Haven, The

A sequel to The Journal


By Braun1

Mat roared as my swollen steel strong cock slammed into him in one thrust. I had been dripping precum like a hose, but had not stopped to even loosen him up at all. This wasn't love, this was pure animal lust. I gritted my teeth and pulled out and thrust again. And again. Over and over. Mat looked up at me with wild eyes. I could feel his grunts with each thrust. He knew and understood the animal need I was feeling. I was feeding it directly to his mind. I simply could not stop. I didn't want to. I wanted to fuck him and fuck him hard, long and deep.

I pulled all the way out and slammed in deep. Mat roared again and his ass clamped down on my cock, but I kept thrusting. I could feel how tight he was. I felt like I was on fire, like an inner explosion was building. I looked into Mat's eyes and saw the same lust that I felt. His ass was so hot and so tight it was like being in a molten vice. Like my cock would come out burnt to a crisp. I thrust in hard again and leaned down and kissed him hard. He sucked my tongue into his mouth, but I pulled away. He grabbed my shoulders and pulled my face to his chest. The steel plated pecs were covered in his salty sweat.

I licked it up like a hungry dog. My tongue was lapping deep into every crevice. I sucked his nipples and raked them with my teeth. He growled and whooped a yell I had never heard from him before. He screamed, "Fuck me Sean, Fuck the cum out of me. FUCK me like your bitch. Oh God, AHHHHHH, Sean. You are .... Give me ALLLLL ya got. FUCK Harder." His ass started squeezing tighter and tighter on my cock.

I grabbed hold of the sling chains as I pulled out. I positioned my hands so they were on either side of his ass and I started pulling. Fast in, slow out, faster in, slow out. Over and over, each thrust ramming into and scraping past his prostate. Time seemed to stand still. He was grunting and groaning with each thrust. I pulled each time harder. We were like the piston of a steam engine thrusting harder and deeper. His cries of, 'Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck, Oh Fucking Fuck, Oh God" turned into "Ug, Uh, Uh, Ug, EAHHHHHHHH" his cock blasted cum all over the wall behind him as I thrust into him over and over. I lost count of how many times he covered that wall in his creamy soup, but I couldn't seem to reach my own climax.

I was still pistoning over and over, and each thrust was better than the last. My balls ached, my arms were a blur. Mat looked like he was worn out, covered in sweat and cum and I couldn't stop. I was building and building to a point I never imagined. I saw stars in front of my eyes and my cock felt like it was twice its normal size. I was going to blow and Mat reached up and grabbed both my pecs in his hands and squeezed digging into the muscle.

I screamed his name as I blasted so much cum into him that it was shooting back at me. I could feel cum splatter against me even as I collapsed on Mat, still thrusting. He wrapped his huge arms around me and nuzzled my ear. "That, babe, was better than I ever imagined," he whispered through his panting. His big hands stroked my back as we regained our senses and our breath.

It was then that I noticed that we were both covered in allot more cum than I imagined. There was cum everywhere. I started to push myself up and slowly pull my softening cock out of my beautiful man. When I pulled fully out with a plop, cum poured out of Mat's ass and I dropped down to lap it up before all of it ended up on the floor. I'd just gotten started when I heard the cheering and clapping.

I turned around and looked to see all of the guys were standing around us cheering. All with dripping cocks and I knew where the shower of cum had come from. Jake and Geoff walked up to me. Man, the last thing I remember seeing was Jake slamming into my brother. Just how long had I been pistoning into my stud? They pulled me up from my kneeling position and reached in to help Mat out of the sling.

"Bro, that had to be one of the most incredible fucks I have ever seen, and I only saw about the last 20 minutes or so." He was slapping me on the back and then shaking the cum off of his hand.

"Huh?" was all I could ask, that was about as coherent as I was feeling.

"Sean, you and Mat have been fucking for over an hour and a half. These guys have nearly all fucked me and you've only had one round with your man."

Mat was now leaning on me and I was wondering how we both were still standing. "Babe, you were incredible. Like a fucking machine. You just kept raising us higher and higher. I thought my mind was going to explode."

"I didn't hurt you did I babe?" I asked.

"No, you didn't hurt me at all, but I am really in need of refueling and a break."

"Now, that, I understand, let's get some air and something to drink. I'm feeling a little dehydrated." I said.

The guys were all still standing around just looking at me like I was the main course at a banquet. Mat and Geoff wrapped their arms over my shoulders and we started heading toward the doors. I heard someone say, "Hey, y'all aren't leaving are ya?"

Mat turned around and very boldly said, "Guys, thanks. That was incredible, but we need a break. I know that there is probably not a man here, other than Alex, that wouldn't like to get my partner alone for a few minutes, but we need to take this slowly. Some might happen tonight, but I don't know if all will or not. Let's just be patient."

"Right now, we need a dunk in the lake, a few towels and some time to recuperate a bit and anyone who wants to, is welcome to join us." Mat was warm but firm. He obviously heard me and took quite seriously that he would be the one to decide who got to me when because I was having a hard time concentrating.

When we reached the top of the stairs, I said, "Thanks Babe, I just need a few minutes, some air and something to drink."

Geoff looked a little concerned, "Are you sure bro? You seemed really out of it for a bit down there."

"Really, I feel Ok. Better than when I was blissed out earlier, but there is something that is just too much with all the guys in an enclosed place. Like I said before, it's like a fog of sex."

Jake had been quiet until now, "I think Sean is getting and overload of the pheromone effect. It impacts all of us to some degree, but it might be that it effects you more than the rest of us. Of course, you were definitely impacting everyone when you started broadcasting your sexual connection with Matt down there. That rain shower of cum was because we were all experiencing a piece of your own incredible orgasm."

Geoff had grabbed a case of the protein supplements and we moved to the edge of the water. Mat and I went into the water and rinsed off, but the cum was thick in my matted hair. "I guess nothing short of a shower is going to take care of this," I said, "but I need some more time out of that fog downstairs."

"That's Ok Bro, this will be going on most of the night. Are you feeling better?"

"Yeah, I'm doing Ok, better every minute. I'm still not sure I can give them all what they want, but I'm leaving that up to Mat."

Geoff gave me a confused look, so I explained to him that I was leaving the decision of who got what from me when, was going to be up to Mat. Jake just smiled. Geoff looked back and forth between the three of us. He still didn't understand.

"Look big bro, I have almost no control down in that leather room. I'm sure when we get back down there, I'm going to be horned up to the max again and I could probably do every man in the room, including you, before morning. But it is so intense, I don't know if I'd make it out sane. Also, have you thought about just how much in the way of supplements would be required if they all drank from me? Alex drank a case and was still hungry and ate two bowls of the frozen yogurt. Mat is the only one that will be able to get through to me once we go down there, I trust him with my life and besides, my cock is his."

Geoff finally had a look of understanding on his face. Jake reached over and gave Geoff's cock a good tug. When Geoff looked at him, Jake kissed him long and deep. Mat just smiled and we did the same.

I finished off two more bottles of supplements and about five gallons of water before I started really feeling human again. We were all just lounging next to the water. The moon was almost full and the ripples on the water were highlighted by its silvery glow. Mat was massaging my shoulders. Jake was just laying almost on my brother. It was very tranquil considering there was a fuckfest going on not ten feet below us.

We heard the door to the leather room open as the music flowed out just while the door was open. Alex came up the stairs and walked over to us. He looked at little tired, but otherwise happy.

"Guys, Uh.... Well, I was kind of elected to ask if you were coming back down to the party. Uh, they wouldn't even let me near my own partner...Soooo..." Alex was pleading.

"Yeah, I think I've gotten my breath back." I said, "Let's all go back and let them know what's up." We all just laughed and got up to start on our way back to the party.

On the way back down I filled the other three in mentally what I wanted to happen but let the final decision up to Mat. I hoped he would do as I asked, but I also trusted his judgment.

When we opened the doors the scent hit me again. I could feel myself getting aroused again. Mat put his arm around me and turned me into the shower room.

"Let's get you cleaned up before we go back to the party. I want to talk with you for a few minutes." Mat told me he was concerned with my plan and that he only wanted me to do a few guys at a time, just in case I had any control problems.

"I told you, babe. I'll do whatever you decide. I'm not sure I trust myself, but I trust you."

He helped me strip off the leather harness and chaps, they were both soaked with cum, and then he started the shower. We washed each other and he cleaned me inside and out. The leathers were almost crusty so we decided just to stay bare. We walked back into the main room and most of the guys were just sitting around talking but it was evident from the cum and oil splashed on the walls, floor and ceiling, that the party had been going on while we were outside. All of the slings showed signs of use and I noticed that the one that Mat and I had used had been taken down.

Mat cleared his throat and quickly had everyone's attention, "Hi guys. I think we all know what everyone is waiting for, but it is not going to happen tonight." There was general round of groans. "Ok, well, not everyone is going to happen tonight." There was a general look of questioning on everyone's face. "Let's look at this logically. You all want what Alex got. But, let's look at who really needs it. I don't. Alex doesn't. Dominick doesn't. We have already had what Sean's biology can give. Of the rest of you, how do you think we can decide? Some will have to remain alert while other's go through the process, so that someone is there to feed the guys being enhanced." He paused a moment to let that sink in.

"Ok, then, here is what we propose. Hao, Ben, we would like your opinion please." The both nodded. "Sean will provide what ever extra he has to Geoff and Rob, then there will hopefully be three to provide everyone with what they need. One thing that no one seems to have taken into account, is that we'll need allot of fuel for this process. Earlier Alex finished a case of the supplements and was still very hungry."

Alex nodded his agreement with Mat's assessment.

"So, guys, if we are going to do this, let's do it right. An all out fuckfest might be fun, but might not be the best way to do this. Hao, Ben, what do our science guys think?"

Everyone chuckled. Hao responded for both of them, "What Mat and Sean propose is completely logical and, I might say, well thought out. We don't know what will happen when Sean feeds his ejaculate to Geoff and Rob, but they should then be able to pass on any enhancement to further recipients. And, of course, they are correct, fuel will be most important." He sounded every bit the scientist, but to see him standing there in his harness and chaps, well, he was every inch the ultimate leather stud.

There was a quick discussion among the men. It was both verbal and mental. I was surprised that there was no argument, no counter proposals, not even any discussion relating to that. Only on how to proceed. I heard Geoff in my head, 'I told you bro, these guys are the best, they will only do what you want. Are you sure you don't have a problem giving yourself to me?'

'Bro, I want more than that,' I could sense his surprise, 'but for tonight, we'll have to settle for just a reverse of how you grew me. Jake helped you, Mat will help me. You drink, Rob drinks. Then we take care of the rest. Ok?' I answered.

'Sounds like a plan bro.'

Several guys were sent upstairs to see how much of the supplements were in the lake house and some were sent to the warehouse and the lab.

Once several cases were brought down, the guys started smiling and getting excited. Even I was getting turned on as preparations continued. Mat started rubbing my ass and sliding his hand up and down, slipping a finger casually into my crack. 'I'm going to make this as good for you as I can babe.'

It was then that I noticed that all of the guys had returned and started moving toward us. Mat moved slightly away and it looked like they were lining up in front of me. I looked questioningly at Mat but he just smiled and I felt waves of comfort and calm radiating toward me. Geoff and Rob had moved behind me to stand near Mat. The smell was back as they all came closer.

First in line was Jake. He pressed toward me and his pecs pressed into mine. He looked into my eyes, 'Sean, this is not about what you can do for us. You are family now. We are going to have a good time.' He took my face in his hands and kissed me. I felt waves of lust pass over my body. My cock was rising. He reached down and gave it a good squeeze.

Ady was next. He again put his right hand over my heart and looked into my eyes. I swear it looked like he had the eyes of a wolf. His relatively slender cock was rock hard and slapped into my abs. His left hand, this time, did not come to my head. He grabbed my balls. 'You are special to me Sean. We will take good care of you.' My cock was now rock hard.

One after another each man came to me and preformed a similar reassurance. By the time the last man arrived I was dripping and my cock was throbbing. The last man was Yuri. The huge Russian golden bear. He didn't use the mind speak. He pulled me into a tight embrace, kissed me on each side of my face, then ground his cock against mine and purred into my ear, "You are so ready, I know you want to explode, but you must hold on. The longer you hold, the sweeter your nectar will flow." He reached down, but didn't touch my cock. I thought he was going for my balls, but he stepped back and just maintained eye contact. His eyes were intense, so blue they were like a sun lit sea. He was fucking me with his eyes.

Then I felt a pinch. He grabbed just under the head of my cock and squeezed with a finger and his thumb. It was tight and quick, and I deflated like a party balloon that had been stuck with a pin. Yuri's grin never changed as he moved away from me. There was no residual pain, my immense hardon, simply deflated. I don't know what nerve he hit, but damn, to say I was surprised, well, that didn't describe half of the feeling.

Mat moved in front of me and pushed me back against the leather padded wall and started kissing me. I melted into his kiss. I was back where I needed to be. Someone had again dimmed the lights and started the music. I was quickly returning to an excited state. Mat stroked my ass and massaged my balls, all while sinking his tongue deep into my mouth. Tracing every inch of the inside of my mouth. Then he bent down and with one of his magnificent arms behind my back and one behind my knees, lifted me into his arms.

I was placed in one of the slings and it was turned so that I could only see Mat and the wall. All the others were behind me. Geoff moved to my right side and Rob to my left. Both started rubbing my chest. Mat leaned over for another kiss and then dove into munching my ass. He spread my glutes and started tickling my crack with his tongue. I was squirming, already trying to get him to go further. Soon he was pressing his tongue into my rosebud and I wanted him so bad that I opened almost immediately. Rob leaned over me and took my mouth as he twisted my nip, I moaned into his mouth.

I could feel the lust in the room as though it was something I could reach out and touch. It was as if every man in the room was feeding me his lust. I soon felt Geoff's mouth on my neck and Rob moved to my chest. Both seemed to be avoiding my cock. Mat finally moved his mouth away from my ass and I felt the hot head of his cock rubbing...up... down... left... right. He was teasing me and my cock was no longer dripping but drooling onto my chest and abs. I was breathing heavy. Rob and Geoff were driving me nuts. Rob started running his tongue round my ear and Geoff was mirroring his moves. They lifted and strapped my arms up to the sling chains. I looked up at my brother pleading that he take my cock into his mouth. But he and Rob had other ideas.

Mat pressed that massive cock that I loved into me so slow it was excruciatingly intense. How he could do it so slowly and not cum I have not figured out yet. I was on the edge and they hadn't touched my cock. Mat started moving inside me and, Rob and Geoff attacked my hairy sweaty arm pits. They licked and bit. I was being driven mad with lust. Mat kept on his slow and steady motion, driving in, pulling out. Teasing me even as I tried to squeeze him into action. He just looked down at me with such love I can't even describe it. Geoff and Rob were now moving slowly from my pits across to my chest and licking every drop of precum, but still they bypassed my cock. Their heads would graze my cock and it would jump at the slightest touch. Their hands were all over me, stroking everywhere.

I was writhing now, rocking on Mat's cock, wanting nothing more than for either Geoff or Rob swallow my cock and let me empty my balls. I could feel them churning and churning. Mat reached down and started squeezing them. I thought my eyes would spin right out the top of my head.

Suddenly, I could take no more, I ripped loose of the restraints, I grabbed my brother's head and with force he couldn't resist, I jammed his mouth over the head of my cock and roared. I don't know how he could take the explosive shot that came out of my cock, but I was lost to worrying about him. My ass slammed tight so fast Mat was not prepared and he was stopped from pulling out, but it didn't matter. As soon as I blew, he yelled and filled me with what I wanted. His lava hot essence seemed to comfort me as I shot again and again. I was thrusting hard into Geoff's mouth. Rob pulled my hands off of Geoff's head and ripped his head off my cock. I was no where near finished and Rob dove on my cock.

It was like a never ending cycle. Mat thrust in and I shot down Rob's throat. Soon Rob fell away from my cock and Geoff returned, sucking down the last shots and then he licked me clean and moved away. Mat collapsed on me and smothered my face with kisses. "You did it babe. That was un-fucking-believable."

"Mat, you have no idea what you do to me. I don't know how you could tease me so slowly, but it was wonderful."

I wrapped my hands around Mat's shoulders, not even realizing that I had broken the restraints as they dangled from my wrists. He lifted me out of the sling and I heard groaning beneath me.

Geoff and Rob were already being fed the protein drinks by Jake and Brad. They were each feeling the difference already. It was almost as if they were vibrating with power. Rob moaned, "God, it was never like this. It's like I'm being fucked by a thousand cocks."

Geoff screamed mentally, 'Jake, Fuck Me, You have to fuck me now. Oh, God it's intense.' Jake lifted his legs and rammed his alabaster pole into his lover. Brad decided to do the same with Rob. It was as though these two partners were enchanted by the men beneath them. Both Brad and Jake lifted their partners into nearby slings.

The were both throbbing with muscle, but just like Alex seemed to be refining, rather than growing. Both were drinking their supplements. Their skin almost bubbled with growth. Swelling then tightening. I was standing next to Rob as Brad thrust into him deeper and deeper. Rob's cock was drooling all over his chest and face. His beautiful auburn chest hair was glistening. I was drawn to it. I knew, I was not supposed to even be in the running for his load, but I was not in control. Instinct took over and I pulled out of Mat's embrace and buried Rob's cock down my throat.

It was sweet and hot, and Oh, God so hard. I sucked and licked. I felt his hands on the back of my head pushing me down until my face was pressed into his hairy crotch. His smell was unbelievably strong here and I could feel Brad slamming into him harder and harder. He was moving so fast it was almost a vibration. I could feel Rob's abs swelling and hardening beneath me. Rob's hips slammed up and his cock swelled, and filled me. His cum fired down my throat so fast I could feel my stomach fill like a balloon.

Mat lifted me off of Rob and Rob continued to cum. I saw someone replace me on Rob's cock but I had no idea who it was.

All I knew was that I was on fire. It felt like my skin was ripping itself off. Like every hair was being pulled out by the roots. My stomach was being burnt by red hot knives. I know I was screaming but I could not hear it. I felt the bottle being placed at my lips and sucked it down. Then another and another. I could smell Mat close to me. I felt his strong hands holding my head. Soon the writhing pain was turning to bliss. Now it was like a thousand tongues were licking every inch of my body. I could feel pleasure in every part of myself. It even felt like my hair had a hard on. My cock was like an iron poker. Strength and power coursed through my veins. I was a nuclear reactor going critical and soon I felt a mouth envelope my cock.

I thrust up so hard, whoever was there was knocked off. It didn't take them long to swallow it again and they were rewarded with the first of many loads. I only knew I was hungry, I sucked down the protein like it was life blood. I lost all concept of time. I could feel and smell the love of my life, so I knew I was safe. There was mouth after mouth drinking of me, but I could not see.

I opened my mind to try to figure out what was going on around me. Geoff and Rob were like beacons in the night. I knew they were feeling the same as I was. The bliss was blinding and the ecstasy was reaching another crest. I wanted the cycle to go on forever. At the same time I wanted it to stop so I could be in my Mat's arms again. It was my mind's vision of him over me, on that boulder, in the middle of the lake that brought me back to reality.

I finished sucking down the last of, who knows how many, bottles of liquid protein and took a huge breath. I released it and opened my eyes. I smiled because the first thing I saw was Mat looking down at me. My head was resting between his massive thighs. He leaned down, and kissed the tip of my nose.

"How are you doing beautiful?" he asked as he caressed my face.

"I actually feel pretty good. How about helping me stand up and we'll both see how I feel."

He helped me stand up. I quickly realized that I was now looking slightly down at my beautiful island god. I had grown. Not by allot, but I was at least a couple of inches taller. "Babe, you are so beautiful, I can't even describe it," he said then he kissed me and his hands were everywhere. He stroked my ass, my pecs, the bricks of my abs.

We separated and I noticed that nearly all the men were either being fed or feeding their neighbor. Geoff was feeding Jake the protein supplement as he shot stream after stream of cum all over both of them. Rob had his cock buried deep inside Brad as the hairy beast drank bottle after bottle. All of them being fed seemed to be going through the same expand-refine process that Alex had been through. They were all getting bigger and harder and more beautiful. I could feel them start tugging at me. The scent of all of them was getting stronger and stronger.

I pulled Mat after me toward the door. I had to get out of there. I could feel the musk overtaking me again. I had to get air. I pulled him up the stairs and across the patio until we were standing at the water's edge. It was late. The moon had set and there was a glow on the horizon. We were not far from dawn.

After several deep breaths, I said, "Mat, are you OK?" He laughed. "Me, you are the one that has been completely out of it for the last few hours. Hours... he said.. hours.

"Yeah, Sean, you were like a machine. So were your brother and Rob. You all put out more cum than I ever dreamed possible. After you dove on Rob's cock, you were almost a constant cum factory. It was so hot when you grew. I had a hard time not just taking you over and over again. I wanted to, but so did everyone else. You might not have thought that you could satisfy them, but you not only satisfied them but drove them nearly insane with desire. I thought Yuri was going to start fighting the others to get at your cock. He wanted your cock and no other. When you started to grow, man, it was so beautiful. Just wait till you see yourself. You are hairier than ever and I love it. Your arms are bigger than your brother's and I think your legs are bigger than mine. I can't wait to get you back to our room and have my way with you."

I wrapped Mat up in my arms and just said, "Why should we wait?"

I leaned down and picked him up and took off. I ran so fast I thought I would fly right off the ground, but we were standing at the side of our bed in the blink of an eye.

"Wow, Sean, that was incredible. Were you running or flying?"

"As far as I know, I was only running, but it was fast wasn't it?"

"It was wonderful. How would you like to take a shower? We could get clean, then get dirty again before our guests arrive."

I looked over at the clock and saw that it was nearly six o'clock in the morning. Geno and Georgio would be here in not much more than three hours. "Plenty of time, baby, plenty of time. Do you feel tired?"

"Not at all. What I feel is horny for my big man." Mat was purring and pulled me toward the bathroom.

Grrrrrrr. •

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