Haven, The

A sequel to The Journal


By Braun1

We have been sitting here in Jake's office for the last half hour talking about what happened with Georgio. How could he change again? There was nothing new added to the mix this time. We knew he couldn't be related to Geoff, Rob or me. Geoff, Jake, Mat, Georgio, Ben and I were all just trying to piece events together. Troy and Dom had gone off to tell Geno and Nick what was going on. Ben believed it had something to do with his and Hao's wish fulfillment theory.

Georgio started out this ride as a hot hairy bear, but had finished as a completely smooth super bodybuilder like Troy. If he drank from one of us again, would he be able change again, would any of us be able to change again?

Ben was sitting with Georgio and looked deeply into his eyes, "Now, Georgio, I want you to try to remember what you were thinking about when you first were drinking the ejaculate from Sean down stairs. Just concentrate and remember."

Ben kept his gaze locked for a few minutes and then said, "Ok, now think about your time out in the pool with Troy and then the second time you drank from Sean. Try to think about what you were feeling at the time." Their eyes continued to be locked, but Georgio grabbed the sides of his head.

"Stop, please, it hurts," he said and Ben looked away. Georgio's whole body tensed and he appeared to be in great distress. His eyes closed hard and his whole body was shaking.

Geoff walked over to Georgio and placed his hands on Georgio's head. Georgio immediately relaxed and slumped into the chair. He was asleep and now had a peaceful boyish smile on his beautiful face.

"Mat, would you carry Georgio up and put him in the room next to your's and Seans's. He will feel much better after he gets some sleep." Geoff asked.

"Sure, Geoff, no problem." Mat crossed the room and picked Georgio up like he weighed nothing. He lifted him over his shoulder and carried him out of the room. Watching Mat's beautiful muscles in action and his ass pulsing as he went through the door had my cock stretching.

My attention was drawn back to the conversation. "I just can't believe it, Hao is going to do hand stands and back flips. There is definitely an element of desire or wishing going on here." Ben was explaining what he saw in Georgio's thoughts before he pressed too hard for detail and caused that ants on the brain effect. "When Georgio was first transformed and he had his hands on Sean's waist with his fingers running through his soft hair, he found it so incredibly sexy it filled his mind. His transformation was pushed in that direction, even though he never liked being hairy at all. He was normally shaved. Then when he was with Troy, well, it was every fantasy he had ever had of how he wanted to be. An incredibly huge smooth bodybuilder with a cock so big it was frightening. With that thought foremost in in his mind, he drank again and changed into the man he most wanted to be."

"So if wishing or desire is a part of the changing now, then how do we know what the limitations are anymore? Has anything shown up in the tests on the blood samples?" Geoff was looking at Ben with an almost worried look.

"We haven't been at it long enough yet and I'm worried about Hao. He won't leave the lab, he won't rest. He's obsessed with those samples. He wants to prove that the enhancement has changed." Ben was truly concerned.

Jake just sat there taking it all in. He observed everything. He looked concerned, but not worried like my brother. Then again, Jake couldn't make men change. He didn't have to worry about what they guys would want. Or would he?

I had to ask, "Ben, what do you think would happen if one of the guys, or even you, wished to be able to change other men, rather than a physical difference?"

They all looked at me like I had a third eye in the middle of my head. Just then Mat walked back in and sat down next to me. He noticed their glare. "What's up guys? Why are you looking at us that way?"

I explained what he had missed. "Damn, I can think of allot of things to wish for, but that wouldn't be the top of my list. I can understand why Geoff has that worried look on his face. But, think about it, if everyone here could change other men, then the pressure would be off. Not only that, but what if a I wished to have some new ability?" Mat was on a roll.

"What I'm thinking is, what if we wished for adjustability? Just suppose we could just will ourselves to be a normal size. We could go out in public as normal bodybuilders or powerlifters, but here we could allow ourselves to be our regular giant size."

We all thought about that for a while and it was quiet as we contemplated what Mat had said and what I had asked.

Jake finally broke the silence, "Guys, it is just about time for dinner and I know Nick has something special planned. Ben, please get in touch with Hao and let him know what's going on and what we have been talking about. I'll contact the men that were here in the pool and that have met our new arrivals, and I'll ask them to be quiet about this latest development until we have some of the test results. If any of our conjecture is correct, then we have a great deal to think about. I'm happy the way I am and I think Geoff is too, but if anyone truly wants to change how they look, then we'll just have to see what happens."

"That sounds sensible and I know I'm getting hungry." Geoff said and looked at me to see if I'd take the bait and say 'I could eat' but I didn't. I was still feeling rather content and I told them about it.

They were all amazed and Mat just chuckled, "Well, I guess that inside joke is over, at least for now." Then they all laughed.

Ben left to find Hao and I got up to start toward the dining room. "Wait just a few minutes guys. I want to talk to you." Geoff said. Jake was just sitting there smiling.

Mat and I sat back down and Geoff came over and sat on the chair next to us. "You two have been through allot today. I just want to make sure you are Ok. We know you have both been through the wringer over the last few days and things just don't seem to be getting any easier for you."

"Thanks, bro, I really love that you are concerned. It has been allot to take but as long as I have this big guy," I put my arm around Mat's waist and pulled him closer, "next to me, I think we'll be Ok. This latest turn just seems like magic or something. Is it always this intense here?"

"Well it was in the early days," Jake offered, "And now it seems as if it is going to get more interesting for at least the next little while. We have to keep in mind that we've got all the guys from the island showing up on the weekend and they will want what ever it is that you two and Rob have."

I hadn't thought about the island guys, damn, that was at least another ten guys that would be testing out what the differences were in the enhancement. I sure hoped it would be as easy as the last time at the party.

"Geoff, Jake, we have so much to thank you for, but we have been through allot of adjustment and I think we need some downtime. After dinner tonight, I'd like to be alone with Sean for a while. Is there anywhere we can go to just get away, at least until tomorrow?" Mat asked.

Geoff's grin got wider, if that was possible, "Mat, you took the words right out of my mouth. I want you to take my little brother somewhere that you can be alone and you stay there as long as you like. I think you will enjoy it. We'll take care of things here and give you a shout if it is needed." I saw him look into Mat's eyes and I knew that Geoff was showing him something. Then they both smiled.

"Aren't you two going to share this with me?" I asked.

"Nope." They both said in unison. They and Jake all grinned and I knew it was going to be a nice eventing.

"Well, guys, I'm only getting hungrier, so let's go see what Nick's got planned. With Geno in there all afternoon, I'm going to be the menu has been 'enhanced' at least a little." Jake said.

As we went through the living room a very tired looking Georgio was making his way back down stairs. His new look was amazing. The body was so smooth and the skin so perfect it seemed to glow. His flaccid 3' cock slapped his thighs as he walked down. His pecs bounced and arms were swinging. He had a definite bounce in his step. He was evidently feeling good but just trying to wake up.

When he reached us, he walk straight over to me and wrapped me up in a hug. "How many times today am I going to have to thank you Sean. You've given me all of my dreams." He kissed me hard. It wasn't a friendly kiss but one of passion. I pulled away.

"Georgio, I told you before, there is nothing to thank me for. I'm just glad that you are Ok and that you and your father are here with us. That you got your dream and, if I may say so, one killer body, is just icing on the cake. Let's go get some dinner."

"Yeah, I could eat." He said. We all burst out laughing and I knew it was time to let him in on our inside joke, so I told him that I'd been saying the exact same thing for the last few days.

Dinner was abundant and incredible. There was enough food for even this group of men to feast on for several days, but the highlights were Geno's desserts. The Tiramisu was creamy with mascarpone and chocolate and the canoli were both sweet and tangy. Even though everyone was stuffed from the dinner, the desserts disappeared quickly. Guys were in an out all through dinner and about the only ones that I didn't see were Hao, Ben and Ady.

I was a little concerned that Ady hadn't come because he said he would be there, but Geoff said that he was in the lab trying to convince Hao to take a break.

I could see that Mat was anxious to get our evening started. He pulled me up from my seat as soon as I finished my dessert. We thanked Nick and Geno for a wonderful meal and Geno handed Mat a large crate, giving him a warm hug and kiss. I wasn't sure what was going on, but I wasn't about to mess with Mat's surprise. I still wondered sometimes what he saw in me that made him so certain, but I liked this romantic side of him.

Geoff and Jake just grinned at us as we passed them on the way out of the house. Mat kissed me as soon as we got to the patio. "I love you babe, I just want tonight to be special."

"I love you too. So, you are not going to tell me where we are going?"

"Nope, I'll just tell you this. Your brother is lending us his place for a while, but that is all that I'm saying." Now I was confused. I knew that Geoff and Jake shared the suite next to our own in the main house.

We walked toward the lake and then into the lab. Mat didn't put down the crate or let go of my hand the whole way. When we got to the lab, I saw a very unhappy Ady talking to Hao and Ben with his head in his hands. I looked at Mat and he nodded.

"I'll wait for you at the elevator babe, but don't take too long." He gave me a little kiss and walked down the hall. God he had the best ass on the planet. I sure wasn't going to take long.

I walked into the lab and when Ady saw me he smiled. "Sean, so good to see you. Maybe you can talk some sense into this insane Chinaman that I love too much."

"Ady, my friend, I can't stay long as Mat is waiting for me, but I agree with Ady, Hao, this can wait until tomorrow. You need some rest and from the looks of things, Ady needs you."

Hao turned toward me then and I saw his enhancement from the leather room party. He was even more beautiful than before. His muscle was collectively more pronounced and his cock was a work of art. Before it was long and slender, now it was very long and thick. This was one champion cock and I knew another reason that Ady wanted Hao to take a break.

"Sean, I just know I'm so close to a breakthrough. These latest changes are dramatic and I'm just too excited to stop."

"Hao, let me show you something. Please?"

I wasn't sure if I was going to do this right, but he agreed, so I walked over to him and placed my hand over his heart. Touching his skin was a sensuous experience. Then I touched his head as I looked deep into his almost black eyes. I felt us swirling in a pool of fresh clear water. A stream that formed a small pond near their house. I showed him how much I loved Mat and how much all of us trusted him. Then I did something that I probably shouldn't have. I showed him Ady's feelings for him when they first met. I poured love into the join. I could feel his exhaustion and his frustration. He really needed rest and food as well as the love of his man. I closed my eyes to break the connection and removed my hands from him.

"Do you understand, Hao?" I asked.

I looked up and saw a single tear form at the corner of his eye and it rolled slowly down his cheek. "Yes, Sean, I understand." Then turning to the other two. "I'm sorry, Ben. And, how can I say I'm sorry to you my love?"

"Let's just go home and we'll get you some good food and some rest." Ady told him.

When I looked at Ady, I saw he had a trace of tears on his face. Then I heard in my head, 'Thank you Sean, my brother, my friend, I knew you were special.'

'You have done the same and more for me, Ady, I hope I didn't tread anywhere that you didn't want me to?'

'No, Sean, it was necessary and it had the desired result. Now take that beautiful man of yours up on this mountain and release your love for him. He will not leave you. You know it in your head, now just convince your heart and tonight will be special.'

'Thanks Ady.' He always knew what was on my mind.

They left and I saw Ben get up to go to the equipment. "Now wait just one minute Ben, you need some rest too and Jorge is going to be looking for you."

"It's Ok Sean, I just need to put away the things Hao was working on, then I'm going. I'm not saying that it isn't tempting to stay here and figure this out, but unlike Hao, I know when to quit." He smiled and gave me a wink.

"Good, I'll see you tomorrow."

I met Mat back at the elevator and we rode up to the aerie. When we reached the top I walked over to open up the deck house assuming that we were spending our evening there, but Mat shook his head 'no' and we continued across the deck and out of the south side of the deck house area. There was another small path there that I had not noticed before. It was too narrow for us to walk side-by-side so Mat led and I followed. Not a bad view if I do say so myself. Watching this man's ass in motion was going to have me dripping before we arrived wherever it was that we were going. His back was tensed from holding the crate and his legs flexing as he climbed the path. The deep crevices on his back were mesmerizing and made all the deeper by the shadows that were being caused by the setting sun.

We must have climbed that path for half an hour when it leveled off and once again widened. I walked up next to Mat and he noticed the state of my arousal and just smiled. Another 15 minutes and we arrived at a small outcrop of rock where a boulder extended from the side of the mountain. The path seemed to end at the boulder, but Mat continued around the side of the rock. Carved into the rock were a set of stairs that wound up through the trees.

When we reached the top of the stairs I walked past Mat and saw a beautiful stone and glass house. Really, I guess it was more of a cabin. There was one of the hand scanner devices just to the left of the path and Mat asked me to scan my hand. I did and was really surprised. The cliff next to the cabin opened and a deck slid out that was a miniature version of the one at the aerie. It had its own hot tub that automatically activated and the lights inside of the cabin came on.

"Welcome to our own little place on the mountain," Mat purred as he came up behind me and wrapped me in his arms. "Well, at least for tonight. Geoff said we can use it whenever we want to get away. He hasn't used it in a while, so it has not been provisioned. That's why I needed to carry the crate up here."

"Well, it is beautiful Mat, simply wonderful. Let's see what the inside is like."

"First, this," and he grabbed me by the shoulders and slid his tongue in my mouth. I was already dripping and this was going to get me fully hard in an instant. He pulled me through the door and into the cabin. It was almost all one open room with all the modern conveniences. There were two doors off the main room. The kitchen and dining area were to the right and a large living room with huge sofas and a fireplace. One door led to a bathroom that was twice the size of the one in our suite, it and the other door connected to the bedroom. It had a huge bed and its own fireplace. I chuckled as I also noted that there was a leather sling set up in the corner.

Mat led me back outside and toward the deck. "Babe, I want you to just relax out here, while I get your real surprise ready inside."

"Ok, Mat, but really, all I need is you."

He kissed me again and turned to pick up the crate. He turned to me before he went in the door and just winked with a smile.

I stood on the deck waiting for whatever my 'surprise' was going to be and thought about the last few days. Meeting Mat, finding my brother, being changed and then changing others. What would my life bring next? I looked out over the valley. The sun had already set down there, but was still shining up here on the mountain. I looked across the lake and saw the new house construction site. It was truly huge. Larger than most office buildings I had seen in town. There were still people working over there and my eyes showed me the men. Some young, some old, most were in their prime of life. There were a few women, but very few. I wondered to myself what right I had to keep this miracle gift, that I had been given, all to myself. I also thought about what would happen to the world if the wrong people, including some in our own government, were to get hold of this ability.

As I mused about what we'd been living through and the wonders of our new life, I also realized just how far up the mountain we were. This place, of my brother's, was almost at the top. I'm sure we would be in the clouds by morning. It was peaceful and quiet up here. I could feel the life around me and opened myself to the forest. It was a wonderful feeling. It is hard to put it into words. The trees here were just coming awake for the spring, while those in the valley were in full leaf. There was life here, lots of it. I could feel it coursing through the forest.

'Sean, you are avoiding, my friend.' It was Ady's voice in my head. 'You have a lifetime, perhaps several, to muse about all the new things and abilities in your life, tonight you must give yourself completely over to your love. Do this and you will be a new Sean. Trust yourself.'

'Thank you, my friend. I was just thinking while he is inside preparing a surprise for me.'

'What, and you don't think it would be nice for you to prepare a little surprise for him as well?'

I could hear him chuckling and knew he was thinking all this to me while he was resting with Hao at their house, almost directly, on the other side of the mountain. I started wondering what kind of surprise I could do for Mat. He certainly deserved as wonderful of a surprise as whatever he was giving me.

I looked around the area to see what I had to work with. There was not much available, as it was obvious that Geoff had not been here in quite some time. I wanted this to be special. I walked to the other side of the cabin to check out a stream that was there and I saw a very old and gnarled tree. I had to touch it. When I did, I was shocked by its incredible life force.

'Ah, my new young friend. Welcome.' I heard it and felt it, but it was not a voice that I knew. It was so deep, it was as though I felt it throughout my physical body as well as in my mind. The power in it was shocking, almost frightening.

'Do not be surprised, I am old as this mountain and am a friend of your friend.'

'You mean Ady?'

'Yes, Adahy and I have been friends for a while, but I know all who live on my mountain. There are only a few who can feel me the way you do.'

'But who are you?'

'Ah, so young, so very young. I am what you feel when you walk through the trees. I am the spirit that dwells here.'

'Why talk to me now?'

'Because, my friend, you need something from me. Yes? A surprise for that special man inside? Your mate? Yes?'

'Yes, you are right. I was looking for something, but I have not found anything that I could use to make him something or anything that wouldn't seem insignificant after all he has done for me. All that he means to me.'

'I shall give you the gift you desire for him, but it may not be what you are thinking.'

'I do not want to take anything from you, we already take too much from nature.'

'Sean, I am thousands of times older than you. Don't you think I know what is required? You and Ady, as well as the others, are good stewards of nature and take care of me. I don't often get to respond in kind. I ask that you accept this from me now and all I ask, is that you visit from time to time.'

'Alright, but I must know what to call you.'

'I have no name, you may just call me friend.'

'Ok Friend, then I thank you and will visit you often. It is beautiful here.'

'I agree and I look forward to you and Mat visiting me often. You have an energy in you that makes me feel young. Now go turn around and look at the bottom of the pool that the stream makes. You will feel your gift.'

I did as my friend asked and felt around in the rocks. I wasn't sure what I was feeling for but then there seemed to be something that just didn't belong. Two somethings that didn't belong. Roughly the size of a rock, but completely smooth. When I pulled them out of the water I was blown away. What I held in my hand were two perfectly formed golden orbs. Pure gold nuggets that were perfectly spherical.

'I don't know what to say. How is this possible?' I asked.

'All things are possible in nature. You are proof of that fact.'

'What should I do with these?'

'Sean, I can only tell you that these are yours to form and make as you wish.'

'Thank you. I will.'

"Sean, where are you?" I heard Mat call.

'I better get going. Thank you, and I will visit again soon.'

'Remember Adahy's advice and tonight will be all that you wish and more.'

I looked down at the two spheres of gold in my hand and began shaping them into rings. I know this is what the nature spirit must have had in mind and I was ready to ask Mat.

I walked over to the deck and Mat was standing there looking at the sunset.

"Where did you go babe?"

"I was just looking around. It is so beautiful up here."

"I agree. Isn't that the most beautiful sunset?"

I pulled him into a tight embrace, "Its more beautiful since you are here to share it with me."

He kissed me and I felt it to my toes. I pulled into him even tighter and thought, 'Babe, I love you more than I ever thought possible.'

'I love you too, Sean, let's go inside.' His mind was projecting love and amusement.

Mat led me inside and I was shocked. This simple cabin had been transformed into something out of a romantic dream. The fireplaces were lit and crackling, there were candles everywhere. There were even flowers on the table and a couple more of Geno's canoli drizzled with chocolate. I would find that chocolate was to be a theme for the night. Mat led me over to the large sofa area and had me sit down. Then he went back to the kitchen and brought back the sweets.

He didn't say a word, he just fed me the dessert. As soon as I had taken a bite, he kissed me and shared my bite. This went on for several minutes as Mat kissed me and fed me. His other hand was busy stroking my cock. I was already hard and dripping. He took the last canoli and instead of feeding it to me, he smashed it against my cock. Then he picked up the plate and drizzled the remaining chocolate all over me.

He started licking the sweet off of my cock. He licked it clean. I thought again that his tongue must have been longer than normal it seemed to be everywhere at once. After he had my cock clean he moved to licking my thighs. He started just inside the right knee and licked up to my balls, then dropped back down to my left knee and licked up again to my balls. After he cleaned my legs he came up and kissed me, sharing some of the chocolate and some of my sweat. It was warm with the fire and I was starting to sweat more than a little. Mat then licked his way down my neck and across my pecs and abs. He cleaned every bit of chocolate from my fur and by now I was dripping with precum heavily. Mat licked up every drop. Then he moved down and took my balls in his mouth one at a time. His tongue was magic and I could feel them churning and then he released them. He was immediately on the base of my cock. He wouldn't touch the head. If he did, I think he knew I would blow. I was so hot for him, but he wouldn't let himself in reach. I groaned and thrust up against him just once. It was involuntary.

I felt his hand moved between my legs and he grasped my balls and pulled. My explosion was held off. Then he started pressing one of his huge fingers into my ass. "Oh, Ug, Uh. Babe." It was one finger, and he moved that hot tongue further up my shaft. Then two fingers and higher up with that tongue. When he pressed in and stretched with a third finger, he grazed my prostate and I flooded my chest with precum. Rather than finishing me off, he stopped and cleaned off my chest and abs again with his tongue. I was truly going nuts. I started to moan and squirm beneath him. He just looked at me and shook his head 'no'.

I knew he meant not yet, but I wanted him. I wanted my chance to do this for him. He went back to work on my shaft and shoved four fingers in to my hot tunnel. I wasn't going to last long and felt myself tense. My balls were rising and there was nothing going to stop them this time. Mat looked up into my eyes. He smiled and winked at me. Then he turned and plunged my cock down his throat until his nose was against my balls.

My whole being shot up through my cock and into Mat. I could feel it flowing, rocketing up my shaft and filling him. I was shaking and thrusting with the intensity of the release. I must have shot for five minutes. As I started to calm again, I wondered how he could breath this long with my three and a half foot very swollen cock down his throat. I did not need to worry as he pulled up off of me with a loud slurp. He rose up and shoved his tongue down my throat sharing my cum with me. I tasted sweet tonight.

Mat then collapsed next to me breathing heavy. I rolled on my side and just looked at him. Then stroked his chest. "I love you big man."

"Me too, beautiful." He said trying to get his breath.

I looked at Mat wondering if he would change. If he did, what would he have wished. We were laying there next to one another and I was happy.

Mat rolled on his side to look at me looking at him. "So, aren't you going to ask me what I wished for?"

I laughed and told him that was just what I was thinking. He looked down and I saw that even though we were eye to eye, his feet were further down the sofa than mine were.

"It was an easy wish babe. I simply wished to always be the man you want. Your big man." •

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