Haven, The

A sequel to The Journal


By Braun1

As Geoff, Mat and I walked through the lab I noticed Hao was being well fucked by Alex. I chuckled as the first thought to come to mind was that he was getting the sample he wanted. Alex looked up and saw us walking on the other side of the glass wall and he waved. But his attention was right back to Hao.

We exited the mountain complex and walked out to the beach in silence. Then Geoff stopped, turned and hugged me again. I think we were both a bit overwhelmed by what had just happened between Nick and Dom. Even though I could feel his steel hard pecs pressing into mine, his giant arms wrapped around me and his hot breath on my shoulder, both of our cocks remained quiet, hanging limply between our legs. This was not a hug of passion, but of two brothers realizing that it had been too long that they were apart.

I looked up and saw Mat standing there with a smile on his face and I motioned him to come over to us, but he shook his head 'no' and just walked down the beach a short way to give us some space. "Sean, I know I haven't spent allot of time with you and Mat. I want to spend every minute of every day just getting to know you again, but it just hasn't been possible."

"Listen, Geoff, you have spent time with us and we are happy with what time you have been able to spend. I don't expect you to drop everything and spend every minute with me. I've got Mat and you've got Jake." I found myself stroking his hair and looking into his blue within blue eyes. "You know, I just can't get used to seeing you with blue eyes." I smiled and chuckled.

"I guess much about me has changed. I just don't want you to think that I wanted you to not be in my life for one second. I still miss our nights in the barn. I've dreamed of our life together there often."

"Bro, I've noticed many things about you that have not changed. Your heart is just as big as I ever remember. And your smile. Did you even know that it was your smile that first made me believe that this huge black haired, blue eyed, gorgeous giant really was my brother? You are my brother and you always will be and we'll make up for those lost years."

"You don't know how that makes me feel. I swear, I could just bust." He was smiling hard.

Then he did something I didn't expect at all. He kissed me. With every ounce of passion in his heart, he kissed me. Mat's kisses made me melt. Well, my brother's kiss made me soar. There was no lust in it, just incredible emotion.

When we separated from the embrace he said, "I've been wanting to do that for days. I just have not been this happy in a very long time."

Mat rejoined us and put his arm around me. "So, how long do we have before this cookout? I'm starting to feel a little hungry," he said.

Geoff concentrated a moment. "Jorge says everything should be ready in about an hour and a half. That usually means two and a half, but it will be worth the wait. Let's go back to the house and get something to eat. Nick always leaves some snacks and we can get some yogurt."

That sounded really good to me and we ran back to the house. Just as Geoff had said, Nick had left some snacks. Of course they were giant sized snacks. I noticed that the kitchen was spotless. Geoff pulled open one of the big refrigerators and pulled out several platters of sandwiches and salads. There was fruit and cheese and other nibbles. It was a regular feast.

We took the food and sat around the table in the kitchen and made pigs of ourselves. I must have eaten a whole platter of sandwiches and at least a couple of gallons of the chocolate yogurt. Geoff and Mat were looking at each other and chuckling.

"What? I'm hungry, it's been a long day already," I said.

That just made them laugh outright. It had been a long day. I had mind-blowing sex. I had accidentally grown a normal guy who had incredibly turned out to be Nick's brother and I had grown Alex when that wasn't supposed to be possible. I had the workout of a lifetime and run all over the compound. It's no wonder I was hungry. "It certainly doesn't look like I'm the only one that is hungry."

"You're right bro, it is just that you look like you are starved and that is hard to picture with a man your size."

I grabbed another sandwich and ate it in one bite. They of course thought this was hilarious.

"Well, guys, you have been getting to know the place, and some of the guys. Do you have any questions?"

Mat spoke up first, "Yeah, I was wondering what is under the lab? We noticed last night that there were three other buttons in the elevator, but I didn't remember to ask until we rode down just now."

"That's a long story. And you can certainly check it out for yourselves. In our early years here we were more than a bit paranoid that some government agency would find us and try to put us under a microscope or worse. We also had to deal with where we were going to live. Jake's house wasn't big enough or strong enough. We kept destroying pieces of it because we were just too big and too strong. So first, we had the lake house built and the lab was started. We lived at the lake house while contractors re-built the main house and we dug out the mountain for the lab. You notice that most of the buildings in the compound are stone. Well, it came from the mountain. It was difficult hiding from the construction workers. The lab complex is really the largest of the structures on the compound."

"Jake had evidently watch one too many scifi TV movies and when he designed the lab, well, he went a bit overboard. The lowest level, S3, is our bunker of 'last resort'. He actually motioned the quotes with his fingers. We could live down there and disappear for years. It has a living space for about 50 guys our size and is totally self contained. Kind of like a '50s fall out shelter. I don't think anyone really thinks about that anymore. The next level up, S2, it is basically an industrial shop where we put together any equipment that we need and can't get anywhere else. It is also where we build prototypes and test things like the resistance equipment in the gym. Just think of it as a big work shop. The next level, S1, is part lab, with complete clean rooms, but that is a small part of the floor. There is also a security center where we can monitor the compound and the island. The main computer center for the compound and the company is there. The rest is one big open space. We've used it for several things, but what it was originally meant for was to be a party room that could hold 50 giants fucking each other's brains out. I don't think anyone did much that first year except fuck and eat. So sex is a fairly major part of the design in all the buildings."

Mat and I just soaked it all in. They had their own bunker. "So, what would keep the feds out of your bunker long? Couldn't they just blast their way in?"

Geoff laughed, "Well, there is the genius of all of this. Jake designed the lab so that in the event we got word that they were coming, we could gather there and completely close the place off. There are only three entrances to the lab. The main one at the lake. The elevator entrance at the aerie and the largest entrance for equipment that is closer to the warehouse. Well, with one flip of a switch, all of those entrances disappear. The mountain appears as if it were never touched. Even the aerie folds in on itself and disappears into the mountain. I'm telling you, Jake is a scifi nut."

By then we were all chuckling. "I knew I liked him," I said, "I love a good scifi flick and, I mean, we a kind of living in a scifi movie." Geoff laughed hard.

Once we had settled down a bit Mat asked, "So what can we expect at this cookout tonight?"

We had finished all the snacks and were starting on more of the frozen yogurt. "Well, these can be very different, but no matter what, it will be a feast. Jorge is one hell of a cook and you can probably expect something spicy and lots of meat. One time he did a sucking pig for each of us. Another time he had, like, ten sides of beef roasted on spits. One thing is for sure. They picked the lake house for fun. There will be lots of sex tonight." Geoff sat there with a knowing grin on his face and just kept eating the chocolate high protein yogurt.

All I could think was all of these guys were going to want a taste of me. I'm sure they all knew by now that they could experience what Alex did by having me. I was a little worried. I hadn't even met some of these guys yet. I could see Mat notice that I was feeling uneasy.

"Geoff, just how many guys are going to be there tonight? I know we haven't met everyone yet and some of them are on the island," I said. Mat put his hand on my leg. He knew what I was thinking about.

"Well, with ten guys on the island and the addition of Dom, that would make 23 if everyone comes. And everyone usually comes to Jorge's partys." Geoff answered. "What's got you looking so worried little brother?"

"I was just thinking that all of them probably know about what happened with Alex and I'm kind of worried about what they will all expect." Mat moved to put a protective arm around me. It definitely made me feel better, but I knew that eventually all of these guys would have what they wanted. That didn't really bother me as much as thinking it would happen all in one night.

The way Geoff looked at me was gentle. "Little bro, you just got here, so I know you have some adjusting still to come but let me just tell you two things that might ease your mind a little. One, there is not a man here that will force you do to anything that you," he paused, "and Mat, don't want to do. Two, your body will produce far more cum than all of them combined could drink in a week, let alone one night. If you don't want to have sex with anyone but Mat, then there will be none. If you decide you want to stand in the middle of the room and just start shooting cum around on everyone in the room, you can. Your body will do what you want it to do."

"Well, bro, that is a bit of a relief. It is hard to explain. When I get aroused, it is like I'm a purely sexual beast. The only one I feel differently with is Mat. When we were with Alex, all I could think of was for him to drink. It was like my cock took over my body. The feeling wasn't as controlling as it was with Dom, but it was strong. In one way it was incredible and another, it was unnerving." I wasn't explaining it well and I knew it.

Then Mat confirmed what I was feeling, "I know exactly what you mean babe. It's like a fog of sex gathers around us with other men and while the sex is incredible, it is all so new, that I can understand how it could feel uncomfortable."

"Guys, just always remember, you are our family. It is your decision. I personally hope you will have a great time. Enjoy the food, the company and the fun. It can be a wonderful time." He paused and looked up at the wall clock. "But, Mat, you really need to make that phone call to Geno and then we'll head over to the lake house."

"Oh, man, you are right. I completely forgot about that. Where should I tell them to deliver the 'samples'? Mat asked.

Geoff went over to a desk in the corner of the kitchen and wrote something on a piece of paper. "Here, is the address of the warehouse. Tell them to bring the samples there. I'm not sure how you will convince them both to come in the middle of a day, but perhaps they could bring them before they open the restaurant."

"Ok, where do I find a phone?"

"You can use the phone on my desk. My office is right next to Jake's. And remember, no price is too high."

"See you two in a few minutes. Wish me luck." Mat said.

I got up, grabbed his hand turning him around and gave him a kiss. "Just for luck." He smiled and went off to Geoff's office.

"Bro, I'm kind of glad we have this time to talk. Mat is an incredible guy. I don't know how much you have learned about him, but did you know he had a very strong mind, even before he went through the process?" Geoff asked.

"I had an idea. He has an instinct that I don't fully understand. He said he had been looking for me for years, that he knew as soon as we met, that I was the one for him. I knew the same thing as soon as he touched me. It is hard to describe. I know I've only known him for a few days, but if I remember correctly you fell in love with Jake in only a few days. Yes?"

Geoff chuckled, "Oh, you are so right little bro. I knew almost as soon as Jake started talking to me that first day in that little hole in the wall gym he owned. I guess I'm just trying to look out for you bro."

"Well, with Mat it is just a feeling, of.... I don't know, comfort, home, love. All I can tell you is that when he puts his arms around me, I'm safe, I feel loved, I feel like I belong there. I know I'll never be alo...." I cut myself off.

Geoff was looking straight in my eyes. "You can say it little bro, 'you'll never be alone again'." I could see tears forming in his eyes, but they didn't fall. "I know I fucked up big time by leaving you there in that hell hole. I should have just packed you up and taken you with me, but I couldn't do that. Ginger had legal guardianship of you and she could have had me arrested for kidnapping if I had taken you. After I got her letter, and then all this happened, I was out of options until you were of legal age. I had been talking to Jake and our lawyers about contacting you, when you turned up in Jake's office." The tears were falling now. There was no sobbing and I noticed that they just ran down his face and fell on his mountainous pecs and were being caught in his thick chest hair.

I reached out and wiped the tears off his face, "Geoff, we've been through this. I don't blame you. I understand. Mat understands. And now, we all have each other. Now why don't you go wash your face before we go check on Mat and get to that party?"

We both stood up and Geoff gathered me up into one of his big bear hugs. "I'm never letting you go again Sean."

I tried to be comforting and kissed the side of his face and neck. "You will never be able to get rid of me."

Geoff walked over to one of the sinks and splashed some water on his face and dried on a clean kitchen towel. "Don't ever mention this to Nick or I'll be in trouble for at least a week." He smiled and I couldn't help but just smile back.

We walked into the living room and Mat was just coming out of Geoff's office. We all walked out on to the patio. "Ok Guys, they are both coming, but it took some convincing and I don't think if it was for anyone other than me, Geno would not be coming. 'He has a fucking restaurant to run.'" I could almost hear the accent. "He would only come if I was going to meet him and it had to be no later than 9:00."

Geoff thought about it a minute and then told us, "There is no way that you can meet them face to face. We'll set up something like a video feed so you can talk with them, but to let them see you in-the-flesh without at least some preparation would be a disaster. I'll get one of the warehouse managers to meet them and take them to a conference room. You can talk to them and then, if they agree to join us, and only if they agree, you can show them what you have become on the video. If that is Ok, then you'll need to see them in person. If at any point there is a problem, we may have to mentally 'convince' them that it has all been a dream or hallucination. We've used that before and claimed some kind of gas leak."

"Bro, I can't believe how your head works. That sounds like it just might work."

"Yeah, Geoff, it really does." Mat paused just a second and put his hand on Geoff's shoulder, "I want you to know, I really appreciate all of this. Geno and Georgio are good people. If I can't have my brothers here yet, having them will be great."

"Sounds like a plan then guys. I'll talk to Jake after we get to the cook out and make sure we get everything set up. Oh, and since you were a very muscular guy to begin with, Mat, when you get to the demonstration part of the visit, you might want to bring Sean into view. You said they both have met him and they know he's not as big as you were."

Mat seemed quite pleased that he might get to show me off. The three of us made our way toward the lake house. Mat and I were hand in hand. Even if I were just as big as he was now, he still had bigger hands. As we walked through the forest toward the lake I just couldn't get over how beautiful the weather was and how peaceful this place was. I also noticed how comfortable I felt.

When we turned the corner after reaching the lake, I could hear music floating from the house. It was a different mix with kind of a techno Latin beat. We saw smoke and smelled something heavenly on the wind. Even though I had just finished eating more food than I would have in several days before, I could feel my mouth salivating.

"This is definitely one of Jorge's parties. Latin music and meat. Lots of meat," Geoff noted and then he put his hand on my shoulder and said, "Let me show you around the place."

"That would be great, we never did get this far in our tour this morning." Mat may have been just making an observation, but I immediately thought of my episode with Dom. I was still not comfortable with how violent it felt.

The house itself was incredible. The side toward the lake was completely walled in glass, the other sides were steel and stone with large windows on the side toward the forest. The lake level patio completely surrounded the house. On the lake side there was an open party room and enough tables and lounges for all the men to congregate. There were two huge whirlpools at each side of the patio right at the lake. The lake itself met the patio and was only about a foot lower than the surface of the stone tile. I noticed that there were stairs built down into the lake so we could just walk right into the water. Several guys were out in the lake swimming and just generally playing. The entire lake level inside of the house was built for parties. Most of it was a huge kitchen and bar. The lake side opened completely to the outside. There was a large staircase on the left side that went up to the other floors and also went down to what I assumed was the leather room.

The kitchen was on the right side of the floor and completely along the back side of the floor was a bar. The bar opened on the front side and the rear side of the house opened so the bar could serve the patio on that side of the house. It was incredible construction. Then entire house was supported by steel columns at the four corners and the stone walls. These were not stone faced, these were large stones that had been shaped and used to construct a house that could obviously support incredible stresses.

There appeared to be tons of food in the kitchen already and Brad and Rob looked busy putting things together. We offered to help, but they just waved us away and Geoff continued the tour. Upstairs were six suites on each floor. These were huge, each large enough to be a normal sized apartment. Each had it's own bathroom and each looked out through the glass walls to a deck that ran the length of the house. There was a connecting hallway that ran along the back of the house. Only a few of these suites seemed to have a lived in look.

We started back down the stairs and Geoff had his I've-go-a-secret grin on again. He kept going down to the basement level. At the bottom of the stairs was a huge mural of an idealized leather stud. Even with all the guys I had seen so far, this painting was impressive. He would have stood about 15' and clad head to toe in leather. Work boots, chaps, jockstrap, harness, vest, gauntlets and gloves. All in black shiny leather. I almost expected to smell the leather. He was, of course, a mega muscle monster. It was as though the artist had taken all the guys I had met and combined them into this god of leather.

Geoff just kept grinning. "We call this guy "Sir". Jorge's son Mario painted him almost as soon as the house was built. He is spending some time on the island with his partner Tom. You'll get to meet them on Saturday. He said he tried to pick parts of each of us that lived here at the time."

He moved to open the two huge doors to the right of the bottom of the stairs. The doors were covered with black leather. As soon as he cracked the door, there it was, the unmistakable smell of leather, men, sweat and sex. "Welcome to the leather room," Geoff smiled.

It was a leather fantasy. Mat's eyes just were looking everywhere. The room ran the full length and width of the house. To the right was a locker area and changing area. To the left were showers and each shower was equipped with an enema rig. They appeared huge, but then so were we. When we moved into the main room, I noticed the smell get stronger. It was getting me aroused and I felt my cock stretching. The next area was obviously the 'play' room. The entire place was padded. Floors, walls and ceiling. There was huge slings, tables, couches and several pieces of furniture that I had never seen before. There were paddles hanging around the wall. I was no leather expert, but one thing really seemed to be missing.

"Geoff, I'm far from an expert, having only read about leather fetish, but shouldn't here be restraints too?"

"We tried that, but they just got broken, so we gave up on them." He chuckled. "One party we went through over a hundred sets of handcuffs. Just a waste. We're too strong."

It wasn't the dark dungeon atmosphere that I expected and the same music that was playing upstairs was being piped down here. I noticed Mat was also getting excited.

"Ok, guys, I guess we had better get back upstairs. You have yet to meet the man responsible for the cook out and this room doesn't get started until much later. If you want to play, just remember one thing and you'll be fine. The leathers that are in the changing room that are not in lockers are for everyone. Some of the guys get a little testy if you stretch out their leathers. Unfortunately, Keith is our tailor and leather artist, and he is also living on the island at the moment. He'll be here for the party this weekend, but probably won't have time to create anything for you."

As we walked back up the stairs Mat grabbed me and kissed me with one of his toe curling, heart melting kisses. He grabbed my cock and gave it a tug. He thought to me, 'I can't wait to try out one of those slings with you slamming my ass so hard my eyes fly right out of my head.'

'I had no idea you were so into leather?'

'Babe, I'm into you and want you inside me. I'm just so hot for you I wish we could slip away right now.'

'Patience my island god.'

By the time we had stopped mind talking we had reached the bar area. Geoff had walked around behind the bar and asked, "What do would you like to drink guys? I'll play bartender this time, but we pretty much just help ourselves at these things. And before you ask, we have just about everything."

"I could really use a beer. I don't drink allot, but somehow I think a beer is just appropriate to the occasion," I told him.

"That does sound good," Mat said.

Geoff grabbed three of the biggest mugs I had ever seen. They were in a cooler and immediately became frost covered. He tapped us each a beer that had to be a gallon if not more. Then he walked through a break in the bar toward the rear patio. Mat and I followed. The smell of roasting meat was strong here and I was feeling hungry again.

There were lounges set up but they were all empty. All the activity was over by the grills. There were two huge grills, each were about 20' long and 4' deep. There were several other outdoor cooking areas all around the rear patio, but these were the only two that were giving off the wonderful smells.

Standing at one of the grills was Ben, now clad in small red shorts and a large apron. He saw is watching and came over to say hello. The man was just stunning. He had the most amazing eyes. The were probably described as brown, but they were earth colored with twinkling silver highlights. His skin showed his Arab heritage in it's deep bronze and he was just as massively muscular as the other men. His hair was short, almost a military cut, but you could tell it was black as night. He had a dark shadow of beard, but I could see no other hair on his incredible body. His shoulders were more than twice the width of his waist and his thighs were as large as his waist. How the man walked normally, let alone, ran at high speeds was something I wanted to see. The arms attached to those shoulders were just as impressive as the rest of this desert lion. His were not huge vein covered mountains like Alex's, but smooth and so ripped they looked sculpted out of raw sienna marble. His long uncut cock was peeking out at the bottom of the apron obviously escaping his shorts.

Just then I noticed another dark skinned cook carrying a huge platter that he set down next to the other grill. This one had a definite Latin flair. His hair was long, but pulled back, and a deep rich brown that was shining in the sunlight. He had some sort of mp3 player sticking in his apron and he was really dancing while cooking. His back was a road map of human physiology. But this road map was in constant motion as he applied the platter's contents to the grill with a sizzle. He was also in red shorts and an apron, but neither did anything to conceal his magnificent, there was no other word, ass. This man had an ass that was just built for fucking. High, tight, round, hard. As he moved along the grill it flexed and relaxed in a most inviting way. His legs had the appearance of being incredibly strong and fast. His were not the thick thighs that Ben had, these were built for motion. They made me think of a speed skater or sprinters. His calves appeared as if completely separated, his skin was so thin and so ripped. The arms placing the food on the grill were as ripped as the rest of the man. Each triceps looked like a thick hook. Each biceps like a cannon ball.

I found myself getting really turned on and I noticed Mat was getting in the same predicament.

Ben had been talking with Geoff and I guess we still had a little while before the food was ready. Ben walked over and pulled an ear plug out of the Latin man's ear and motioned toward us.

When the Latin man turned around, I was enchanted. He was beautiful. Strong jaw, thick enticing lips, soft smiling brown eyes and a 10000 watt smile. His pecs push hard on his apron and he exhibited grace as he glided over to greet us.

"Guys, this is my partner Jorge. Your host for the evening." Ben was obviously proud of his man as he introduced us. "Jorge, this is Mat and this is his partner, Geoff's brother, Sean."

I saw a definite change in Jorge's eyes when my name was mentioned. The warmth turned to heat and hunger. Otherwise, he looked like he was just smiling. He shook our hands and held mine long enough for a little squeeze. I could feel his desire and hunger.

"I'm so glad to finally meet you two. I've heard so many great things about you both and can't wait to get to know you much better. That will have to wait, of course, for a little while, because if I don't watch these grills, Ben will be serving charred dinner."

"So what is for dinner? It smells like heaven." Mat asked.

Jorge smiled again, now eying Mat like he was dinner. "Oh a little of this, and a little of that. Mostly allot of meat. There are beef ribs Texas style, chicken done with more of a Cuban flair and my favorite. Burgers."

"Oh, man, you guys are in for a treat if Jorge made his burgers." Geoff was excited. "They are the best you will ever eat. Only the best prime beef, so juicy you need a bath after eating one, his special spices and peppers, all the toppings you can think of and.........they are about 10 pounds each."

I could see Mat's interest piqued but only for a moment until he laid eyes on me, then there was a different kind of hunger.

"So, how long before we eat?" he asked never taking his eyes off of me.

Geoff must have noticed the look in his eyes as well, "Oh, I think you have a least half an hour."

"Good because I'm going to borrow your brother until then."

He didn't say one word. He just slipped the arm around my waist even further around me and bent down to slip the other behind my knees. He lifted me into his arms and ran toward the lake. When we reached the shore he jumped. I think it even surprised him how far we flew into the air before crashing down into the lake with a huge splash. •

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