Haven, The

A sequel to The Journal


By Braun1

Mat was leaning on his elbow and looking at me. I noticed him swell slightly as he took in a breath, but not shrink as he released the air. I smiled at him. He was just glowing with love for me and I could not have been happier. I didn't realize it until just now, but I needed him to be bigger than me. It is part of who I am... who I needed him to be.

Further examination showed me that Mat was bigger all over. He had proportionally swelled to be larger than me. He must have been at least 6" taller than I was and more than 100 lbs. or more heavier.

I reached out and rubbed his shoulder. It was hard as the stone of the mountain, yet soft and smooth, even more of a sensuous experience than any of the other guys. We were looking deeply into each other eyes. I could get lost in his big brown puppy dog eyes. I just slid my hand from his shoulder up across that thick trap and around the back of his neck. Had it not been many times the size of one, it would be called a wrestler's neck. Thick and corded with strength. I pulled him close and kissed him. We just touched lips and I reached out with my tongue and licked his lips. He opened with complete acceptance and I pressed into his mouth. He moaned as I pulled him against myself.

I wanted to give myself completely to him. He was everything to me. I pulled away from the kiss and that seemed to surprise him. I felt his cock hard against my inner thigh. I pulled completely away and the look in his eyes was precious.

"So, my beautiful giant, is that your surprise for me?" I asked quite playfully.

"Yes, that is most of it. There is still a small surprise in the bedroom."

I stood up in front of him by the fire. He sat up and looked at me. I tried not to transmit my feelings. He looked up at me almost pleading. I walked over to retrieve the rings that I had earlier put behind a lamp. I looked at them in the firelight. They were not perfectly symmetrical but they were beautiful. I closed my left hand around them and returned to stand in front of Mat. He was still looking at me.

"Mat. I have a small surprise of my own." I took his left hand in my right and kneeled in front of him. He looked at me and smiled. He had figured out what I was up to.

"Mat, in just a very few days, you have stolen my heart. I want us to spend the rest of our lives together. From what some here say, that could be several lifetimes, but I still don't think it will be long enough to show you just how much I love you. Please say you'll be mine forever?" I opened my hand and showed him the rings.

I looked into his eyes the whole time and they were moist until I got to the last question. He looked down at the rings and then back into my eyes. There was a tear falling down his face but his eyes were smiling at me.

He took one of the rings and placed it on my finger.

"Sean. I have known your spirit for a lifetime but have only met you truly in the last few days. You mean more to me than anything else could possibly mean. I love you with everything I am and I also want you to me mine forever, so yes, I will be yours always."

I took the other ring and placed it on his finger. He leaned to me and we gently kissed. I had not released his hand and pulled him up and wrapped myself around him.

"I promise, I'll never leave you Sean, I will always be here for you." He said it quietly to my neck, but I completely believed every word. I relaxed in his arms and he pulled me toward the bedroom.

The room was magnificent. One of the things in that crate had obviously been candles. The were everywhere and filled the room with heat and scent. It was almost overpowering, but Mat had also opened the windows so there was a cool breeze drifting into the room. Their was another fire that had died down a bit, but Mat put on another log and it was renewed. The bed was covered in silk and I noticed there was something on the sling. It appeared to be some sort of gift box.

I noticed that Mat had another of his mischievous grins on. I walked over to the sling and picked up the box. It was wrapped in black satin or silk. The ribbons were made of white leather. I looked at Mat for permission to open it. He nodded.

When I untied the ribbon the wrapping fell away and fluttered to the floor. I started to open the box and looked up and saw Mat watching me.

I opened the box and inside there were two leather and velcro cock straps just like the ones we had used at the party at the lake house. I smiled. Then I looked closer, on one of the straps was burned "Mat's" and on the other was burned "Sean's". I looked up at Mat and he was grinning from ear to ear. I quickly took the one labeled "Mat's" and wrapped it around the root of my cock and pulled it as tight as I dared. Mat came over and did the same with the one marked "Sean's".

I pulled him into a kiss and this time the electricity was full on high voltage. My cock was hard as a steel pipe in two heartbeats and his was too.

'I love you Sean, with all that I am. But there was something else in that box?' I could feel his smile.

Breaking the kiss I went back and picked up the box. I pulled out the cloth that had been under the cock straps and found a small key. A key? Nothing around here was ever locked. What did I need a key for?

"What is it for?"

"Well, it is really just a surprise for you and a gift for both of us. Your brother and Jake are giving us this place. It will be ours to use or live in, whatever we want."

"That is great. I love it here already."

"They had one small request. If we are not using it, then they want to be able to get away here sometimes."

"As far as I'm concerned, they can get away here even if we are here."

I heard him chuckle but he wrapped me up in his arms. It felt so good to be in his arms.

"So, now where were we?" he asked.

"I think, I was just about to make love to you."

"I think we were about to make love with one another." He punctuated his statement with a kiss, then another and another as he pushed me back toward the sling. He very quickly had me positioned with my legs in the air and he started moving his mouth toward my ass. He was licking down the insides of my legs and driving me to another peak of pleasure.

I opened my mind to him, 'I want you to have all of me, Mat, all that I am and am becoming.'

He opened his mind to me but didn't speak. He washed my entire being with waves of love and passion. He pressed down and kissed me again. He was rimming me with his tongue, but his hands were wrapped around my thighs stroking my cock and my legs. He kept going until I was about to pop. His tongue was like fire and so long and thick. So wet and hot. His hands were squeezing my cock, just milking the precum out of me.

"Babe please, I'm going to lose it soon. Please, I want you in me, I want you to take me. Give me your giant cock big man, I want it all."

"If you wish to blow then go ahead and blow if it will make you feel better. I'm no where near finished with you tonight. I don't know if it is possible to wear these bodies out, but tonight is our night to try."

He dove back to my crotch and again took my balls in his mouth as he had done out on the couch. This time he was firmer, more insistent. Even using his teeth to make me moan and shake.

"God, babe, I can feel your balls churning in my mouth and it is so hot I can hardly stand it myself."

"Come on, please, I'm begging you, PLEASE FUCK ME. I NEED YOU." I was getting loud, but I didn't care. I needed that hot cock in me. I needed him to use all of his strength. The same strength I had seen him use to lift more than 20 tons of weight. I wanted that in me. I wanted him to give me all he had.

His tongue was so far in me it felt like he could lick my prostate. I felt him pull out but everything stopped. He was holding up my legs, but otherwise he wasn't touching me.

Then I felt it, the sizzling hot angry purple head of his beautiful uncut cock was waiting, ready to press inside. I tried to push back and impale myself, such was my need, my desire. I grunted as he held me firm. This was to be his show, his decision.

He pressed his cock against my ass and held it there tightly, but didn't press in. I was being teased and soaked in his precum. My own was leaking from my angry red swollen cock just in in front of my own face.

"Oh, God, Mat, Fuck Me, Just slam it in and ....UG! OH! FUCK!!!.....

He did just that, he slammed all three and a half feet, maybe more now, of cock into my ass. All at once I was filled and overflowing. I had never been stuffed like this. Just how big had he gotten? I loved it, but damn. It was like he was soon going to be thrusting right out of the top of my head.

He started stroking and moaned and growled. I was like a wild animal. "Fuck, Fuck, Fuck me. God, I love you. Fuck.' I couldn't stop, I felt this more intensely then ever. I could feel him thrusting into me both as the fuckee and the fucker. He was sending me all of what he was feeling physically and I did the same. He was mounting higher and higher.

Then something very unexpected happened. He pressed my legs even further toward my head, bending me in two. Soon my mouth was filled with my own cock. Just the smell was enough to drive me insane, but the taste, I was going to blow any second. The head was already swelling. I had no idea I could bend this far. I wasn't difficult, or even straining, but it was incredible. I started sucking the head of my own cock. I sent the sensation to Mat through the link and he growled, 'GRRRRRRRRRRRR, FUUUUUCK!!!!'

His pace and the strength of his motion in my ass increased. He was soon dripping sweat all over us. He pressed his hands into my abs and then moved them up squeezing my pecs, pressing on my lats. He grabbed my hands away from my cock and started motioning for me to flex them. I could barely concentrate and the sweat was dripping into my eyes, so I could not see shit. He wanted me to flex, so I flexed. My arms pumped huge. His huge hands wrapped around them and squeezed. He used them to pull into me harder and deeper.

The squeezing was in perfect timing with his mad jackhammer thrusting. How he could concentrate on all he was doing was beyond me. My cock exploded into my mouth and it was swallow or drown. I loved Mat so much, all I could think was, I wish I could be all he needed me to be. And I came harder and harder. I squeezed my ass tight around his titanium cock. He exploded into me. He came and came, shooting gallons of cum into me. We were one. We were together. I needed nothing else. We shared our climax with each other and both quickly blew another load, and another, over and over until we were both soaked with cum.

He started to lower my legs and my cock popped out of my mouth and started spraying all over my head, face and the wall behind me. He was still cumming inside of me as he laid down on top of me and wrapped me in his arms.

"God, I love you, Sean." He wrapped his lips around my mouth and shoved in his tongue. He lapped up as much of my cum as he could reach.

I felt full, really full of his cum and my cum. He had me wrapped up so tight in his arms, I felt our hearts beating together. We were one heartbeat and I knew that was all I wanted for the rest of my life. I felt like I was glowing from the inside out. He picked me up and then fell on top of me on the bed.

He laid his head on my shoulder and licked my ear. I was never more content. 'Mat, I love you so much,' I sent waves, floods of love to him. I felt his cock twitch inside of me. 'I want to show you something Mat. Just stay right there and don't let go.

I reached up and put my hands on his head and held him to me. Our hearts were in sync.

God, I hoped I did this right.

I closed my eyes and sent my spirit to him and soon we were soaring through the night sky. Over and through the trees. Around the mountain and over the top.

'Sean, this is amazing. What is this?'

'Shhh, we are sharing our spirits now. Just be calm, be at peace. Feel our love all around.'

He remained quiet, but I could feel his excitement. We soared over the lake and dove toward our boulder. I felt his joy at the memory. Our spirits were free.

I saw clouds moving in from a distance, there was going to be a storm. I could feel the first rain drops hitting our bodies, the electricity in the air. But our bodies were not here? Then I realized that if I could smell the trees and the air and feel the grass and the flowers, then why not feel the rain. It was as much part of nature as anything else was.

I also noted that even our spirit forms wore the rings of our promise. I headed back toward the cabin, but instead of rejoining our physical bodies, I wanted to make love to Mat while in the spirit form. I brought him to the spirit tree by the stream.

His eyes were questioning. 'I love you Matafao. We share our nature spirits and I want our spirits to share their love.'

In this form I could see the aura of the mountain spirit in the old gnarled tree. It was a powerful spirit and quite beautiful. It remained silent. I led Mat to the stream. I knew we would never feel the cold of the water, only the heat of our passion.

Soon the rain was falling and I watched it glisten on Mat's massive shoulders. He raised his arms and they were mountains of hard ripped muscle. The strap of tattoo around his biceps were stretching tighter. His pecs were like a huge shelf. Like the boulder sticking out of the mountain. Even in spirit, he was beautiful and powerful. I lowered myself and took his cock into my mouth. His taste was clean and sweet. I was in heaven. His cock swelled in my mouth but this wasn't really what I wanted. I looked to see how I could give him all he desired.

He looked into my eyes and I knew. I grabbed him at the waist and lifted him up. I had felt all of his power melding with me on the bed, now he wanted all of me here by the stream. I turned him around and plunged my mouth onto his ass, holding him up by the waist the entire time. Licking and sucking. He opened to me so quickly I knew just what he needed. I pressed my tongue all the way from his ass to his balls forcing him to spread his legs. Just as he got them spread, I pulled him down on my hard wet cock. I pressed into him in one thrust and he groaned. I laid him down next to the stream and pressed in further. I stroked in slowly but strong. I wanted him to know that I'd do whatever he wanted to give him pleasure. I lifted his right leg and turned him on his side, shoving in further and further, thrusting and grinding over and over. On every pull, I bent down and licked his cock. I wanted to climb right up into his ass.

I finally turned him over on his back and started thrusting all the way in and out. Tip to balls, over and over. Pulling him close to me, I stood up and started lifting him up and down on my cock. Pushing him up, pulling him down, longer and faster. We were both close to the edge. He was big, but I was strong. Fucking him like this was what he desired.

Our sensations were mingled and I could feel him being fucked and it was incredible. I didn't know we could share to this extent. It was as if we shared one brain. I felt his thoughts and feelings. I could almost taste his love and ecstasy. The rain was really falling hard now and the stream was rising. I could hardly stand the intensity of our passion and I fell forward into the stream. The icy mountain water did nothing to even slow us down. Mat was pulling me in faster and faster with his mighty legs as they wrapped around me and I was pushing harder and harder with all I could give. I opened to him everything that I was. I sensed the warning from the mountain spirit, but it was too late. My mind exploded and so did my cock. I filled him over and over. Gallons of cum flowing into my love. I felt him fire against my chest. The heat of his lava against the cold of the mountain water. It was rapture and more than my mind could take.

I saw a flash and heard the roar of thunder, then nothing. I was floating in completely nothing. Everything was black. I started to panic. I reached around feeling for Mat but he was not there. I knew he had to be somewhere close, but I couldn't touch him. I couldn't feel anything. I didn't feel the water, or the stream bed or the grass or anything. Now I was panicking. Where was he? I had to find him. I couldn't lose him. What did I do wrong? Oh God No!!!

'Calm. Be at peace my young friend. No need to fear. Nature will not harm you. You and your mate have been blessed by the storm. Kissed by the sky. Relax and simply open your eyes.' The mountain spirit was calming, but I didn't understand.

I did open my eyes. I was laying on the bed, on top of Mat. His legs were still spread and wrapped around me and I was still deeply impaled inside of him. But, wait a second? He was impaled in me when we took leave of our physical bodies? How did we get changed to mirror our spirit bodies? I was too tired for philosophical musings. He was sound asleep and breathing regular with an angelic childlike smile on his face. The fire had died to embers and the storm was still raging outside the window. There was a cool moist breeze, smelling of the forest coming in, but it was not too cold to bother us. I moved to pull out, but Mat, even asleep, was having none of it. Just like our first night, he pulled me tightly to him and I didn't want to pull away.

I laid my head on his chest and just thought about how much I loved this man. His calm even breathing soon had me drifting off. I said a silent thank you to the spirits of nature and tightened my grip on my man and went to sleep.

My dreams were filled with thoughts of the mountain. Soaring among the trees and laying in the meadows. Always with Mat by my side. I also dreamed of making love to him over and over. We made love until the the cum ran down the mountain side like a stream. I wanted him to be all he ever dreamed of being. I wanted him to have every bit of what I had become, what we had become together. We were constantly joined and the sex was unbelievable. I wanted to give all of myself to him, to grant his every wish and desire. Through every dream, his love for me flowed around us and through us. I had never slept better in my life.

Morning came slowly. I awoke to a big hand stroking through my wet hair and a very hard cock pressed beneath my belly. When I opened my eyes, Mat purred quietly, "Good Morning beautiful. I think we may have just ruined our bedroom."

"Huh? I don't understand?" I was so tired I felt like I could sleep for a week and I was hungry. My cock was still hard and pressed inside of my Mat.

"Babe, you need to wake up. You are not going to believe this until you see it."

I pressed up and looked down into his eyes. I couldn't resist and I kissed him. He moaned and I pulled my cock out just a little and pressed back. Just one thrust.

"I really think you want to wake up and pull out babe. It's not that I don't want to make love. But you need to see this and you've got to be starving, I know I am."

I groaned as I pulled out and started to sit up. I was flooded with cum flowing out of Mat. He was covered in and caked in cum. Both his own and mine. Were were both covered. Then I started looking around the room. Everything was covered. I'm sure it looked like my eyes were going to bug out of my head. There was at least several inches of cum on the floor and it ran out into the living room.

"See what I mean babe? I think we really did fuck all night, we were just asleep while doing it."

He chuckled as I stared around the room. Then he scooped up a handful and threw it at me. It splattered all over my chest and I scraped it off and laughed with him. We played and slid around the bed and room. I pulled him into the bathroom. We'd have to worry about cleaning up the room later.

We laughed and showered and cleaned. It took forever to get our hair clean, but we had a wonderful time just playing together in the shower. I could feel I was bigger, but just as I started really looking at myself, Mat gasped and grabbed my hand. I didn't see what he was looking at until he rinsed off the soap suds.

My ring had become fused with my hand. It was as though the skin was made of gold. I grabbed Mat's hand and ran it under the shower. His was the same. All I could think was that it must have happened when we were in the stream when the lightening struck.

"This must have been what the spirit meant when it said we had been blessed." I thought out loud.

"What? What are you talking about Sean?" I could tell he was shaken.

"Babe. It's Ok. The spirit of the mountain told me that we had been blessed by the storm and kissed by the sky. I assume he meant that we were hit by lighting, while we were in our spirit forms." He looked at me like I had grown a third eye.

"You mean that wasn't all a dream? You can really talk with nature? We were really flying last night?" He sat down hard on the toilet, like this was all just too much to take in.

"Mat. In a way we were flying, but it was just our spirits. Our bodies were still here on the bed. We flew around the mountain and the lake, then we made love by the stream. Lightening struck close by and we were thrown back into our physical bodies." I was trying to present a completely calm picture.

He looked up at me as I stood there dripping, "I knew Ady said you were special, Sean, but I never dreamed you could do this."

I reached down and took his hand. "Mat. Come with me for a minute."

His eyes looked up at me and I wasn't sure if I saw hesitation or not. But he got up and came with me. We left the bathroom through the door directly into the living room rather than through the bedroom, or we would need another shower. I noticed on my way through the living room that the cum flood did indeed extend several feet outside the bedroom door. How we were going to get it cleaned up, I had no idea? I hoped there was a mop around here.

I led Mat off the porch and over to the stream. It was still running fast from last night's storm, but we could easily cross it. I took him to the tree.

'Good morning spirit. I have brought my love for you to meet.' I hoped the spirit would speak directly to Mat and let him know that everything was Ok.

'And a good day to you my young friends.' I felt Mat's hand jerk and nearly pull free of my own.

'Matafao Taase, you are welcome here my friend. I wish you only peace and friendship. I know of your family's heritage and of your closeness to my brethren across the oceans.'

'Spirit, Mat is confused. This is much to understand, in a short period of time. Could you explain what happened to us last night?'

'Of course my friends.' He paused and there was actually a calm breeze that blew up from the valley. 'Matafao, last night the man that pledged his life to you, and you pledged your life to him, showed you all that he is. He did not know before you came here just a few days ago that any of this was real. He wanted to show you and give you all of himself. Last night you got to feel all that is Sean. After you made love in the cabin, he took your spirits soaring through the sky. Then brought you here and made love with you in your spirit forms. The amount of power and love that it takes to do that is immense. Your spirit forms were just reaching the peak of your love making and the storm was so enamored with you both that it touched you with the lightening. The spirit of the sky acted before I could and you were carried back to your physical forms. The storm spirit meant no harm, but without proper preparation, a touch of the human spirit form by the lightening can be dangerous. This is why the four rings are now part of you. I acted too slow, I am an old spirit and I too was caught up in the love I was feeling from you. The sky spirit watches all and protected you both.'

'What happened after, even I was not expecting. After you returned to your physical forms, you are correct that you made love all night long. But more than that, Mat, Sean gave to you all that he is. You now share everything with him equally. You also have a bond, that will be greater than any other humans have had in many ages.'

Mat stood quietly contemplating for several minutes. He walked over to the stream and bent down, took a handful of water and drank. Then stood back up and came over to me and just wrapped me in his strong arms. "I think I understand now babe. I'm not sure why you shared with me like that, but I will always honor what we share."

"And that is why I shared it with you. I love you Mat, with all that I am." I kissed him. The kiss was warm and full of love and calm.

'Thank you spirit, I understand better now.' Mat said.

'My friend, you understand so little, but more than most in this world. As I told Sean, I hope you will both come visit me often. I will do my best to add to your understanding. And Matafao, your grandfather would be proud of you today.'

I could see some surprise on Mat's face but knew any further discussion would need to wait until later, after he had time to think. "Well, babe, I suppose we need to get working on cleaning up that mess from last night. I sure hope there is a hose around and maybe a mop." I told Mat.

'Friends,' the mountain spirit called, 'You have given me great joy, allow me to ease your burden.' There was a sudden breeze and a flash came from inside the house. Then a mist rose out of the open windows.

We walked back into the house and it was spotless. Everything was clean as if we had just walked in.

I looked at Mat with a realization. "Babe, did the spirit say 'four' rings?"

"Yeah, I think that's what he said."

I looked at my hands and Mat's hands, but only our two rings were.....

I glanced down at Mat's beautiful cock. Reached down and brushed back his bush slightly and there it was a small black band that matched the rest of his tattoo and it read "Sean's." He checked and mine had the same saying "Mat's."

We both laughed until our sides started to hurt and he pulled me into the kitchen for some much needed breakfast. •

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