Journal, The

Day Three


By Braun1

I awoke completely disoriented. I knew I was at Jake's house but didn't know where. It was completely dark and I didn't feel all sticky, like I knew I should following that scene in the gym. For a few minutes I wondered if it was a dream.

Was it all a dream?

I reached down to my crotch and no at least that part was not a dream. It was still my huge 24"+ mega cock and grapefruit sized nuts. The massive thing started to swell at my touch so I took my hand away. Something was weird about where I was laying and I needed to find the light.

Then I realized that this was no pillow I was sleeping on when I felt a hard muscle flex against the back of my neck. Then I felt his hand stroke my hair and heard him purr, "So, baby, you decided to re-join the living?"

I just groaned and stretched and moved up to sit next to my massive pillow. He then reached over and turned on a small light on the night stand. I already knew it was Jake, but the light confirmed it.

He was astounding in the light, he must have gained another 50 pounds from the gym session and he very gently reached over and grabbed my face and kissed me. Deep warm and passionately. "MMmmmmm" was all I could come up with at them moment. Then he started stroking my face and looking deeply into my eyes. I realized then that he had braided my hair sometime in the night and it was now similar to his huge tail. We looked like two barbarians out of a movie.

He told me that when they woke up in the gym all covered with dried sweat and cum, I had completely passed out. They were all afraid I was going to die. My breathing was raged and I was completely limp. They had tried and tried to wake me and finally decided that I was just so completely out of it, that they gave up trying.

They washed me, dried me and then carried me to Jake's bedroom. Where I had slept all night laying on him with my head in his lap and he had sat there all night waiting for me to wake up.

I leaned over and kissed him. "Thanks, I'm sorry I was such trouble," I said as I stroked his amazingly solid chest. "God, you feel good. So smooth, so solid so....Jake."

"Easy big guy, remember, you have new stud's coming this morning, you need to keep up your reserve," and he lightly took my hand in his and stopped my stroking.

"Are the others here?" I asked scanning the room.

"They are downstairs, waiting on our guests and they will be so relieved you're OK."

"OK? I'm better than OK, I feel like I could take on the world. I feel stupendous. More horny than ever and ready to meet these new men." My cock started to rise at the thought.

Jake told me that then I needed to see for myself, just what had happened last night. That I wouldn't believe it if he just told me. He then asked how much of it did I remember and I told him that I remembered this amazing burning sensation in my balls and that I had cum nonstop for a while and that each of the guys had taken a number of loads.

"Have they grown again? Does it still work?" I was getting worried by his tone. It was too cool, to businesslike for us to be laying in his big bed discussing our fucking rampage of the night before.

"Don't worry, it works better than ever, especially on yourself. Do you remember what happened after you drank down your own cum?"

"I remember each of you taking my ass for a ride and the burning and damned near kicking Mario through a wall and the cumming. Is he OK? Is there more?"

Now Jake was smiling, "Oh, yeah, there's more." He then told me that I had shot so much cum that each of them had more than their fill and puddles of cum were all over the gym floor. Then I drank an entire case of the liquid muscle supplement like a feeding frenzy and passed out.

Then the other guys had all gone through the seemingly 'normal' growth process. Normal, until, that is, they tried to move me. When Brad had tried to lift me, he could just couldn't believe how light I felt. While he had gained incredible strength after our first encounter, now my 750 lbs+ was like lifting a feather. He also found, when he stood me up, that he was just about as tall as I was at just over 8'.

Then they started checking each other, each measuring and weighing and trying to pick each other up and all of them were now about my size. So the growth thing must have a stopping point for size, but the strength just seemed to get more and more intense.

I was amazed and just couldn't wait to see them. I started to get up, and Jake didn't let go of my hand, "Wait, there's something else you should know. You're not the same as you were last night. Your different. That's one reason I wanted to be here when you woke up. I don't know exactly how to explain it, but you are more than human."

I stopped dead in my tracks. "What do you mean, 'more than human'?"

"Well, Geoff, I mean exactly that, you are more than any of us. Not just bigger, stronger or better hung, but also more beautiful, more, I don't know, more everything. Before we go downstairs you had better take a look so you can see for yourself."

He got out of bed and he was a site to behold. All I could think was,'God, I love this man. If this is a dream, I never want it to end.' But he was pulling me toward his closet with it's mirrored doors and I did notice that I was slightly taller than my giant blond lover.

"Now, stand right there while I get the lights," he said as he moved across the room.

Damn, I wanted that gorgeous ass wrapped right around my cock.

Then the lights came on and looking back from the mirror was a man I did not know. He looked a little like an exaggerated comic book character with traces of me thrown in for effect. My appearance had changed in many subtle ways, but added together the effect was dramatic.

Jake walked up behind me, "see what I mean big guy?" And I did. My body was even more gigantic than before. I must have been about 8'6" tall, but had swelled to at least 900 lbs, all of it muscle.

Yet, everything was in perfectly beautiful proportion. Even my head was bigger. I started really scanning myself and noticed other subtle yet incredible changes, yes my muscles were all larger and incredibly defined. I could see rips and striations from the slightest movement.

My body hair had changed ever so slightly, but the effect was dramatic. I was covered from collarbone to my ankles, but it was in a word, perfect. There was none at all on my back, shoulders, upper arms or at the sides of my abs where the intercostals looked like fingers stretching the skin, yet it was plentiful like fur, almost, across my steel plated pecs where it opened just barely to allow my now silver dollar size nips to show through, the hair highlighted my corrugated abs, and my crotch was black with it and now even my huge balls were covered.

My legs were caressed with it, but barely and I could tell my ass too was now covered in this fine silk. That's what it felt like as I stroked it. Thick soft silk. It ranged from about an inch long over my chest to barely there on my legs. It only served to make my body look that much more imposing. Enhancing the V taper of my torso and highlighting the spread of my rippling thighs. I couldn't get over how soft it felt over the incredible hardness of the muscle.

And it was hard. I flexed my right bicep and tried to squeeze it with my left hand and could not even press my powerful fingers into the steel like muscle. I could feel the intense power flowing through my body.

Even my face was amazing. Kind of primal yet handsome. The jawline was definitely wider and now I had a deep cleft in my chin, like Jake's, my face showed about two days worth of beard growth, but somehow even that looked sexy. My eyes were so intense I could feel them looking back at themselves. A deep icy blue with golden fire in them. I was now standing just a few inches from the mirror and Jake moved in behind me.

I could feel he was totally hard and his body pressed into mine and his cock slipped between my legs just as my own cock almost slapped me in the chin. It wasn't quite that long, but it did stretch it way all the way to the top of my pecs.

Jake wrapped his giant arms around me and said again, "See what I mean big guy? You are the most man I've ever imagined." I felt his cock twitch between my legs.

"If you keep that up, we are never going to get to our guests," I said as I turned away from the mirror, dislodging his cock from between my legs and kissed him drawing his tongue into my mouth and loving it.

He then pushed back from the embrace and leaned his head slightly forward and kissed the head of my cock and tongued a big glob of pre-cum that was waiting for him. "You're right, you get a shower and I'll go see who's arrived."

Showering was difficult even alone in Jake's bathroom. About halfway through washing, I came to another changed realization. I no longer felt like a huge muscle guy. It's difficult to describe, but moving came much easier. I could move easily, as if there were no huge muscles limiting movement.

While I had never really felt muscle bound, the new flexibility was going to make life even more fun. I could easily bend completely over and touch my head to my legs, hell, I couldn't do that before the transformation. Jake came back just as I was exploring this new capability to see me raise my enormous foot up the wall until it was over my head.

He just smiled and said, "Well I see you've found another change from last night, doesn't if feel wonderful?"

"Do all the guys feel like this?"

"Yes, Steve was even down stairs showing off side splits. I'm glad you're feeling good and they were all relieved to hear you are up and around." He assisted me in drying off and grabbed a large beach towel and wrapped it around me. Luckily my cock had gone down but I was sure it wouldn't stay that way long.

We headed down stairs after once again negotiating the door way and I noticed Jake had made significant progress in being able to get through, but when I brushed the sides of the door frame, they just fell to the floor in a heap of plaster and wood.

"Sorry, Jake, I guess I'm not used to the increased strength yet."

"It's OK, buddy, We'll just have to replace that one in the plans." He laughed. We had to go down the stairs one at a time, but when we got to the living room all the guys were waiting.

They were so huge, all of them dwarfing the regular sized guys who had arrived. All of them had grown as I had and were between probably eight feet to eight and a half feet tall and astoundingly muscled. They all looked at us and smiled. It was a site to behold.

Four giants towering over two regular sized men which I later learned were Troy's little brother Thad and Steve's friend from the gym, Max. Mario seemed preoccupied by his dad being late and Brad was on the phone trying to convince a very upset Rob to get his ass over here now. Steve's friend was the most muscular to begin with and looked to be about 5'11" and about 230 lbs and definitely a body builder. He had a great set of pecs and his basket looked plenty full.

Steve was loving the way Max was worshiping his new body, his hands were all over it and Steve had a massive two foot hard on to prove his excitement. Troy was still introducing his brother Thad around when Jake and I entered.

If there could ever be two brothers more opposite than Troy and Thad, I know I've never seen it. Of course, Troy was now immensely muscled with nary a hair anywhere on his super muscled dark chocolate frame, with the exception of his eyebrows. But, Thad looked almost anemic. Thin as a whisp and only about 5'5" tall with short dark hair and probably about 120 lbs. His brother was actually holding him in one hand and carrying him around the room.

When he reached Jake and I he said, "Jake, Geoff, I want you to meet my brother, Thad. He's the brains of the family. Only 16 and already graduated from college with a degree in computer science," then to the obvious embarrassment of Thad, "he and I have been lovers since he was 12 and I was 14. He's always wanted to be like me and if he still does, Geoff I'd like very much if you could work your own particular brand of magic with him."

Thad was obviously trying to find a corner and hide after his brother openness.

"Thad, its a pleasure to meet you." I reached for his hand to shake it, but he drew it back at first looking up to his big brother for some kind of signal. Evidently he got the OK, and reached for my hand. I just let him do the squeezing because the last thing I wanted was to risk breaking his hand in my paw. Then he smiled and it was a definite ice breaking experience.

He may have been small, but he was just a beautiful as his big brother. I asked him if he did indeed want to be as large as his brother and for a few minutes, everyone else in the room disappeared and there were just the two of us. Not in actuality, but his gaze was so intense, that's what if felt like for a moment.

He never let go of my hand, "Yes, I'd do just about anything to be able to be big. I've wanted to be a stud like Troy as long as I can remember. He's always been bigger. He has explained what might happen if I, well, you know ... and I definitely want to try, even if I don't get as big as this oaf," he playingly elbowed Troy in the ribs, "I'd give anything to show him the pleasure he's shown me over the years."

I looked at Troy and I could see love in his eyes. "Troy, why don't you set Thad down and go down to the gym, I'll be there in a few minutes and we'll see what we can do?"

Troy moved to set him down and Thad seemed a little irked, "No, that's OK, I like it when he holds me."

Troy picked him back up and kissed the small man. Troy looked at me and then at Jake, "We'll wait, but I wouldn't take too long, this kid has a way of making me horny just being here," and they took off for the gym.

Steve saw them leave and moved to bring Max over. After introductions were made I could see the unbelief on Max's face. He still had both hands on Steve and I could see it was taking all Steve's self control not to throw the boy down and fuck him senseless. Max was very well built and dressed for the gym in tight spandex shorts and a tank top with a baggy crop shirt over it.

I could see he was hungry for muscle just by the look in his eyes as he scanned Jake's and my bodies for every detail. "Just fucking unbelievable," was all he said as he felt Steve's massive chest and arms. "Just fucking unbelievable."

"Max," I said getting his attention, or at least part of it, "you look like you'd like to try that (meaning Steve's giant arm) on for size, am I right?"

He traced the outline of Steve's huge triceps as Steve flexed it and said, "What ever you want, I'll do whatever you want."

"Max, I don't want anything, just for you to realize this fantasy like the rest of us."

"Oh, God, yes, I've been training for ten years, ever since I was 14, and I've never even dreamed of having this kind of muscle. So, yes and now."

I had to chuckle, he hadn't taken his hands off of Steve for one minute and his eyes were glued, not to Steve's muscles, but to my cock. I guess Steve had told him what he'd need to do.

"Ok, you and Steve go wait out by the pool and we'll be there shortly. I'm going to talk to Mario and Brad and then I'll be along." They trotted for the pool very ready for this to begin.

Jake had been awfully quite throughout these two exchanges and as we walked over to Mario, I wondered what he was thinking. Mario looked distressed. "He just isn't going to come, I know it. Ever since mom died, last year, he's been a mess," he said as way of explaining his look. "I'm just afraid he won't come at all, even though I know he'd want this."

Mario was stunning at just about eight feet of latin beauty. His pecs and glutes had grown a bit out of proportion to the rest of his body, but it sure looked good to me. His long blond hair and blue eyes were the traces of his mother's heritage, but everything else from his burnished tan skin to his beautiful enormous dick was all latin. He looked about ready to either cry or punch a hole in the wall.

I put my arms around him and held him tightly. "He'll be here buddy, don't worry, he probably just got caught up with something or got lost and had to stop for directions. You gave him the phone number, right?" He nodded that he had, but didn't seem reassured. He said he'd wait right there for him. I told him to take him to Jake's study, when he arrived and I'd be there as soon as I could. He just smiled a little then, kind of forced, but a smile on the beautiful face none-the-less.

Brad had been talking on the phone the whole time and just as I finished talking to Mario, he slammed down the receiver and crushed the phone to bits and pieces and the table it was on literally exploded. Evidently, Rob had said he wasn't coming and no one, not even the illustrious Jake Masters could 'buy' him.

Brad was furious and I thought he was going to smash something else when Jake finally stepped in, "Whoa big boy, just settle down. You're not doing anyone any good by getting all bent out of shape. And my house has taken enough damage for one day, Ok?"

We finally got him settled and I suggested that he go and get Rob, explain to him that he was not being bought and was not under any obligation at all, but if he wanted to join us he would be welcome. That finally brought a smile back to Brad's ever so handsome face and Jake appeared OK with the idea as well. He gave Brad one of the gate controllers so he wouldn't have to worry about someone letting them back in and we both helped him find enough clothes so he wouldn't get arrested.

He looked kind of funny in his shorts and tee shirt that were at least 4 sizes too small, with his immense cock sticking out one leg of the shorts, but it was the best we could do at the time. Once dressed he was out the door in a flash.

I turned to Jake and pointed toward the stairs to the gym and said, "What do you say to getting started making these boys dreams come true big guy?"

He just smiled and clapped one big arm around my shoulders saying, "I thought you'd never get started." •

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