Journal, The

Day Two


By Braun1

The guys were joking with each other about how Jake and I had to stoop and twist to get through the doors as we made our way down to the gym. Several times I had to stop and help Jake get through and he was just getting angrier and angrier so that by the time we finally made it to they gym door he reached out with his giant hands, grasped the sides of the door frame and pushed them out of the way. This caused a loud crash as the walls next to the door crumbled and we could finally get through a door only by ducking our heads.

At 8'+ tall and over 700lbs each we were quite a pair. The crashing plaster and wood had caused an uneasy silence to fall over the group, but that was nothing to compared to the quiet that descended as Jake's face became visible after we entered the gym. I have to admit, even I was wary. He looked frightening, glaring at us and there was fire in his eyes. Every huge muscle tensed like a lion ready to pounce. I walked toward him but he pushed me to the side and still glaring at the boys said, "Look, you little comedians, look at what this muscle man can do if you keep making me the butt of your jokes."

He walked over to the rack and picked up a 45lb olympic bar and with just his arms, bent it into a pretzel as if it were dough instead of hardened steel. Then he grabbed the sides of the pretzel and with every muscle flexing hard he squeezed the side in. His chest rippled with power, his massive arms showed deep crevasses of muscle and his shoulders bulged. The bent bar inward again, but he kept up the pressure and again and again he flexed and grunted. The veins in his neck began to bulge and even his huge shoulders looked like they were straining. Then he dropped what was left of the bar to the floor it was just a mass of metal.

There was a look of awe on all of our faces because it was clear to see the pressure exerted by Jake's hands had to be overwhelming as clearly etched in the lump of metal were Jake's hand prints. Molded as if it were made of soft clay. Jake's chest was heaving with the exertion and as I put my hand on his shoulder, I could feel it was hard as granite.

"Jake, easy, they were only joking and 'we' do have look pretty funny getting through doorways" I said trying to calm him.

Jake's head snapped around the second I touched him and now he was looking deep into my eyes, after what seemed like an eternity he says, "I'm sorry, I just get so angry sometimes, I mean," and he turned to the guys who were still not sure if they should move, "you guys all want this" and he flexed his arms and masses of biceps swelled the skin just to the bursting point, his forearms were bigger than most bodybuilders upper arms and thickly cabled with striations, "don't you?"

His body was amazing. No bodybuilder had ever had his definition. He was totally serious and luckily Brad broke the tension. He walked over to Jake, reached up and placed his hand on Jake's mountainous arms saying, "Yes, Jake, we all want more, we're all just a little awe struck by the size of you, and we were really just kidding." He then squeezed the muscle in his hands and couldn't even dent the hard muscle.

Jake visibly relaxed when Brad moved away. "It's OK, really, I was just frustrated with myself, you know, Geoff you do it so easily and you're just as big and you don't seem to have as much trouble as I do?"

"You're right, Jake, I don't, but the I've had a whole day to get used to it. You'll get it and besides, when you get that architect out here, he can redesign all the doors for our size and hopefully fix that one too." I smiled and pointed at the gym doorway which laid in splinters and bits of plaster on the floor.

Well now, Jake was finally smiling. "Guess I really don't know my own strength." This immediately brought a more relaxed mood to the room. "Ok now let's see what all this man muscle looks like, I've yet to see all of it at once." He turned and walked toward the mirrored wall and all of us followed.

It was a sight to behold. Six massive, gargantuan, pumped up, muscle mega men stared back at us. Each alone would have been amazing to see, but all together, flexing and preening was just too much. Jake looked himself over. Flexing each muscle. His arms were amazing, while the biceps were mountains, the triceps were incredible. Huge Clydesdale horseshoes would be smaller than these massive sculpted muscles. His torso was a sea of rippling muscle. His abs were deep crevasses and his thighs ripped into flaring cords of power. His calves were amazing, larger than any normal man's thighs and his back would put the most powerful body builder to shame. His glutes formed the most beautiful ass in the room.

The mass of it was amazing as it flexed and relaxed, one moment it was cut with striations, the next is was the bubble butt of every one of our wet dreams. His huge cock hung relaxed to his knees. Beautifully white, incredibly thick and capped by an amazing rosy pink flaring head. Even Jake was impressed by the man looking back at him from the mirror, but the other guys were more than impressed.

You could see it on their faces, in their eyes, they all wanted what Jake had and even more, wanted Jake to have them.

"Damn, what a group of studs we are," I said as I moved to pick up a dumbbell. I really wanted to break away this flex-a-thon that had developed because I was feeling very hot and very horny. If they soon didn't move from the mirror, I was going to shoot a load all over their beautiful reflections. Of course the dumbbell was only 200lbs and I started doing concentration curls. It was easy, yet I could feel the pump raising in my arm, so I switched hands and continued just watching them flex.

Troy was showing Mario how to pose correctly and Brad kept looking at me, like he was going to make dessert of me. Steve was also look at me, and at Brad, but his look was just a little jealous. I wasn't sure if he was jealous of Brad wanting me, or if he wanted Brad all to himself, or if he wanted me. Didn't really matter, because two seconds later he was joining Brad as they approached me.

"Man, Geoff, you have such amazing arms. I can't believe how peaked they are when you curl the weight," it was Brad's deep sexy voice commenting as he and Steve approached. He reached down and placed one hand over my arm as it curled the weight. Jake had moved to the squat rack and was loading a bar with all the weight he could find.

Troy and Mario were still flexing, but I could see they were definitely doing more than just posing, now and the room was definitely feeling warmer. Steve reach down to where the other 200lb dumbbell was laying and picked it up easily and started doing his own set of curls. "This feels so light, it's as if I was curling air. How come you're getting such a pump?" Steve mentioned as he kept pumping. "Man, I need more weight." and he grabbed a curl bar and started loading on the weight.

I just kept on pumping, one arm after the other. Brad kept feeling my flex and moved around behind me on the bench. From there he could feel my arms with one hand while stroking along my back with the other. Steve had now filled his bar with what looked like about 750lbs loaded and squatted over the bar grasping it about shoulder width and just stood up like it was nothing at all. Then he started curling the weight and his massive guns swelled. He was definitely trying to get Brad's attention.

Steve was amazing, his beautiful hair was sticking out of straining shorts, down his legs, out of the neck of his shirt, and now his titanic arms were swelling with blood. His face was amazingly relaxed, but you could see his huge cock was swelling in his shorts. His arms were not the only things getting pumped with blood.

Brad pressed his shirted chest into my back and whispered into my ear, "Watch this." He then got up from behind me and I continued by throwing the weight over my shoulder and doing some tri extensions. I repositioned myself to have a better view of Steve.

His arms were truly pumped to the max now and huge veins were standing out all over his arms and shoulders. Brad walked up to him, and as he did he reached up and grabbed his own shirt at the collar ripped it slowly down the center and left it fall to the floor. Then he grabbed his shorts by the hem and pulled up until they ripped completely and were also dropped to the floor in pieces. All he had left was is far too small straining jock.

My view was of an unbelievable outlined perfect ass undulating with each step. As he stood before Steve, Steve moved to put the weight down, but Brad grabbed it and told him to hold it for a minute. Then told him to press it over his head. Brad held the bar easily while Steve changed his grip and began to press it over his head. After about three reps, as Steve pressed the weight slowly over his head again, Brad reached out and with just a flick of his wrists, ripped off Steve's shirt and shorts, leaving him completely nude.

His cock was already hard and slapped up smacking against his gut and Steve was so shocked he almost dropped the weight on Brad's head. Brad reached up and steadied the bar with one hand and lovingly stroked Steve's giant cock with the other.

"Now that's what I call impressive, big guy," Brad said in that incredibly sexy tone of voice he has.

"Oh, man, I thought I was going to drop this on you."

Steve was shaking a bit, not really from exertion, but from the thought of hurting his new friend. I walked up behind Steve and took the bar from him and gently placed it on the floor. Brad moved in closer to Steve, sandwiching him in between us. My now hard cock rode up the split of Steve's ass as it approached and settled along his lower back. Brad had moved closer and did not stop until Steve was firmly pressed between us. Brad kissed him while firmly grinding their cocks together with his hips. "MMMM, tastes just as good as it looks," Brad said as he looked up into my eyes.

He was now definitely in full lust and nothing short of both of us was going to satisfy him. I put my head next to Steve's and after nibbling his ear a few times, I said, "well, Steve, it doesn't look like he's taking 'no' for an answer. What do you say we show him what is like having both of us."

I continued to tongue and nibble on the ear and all he could say was, "oh, yeah" and he reaches around Brad and pulls him even closer. Then I reached down and wrapped both of my pumped arms around both of them and carried them to the part of the floor with a wrestling type mat. Wrestle them down I did. I pulled them both down on top of me and words were gone. Soon Steve had repositioned himself so his huge cock was in my face and his throat took down all of Brad's cock in one swallow.

I licked and sucked his balls as his precum was smearing all over my pecs. I could feel, but not see how frantically he was trying to get Brad off, he wanted that boy's cum so bad he wasn't paying any attention to my cock at all. Brad soon remedied that by taking my enormous prong in his meaty hand and stroking for all he was worth. Then I felt a pair of lips wrap around the head and wondered if Brad had become that flexible, but no, as I looked up across Steve's back I could see the dark chocolate black of Troy's head bobbing over my pole and realized that the others had joined our developing orgy.

I started going at Steve's ass, tasting that Oh so unique taste of man musk when these huge, sweating pillars appeared on either side of my view. Jake must have finished is squat set and decided to join in. His alabaster pole was standing straight out from his body as if defying gravity and was soon pressing between my face and Steve's ass.

For a moment I thought he was going to impale Steve's incredibly tight hole, but instead he slid it between Steve's legs and stopped just as his grapefruit sized balls came in contact with my tongue. I attacked his nut sack with a vengeance. The smell was amazing. Sweat dripped down all over me and I could feel the weight of all these men everywhere.

I thought, if this isn't heaven, then I don't want to go there. Jake's cock joined Steve's in covering my chest in precum. Both were rock hard and now I could feel another mouth join Troy's on my cock. I could feel myself nearing the edge, but wasn't sure I wanted this to end so soon. Jake must have been psychic because he pulled out and then grabbed my shoulders and began to pull me from under the mass of bodies.

I heard Troy say, "What the.." as my cock pulled out of his mouth and Mario quickly moved from licking my dick to sucking on Troy's. Once we were free of the writhing mass, Jake moved around to my feet, his ridged cock bouncing with every step. My own cock was drooling almost nonstop all over my torso and I could feel my balls just churning with cum.

Jake didn't say a word, he just grabbed me by the legs and lifted my ass toward his cock. Soon I was braced against his massive thighs, with my head on the ground look up at him between my wide spread legs. He had a mischievous grin on his face and soon buried that face in my ass. His tongue was magic. I didn't want him to stop.

I felt a wet drop on my face and realized that my own cock was staring at me from just inches above my mouth. I stuck out my tongue and almost could reach it. Jake had obviously felt that my ass was ready because he stood back up and I felt the enormous head of his cock press against my hole. He kept up a steady pressure until he pushed past the entrance. The pressure continued until he had more than half of that enormous dick inside me then he pulled back. He pressed my legs further toward my head and now I could feel other hands take hold of my legs.

Steve and Brad must have finished with round one and decided to help Jake out. They each had one of my ankles in one hand and their limp but swelling cocks in the other. When they took over the leg holding, I felt Jake press further inside of me and could feel his tool deeper and deeper. I also felt my own cock slap into my face and, almost reflexively licked the head and tongued the slit. I remember being surprised at how large it was and how amazingly sweet my own pre-cum tasted.

Jake was now stroking deep and long and I knew I wouldn't last much longer, when I heard Brad say, "Suck it, Geoff, suck your own cock, do it." I took the head into my mouth. I could feel them pressing down on my legs as even more of my dick entered my mouth. Troy and Mario must have felt left out, because before I get my hands up to stroke my shaft, I felt their hands pulling mine away placing them on their ridged poles, and their mouths go to work on either side of my cock. Jake was now like a jack hammer pounding away at my ass and slamming into my prostate with every stroke.

I was in cock paradise. I could feel myself building to explosion, but didn't care. If I drowned in my own cum, at least I'd die happy. Jake was now leaning over my spread and stretched legs and I could feel him grinding his cock inside of me, churning my insides to a new level of pleasure and he lost it. Waves of cum flooded into my ass and that was the end. My on cock swelled in my mouth and I erupted.

I must have cum a gallon and it just kept on shooting. I had no choice but to swallow as I couldn't have gotten my dick out of my mouth if I had tried. The explosion seemed to subside some. Troy and Mario were still working the shaft and my balls as I felt Jake pull out and move around to the side where Steve was holding my leg.

Steve immediately replaced Jake at my ass and I soon realized that this was far from over. Steve's big club like uncut cock was soon ramming into me, well lubed by Jake's load. Steve was like a wild man with his long hair flying everywhere and his hips thrusting that monster cock into me. He didn't last long and was soon adding his load to Jake's. His orgasm triggered my balls to let loose with another load which immediately went from my cock to my mouth to my stomach.

I was beginning to feel dizzy and my vision was beginning to blur when felt Brad move for his turn at my pulverized ass. He had barely slammed into me when his cock swelled and he exploded. For once my cock didn't immediately follow suit and I thought I was nearly drained. Wrong. Then instead of one of the other guys taking Brad's place at my well open hole, Brad stayed and begin working it with his hand.

'Oh, god no, I thought, he's going to fist me again.' And he did. His arm was soon buried to the elbow. The pain was exquisite and not nearly as bad as the first time. I could feel my balls drawing up again for another load and he started rubbing his knuckles against my prostate. I slammed another load down my throat and as he withdrew his hand some of my cum actually shot out of my nose as I was trying to breathe. Troy came to my rescue, I thought, and pulled my cock out of my mouth.

After a few breaths, however, he had the guys lift my legs and put it back before I could say a word. I tried to push the guys off of me, but I was just too out of it. I barely noticed when Troy replaced Brad at my ass and Brad's mouth replaced Troy's at my cock. I did see Brad kiss Mario rather passionately, but then they both returned to working my cock and balls just as Troy pressed his massive black pole in my very used and abused hole.

I couldn't believe how incredible it felt having him in me. I was quickly moving from a conscious state to something else. Pure pleasure might describe it, but it's really hard to put into words. He and I shot in unison and I was more than stuffed with my own cum. As Troy pulled out of me I looked up a Mario, the last who had not fucked me. Just as I did, I blinked my eyes and when I opened them Mario's face had been replaced with Troy's handsome mug.

I felt Mario at my ass but he wasn't moving to fuck me he was sucking and licking and rimming and moaning. Evidently he was cleaning my love canal of at least some of the previous loads. Just as he moved to fill it with his own huge cock, I felt a deep burning inside of me. It was as if someone had lit a fire in my chest and it was spreading. Mario rammed into me and I barely felt it.

I could feel him, and yet not feel him. It only took a few minutes for him to cum and once again fill my ass. Then the burning feeling moved from my chest to my balls. They felt like they would explode with the fire. I could feel myself drinking yet another load and I couldn't stop myself as my body went completely ridged. My legs ripped out of the guys hands and, unfortunately, slammed into an unsuspecting Mario who was slammed back against a wall and collapsed.

The last thing I saw was Troy running to Mario and then I passed out. Everything was blank. I could feel my body, but nothing else. The fire had spread and later Jake told me I was hot to the touch. So hot that they couldn't move me. My body was racked by convulsions that came with such force that when I slammed my fists into the mat the concrete floor below cracked and the whole house shook. The images I could see in my mind were explosions. I didn't know but I had been screaming. Jake said that it was even blood curdling, from the depths of my soul screaming.

Slowly it passed and I felt my whole body go completely limp and that's when Jake said he saw my body change. It didn't grow, but it did change. I became more ripped than an anatomy chart and looked so powerful. He said that I looked like some invincible statue, totally motionless on the floor. Completely covered in sweat and cum. Cum ran out of my ass all over the mat and was quickly cleaned up by a very worried Brad.

As I started to come around, I realized that this must have been what they had felt after sucking down my loads. Jake had an awesome look of concern on his face when I woke from my stupor. Brad was still cleaning up cum, and Troy was still checking on Mario.

When I tried to move to sit up I couldn't move. It was as if something was holding me to the floor. Jake quickly grabbed a bottle of the supplements and offered me a drink. I drank hungrily after the first bottle and lost count somewhere after the fifth. I must have put away a case of the stuff. I guess that's what my body needed because once I had finished it I was able to move.

Troy said that Mario was OK, just had the wind knocked out of him. Then looking at me said that he couldn't' believe how incredible I looked. The others were also commenting. Jake helped me stand and I looked in the mirror and couldn't believe what I saw.

I was still 8'+ but had gained more size while evidently trimming all body fat. There wasn't any. I was ripped to the bone and my cock was hard as a 30" steel rod. Brad soon took care of that and started sucking for all he was worth. Wrapping his lips around the huge glans and tonguing the underside it felt amazing. I almost immediately shot off again and this time, I couldn't stop. I just kept cumming and cumming.

Brad sucked down as much as he could and then each took this fountain of cum in turn. Each was able to drink their fill. There seemed to be an endless supply and spasm after spasm racked my whole body and they just kept drinking. Even Mario took a turn, and then they started all over again and still I kept on. Shooting to the ceiling between each of them. I finally stopped.

It was actually an incredible feeling to be so spent. So satisfied. I must have immediately passed out and evidently was soon followed by the others in one sweaty, cum covered mass of incredible men. •

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