Journal, The

Day Three


By Braun1

When Jake and I got to the gym, we were surprised by what we saw. Troy's little brother was ramming, what looked like a very respectable 10" cock down Troy's throat. He had is back to us and didn't see us enter. Troy however did and immediately picked up the pace. How such a small guy could command such a large tool, was beyond me, but soon he would have more than enough body to support such a fine piece as the one now unloading down Troy's throat.

Troy was literally supporting Thad with one hand on Thad's ass, hungrily swallowing his load and beating his magnificent dick with his other hand. Jake looked at me and I looked back and smiled. We both crossed the room and attacked Troy's massive member. I got there first, so in my hungry mouth it went. The head was so swollen with his passion it wasn't easy for even me to get it down, but down it went.

Jake turned over on his back and hungrily began working Troy's balls and ass with his mouth and hands. Troy's thrusting down my throat became more and more frantic and I took more and more of his cock as it swelled harder and harder.

I looked up along the torso of my black adonis in time to watch Thad shudder with another orgasm. "Oh, man, Oh, God Troy it was never like this, you're so fucking big, uh uh arrrgggh" and Thad went limp in Troy's hands and Troy erupted inside of me. So much I could barely contain it all, it just kept shooting and shooting and I felt very full. His massive frame was dripping with sweat and when he finally started to come down from his climax, I pulled off of his still hard cock and it was still drooling cum all over the floor.

"Man, Geoff, what did you do to me, it's been like this since last night, if I start cumming I can't stop."

I just stood up and lifted Thad out of his hands and smiled at him with his juice still dripping off of my chin and said, "and you're telling me this is a bad thing?"

Looking down at Thad I said, "so I see you definitely take after big brother in one respect" and I gently took hold of his half hard cock and started to stroke it. He stared with wide eyes at the site of his brothers enormous rod and mine just bobbing and dripping at almost his chest level. He tentatively reached out and grabbed hold of both of the huge cocks and started to stroke them as best he could. His hands barely made it halfway around these massive fuck poles.

Jake spoke up from below, "So, you boys ready to see if we can bring this babe into the club or what?"

"Yes," I said, "I've been ready for the last hour, you ready Thad?" He looked up at me and just nodded his head. Troy was incredibly gentle with Thad, as if he were going to hurt him. An amazing turn around from the big stud, that moments before, was trying to swallow him whole. He explained again just what Thad needed to do, then got down on his knees to help. Soon they were both working my huge dripping cock.

Jake moved around behind me and began to massage my ass, his tongue was tracing the deep muscle crevasses of my back and I could feel is cock sliding between my ass cheeks. I almost lost it and released a huge amount of precum nearly coating Thad's face in it. He only worked harder. Troy was licking up and down my shaft and Thad worked the head. There was no way he could fit it in his mouth, but his tongue worked the slit like there was no tomorrow.

Jake soon had his arms around me and was humping my ass, just teasing, sliding his cock up and down my ass. His hands reached around for my hairy pecs and fingers found my already hard jutting nipples. As he started to pinch and twist them he also moved to push his teasing cock into me. I was lost in a torrent of passion. I grabbed Troy's hand which had been stroking the insides of my thighs and put it on the back of his little brothers head.

He knew what I meant and told his brother to take a deep breath, I was gonna blow. Jake had just slammed my ass for about the tenth time and I felt the wave beginning and let out a moan that Jake still swears was what made him fill me deep inside. He filled me and I filled Thad.

Troy held his head so his mouth was tight against my cockhead as wave after wave of cum poured into the boy. He swallowed and swallowed and still I came. He went limp in his brothers arms and passed out and still I came. Troy was actually able to get a few shots for himself, but not before he gently cradled his brother in his arms.

Once we all had returned from nirvana, Troy took his brother's still very limp body and laid him on a bench. Jake dislodged himself from my ass and moved to the bar to retrieve the supplement drinks for Thad and I moved to sit by his side.

This was one amazing kid. Really beautiful even covered in cum and dripping with sweat. He was hairier than Troy was the first time I saw him, but then Troy shaved for competition. Thad was also shorter than any of the other guys, so I hoped he would fill out OK. Troy was all concern, but somehow I knew he would be fine. His reaction didn't start as quickly as the others had and for a moment or two, I was worried that he wasn't going to react at all.

Then it started and it was incredible to watch. His body snapped ridged and it was as if there was someone working a hand pump blowing him up. Waves of growth forced its way through his body. He was soon too big to comfortably lay on the bench, and Troy moved him to the floor.

Convulsions hit and he was instantly huge. His slender legs swelled, muscles appearing, writhing under the smooth skin. His legs just kept growing thicker and longer and so did his dick. Thicker, longer it was quickly 18" and showed now signs of stopping. His chest swelled as though it were two balloons filling with air, but were also spreading wider and wider. His abs already defined into a six-pack were expanding and his shoulders blowing up to cap his amazingly enormous arms.

His convulsions were abating and his growth slowing, but not before he easily reached seven and a half feet tall and over 600 lbs. He was sweating like he was out in the rain it was soon evident that the boy was no longer a boy. His face broadened and matured in front of our eyes. His chest was covered in a coating of black soft curly fur and it spread quickly across his brick like abs down throughout is crotch and across the ebony trees that were his legs.

He came awake with a grunt and shout of "HUNGRY". Jake was quick to respond and handed him bottle after bottle of supplement. He finally stopped growing at almost 8' tall and an easy 700 lbs. Smaller than his big brother, but much larger than I had expected, given his small starting size. Made me wonder what was going to happen to that bodybuilder waiting by the pool.

Troy looked down at his brother with tears in his eyes and then over at me and mouthed a silent 'thank you'. I just nodded and said, "Hey, Jake, let's move on to the boys by the pool, I think these two will be OK by themselves."

"OK big guy, you're the boss" he said as he winked at me. Then headed for the stairs carrying another case of supplements. Thad was really coming around now and grabbed hold of my hand as I got up to leave. He looked up and not yet really with us yet, smiled at me and I leaned down and kissed him lightly. His smile was captivating and the look in those big brown eyes said it all.

I looked at Troy, "You take care with this big stud now, you hear?" and I turned and when up the stairs after Jake.

When I reached the top of the stairs, I ran smack into Jake. He had put the case he was carrying down and looked at me with such desire that I thought our trip out to the patio would have to be delayed.

He put his hand next to my face and stroked my hair and said, "Thanks, Geoff, you're making all of our dreams come true." And he kissed me long and hard, grinding his body into mine and I quickly rose to the moment.

My cock was hard and throbbing between his legs and was starting to lift him off the floor when he pulled back, "Well, it looks like you're already ready for the next addition to our family. Who shall it be? Steve's friend Max or Mario and his dad? I assume he made it because he's no longer waiting in the living room and Brad's car's not back yet, so that leaves us with two."

"If Mario's dad has arrived, let's give them time to talk this over, they seem to have some unresolved issues."

"Good, then let's see what our 'bodybuilder' is up to with Stevie."

I thought 'Stevie?' 'Stevie?' who could ever call that incredible man 'Stevie?', but Jake knew what he was talking about, when we arrived by the pool, Max appeared to have his cock buried deep inside Steve who was standing in the pool leaning over the side.

Max was still getting off on Steve's size and I could hear him, "Oh God, Stevie, you're so big, so tight, man, Oh God man, you are so fucking big." He was hanging on to Steve's huge lats and just pounding away with his little cock.

This is no slam, it really was little at about 5" long, it most likely did not even penetrate Steve's wanting ass, but was just fucking between his huge glutes. It was going to be fun watching this one grow.

Jake and I climbed into the pool and he started rinsing off the leavings of our earlier session. Steve noticed us enter and obviously wanted to get on with it. He looked at me and smiled, then appeared to flex is glutes, trapping Max's cock between. Max let out a yell and shot all over Steve's ass.

For a guy with a little rod, he sure could put out the juice. He nearly collapsed in the water but Jake caught him and Steve made his way over to me. "He'll be out of it for a few minutes, but I wanted to talk to you first anyway."

Intrigued, I questioned, "What's up, big guy?"

"Well, that's part of it, really, I mean, um...."

I could really tell something was bothering him, "OK, Steve, out with it, what's got you so confused you can't put more than two words together, it's Geoff here, you can say anything to me?"

I took him into my arms as I said this and I could feel him relax as I did. Then he told me about how Max had been his dream guy for along time at the gym and they had gotten together about six months before, usually with Steve on the bottom, worshiping Max's muscular form and now he wasn't so sure Max was right guy to invite into our midst.

"He's just so obsessed with it, I mean, look at him, he's got at great body, but I'm just not sure I want him bigger than me."

"What makes you think he'll be bigger? We've seen how different everyone reacts. You should see Troy's 'little' brother, he's almost as big as Troy now."

"Don't you see, that's what I'm worried about, I like Max, but I don't want to be just his plaything again."

"You won't, I promise that if he does grow bigger than you, we'll just make you bigger, if that's possible." He looked reassured and even eager now.

I said, "Steve, remember, you were the first, and I care about you. I only want to make you happy and if growing Max is not going to do that, well he can leave right now."

"No, I want to see him realize his dream, but I'm just not sure he'll be able to deal with it."

"Well, buddy, there's only one way to find out." I looked over and Jake had cleaned up our budding bodybuilder. Max really was good looking, but in a stocky sort of way. He almost looked to short for his size. He had short cropped brown hair but almost no hair on his body. It was evident that he shaved as he even trimmed is pubes so they wouldn't stick out of the posing trunks.

He was nicely developed with high tight pecs and a six pack I would have killed for just a few days ago. Next to Jake, though, he looked comical, almost a mini version of what a man should look like. I could see Max was really getting off on Jake's smooth body after exploring Steve's beautifully hairy one.

"Come on you two, there'll be plenty of time for us later, right now you'd better get started before I take this little guy and ram him so full he splits in two." I knew Jake was only kidding, but Max didn't and he started to pull away from the blond giant.

I sloshed over through the water and picked Max up and holding him against my chest rolling it for emphasis, "well, we can't let that happen, now can we Maxie?" He was immediately like putty in my arms.

"So, Max, you know what you want and how to get it, what are you waiting for?" He quickly jumped from my arms, slid down my body and took my cock in his hands.

"Man you are even bigger than Steve. This is just too fucking unbelievable."

Jake had moved in behind him and was stroking his shoulders, Steve found my ass and started his own magic. Soon my cock was steel hard again and Max was actually able to take the huge head in his mouth. He was an amazing cock sucker. Jake decided to help him and started sliding his own huge monster along mine and really slicking it up with his precum.

Max took every advantage of that and soon had a hand on both of our enormous rods. Steve was not teasing as Jake had done earlier, evidently he was ready for action and rammed his muscle cock deep inside me in one long thrust, causing me to knock both Max and Jake off of my cock and they splashed back in the water.

Steve looked over my shoulder and just said, "Sorry," and kept on thrusting. God it felt good having him in me again. I could almost forget we were here for Max when Steve pressed his body into mine and really started churning my guts to butter.

Jake was chuckling, probably because he knew just what Steve was feeling. Max was not put off at all and came immediately back to his goal. I reached for Jake's shoulders for support and he placed his hands on Max's back. We finally got a good rhythm going and I could feel myself getting lost in it. Max's tongue was working the head of my cock like never before. This guy was good.

Then I felt two very strong hands grab my balls and I knew it had to be Jake. He squeezed and twisted and Steve rammed and ground and I lost it. It was as if my whole body was trying to shoot out through my dick. Jake had Max's head firmly held and he had no choice but to take all I could give and I gave a lot that morning in the pool. So much he started choking on it.

It showed no signs of stopping and he collapsed into Jake's arms. My orgasm had triggered Steve's and I was being filled beyond capacity even I as I was Filling Max. Jake took Max and lifted him out of the pool. Steve was breathing hard and laying along my back.

I started to move away and he wrapped his big arms around me and said very quietly, "I don't care what happens, as long as I can do this again," and he kissed the back of my neck. I helped him slide out of me and cum flowed out of my ass. The water around us was actually cloudy with it and I could tell Steve was, at least for the moment, spent.

"Anytime you want, big guy, anytime you want," I told him and we made our way to the side of the pool where Jake had laid Max. He was unconscious for a very long time.

I was beginning to wonder what was going on when his transformation started. Incredibly slow at first as if his body was remolding itself to accommodate the growth to come, Steve looked relieved, then Max's growth really took off. His already well developed muscles were swelling. He screamed and moaned and then the convulsions hit and he grew.

Larger and larger, his growth appeared more painful than the others had and tears were soon streaming down his face, joining the sweat that was rolling off of his ballooning body. His screams became more frantic and he started thrashing with his arms and legs. His legs were growing huge even by our standards. His muscles looked as though they would explode through the skin at any moment. His arms just kept getting bigger and bigger. They were the size of Brad's monster guns and still swelling. He had gotten much taller as well, passing 7' and still growing.

Jake started trying to feed him and he took each container and sucked it down as if his life depended on it. He was a monster of muscle, you couldn't say it was anything but huge. His legs were a writhing mass of muscle, easily 60" thighs and 35" calves, his waist was small, perhaps only 32", but his chest was enormous at least 90" and still swelling. Is arms were pushing 40" when he start yelling, "Oh fuck, Oh fuck Oh fuck stop it, Oh God it hurts, Oh fuck, not again," and he lapsed into another wave of convulsions.

His arms were slamming the concrete of the patio so hard that it was cracked and chunks of cement were flying with each slam of his fists. Steve moved to hold his head and Jake held him down on one side while I held the other. No one wanted to see him hurt. Just as we got him settled from this second wave of growth, Steve noticed, "Oh.. My.. God.. Look at his dick."

I turned my head expecting to see some super cock, but what I saw startled me. It was still small, even smaller looking with his huge body around it. Then his body was shaken by another tremor and he went completely limp. Everything went limp, that is, except for his cock. It was finally swelling, growing. Veins bulged angrily, the whole thing pulsed as if it didn't grow the internal pressure was going to make it burst. It lengthened and thickened but only grew to about 16" long and about as thick as a beer can.

He was completely out and his breathing was ragged. Steve stroked his head. and said he would stay with him until he came around. Later I found out that Max had been into using steroids and I guess that's what caused his very different reaction. When I stood up I could see he was easily the biggest of us so far, at least in the muscle department. He was about 8' tall, but had to go 1000 lbs. He was incredibly wide and thick and I knew he would be incredibly strong. The funny part was that he would also probably have the smallest dick in the house, but somehow I knew that wouldn't matter. Not in this house.

As Jake and I walked back into the house he looked at me and said, "You know there's something different about Thad's and Max's transformation. When you grew me, I couldn't keep myself from that incredible after growth orgasm that had the growing affect on you. These two were both hard as steel rods, but neither came. Any idea why?"

I just put my arm around him and said, "Jake, I don't even know how it works, let alone, why each reaction is different. All I know is that was the strangest reaction yet and I hope Max is OK."

"You feel up to another, I'm sure Mario is beginning to wonder where you are?"

"You know, that's the strangest thing of all. I feel great, like I could just keep doing this for the rest of my life. Each one of these guys drains a lifetime of cum from me and there's just more for the next." He took me into his arms then and said, "good, because when you're done with these guys, I want you all to myself for a while."

He kissed me lightly and pulled away. "Aren't you going to help me with Mario's dad?"

"You don't need my help, buddy, and I've got some business to take care of," and with that he walked past the study down the hall and was gone. I just shook my head and wondered what he was up to this time.

As I entered the study I was not surprised. My beautiful Mario had his head buried in the crotch of a very handsome man. As I closed the door he looked up at me and slowly lifted off his dad's cock. And what a cock, Troy wasn't exaggerating one bit, it had to be at least 14", thick as your wrist and rock hard and it was attached to an amazing man. He looked to be about 5'7" tall, but it was hard to tell with him seated. He had long black hair and beautiful burnished golden skin that was rippling with well toned muscle. I could definitely see why Mario was so beautiful.

Mario stood up and I could see his rock hard arousal. "Dad this is Geoff, the one I was telling you about. And Geoff, this is my dad, Jorge."

Jorge stood up and seemingly unconscious that he was meeting a man three times his size, stuck out his hand in welcome and stated, "And it is Jorge, just like with a G, not HorHay, I'm about as American as they come."

"I'm very pleased to meet you Jorge." We shook hands for quite some time and he inspected every inch of me.

Then instead of withdrawing his hand, he lowered it and grasped my lengthening dick and start stroking it. "So, my boy tells me you are responsible for his changing into this super man I see before me. True?"

I could tell this was going to be one fine day and Mario was smiling from ear to ear. •

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