Haven, The

A sequel to The Journal


By Braun1

We were more than hungry. We devoured everything we could find and we were still hungry. I was just about to suggest that we head over to the main house, or at least to the aerie and get more food when there was a knock on the door.

I opened it to find Ady standing there smiling with another crate.

"I thought you might be hungry."

"How did you know?" I asked

"We are all connected to the world around us. I felt a bit of what was happening last night. I think we all did. Most of the guys were just extra horny, but we all woke up this morning hungry. You two were the epicenter of some serious sex vibes. I just thought I'd help out and bring some breakfast." He was smiling and chuckling.

We all sat around the kitchen table and unloaded the crate. There was a case of the protein drink and both Mat and I started sucking them down. It was a physical relief to refuel. Then we enjoyed all the other food that Ady brought.

At one point he looked across the table and into Ady's eyes. He showed a brief look of surprise. Then he looked straight at me. "Sean, just what happened here last night?"

Mat and I explained almost everything, he didn't need to know the specifics. We showed him the rings and told him about the spirits. He was shocked.

"Will you show me?" he asked.

"Of course, my friend." I grasped his hand and we looked into each other eyes. The entire previous evening played through our minds.

"Sean, what you have experienced, what you both have experienced is only known in legend. I have to assume that you will visiting Hao and Ben as soon as possible. The changes that you have undergone are, I believe, more extensive than what you see externally."

Mat and I were both a bit concerned. Ady seemed far more serious than he had been when he arrived.

"We'll go see them right away. What do you think is going on?" Mat asked.

"I believe that all the abilities that Sean possessed, including the transformation, may have been passed on to you. Mat, I'm not concerned for your well being, just for how it may be perceived by those that have not met you. There are several of the family that will be arriving this weekend for Jake's big party, and not only will they be enhanced by what Sean has brought to all of us, but also they will find out that the very ability could be transferable. I know that this is because of what you and Sean shared, but they may take convincing that it is not something that can be shared with them."

"Well, until we go see the science guys, we won't know if it is or isn't transferable, so why don't we get going. Do you know if they are in the lab?" I asked.

Now Ady let out a sigh, "Yes, they are in the lab. I don't know if I'm ever going to tear Hao away from it now. I wish it didn't have to be so enclosed and sterile, so separated from nature. I miss him sometimes, and I just don't feel very comfortable there." I put my arm across his shoulders.

"Don't worry, my friend, I'll try to make sure that both Hao and Ben get time away. I'll talk with Geoff and Jake. We'll see if we can't convince them that they have time, there are no deadlines," I told him.

"If you can convince him of that, then you will have indeed performed a miracle." Ady laughed with genuine joy.

The three of us cleaned up our breakfast mess and walked down toward the aerie and then to the elevator and the lab. We all seemed to be thinking about what the result of my sharing myself with Mat was going to be. For about a second I wondered if I had done the right thing, but then Mat put his strong harm around my shoulders and pulled me to his side. I just loved him looking down at me again, even if it was only by a little bit.

When we reached the lab Hao was engrossed in doing more tests on the samples form Geno and Georgio. I wanted to interrupt him, but Ben greeted us warmly and we explained the reason for our visit. He said that he would have to have a sperm sample from both of us to see if Mat's had the markers that would cause the transformation. He was doubtful, but he was more than willing to help us produce the samples. He chucked and Ady smiled then decided to go try to pry Hao from his research.

Ben was more than just watching Mat and I. He was checking us up and down all over. "Why don't you two follow me and we'll let those two work out their issues?" He led us to another area of the lab. There was all kinds of scientific equipment and it all seemed so sterile. Ben, however, had ideas of how to mess things up a bit.

He walked over to me and said, "I don't know what happened to you last night, but I know that Jorge and I had some of the best sex of our lives. Now, Ady believes that you two were putting out sex vibes." He started stroking the hair on my chest and Mat moved around behind him. "I hope you have some of those 'vibes' left."

Ben didn't wait for any invitation, he moved down my front and slipped the head of my cock into his warm mouth. His hands soon had my balls twitching and he slipped a finger up my ass. Mat just smiled at me and started kissing me over my hoovering desert lion. He was just about to move around behind me when I felt a very furry chest press into my back. I turned my thoughts behind me to find Brad stroking my shoulders and kissing my neck.

'Hao said you two were back here giving samples. Now this is the kind of scientific research that I could get into.' Brad thought to us. We all chuckled, but Ben was getting serious about the attention he was paying to my cock. His broad bronze shoulders pulsed and flexed as he tugged at my balls and pushed another finger into my hole. Mat moved to behind Brad and was stroking his back and his ass. I could feel his desire for Brad's furry golden ass.

Ben unexpectedly pulled off of me and pulled me toward one of the granite lab tables. "I need you laying down so I can do this properly." Then I swear he looked over my shoulder and gave Brad a knowing look. I felt Brad think something to Mat, but he didn't share it with me. Ben pulled me back on the table and soon he was on my cock like magic and Brad had my feet over his shoulders. I thought he was going to fuck the daylights out of me, based on the look on his face, but he just started working my ass with his hands. Mat moved around the table and was now pressing his hard cock into Ben. I felt Ben's moan all around my cock and then I felt Brad shoving another finger in my ass.

My ass was on fire and I'm sure Ben was being filled with precum. At that moment, I lost all thoughts of Ben's attention because I felt what Brad was doing. He was forcing his whole hand inside of my ass. Oh, my God, did he have big hands. I thought he was going to rip me in pieces. I swear I could feel every knuckle as his hand flexed and thrust in further. I could feel the cabled strength in his forearm as it pressed into me and my ass snapped tight around it squeezing tighter. "Oh, God, Brad, What The Fuck Are You Doing? Oh, Fuck. Oh Damn." I felt Ben moving and soon my mouth was full of his thick uncut cock, but that didn't stop me from focusing on what Brad was doing to my ass. Now his whole hand was in my ass and he was playing my prostate like a virtuoso. And I wanted more. He shoved more and more into me and I damn near shouted in his head, 'If you don't soon stop that and fuck me, I'm going to blow Ben right off of me, I'm about to explode.'

Brad's fisting stopped and he slowly withdrew the hand. 'Ok, big man, I think you are ready for me.' I could hear him chuckle in my head.

'You just wait until I can return the favor, then we'll see who is ready.' I thought to him, but he was already in motion and pressing his big thick cock into me. Now we were a well oiled machine. Mat pumping into Ben, Ben and I sucking each other for all we were worth, and Brad fucking me like there was no tomorrow and picking up speed. Then Brad opened his mind to us and soon we were all fucking me. He shared just what it felt like to fist my tight ass. We were raising higher and higher. I thought the table under us would melt away from the heat of our sweating muscle packed quartet, but, damn, this felt so good and so right.

Mat lost it first, filling Ben to overflowing. His cum ran down over Ben's ass and was soon dripping on my face as I sucked down all Ben had to offer. Brad was a machine. He was thrusting so hard and fast I wondered how it could get any better. Then he blew. Gallons of hot cum were filling me up and somehow, I felt more energized than ever. I blew so hard I thought Ben was going to fly off of me, but he held on and sucked down every drop.

We were all breathing hard and collapsed on the table. Ben rolled off of me and I said, "I thought you wanted to get samples? I think they are all in you." Ben just laughed and got up off of the table, got two specimen cups. Then he walked over to me and grabbed my cock and stroked out the last drops of cum and they filled the cup. Then he did the same to Mat, but he didn't quite fill the cup. "It will be more than enough. We should have the results by this afternoon. Why don't you two get on with your day and stop back by here later."

"Sure buddy, and, ah, thanks," Mat stated. I smiled at him and Brad pulled both of us up off of the table. "Ok, guys, lets go get cleaned up. Then what are you doing for the rest of the day?" he asked.

Mat spoke up first, "I thought I'd go see how Geno was doing and start to get Nick to show me around the kitchen. The more I think about it, the more I think I'd like to help out there and maybe take a turn at kitchen duty sometime."

"Well, if you are going to be checking out the kitchen, then I'd better try to meet up with Troy and Thad. I'd really like to help out with security and I understand they are the guys to talk to." I stated.

"You are right about that, Sean. I think they should both be down in the security center at this time of the morning, but I'll walk down there with you," Brad replied.

Mat was just looking at me and grinning. 'I think Brad wants a round two with your ass, Babe.' I nearly laughed out loud. 'I think so too, but since I really want to get to -know- that Troy, I guess I can't blame him.'

Just as we were getting ready to leave, Ben gasped. He held the edge of the table with both hands to steady himself. His whole body shuddered and he swelled. Those smooth bursting round shoulders expanded. He was getting bigger by the second. His body screamed definition already, but now his skin was vacuum packed to his muscle. He grew slightly taller and his already long hair lengthened and turned from his dark brown, to nearly black and shiny. Not as blue-black as Hao's, but very dark. His grasp on the table tightened and soon the pieces within his grasp were crushed and turned to powder. He started panting a bit and moaned deeply. His cock was again at full mast, and I was drawn to it. It was throbbing, so hard, so tasty. I shoved it down my throat so fast, and he roared and filled me with his spunk. Oh, man it felt so good. His body was like living steel wrapped in perfectly smooth, unblemished skin. The minute his cum hit my stomach, I felt even more powerful. It was like I was rejuvenated with each shot. When he was spent, I pulled off of him and looked at him straight in the eyes. "Thanks buddy," he said, "That was amazing." I nodded my head and smiled at him. I was so full of love and contentment at the moment, he could have punched my lights out and I would have still have loved him. He was part of my family.

Once we were all cleaned up again we decided to part company with Mat and he was going to head for the kitchen in the main house and I'd meet up with him again at lunch. To say that our parting kiss made me want to follow him like a love sick puppy would have only been telling half the story.

Brad and I headed to the elevator and down to the level with the computer center and the security area. When we arrived the security room was empty so we decided to check the computer area. I was a bit surprised that the security room was not secured by a hand scanner, but the computer center was. Brad opened the door and there sat the two most beautiful black men I had ever laid eyes on. They were even bigger and more beautiful since the leather room party, but I hadn't seen Thad.

Thad was intently entering something into the computer. His hands were flying so fast, I thought the keyboard should start smoking any second. His body was tense and magnificent. His muscle was as incredibly thick and ripped as his brother. Such perfect proportion, it was almost scary. He was very nearly a carbon copy of his beautiful brother. His body hair had thickened and his cock looked every bit as impressive has his big bro's monster. Troy was lounging behind him on very comfortable overstuffed chair, just stroking that massive muscular pole of his. He was already leaking.

"Damn, boys, you are just what the doctor ordered. I was just about to rip Junior here away from his work, but now I see we have some volunteers," Troy joked.

"Hi Troy, Thad." I said. Thad simply nodded and waved, but didn't change his concentration on his task of the moment to acknowledge Brad's and my arrival. Troy was already getting to his feet. He walked over to us, that giant cock swaying enticingly. I so wanted him to plow my ass with that big cock.

"So, guys, what brings you to our little hole in the ground? Nothing wrong, I hope?" Troy asked.

"No. There is no problem that I know of, I just wanted to get a feel of the place and I'd like to start helping with security. I thought I could be good at that. I'm not much of a cook and I don't know what other jobs I could do around here, but I want to contribute." I told him. His smile was brighter than the sun.

"I'm glad to hear that, Sean. I'll look forward to showing you around and letting you in on what we do around here to keep our activities masked. Thad is really the computer wiz. He developed our computer network from the ground up. Designed most of the equipment here and built one of our mainframes. He even wrote a new operating system, so that our system is basically both incredibly efficient and truly secure. Of course, he and Geoff are the only one's that really understand it."

This comment got a chuckle out of Brad, but he moved over to Thad and started massaging his shoulders. Thad didn't even look up, but he smiled and I noticed his cock rising between his legs. "Brad, buddy, just hold on for about five minutes and then, I'm all yours." Brad just leaned down and kissed the top of Thad's head and then took a deep breath. "Mmmmmmm, buddy, you smell so good."

Troy took my hand and looked into my eyes and just winked and pulled me toward the security area. "Sean, I can show you in about five minutes of head talk, everything you need to know about our security. It has been really fucked up for the last week, but I think Yuri has got the power surges under control and Thad has added some more monitoring programs. I'll want you to start with a concentration on security here at the compound." Then he smirked at bit and continued, "And, I want you to fix the records at the university and online that you used to find us. We don't want that happening again. We like to try to control our own destiny."

He looked into my eyes and I could almost feel it as a download. Knowledge, experiences, codes, blueprints, systems, more codes. He was giving me everything. I started to expect my head to start to ache, but instead, it felt wonderful, almost sexual. I wanted it to go on and on. I started fully relaxing and felt myself pulling information. Troy's bodybuilding titles, his body knowledge, his sexual prowess. My head was open and now instead of him pushing, I was pulling. Then I felt it, his head was starting to tingle. I immediately broke contact.

I found that his cock was completely hard, and the look in his eyes was one of awe. "How the fuck, did you do that. I've never felt anything like it. I was as if you were fucking my brain until the ants decided to crawl. Fuck. It was like you were swimming around in there."

"I honestly don't know. I wish I did because it felt good from this side too. I think I fully understand the security set up now. I had no idea that you handled security for all of the Haven, Inc. properties, not just this one. Very impressive setup."

"Thanks." He seemed very surprised. "I'm sure we'll work good together. Right now I'd like to show you a little more of this complex. Follow me." Well that wasn't an idea that I had any problem with. Second to Mat's beauty, Troy's ass was a work of art. His black skin shined like polished granite and his long legs made him appear graceful yet, oh, so powerful. The huge taper of his back, from his glutes to his traps, was unheard of. Truly a magnificent piece of man.

We went down the corridor to an unmarked door. Troy scanned his hand and the door unlocked with a loud click. When he pulled it open, I noticed it was almost like a big vault door. Almost a foot thick with huge bolts. "This is the main stairwell for the complex. It will take us down to the bunker. The elevator stops at the next level, so I don't usually use it. I just take the stairs."

Watching his muscle bounce as he went down the flights of stairs was a true treat. I could feel my own pecs and ass bouncing with each step, feel the big cock slap my thighs even harder, but watching Troy in motion, was like watching a panther strutting through a mountain pass. I was really starting to get turned on and I think he knew that.

We had gone down three flights of stairs and Troy opened another set of doors. The opening of the doors must have triggered something because there was a sound of machinery starting to hum and the lights came on. He just kept walking down a corridor that was wider than a highway with doors off of each side and a floor that appeared to be polished granite. At the end of the corridor he placed his hand on another scanner and the wall opened. Literally, the entire wall was a door that opened into one of the largest rooms I had ever seen. It was filled with comfortable furniture, all giant sized of course, and every luxury that money could buy. At one end was what appeared to be a giant platform. Almost a stage, but as we approached, I realized it was a huge bed covered in some kind of vinyl material.

"This, my friend, is Jake's 'bunker of last resort'. He certainly wasn't going to be at a loss for fun if we ever did retreat here, but mostly now it's just used for parties in the winter, or private time." He pulled me toward him and kissed me gently. I was a bit taller than him, but he was definitely the one in control. "Sean, I've wanted to get you all to myself since the first moment I saw you. You are, by far, the most exciting man to come into our lives in years." He was now caressing all of my torso. Running his fingers through my hair. He pulled out the strap holding my pony tail and let the thick hair fall around my shoulders. "I need you, Sean. I may not be, or want to be fur covered, like you, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate it. Fuck, you are the sexiest fucking stud in the world, and what makes you even hotter, is you don't even realize it." His hands traced my waist and slid up my back as far as he could reach. "I know you want me to fuck you, and that is mighty fine, but I want to feel this," he grabbed cock by the root and squeezed causing a moan deep in my chest, "monster fucking me into next week." He kissed me deeply again and we pressed our bodies even tighter together. His body felt like hot silk everywhere I touched. It was so warm and soft, but his skin covered muscle harder than granite. Harder than steel.

We started rubbing our bodies together and I felt his magnificent pole rising beside my own. I could feel his desire rising along with his cock. It was just the two of us, we were separated from the others by several hundred feet of solid rock. He noticed my look and just smiled, "This is the one place on the property where we can truly have privacy. For now, it is only our two minds here." He kissed me deeper and started stroking my cock with his strong hands. He pulled me over to the giant bed. We turned around and he pushed me down.

"Troy, I've got to have you in me. I want you so much, I'm about to burst. There is just something special about you." He just smiled and grabbed my hand and pulled me sliding across the bed. It seemed slick. I heard him think, 'special material.' When we had nearly reached the center of the bed, Troy reached up and grabbed a chord that was hanging there and pulled it twice. A fine mist coated our bodies from head to toe. I heard, 'roll over.' He pulled the cord again and again we were misted. When he laid down next to me, I realized the mist was some kind of oil. His entire body was shining like he was ready for contest. I went to climb on top of him, but slipped and he laughed. Trying again, I was able to slide over him, which made him purr, and then kneel, straddling his waist. I felt his cock slap my back. My cock was sliding between his thick perfect pecs. I reached down and started rubbing the oil into his chest, and abs, making them shine even more. Then I simply laid down chest to chest with this beautiful man and pressed my mouth against his. He welcomed me in with a slurp and I brought my hands to his head. I stroked his smooth scalp and he purred again. This time I felt that purr deep inside of me. That is where I wanted that giant well slicked cock thrusting hard and fast. This wasn't want, this was need, desire, lust.

This body was amazing, I held the kiss but arched my back so I could reach back and push that cock to my hole. I didn't need preparation, Brad had me so stretched, I was hoping I was tight enough to satisfy this beautiful man. His eyes were wide as I pressed him into me. 'Oh, God, Yeah, Troy, Fuck.' He was huge, maybe bigger than Mat. I could feel his heart beating through that mighty cock. I pressed it deeper and deeper into me and I reached down and pressed up with my hands on his pecs. He flexed them and he felt like a living statue. 'Fuck, Sean, Oh, Ug, Yeah' I had him all the way into me and could feel him trying to thrust. I pulled myself up and down that mighty cock and we were sliding all over the bed. Rolling in the oil and slicking ourselves up further. After what seemed like hours, his lust was reaching a breaking point. He rolled us so that he was on top and he grabbed my legs and pushed them over my head. He was now powering into me. 'Oh, Fuck, Damn, Fuck, Sean, you have the best ass, so tight, so hot, I want more, more, MORE. FUCK!!' He was like a jackhammer, a pile driver, he slammed and slammed. I didn't know how he was holding out. I was about to burst. He reached down and grabbed my cock. Then surprised me by taking it all into his mouth. He licked the precum dripping from the head and then shoved it down his throat. He kept driving and driving. The muscles of his back and ass were glistening. I could feel his mind link with mine and could feel the sweat beading on his body. I could feel the intensity rising and rising. 'FUCK, FUCK FUCK, FUCK, OH, GOD, FUCK!!!!!!' He exploded inside of me. I felt like it was going to burst the pressure was so incredible. Even with the highest peak of orgasm, he kept pounding, harder and harder. I wanted more. I could feel he did too. He wanted MORE.

My cock exploded down his throat and began to fill him. Over and over I came down his throat. I was afraid he would drown, but when I tried to pull out, he pulled me back. He wanted every drop. His gut looked like it was going to explode. His ripped abs were feeling the pressure of his increasing stomach. When I finally started to come down, I could feel his intense reaction.

I was still breathing heavy, when he finally fell off of my cock and pulled himself, ever so slowly, out of my muscle ass. Even that felt incredible. He was panting hard and he rolled off of me just laid there staring at the ceiling.

"Fuck, Sean, that was incredible. I have fucked countless times since I've been here, but that had to one of the top fucks ever. My, God, you are amazing." Then he pulled me over and kissed me. I was now again laying on top of this massive specimen. He looked somewhat bigger. "Now, fuck me. Don't hold back, fuck me with everything you've got, this ass needs it."

Well, he didn't have to tell me again. I slid back and pulled his legs over my shoulders and then dropped to his ass. I tasted it and I drove me wild. I knew this was going to be fast and intense because I could already feel my balls churning with a new load. I licked his ass and the insides of his thighs. His ass was perfect in my hands and my mouth. It was completely hairless. You would have thought I had gone crazy. I was fucking him so hard with my tongue that he came, spewing cum at least 30 feet. Then, I raised up and pulled back. My cock had been under his ass, while I ministered to the rest of him, but now I was pulling it back and taking his own cock in my hands, I began to push my cock into him. He moaned deep and then shouted into my head, 'NOW. FUCK ME NOW. SHOVE IT ALL IN."

I did that and he yelped, then purred. His eyes seemed to glaze over slightly and he started to shake. I was worried that I had hurt him. But he started smiling and I realized he was getting bigger. Not just a little bigger, but quite a bit bigger. "Fuck, Damn, Yeah!, Fucking muscle, Fucking power, Fucking cock, Fucking Fuck.' I was busy pile driving his ass, but then his mind opened to me and it was as if a new, upgraded Troy was emerging. I thrust harder and harder. Shoving all of my cock into him and I thrust one final time and roared. It was like a wild animal scream. I flooded his guts so hard, it was spraying back onto me and I kept thrusting. I saw him building to another load and covered his cock with my mouth. He spouted gallons and I caught every last drop.

I collapsed on top of him and we laid there quietly for a few minutes. Both just catching our breath and both wanting more. Troy was the voice of reason. "Well, my friend, I can honestly say that was one of the most incredible sexual experiences, I have ever had. I want you to know that you are welcome to visit Nick, Dom and Me anytime you want." He was sweating and still breathing hard, but was quickly returning to himself.

"So, Dom is still staying with you guys?" I asked.

"Well, yes and no. He's part of us now. Like Yuri and his guys, I guess you could call us a trio now. I've fallen in love with both of them. Believe me, I know every time I see you look at him, that you and Mat are destined to be together forever. I also know, that your family may just expand. There is so much love you both have to give, that, it may overflow to another, or maybe even two. That doesn't mean you love Mat any less, and I'll always bet that you two will be the dominant pair, but you can explore whatever options you want. My trio is just perfect. I get to be the chocolate cream in a furry bear sandwich and they both know there way around a big cock." He was smiling so big, I knew he was truly in love and content.

"Well, buddy, this was incredible, but I do have to get some work done today and you are welcome to join me. I'll be checking the perimeter of the wall as well as the fences around the construction site."

"I'd be more than happy to join you, but I've got to check in with Ben at the lab and then try to check in with my brother."

We slid to the end of the bed and when we stood up we were in for a shock. Troy was now taller than me, and was even bigger than I thought he had been. His arms were huge. So big around they looked almost out of proportion. He was at least 13' tall now and so, so beautiful. His fucking muscle was even more defined and with his shoulders even wider, his waist seemed tiny. And his cock, man, I just wanted more of that big monster, it must have been almost four feet long and thick as our wrists. "Damn, buddy, that must have been one fucking huge wish."

He just laughed. "I just wanted more and this is what I got. I'm certainly not disappointed." He flexed his arms and they jumped to striated peaks nearly to his fists. I heard a brief and quiet "Fuck, Yeah."

He led me to some showers and we washed each other. He had some special soap that removed the oil, but left the skin soft and my hair shiny. Once we were clean and dried we walked back to the stairwell and he pushed a switch and the lights went out and the ventilation stopped. 'Don't worry about the mess, I'll clean it up after my work is done.' he thought to me. 'Thanks, Troy. I really appreciate that.'

I started to wait for him to go up the stairs first, but he thought, 'Not this time Sean. On the way up, it is my turn for a show.' He and I both laughed hard then I started up the stairs. Flexing my ass and anything else I could manage as often as I could. By the time we returned to the security office, he was more than just a little excited.

Now Thad was laying back in the overstuffed chair, and Brad was no longer there. When Thad saw his brother, his cock lengthened considerably. "Wow, big bro', you are fucking hot!" Thad didn't talk much, but when he did, his voice made you hard. It was so deep and sultry, even in excitement it didn't raise much in tone.

"Come over here little bro'." It was more than a request, but not a command. Just an older brother that knew his younger better than he probably knew himself. When Thad reached Troy, he put his arms up to be lifted into the big brother's embrace. While Thad looked me over, he was far more interested in Troy. I don't blame him, Troy was looking hot. What happened next, surprised me. Thad actually jumped up into Troy's arms. This meant something to them.

In a flash, Troy told me, how he always used to carry Thad around and Thad loved it. Troy kissed his brother and then threw him up in the air a little to reposition himself. When Thad came back down, he was sitting on Troy's forearm. I couldn't see, but I was betting that Troy was working at least one finger up Thad's ass. Thad moaned and then started to worship his big brother. Troy had more than enough muscle to be worshiped. He actually started curling his brother. Just seeing that he could curl over 900 pounds of man, was exciting. Thad moved further up his arm as Troy flexed. He almost seemed to be fucking Troy's bicep.

I started to move to the door and Thad spoke up, "You don't have to go Sean. You are welcome to join us?"

"Thad, buddy, I know you mean that, but I also can feel that you want this time with him. Don't give it a second thought. I have some things I have to do, and believe me, I'm really looking forward to seeing you later." I was about to walk out of the door and looked back and Thad had moved up to straddle Troy's bicep and was squeezing it with his ass while Troy licked Thad's big cock and flexed that bicep forcing it between Thads ass muscle. Which was harder? Troy's biceps or Thads glutes? Just too hot. I was almost sad I decided to leave, but I could tell, Thad needed this.

I walked to the elevator and went back to the lab to find Ben about our test results. I wasn't sure, but I was almost willing to bet that Mat would have the markers now. •

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