Haven, The

A sequel to The Journal


By Braun1

Mat's grip on me tightened as we hit the water and we resurfaced quickly. I could feel his powerful legs pushing us to the surface.

"I sure hope you can swim Babe, because I need you. I'm so horny I could just about pop just from holding you."

I could feel his cock hot against my ass as he held me there on the surface of the water. I leaned in and kissed him.

"And if I can't swim, isn't my big strong island god going to save me?" I was playing with him as I repositioned so that I was straddling his massive hardon. This pressed my own hardening manhood between us.

"Sean, you just don't know what you do to me. I want you every second. It's been hours. And, yes, I'll save you. Always."

He was still treading water. "Wouldn't it be easier if we moved to somewhere along the shore? I asked.

He lifted an eyebrow, "Easier yes, more fun, no."

He picked me up, pressing my cock and balls along his iron abs and hard stretched pecs. Then he lowered me onto his beautiful cock. It pressed inside me easier this time, but it was so much hotter than the water. It felt so good to be connected. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pull him in deeper and deeper until I could reach his lips again for a kiss.

"Ah," he moaned, "much better. Now you hang on, we are going to do this dolphin style." I had no idea what he was talking about, but as good as he felt inside of me, I didn't care either. He thrusts a few times then pushed with his powerful legs and we were moving through the water.

My arms were wrapped around his neck and our pecs pressed tightly together. His arms were moving through the water and the sensation of his body in such motion and his cock so deeply embedded within me, was like nothing I had ever imagined. My cock was press between us and the water rushed through the gaps, giving it a sensation I had never felt before. We moved through the water a great speed. This was a man that was discovering his power.

Just then I heard him in my head, 'deep breath.'

I did and soon we were plunging under the water. We went deeper and deeper until we reached the bottom. Once his feet touched the bottom, his cock drove into me with amazing force. It caused all the air to escape from my lungs, but the sensation in my ass was bliss. As though he were deeper into me than ever, the pressure and the heat were just ecstasy. I felt him move but didn't know what he was doing.

He thrust off the bottom of the lake with his legs and his cock slammed into me again and we were propelled through the water and shot out into the air like a rocket. We were actually fucking flying through the air as we plunged deep into the water again. He didn't dive as deep this time yet his legs were strong enough to move us fast enough to leave the water several more times.

Each thrust into and out of the water slammed his cock into me again and again. I was panting as soon as we reached the surface. He spotted a large boulder sticking out of the water about 100' away and he moved for it fast. He thrust us out of the water and he came to a perfect landing on both feet.

Then he laid me down on the sun warmed rock and thrust into me, again and again. I was losing it fast. He didn't say anything with his mouth or his mind. But his eyes looked so deeply into mine, that I could feel us drawing closer. "Oh Mat, ug, uh, Oh man. Oh, God, Mat, Oh God, Fuck, MAT!!!." His cock was swelling with each thrust and I knew he was on the edge. He erupted inside of me with molten lava. I shot off at least a gallon that flew into the lake and all over the boulder, not to mention us, and he filled me, over and over.

I felt him falling on top of me and we kissed. 'I love you, Sean.'

'I love you too, Mat.'

We rested for a few moments, it took quite a while for us to catch our breath, and then Mat pulled out of me and cum ran out of my ass covering the boulder and running into the lake. When he rolled next to me, he propped himself up on one elbow and just looked at me.

"You are the most beautiful man in the world, Sean. I'm so lucky I found you."

"I feel pretty lucky myself Mat. You think I'm beautiful, laying here covered in cum, with a river of cum running out of my ass and still catching my breath from being well and truly fucked by the most incredible man I have ever known? Yeah, I'm the lucky one but I guess we should get cleaned up and get back to the party. I think we have a pretty long way to swim." I looked across the lake and realized that we were nearly at the other end. We had gone nearly ten miles as we made love.

"Damn, I had no idea. Do you think it would be quicker to swim to shore and run there, or should we just swim?" He asked.

"Let's just swim. I didn't get the chance to try this body out in the water yet."

Mat chucked at me. "Sure babe, let's go."

I stood at the edge of the boulder and jumped up in the air, executed a perfect swan dive and plunged into the water. The look on Mat's face when I surfaced was priceless. "Yeah, I can swim." I laughed until I realized that landing next to me in the water was a nearly 1100# man doing a cannon ball and yelling.

The force of the splash sent me several yards away and more than dunked me.

"Ok, Mr. Pretty Diver, let's see how you swim. Race you back to the party."

He wasn't waiting for confirmation he was going. I quickly followed and really pushed myself through the water. I hadn't been a great swimmer, but spent allot of summers at the community pool. I found I didn't need to breathe as much as I thought I would and started moving faster and faster. I couldn't catch him. He had too much of a lead and those monster legs of his were fast and strong.

He didn't beat me by much. He was just stepping on the first step leading up to the lakeside patio as I got there. We were immediately in each other's arms and lip locked.

'That was fun, we'll have to do it again sometime.' I thought to him.

'No doubt about it, I can understand why Nick likes swimming in the lake so much. It is brisk, but it feels great.'

'What in the world gave you the idea to make love like that? We can definitely do that again too.'

'Well, it's not exactly how dolphins mate, but it is close.' He stated. 'I'm your island boy, remember?'

'No babe, you are my Island God.'

We finally came up for air and Geoff was there handing us towels. "You two ready to eat?"

"I could eat." I said. Mat and Geoff both just started laughing. I guess the topic of me eating so much was going to be a major joke between them for some time to come.

Geoff started us toward the back of the house when I noticed a man walking up the path that I had not met before. And what a man. He looked like a character out of native american legend. The only thing missing was the leather vest and pants. His hair was long, flowing straight down to his ass. It was blue black and he had a single braid on the right side, with what looked like an eagle feather attached. His body was as incredible as the other men, but he was as individual as any. His strides were long and graceful. This body spoke of speed and grace. He was leaner than some of the others, but still as tightly ripped and beautiful. I noticed as he came closer that he had beautiful small pert nipples and a completely symmetrical 10-pack. Beautiful etched abs that directed the eye straight down to his long and slender uncut cock. His skin was deeply tanned and had an almost burnished red glow. His legs were pillars of cuts and cables. Thick and pumping with each step. He looked like he could immediately sprint off at incredible speed, or pounce on his prey with panther like efficiency.

Geoff smiled and walked over to the newcomer, "Hi Adahy, I'm so glad you came. I want you to meet my brother Sean and his partner Mat." Adahy smiled and his face shone with his truly white grin. His eyes were inviting yet evaluating, and the most beautiful gray, nearly silver in color.

"I am honored to meet you both and you are most welcome here and to visit my home whenever you wish," Adahy said. "And, call me Ady, everyone does and it doesn't bother me."

"I am honored to meet you Adahy and most graciously accept your welcome to your forest and your home." Mat surprised me with the formality of his reply, but he got a huge smile from Ady.

"Really, Mat, you honor me with your reply, but please, no formality, we are all brothers here. How did you know?"

"America has always fascinated me and I read a great deal about native american history and that includes your proud heritage as a Cherokee, yes? And if I'm remembering correctly, Adahy means 'he who lives in the forest'."

Geoff and I were just watching the exchange. I was proud of my man. He never ceased to amaze me. Ady still looked pleased, but not as happy as a moment ago.

"You are correct on all counts, but I'm afraid I cannot do you the same honor. I have never studied your people, but you are Samoan, that I can tell from your beautiful pe'a."

"Thank you, Ady, I look forward to us getting to know each other and your forest."

"Mat how did you know that Ady is the property manager and does take care of all the compound lands including the forest?" Geoff asked stunned at Mat's observation.

"Easy, I can feel the trees in him. He is not only named with a forest name, but he has a forest spirit. He has a close connection with every inch of this place." Mat explained.

"Sean can feel it too, can't you?" Ady asked.

I was stunned. "I don't know what you mean? Sure, I love the forest, I spent my childhood hiding in trees and the forest was my safe place after Geoff came to college. But....."

I didn't get to finish my thought as Ady came closer to me and put his right hand on my chest over my heart. Then he touched my head with the fingertips of his left hand. He moved his left hand to place it on Mat's chest over his heart. I felt something, then nothing, I could no longer hear the music from the sound system or the voices of those around me. I could hear every sound in the forest. Trees bending in the breeze, the rustling of the leaves, the animals running along the branches, the birds singing. I saw and owl in an enclosed area waiting for the sun to set. A fox running after a rabbit. I could taste the hunger of the fox and feel the fear of the rabbit.

Then, without a flash, it stopped. It was like my eyes were opened to a new world and both Ady and Mat were smiling. "An owl, a fox and a rabbit. Interesting." Ady said almost under his breath.

"Yes, Mat, he is the right one. Never doubt. Sean, you have a link to nature that is only strengthened by the increases in your mental abilities that have occurred with the enhancement. Everyone here has great gifts. Part of your gift is what I just gave you a taste of. You are linked to nature as Mat is and as I am. Sometime, when you want to discuss it further, I want you to come and visit me." Ady said with a smile. Then he showed me where he lives and how to get there in my mind.

I could feel he was telling Mat the same thing. He lived in a house that was perched almost at the top of the mountain.

"Now, where is that Jorge, and isn't dinner ready yet?" Ady asked, but didn't wait for an answer as he walked through the house and out to the back. His hair flowed behind him and I also noted that the man was just as beautiful from behind.

Geoff was surprised. "Now guys, I have seen everything. Ady doesn't open up to anyone that easily. When Alex arrived, I don't think Ady said two words to him for almost a year. He stays on his mountain and he does take care of the property. He knows every tree, every flower, every animal. Just amazing. But I will tell you this, the man knows a great deal about everything and he is the kindest soul you ever want to meet. After he arrived he showed me something similar to what he just showed the both of you. Just as he said you were linked to nature, he said I was linked to people."

"I could tell as soon as I saw him that he was attuned to nature and when I heard his name, I was certain of it. He is a very special person." Mat said.

"Well, I've always liked being outdoors but never really felt as tuned in as I did when he touched me like that."

I was definitely going to be visiting Ady. "Does Ady have a partner?" I asked.

"Yes, he does and you've already met him. Hao is Ady's partner. They were partners long before they came here. But, let's stop the history lesson guys, I think the food is ready and Jorge would not be happy if we held up his dinner." I thought, a scientist and a forest spirit, interesting combination.

We each grabbed another beer as we walked through the house. When we reached the patio I noticed that it seemed like everyone was there. There were even a few that I didn't know. Dom and Nick saw us and waved but continued their conversation with Rob and Brad. Jorge and Ben were putting the final touches on dinner. As Geoff had guessed, there were at least 20 guys there. Jake walked up to us almost dragging three more beautiful studs in his wake. "Hi, guys, I want to introduce you to the only people at the compound, that you have not met." He stood between us facing the three men. "Mat, Sean," he looked at each of us as he said our name, this is Dan, Marco and Yuri. Dan and Marco run our power station and Yuri takes care of making sure that power gets where it is supposed to go."

By the end his introduction we had all finished shaking hands and Geoff joined the conversation repeating the tale of how we arrived. It gave me time to take a good look at these men. Dan was a mountain of a man. He was about as wide as anyone I had seen here. He had a huge barrel chest with a power lifter build. His hair was a dark brown and he was very hairy. He had a dark beard shadow and a thick mustache. It was then, that I noticed that all three had mustaches. All three had short almost military style haircuts, high and tight. His arms were huge, easily as big as my brother's but Dans were thick, not etched, and his forearms looked just as thick. His hands were big, as well with long fingers. He had monster sized legs, thick as oaks and furry. His cock was cut and starting to stretch.

Marco looked like he had stepped off a Mediterranean postcard. Well, I guess if the postcard was for a giant's bodybuilding competition. He had dark almost black wavy hair and shining green eyes. They looked at me with mischief as he appraised me as I studied him. His shoulders were broad and perfectly proportioned. His arms cut so tight it was hard to tell if his muscle was tense or relaxed. Every inch of him was beautiful, from the golden skin, to the striated quads to the more than two foot very thick uncut beauty hanging between those two etched flaring legs. We made eye contact several times and before I moved on to take a closer look at Yuri, I heard in my head a deep voice, 'you are one hot fucking stud Sean, I can't wait to get you in the leather room. Hmmmmmmm?'

I tried not to show my surprise, but my arousal was more evident as my cock stretched just a little longer.

With Yuri there was no doubt. This was a golden Russian bear. His whole demeanor shouted 'these two are mine, don't try anything unless I'm first.' Of course he didn't say that or think that, it was in his mood and body language. He was the only one of the three that was close to my height and his entire body was golden. He was a bear too, furry with a thick blond pelt from his neck to his waist and from his butt to his toes. He was as powerful as any man there but he looked somehow more dangerous. He was definitely studying Mat and I, but mostly Mat. Yuri had pecs so thick even I could probably lose my hand in the cleavage. He only had a six pack, but they looked bulletproof, steel riveted, hard. His legs were ready for motion. They spoke of a man rarely relaxed, always in control. Muscle with incredible power and training. The man had a cock of death. It was three feet long and at least eight inches across. It was almost completely smooth and uncut, and totally flaccid. It was a beauty.

I was getting really distracted by everyone there. I could smell them. The sweat, the musk, they were drifting on the breeze and I could already start to tell one from another. I found myself drifting away from the conversation and being yanked back..."isn't that right Sean?"

"Huh? Oh, sorry, I was a million miles away."

For the first time I heard that deep rumble in my head, 'Sure, you were a million miles into my cock.' The Russian accent was strong and I looked directly into his blue-in-blue eyes.

'Yes, and you have one beautiful cock.' I think my response surprised him. He smiled.

Mat said, "I was telling Dan, here, that we had decided to stay in the main house, at least until the new house was built. Isn't that right?"

"Yes that's right, where do you all live?" My brother burst out laughing as did the three new guys and Jake. Mat put his hand on my shoulder, "Ah, babe, they just told us they live together at the village and would love to have us visit once we get settled."

"Oh, sorry, I'm just feeling a little distracted. Maybe we should get something to eat." Yuri was still chuckling but we all moved toward the food. Jorge looked like he was about to make an announcement, but I needed to talk with my brother. It wasn't like me to feel this out of it. I was really feeling light headed. 'Geoff, can I talk to you for a minute, something doesn't feel right.'

'What is it Sean, are you Ok?'

'I don't know, but I need some air, can we go around the side of the house, just for a few minutes?'

'Sure bro.'

'Mat, Geoff and I are stepping away for a sec. I'll be right back. Save me a place in line.' I thought to Mat.

'Sure, babe, everything Ok?'

'Yes, everything is fine.'

I didn't really feel fine. All the musk and men and smells and sounds of all of them speaking in those deep melodic voices. Seeing all that muscle in one place. I was getting dizzy. I walked right past Geoff and around the corner of the house and toward the front. He came up behind me and put his arm around me.

"What's wrong, you look like you are about to pass out?" Geoff asked and was very concerned.

"It's nothing," I was taking deep breaths. "I just need some air. All the men, the smells, it was just so much. I feel like I'm going to explode. Every man I see, I think about how fucking incredible they would be to have sex with. I was doing Ok, since this morning's incident with Dom, but it was like a fog of sex back there. There are so many, and it is so strong. I just need to clear my mind."

Suddenly, Ady was right next to Geoff. He took one look at me and said, "Sean, I am sorry. Geoff, this is my fault. I didn't know it would have this effect, but when I helped Sean realize his openness to nature, that must have opened him to all of nature, including his strong male sexual nature."

"Yes, that is what I can feel. It's like a cloud of sex back there, I felt like if I stayed any longer in that fog I was just going to start grabbing asses and fuck them from here to next week." I explained.

Ady motioned Geoff away, "Well, my friend, we can't have that until later." He smiled at me. Then touched his hand to my chest again over my heart. This time he put his other hand on the back of my neck. I thought for a minute he was going to kiss me. What he did, I have no idea, but it was like the cloud lifted and everything was fresh and clear. The air smelled of pine trees after a rain and lilacs.

"What did you do? This feels great." I asked him.

"All I did, my friend, is to ask your body to enjoy the forest now to allow you time to refuel and be ready. Then it may turn itself lose to have fun."

"But what is it that I'm smelling?"

"Tell me what you are sensing?"

"A pine forest after a rain, no after a thunder storm, and an overwhelming influence of lilacs." I tried to describe the smell, but didn't really do it justice.

"Wonderful. I tried to tune you out of the immediate fog of sensuality, but rather than accepting nothing as a substitute, your body searched out a memory, a happy time that you must have spent in a forest with those smells."

I searched my memory, but the smell didn't register. Just then, I looked over and saw a tear running down my brother's face. "What is it Geoff, what is wrong?"

"Not a thing baby bro, not a thing. I know the smell you were describing. You were only a baby. There was a grove of pine trees behind our parent's house. You were too young when they died to ever know that house. There were lilacs planted along a stream in that grove of pines. Mom was walking with you in a baby carriage and I was walking along with the two of you. There had been a very strong thunderstorm earlier in the day and the water was still dripping from the trees. I remember dad calling mom to the house for a phone call and she left you with me. When she walked away, you started crying, but I picked you up and held you and you stopped crying and smiled at me. It was the first time that I ever held you without anyone else around."

"A most appropriate memory," Ady said. "It was a feeling of comfort and safety. Sean, we will have to talk soon, but for now, let's go eat."

I grabbed Geoff up and a big bear hug and lifted him off of his feet. "Big bro, one of these days, you will have to let me hold you and provide the comfort. You've been doing it for me since before I can't even remember."

"That's what big brothers do. Now let's eat."

He grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me back toward the patio and the food. Mat had waited for me, but there was no worry. There was enough food spread out on the bar for a couple hundred people. "You Ok babe?" Mat asked.

"Yes, I'm fine now, just needed a breath of fresh air."

'You're going to tell me later right?' Mat wondered.

'I can show you now, but it was intense.' I showed him a bit of what I experienced and what happened with Geoff and Ady.

"Woo baby, I had no idea how intense you were feeling it. I feel it too, but not nearly that strong."

We reached the beginning of the food buffet. It was really more like a food mountain. There were platters and trays for us to fill and we did. Everything smelled so wonderful, I wanted it all. Ribs, chicken and those burgers. I got two of those. There were salads and veggies and fruits. My tray was heaping and so was Mat's. We sat at a table with Geoff and Jake. Hao and Ady joined us and we had a wonderful meal. Everything had enough spice to keep us sweating, Jorge evidently liked everything as hot as possible, and I was glad I could smell was pine and lilacs. We all made several trips back to the buffet and the food mountain dwindled.

Jorge stepped up on one of the benches, "Friends...Brothers, I hope you have enjoyed this little cook out this evening." There were loud cheers and fists pounding on the tables. "I understand we will be having another party on Saturday, with all those from the island attending." Another cheer went up. "Tonight might have seemed like it was quickly thrown together to celebrate our new brothers, but that will also happen this weekend. Tonight is something special for someone else here." He looked around like someone was going to say something. "Ah, so it appears there are many among us that have short memories." He turned toward the house. "Brad, Rob, would you bring out the dessert please?" Rob and Brad rolled out a gigantic cake in the shape of a shooting cock and balls.

I looked over and saw my brother hanging his head and just shaking it. Jake got up and went to stand behind him and started rubbing his shoulders. I knew it wasn't Geoff's birthday, so what Jorge was getting at, I had no idea.

"For those that don't know the significance of this day," Jorge continued, "I could tell you a story, or show you a journal. I guess it could be known as the day of the glop, or what it is the really is the tenth anniversary of the night that Geoff changed. I was changed a few days later and have never looked back." More cheers and table pounding. "So let all of us celebrate tonight in whatever manner you wish." Chuckles and laughing filled the air. Geoff looked like he wanted to crawl under the table.

Everyone knew just how the evening would be spent. The cake was distributed and it was wonderful. The amazing thing was that I must have put away about 20 pounds of food easily, but I didn't feel at all uncomfortable, in fact, I felt energized.

The others seemed to be following a long standing pattern and grabbed my brother and carried him into the house. There were six men carrying him, one was Jake, who was smiling his face off. So I knew he'd be fine. Jorge came over to Mat and I, "I can't believe he forgets this day every year. You would think by now, it would have left more of an impression."

"I guess I don't understand, what are they going to do with him?" I asked.

Jorge just chuckled, "Well, the tradition is just a little juvenile, but a whole lot of fun. Every year on the day that Geoff changed and started our wonderful ride, we throw a party with whoever is here, and then we all have him. Simple really. He had to have us to bring us into the family, now, every year, we return the favor. Come on guys, this year's party is in the leather room." Jorge went after the group carrying my brother.

Mat looked at me and I looked at him. He was smiling and oh so hot. Brad came up behind us, "Come on you two, let's get you dressed. You don't have to take part in Geoff's fucking, Sean, but I'm betting that we'll all have fun down there." We walked down the stairs and the doors were propped open. Brad ushered us into the changing room. Rob, Alex and Ady were waiting to help Brad dress us. They were each already dressed. Rob and Alex looked so sexy in the harness and chaps. Each had a big leather strap around the base of their cocks as a cock ring. Ady was only in a natural suede jock strap. It was tight and minimal. I was about to go into visual overload.

They turned me so that I was facing Mat. Watching them strap the harness over his pecs was a sensual experience. So huge, so hard, the straps could not dent them. Over the solid shoulders that twisted showing each ripple and striation. His harness had a large golden ring in the center of his chest just under his pecs. The harness straps went under and over his pecs and a third set of straps around his torso. They slipped on two large leather straps around the tops of his biceps, then Brad knelt between us and first grabbed Mat's cock and slid on a leather cock ring. He turned and put one on me. They slid on our chaps and I couldn't take my eyes off of Mat.

His eyes were locked to mine and mine to his. I thought to him, 'I love you and want you.'

'I want no one more than I want you.' He returned. I shared my view of him and he did the same. His chaps obscured his pe'a and I asked them to remove the chaps. They replaced them with straps just above his calves and at his ankles. His view of me had me looking as though I was dressed the same as he did before the chaps were removed.

I grabbed the ring on his chest and pulled him to me for a kiss. He returned the kiss with incredible passion. Everyone else in the room melted away. We walked out of the changing room and the scene in the leather room was unbelievable. Most of the crowd of men was gathered around one sling where Jake was screwing my brother senseless. Watching Jakes ass flex as he pounded into Geoff's ass caused my cock to go from half to full hard. It was turning a dark red due to the cock ring and I noticed that Mat's was nearly the same. There were a few other couples making out in different areas of the room.

Ady walked toward us. He looked into my eyes, 'It is time to free the animal within you.' He touched my forehead and the calming scents were gone. In rushed the sweat, the leather, the cum, the men, the musk. I growled like a wild beast and looked at Mat. I think he was a little shocked until I showed him what was in my mind. His cock snapped to full hard and swollen lighting fast.

I grabbed Mat's harness and lifted him off the floor with one hand. "I need you now. I have to have you." I carried him, stiff armed, over to one of the slings in a corner. I lowered him to the floor and kissed him hard. I shoved my tongue in his mouth and forced him backward. Then I lifted him up and slammed him into the sling. I pushed his legs up. The look on his face was one of lust and extreme arousal but I think he was also surprised by my actions.

"Tonight, you are mine. They all want a piece of me. I can feel their hunger. But I belong to you, you decide if they get me and tonight your ass is mine." I pressed into him in one long thrust and I was home. •

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