chart of muscle and sinew. His huge cock was slapping everywhere as he flexed.

He walked over to me, and at first I thought he was upset, his face was unreadable. When he stood in front of me I could feel the heat coming off of his body and he threw his arms around me and buried his face in my chest.

I could tell he was saying something like `thank you' but his words were muffled. When he looked up at me there were tears in his eyes. I stooped down and picked him up off of the ground, enveloping him in my arms. I could feel his fire brand hot cock pressing into mine as he raised his mouth to mine and we kissed. It was deeper and infinitely more passionate than our last kiss. He was doing the driving and I was along for the ride. He pushed against my chest with his newly large hands and looked deeply into my eyes and said, "I want you." And I was more than willing.

I carried him over to the same boulder where he had grown so huge, so beautiful and laid down with him on top of me. At first I thought he wanted me inside of him, but he quickly dove between my legs and pushed them into the air.

This boy caught on fast. It wasn't long before I felt first his hot tongue and then is precum slick cock press against my ready hole. It happened so fast that I hadn't relaxed at all and he pressed harder and harder to gain entry. His cock was so hot it was like a fire poker trying to enter my ass. His struggle was evident on his face and his whole body was tensed.

Once I realized his predicament I relaxed and felt him enter me to the hilt in one swift thrust. He collapsed onto my chest and began grinding his cock inside of me. My own cock was now painfully hard and he started working it with his hands. I was glad that it was out of reach of his mouth because I didn't want him to double dose so quickly, I had no idea what the effect would be. He started bucking and grunting as he thrust in and pulled out.

His passion was intense but I knew we wouldn't last long. His face was red as a beet and he was ramming hard into my prostate. I could see the precum flowing from the gaping slit in my cock. He started moaning and called out 'Oh, God, oh god, Yes' and my hole was filled beyond even my capacity. Soon the cum was splashing between us as he never let up in his thrusting. My own hands wrapped around my cock and along with his brought me to the peak once again. I shot stream after stream up into the air and it splattered everywhere. We were both soon covered in cum. My chest was heaving and my ass clamped tight around his still thrusting cock.

He let out with another of those blood curdling screams and again flooded me with yet another load of his juices. Soon he collapsed on top of me and I stroked his cum and sweat soaked hair.

After coming back to our senses and after our breathing returned to a more normal state, He pulled his now almost limp cock out, cum running out onto the boulder beneath me and crawled up over my body until he reached my face. And he nearly smothered me with his kisses. The taste of our cum and sweat was everywhere. It was then that I asked him to stay with us, here in our muscle haven, and he readily agreed and fell asleep on my chest.

Sometime later I felt him move to get off of me and he was again looking at himself flex and muttering to himself that it wasn't a dream.

I stood and walked up behind him and enveloped him in a tight hug. "So, Tom, you want to get cleaned up and go meet the rest of the family?" I asked.

He just looked up at me and smiled and we walked toward the water to wash off. •

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