Haven, The

A sequel to The Journal


By Braun1

We ran fast to the lab. The blur lasted longer than before, but we followed Brad so we would not hit anything. We reached the main lab and the construction worker was laying on a stainless steel table. He had been stripped of his clothes and my cum had been cleaned off.

Geoff was waiting and rushed up to me and wrapped me in a hug. "Are you OK?" he asked. "Yes, I'm better, but it was really strange." I tried to show him mentally what had happened but we were interrupted by a loud groan behind him.

He turned around and we saw something I wouldn't have believed. The construction guy was laying there with a smile on his face. Ben was feeding him the supplements through a tube. He was a good looking man. Thick with fur and fairly well muscled. The kind of muscle gained through hard work, not at a gym. His chest and waist were thick. His arms were large but without definition. His legs were strong, but not like a runners. His cock was about 6" long and standing at attention. He was breathing hard and his right hand reached for his cock.

"I think, little brother, you are about to see your first transformation that is like they normally occur," Geoff said. He was right. The guy started stroking his cock. It was swelling larger. Longer and thicker. He started shooting cum and with each shot his whole body got bigger. He stretched taller. His legs grew longer, the muscles becoming more prominent, thicker and more defined.

His cock was about 10" long and he was up to about 7' tall. His chest and back were getting thicker and his arms were looking huge. He just kept stroking, smiling, cumming and growing. "OH, GOD, OH, DAMN, OH, FUCK!" he shouted. And he grew, bigger and bigger. His cock was reaching 18" and he was about 9' tall when the cum stopped. He didn't stop stroking, but his balls had some catching up to do.

They started throbbing and growing. You could see them churning with cum. He shouted, "OH, FUCK, YES, MORE, FUCK, YES, OH, GOD FUCK ME!" And he got even taller. His cock was up to over two feet long and so thick his one hand couldn't reach around it anymore. He grabbed it with both hands, around his chest that was rising like bread dough, thick huge and round. His abs formed on his tightening waist. You could actually see his hips narrow and his shoulders broaden.

He grunted a deep feral growl and shot a volley of cum at least 10' in the air. It would have easily hit the ceiling if the room were smaller. This seemed to be the last round of growth as he reached about 11' tall and had about a 30" cock, his muscle was just amazing. Broad hairy diamond etched shoulders, arms that looked strong enough to lift buildings with peaked biceps dripping with sweat. These weren't perfectly shaped bodybuilder arms, but more like super strongman arms, thick and powerful.

His chest looked like he had two round pillows strapped on and his nipples extended through his fur at least an inch. His abs were thick and powerful but his waist was small in comparison to the chest. His crotch and legs were covered with dark blond fur and his legs looked like they could give Mat's a run for his money. They were thick and powerful, yet long and they had cuts and cables of power.

He was starting to come around. Everyone was watching. There was not a limp cock in the room. Geoff was right, the smell coming off him was pure sex. I felt myself drawn to him. This time everyone seemed to have the same reaction, but they were controlling themselves. What was wrong with me? My drive was so strong with this guy. Mat saw the look in my eye and he put his arm around my shoulder to keep me in place.

Ben looked down at his patient, "How do you feel?" In a deep voice that surprised him, "I'm Ok, better than Ok, I feel great."

"That's good, can you tell us your name?"

"Yeah, I'm Dominick, but everyone calls me Dom."

"Well Dominick, I think we have a few things to tell you, and you need to see yourself."

Ben helped him off of the table. He had the most incredible gray eyes. He was covered with cum, but Ben walked him to the mirror.

"Holy shit, what the fuck did you do to me?" he said while checking out his new body. Every movement was incredible to watch. His back was a mountain range of muscle and its V swept down to a gorgeous hairy ass. Perfect bubble butt multiplied by at least two, if not more. His hamstrings and calves completed the package of this giant bear of a man.

"That my friend, is a long story. Suffices to say, you are no longer a normal human, you are super human and you will need to stay here with us," Geoff explained.

"Before you panic, why don't you go with the doctor and he can explain everything to you."

He turned to Brad, "Brad why don't you go with them and I'll talk with Sean and Mat. Rob I think you can get back to your work."

Dominick said just loud enough to hear, "Damn, I never imagined. I couldn't dream this." His voice faded as they moved into another area of the lab.

Geoff turned to Mat and I, "So, you want to tell me what happened?"

"I think it is easier to show you," Mat said. Geoff looked into Mat's eyes and there was understanding. Then he looked into my eyes. I felt that replay taking effect and I knew he could see everything that I did, everything I felt. I felt a tear going down my face. I felt so ashamed. "I'm sorry bro, I just couldn't control myself. It was like I was on automatic. I'm so, sorry."

"It's Ok Sean, it is not the first time something like this happened. I'll bet it has something to do with you not getting to change anyone. The drive can be strong when normal guys are around, but it is usually controllable. I think because you didn't get many men to change, like I did or Rob did, that when one presented himself, your base instincts took over and you couldn't control what was happening. Just think about how many men I changed in the first few days of being able to do this. We just don't know enough about that part of this process yet. In the time that you've been changed, you have only changed Mat and that was while you were not really conscious. During the same period of time, I had changed a dozen men. And it wasn't as strong as it is now."

"I should have been stronger. I mean, what happens to him now? He has to stay. What if he has a family? What if he isn't even gay? I had no right, just no right." I was about to be beside myself.

Geoff and Mat both put there arms around me and Geoff said, "Let's go for a little walk." We went out to the lake and he sat me down on a boulder that was on the beach.

"There is nothing that you could have done. You couldn't control it. I can see that in your mind. You fought it with every bit of strength you had, and that was substantial, but not enough. We will take care of him. You don't need to worry about that. If he has a family, then we will take care of them. This is not the first time that someone has needed to disappear. There is nothing we can do to reverse his body, that is a done deal. And I think he wanted this. I think he must have heard rumors about the compound. Otherwise, I don't know how he would have been able to get away from the construction site. He had to be determined to get in here."

"I'm sorry Geoff, I just don't feel right about this. It's one thing if he was willing and wanted it, but entirely another if I forced him into a life and gave him no choice. You've just got to do something to keep me away from any normal men."

"Bro, I promise it will be Ok. Now why don't we go back to the house, get some lunch and then you guys can go and work out some of your frustration in the gym. By then, I'm sure Dominick will be ready to talk with you and tell you himself that it is Ok."

I just shrugged. Geoff and Mat pulled me up and we headed toward the house to see what Nick had for lunch. I didn't feel much like eating, but my body was starving.

I sat at the table eating but not really tasting. My mind was on Dominick. I've ruined his life. I kept having pictures of a wife and a couple of kids that would never see their daddy again. Or maybe he had a someone depending on him. A kid brother that would only know that he disappeared. How could I live with doing that to someone. I know what that feels like. I didn't realize Mat was talking to me.

"...Sean, Earth to Sean," he actually knocked on my head, "you in there?"

"Uh?...Oh, yeah, I was just thinking."

"So, do you want anything else? Some of that yogurt?"

"Yeah, I guess that would be good. I still feel hungry."

He went to get us each a big dish of the chocolate stuff. "Are you Ok, Babe? You've been in another world since we got here?"

"I'll be Ok. I just keep thinking about that poor guy. I know if he's Ok with all of this, then I'll be Ok, if not, I don't know. I just feel so responsible, so helpless."

"Babe, you know that no matter what, I'm here for you, right?" He said and put his hand on mine and it was like his warmth flowed into me.

"Of course, Mat, I never doubted that for a second. I do feel bad about pushing you away and throwing you when you were trying to stop me. I wish you had just knocked me out or something."

Mat actually laughed. "Sean, take my word for it, there was nothing going to stop you. If I wasn't strong enough to force you to stop, who do you think could?" I didn't have an answer for him.

"Look babe, you are really beating yourself up over this. Why don't you look at it from my point of view. Literally, look in my head and see what I saw. It wasn't you, it was something primal that took over."

I did look into his eyes. I saw what he saw and it was, well I was, frightening. My face was scrunched up in a snarl, and I was growling and grunting. I didn't say anything coherent until after I fell down. I could feel how hard I hit Mat and that broke me out of viewing the thoughts. "Oh babe, I'm so sorry, I can't believe I hit you. Can you ever forgive me?"

"Get this through your head. There is nothing to forgive. I know you," he tapped my head, "in here," he put his hand on my chest, "and in here. That was not you that hit me." He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me. He kissed me so hard and long. Sucking my tongue into his mouth. I melted.

"Wow," I was actually breathing heavy. "When you kiss me like that, I know I'm Ok."

He just smiled at me. "Ok, Geoff says that Dominick will be with Ben and Brad for another couple of hours. What do you say we go to the gym, work out some frustration and some of your primal urges," He was actually joking about this. "And then we'll meet up with them at the aerie before we go to the cookout this evening. That sound like a plan?"

"Sounds just fine babe. I guess I had better fuel up some more for our workout." I grabbed a bottle of protein supplements and we headed for the gym.

When we passed the pool house we took a hard left and went down a path we had not been on before. It sloped downward for several hundred yards and the trees opened to a meadow that looked like it had recently been cut. It was odd for me to breathe deeply the new cut grass smell because I had always been allergic. Evidently, I wasn't anymore. It smelled wonderful. The path continued another few hundred yards and there was a large stone and concrete building seemingly carved into the mountain. We walked up to the entrance. This looked more like a normal entrance to any commercial building. Large glass doors with a small reception area just inside.

We walked in and looked around. At first it seemed that we were the only two there, but then we heard a loud grunt and saw an enormous amount of weight moving up and down. When we got closer we could see this big man we had not met doing leg presses in a machine that looked like it had a ton of weight on it. He pushed it up one last time and locked off the weight, then hit a big red button next to the machine.

"Could one of you give me a hand up? Those always take allot out of me," he said. Mat reached a hand down and pulled the guy up. He was beautiful and looked incredibly young for his size. His face had a teenagers innocent expression. His legs were completely smooth and pumped hard. He turned toward the mirrored wall and flexed. Unbelievable cuts and chords covered his quads. Every muscle was pumped to the max.

He actually had a pair of lycra shorts on but the huge bulge of is more than ample cock, was more than evident. He pulled them up to his crotch and kept flexing. Each of his legs probably weighed more than a normal man. His abs were perfect. Like some fitness model with cut eight pack, but he had been enlarged to super size. So completely smooth. He had huge square pecs with large dark aureoles, cut veined arms, beautiful shoulders and a neck that would make any wrestler proud. "Hi, I'm Alex, and I would guess that you are Sean and Mat?"

"I'm Mat and this is Sean. Nice to meet you Alex," Mat said.

"Welcome to the gym. Or as some call it, my lair. I take care of things around here. Let me show you around." He showed us around and definitely checked both of us up and down. He pointed out the various equipment. It looked like an enhanced version of almost any commercial gym. There were several of each type of machine. Tons of free weights, that had Mat drooling. A large shower and whirlpool area. He told us the spa was just up the hill if we wanted to take a steam or sauna after our workout and that he was the resident masseur if we wanted a massage. That was said with a wink.

"This is one really nice gym, but I kind of expected something more, well something bigger. Geoff keeps telling us we are super strong and I've seen evidence of that, but these weights don't look much larger than normal weights," I said.

"You're right. Come over here." He took us to the side of the closest machine. It was a pec deck. "See this control, it controls the level of force required to move the weight. Yes, the max weight for the stack might look like 300#, but if you adjust the control, it exerts multiple times that weight. So a setting of 2 and it is 600#, 10 is 3000# and so on. It is all done with special magnetic resistance built in to the building. You might have noticed that the building is built right into the mountain. The reason for that is so the equipment can be anchored into bedrock. If the building were not anchored properly, it would have to be constantly being re-built. The weights and equipment are made of several special alloys to be able to handle the stress."

"We can throw around some pretty impressive weights. The weights are larger with each large plate being 100# instead of 45# and the straight bars are 150# without weights. I'll be around if you need any help, just give me a shout. And don't worry about the machines or the cables, the are all capable of handling anything the resistance machine can put out. If you go beyond capacity, then it will give you a warning, and then shut down. If you can't handle the weight, or you don't have a spot, then there is always a red button and that will shut the extra resistance down, or you can say 'weight stop' and it will shut down as well."

"Thanks, I think this is going to take some getting used to. Are there any more of those shorts around? I can see that working naked might be fun, but might not be entirely practical," Mat said.

Alex chuckled. "Sure, let me get you both some. There are lockers in the back behind the showers, but we wear so few clothes that they really are not necessary. Just throw the shorts and any used towels in the laundry bin." Alex responded and walked off to an office area.

"He seem like a nice guy. Yeah, I wonder how he got recruited, I don't think there is an Alex in the original journal that we read?" I asked.

"I think you are right. Maybe we can talk with him later at the cookout or something."

Alex came back with the shorts. They were tough to get on, but really did help keep the cock and balls from getting in the way when we were working out. He left us to go back to the office and Mat started stretching. Man did he look good, watching him bend over and touch his palms on the floor was causing more than tingles in my shorts. Even he was surprised with his flexibility. I tried to match his moves, but it became quickly apparent that I didn't know what I was doing. He smiled and went down into a side split and I stretched and bent over back wards as far as I could and I found that I could put my hands on the floor.

"Pretty cool, huh?" Mat asked. "Yeah I've never really done this much before, but this is amazing. I've never been this flexible."

Mat walked over to a flat bench press machine and started loading weights. He loaded his previous max weight of 550#, he slides under the bar and lifts it off the supports. The smile on his face was just not to be believed. "Adjust the thing heavier. This is just way too light."

I flipped the switch and turned the setting to 3, 1650#. He pushed up again. "Still too light, take it up to 10," he said boldly. He pressed it up and this time continued for ten reps. When he re-racked the bar he said, "Damn, that was still light, but it feels much better. Why don't you try a set."

"Ok, but remember how much smaller I was, than you, when we started this ride."

I slid under the bar, positioned my hands, grasped it tightly, took a breath, let it out and pushed. I thought the bar was going to fly through the roof it felt so light, but it didn't it stayed in my hands. "Wow, you're right that is way too light."

Mat was grinning his cheshire cat grin. "Uh, Babe, that was the weight I stopped at."

It took me a minute to register. Was I stronger than Mat? I had just pressed more than two and a half tons. DAMN. "Ok, well, it is still too light, double it." Mat increased the setting and I pressed the bar up. I could feel some resistance and I did my set. We rotated until we each had done four sets and we were up to over 8 tons. My pecs were pumped like never before. They felt hot and hard and full. It was a great feeling. I went over to Mat to feel his and moaned when his felt even harder and hotter than mine. "You keep that up and this workout is over," he told me.

I stopped and told him, "I thought we were going to find out how strong your legs were?" He laughed. "Ok, babe, whatever you want."

We walked over to one of the squat stations and he started loading the bar. I noticed a beeping from our previous station and walked back. We had forgotten to turn off the resistance and it was about to shut itself down. I turned it off and just marveled at the technology. Mat has loaded a bar with what looked like 1000#, then I remembered the bar was 150# so it was really 1150#. Mat shouldered the weight and did a few reps. "This isn't even a warm up weigh. Turn it up to 5x." I did and he completed a few more. After 4 sets each we were up to 20x and the machine was starting to hum with each rep. I didn't want to say anything to Mat, but this weight still felt light to me. It wasn't easy, but it seemed far from my max. When I started my next set, I asked him to turn it to 30x. He didn't even blink. I cranked out 10 reps and my legs felt great. I wanted more, but the machine started beeping and we heard "resistance shutting down, re-rack weigh immediately." I racked the weight and the machine turned itself off.

Alex came over to see what was going on. He had been alerted to a problem with the #3 squat station on his panel in the office and he was concerned that we were Ok. He checked the machine's panel, then looked at the bar, then back to the machine. "That's really strange, it should be able to handle that weight, it's only 17 tons. I'm going to have to have one of the other guys take a look at it. If you want, you can use one of the other stations."

"That's Ok, Alex, I think we were about ready to move on. What is the max for the resistance?" Mat asked.

"I think it is something like 50x, but I'll check before you come in again. I've got to tell you guys, I rarely see the other guys go past 20x for that kind of weight. I don't even do that, and I'm here every day."

Mat and I didn't say much after that, but continued our workout. It was both fun and exhilarating to throw around tons of weight like it was a few pounds. I did concentration curls with over a thousand pounds. I must have done over a hundred reps and it felt like my bis would burst. Yet I wasn't tired at all. Sure we were breathing hard and sweating, but just the time it took to walk from one area to another was enough to recover. I felt so alive and I could see Mat was more than a little excited about how his new body was performing.

He came over and put his arm over my back and said, "I've always wanted to have some fun with my man in the gym showers. Wanna?" He smiled and kissed me on the cheek. Then he sauntered off toward the locker room not looking back, but the sight of his ass in those shorts and the way his shoulders were pumped at least three times the width of his waist and his legs flared so thick and hard, well, it had me almost trotting after him before I realized I was even moving.

He had already stripped and started the showers and the steam was flowing out into the locker room. I walked over toward the laundry bin to take off my shorts and he moved around behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. He started kissing and biting at my traps and my neck and then he started to rub my already half hard cock through my shorts. I moaned and turned my face to his. "Babe, I want you more than I thought I could want anyone."

I could feel his steel hard cock pressing against my ass and up my back. The head of his cock was so swollen and hard, I could feel it burning against my spine. He grabbed my pecs and pressed us together and my cock snapped to attention so fast the shorts shredded. "Oh, God, baby, do you see what you do to me?" I asked.

He didn't answer, he just turned me around and ripped off the remains of the shorts and pulled me into the showers. He started washing me, and I washed him. From head to toe, we washed and stroked. I thought my cock would burst with just the anticipation. He pressed against me from behind again, this time playing my nipples and caressing my furry abs. "Mat, please, fuck me. I need you inside me. I want you now."

He growled. I heard the deep rumbling "Grrrr" in my ears, and the same 'GRRRR' in my mind along with a feeling of incredible lust and the image of Alex standing standing naked at the shower entrance watching us. Mat pressed his cock into my ass, so slowly it was torture. When he was in to the hilt, I looked up and saw Alex really was standing there stroking a beauty of a 3' cut cock that was built like a missile. Thick at the base with a bush of strawberry blond fire, tapering evenly up to the, now almost, purple fist sized head. I was already past talking so I thought to him, 'Buddy, you don't have to stand over there solo. My cock would love that kind of attention and my partner won't think twice about it.' I heard Mat as he pulled out just as agonizingly slowly, 'Yeah, bud, come on over.'

Alex was in front of me in a blur, "Man, thanks, I just had to get my hands on that furry chest. I just love a big man with a furry chest." And he did. I swear the boy had four hands and two mouths. He was all over my chest with his tongue. He paid allot of attention to my nipples and I was just moaning and groaning. His hands were like magic on my cock and balls. He stroked and squeezed and licked and nibbled. And Mat was picking up the pace, then was grinding into me and pounding my prostate like a man possessed. His hard spike was like red hot steel. I thought I was in heaven. Then Alex's mouth was gone and his hands grabbed tight to my cock. I thought I would blow in a second. Then when I realized what he was doing, I was as curious as I was hot.

He pressed his hands on top of my cock, right at the base and then he lifted his torso and legs until he was upside down. He looked like a gymnast performing a graceful move, but the power required caused every muscle in his beautiful body to flex and twist. Soon his cock was right at my mouth and I inhaled it as he slid mine down his throat. His taste was amazing, almost sweet, so fresh. But the smell of his crotch lit a fire in me and I reached out and grabbed his ass and pulled him in and out of my mouth. His powerful legs were stretched to the ceiling. He could push and thrust his cock in my mouth. His mouth was so hot and wet and tight on my cock, I could feel myself building to an amazing climax.

Mat reached around and grabbed my pecs. He lifted both Alex and me in the air and then grabbed my hips and started slamming my ass onto his cock with a force I never dreamed of. The pressure kept building and building and I could feel something deep inside of me break free and I tightened my ass on his titanium cock and he roared and started unloading inside me, flooding me with molten juice. Spreading it's heat to places I never before even dreamed. Alex's balls slammed into my nose and he filled my guts until I could swallow no more of his sweet tangy cream. I pulled his still shooting cock out of my mouth and screamed as I unloaded into his upside down body. I could feel this load shooting from my toes, my whole essence was firing down through my cock and into his mouth.

Finally he could take no more. I felt his stomach pressing into my chest he was so full and he pulled off my cock and lowered himself to his feet. He grabbed on to me as he couldn't stand on his own. We were all in a euphoric state that didn't want to quit.

Mat pulled out of me with a loud plop and cum ran down my legs and down the shower drain. As usual, Mat was the first to come to his senses and started kissing my neck and then moved around to my side and so he could get to my mouth. His kiss was that of satisfaction and love. "Man, that is some sweet cum," he said.

Alex was still panting hard. I grabbed him by the shoulders and pushed him away from me holding his shoulders so I could look at his face. His eyes looked like his focus was a thousand miles away. "Guys, that was incredible. I've never felt anything like that before. I can hardly stand." He paused for a moment and then released his grip on my shoulders. He was definitely not steady on his feet. "Sean, I feel kind of dizzy, could you help me to the locker room to a bench?" Alex asked.

"Sure, buddy, you feel Ok? Or should I get one of the Docs?" I asked. Mat and I helped get him out of the showers and sitting on a bench. "I don't know what's wrong. I feel really light headed. It's not bad, really not bad....actually kind of good," he replied.

Then he laid back on the bench and I could see how distended his stomach was. It looked like he had swallowed a basketball. Then he moaned. His stomach started to shrink and his cock started to expand. He got a smile on his face and he reached for his cock.

I looked at Mat and he looked at me with real surprise. Alex was entering the growth process. •

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