Haven, The

A sequel to The Journal


By Braun1

'Damn it!' I thought to myself, 'What is wrong with me? All I'm doing since I got here is causing problems.' Mat reached out to hold Alex's shoulders and said, "You better see if you can get your brother, Jake or one of the Docs while I make sure he doesn't fall on the floor." Mat was balanced on the bench, which looked far too narrow to support him.

I thought back to the house to see if I could make contact with Geoff. I didn't find him. I tried for anyone in the house whose mind seemed familiar. I found Jake in one of the basement storage rooms, 'Jake, I think we have a problem. Do you know where my brother is?'

'What's going on Sean? Geoff is over near the construction site with Rob and Troy checking the security fence.'

I played the scene in front of me in my mind and tried to send it to Jake. All I got back was, 'Holy Shit!! I'll be there as soon as I can and I'll see if I can find Hao.'

My attention returned to Alex. He was now stroking his cock with both hands. The were moving so fast they seemed to blur. His eyes were pressed shut tight and he was moaning, but he had a smile that would not quit. I could see his balls swelling. Going from baseball to softball to bowling ball size in just a few minutes. Then they pulsed and he shot. Of course Mat was sitting on the bench holding Alex's shoulders and was now being covered in Alex's cum. The wave of cum stopped, but Alex just kept right on stroking. Mat shook his head to clear the cum out of his nose and eyes.

Then Alex's moan turned into a groan and he thought, 'Protein ... behind... counter ...office.' I took off to get him what he needed. I found the supplement bottles and grabbed a case. When I got back to the locker room. Alex was throbbing with growth. He didn't seem to be getting taller but his body would swell, then harden, then swell, then harden. It was as if it were re-constructing from the inside out. He was definitely bigger, but only slightly.

Mat looked at me as I started feeding Alex the protein and said, "Let's get him on the floor, and I can get out of the line of fire. His cum tastes great, but being in a constant rain storm of it is not fun." After the second bottle was consumed. I moved to lift Alex's legs and Mat lifted his shoulders and we moved him to an area without benches. Mat got some towels and put them under Alex's head and then started to clean himself off. He looked like a giant dessert covered in that sweet tangy cream.

I resumed feeding the man that was still laying here pulsing. Each pulse caused him to gain maybe an inch all over. Then he would harden like drying clay. Each time he was more ripped than the last.

Jake arrived with Hao and they started to take over. Hao was taking samples and checking Alex over to be sure he wasn't injured. Jake asked Mat to take over feeding so he could talk with me.

"Do you have any idea what is going on?" he asked.

"None at all. I didn't think guys could go through the process more than once now," I said.

"We didn't think we could. This is definitely something new?" He scratched his head and looked at Alex. He was still pulsing, but didn't seem in distress. He seemed only to be experiencing pure pleasure. Every other time he pulsed he would shoot off another gallon of cum.

Jake walked away for a few minutes and when he returned he said," Ok, let's move him into the shower room." We picked him up, and I noticed this time he seemed a bit heavier. I mentioned this to Hao and he just nodded.

Jake had moved a large padded steel massage table to the middle of the showers and we put Alex on it. As he continued to shoot off volley after volley, at least now it was running down the drain.

Alex's balls started swelling again. This time even larger. The cum stopped flowing and the pulsing stopped. Alex started stroking even more and he shouted in his mind, 'CUM DAMMIT, GOD IT FEELS SO GOOD, SO GOOD, CUM YOU MOTHER FUCKER. SHOOT.' The shout was so loud, Jake thought it could probably be heard for quite a distance around the property. Alex's body began to tremble and then as if it decided it was time to finish, that's exactly what it did. His balls snapped tight and his cock expanded, growing thicker and slightly longer, now easily over 3 feet by more than half a foot across, it shot cum across the shower room and we could hear it splat against the wall. He stretched at least 6" taller and was thicker than ever. He must have gained at least 100# of pure muscle. The final pulse hardened and tightened his whole body. It looked more ripped than we had ever seen. Just as his breathing was returning to normal, he started to be covered in fine silken strawberry blond hair. It swirled over his chest, up to his neck, down his abs spreading deep in the creases. The bush in his crotch thickened and his legs became covered with enough to accent his powerful pillars. His whole body became harder and more sculpted. He matured before our eyes. From a smooth over sized teen super stud into a man of such rugged beauty that every man in the room was feeling his drawing power.

With one final thrust of his hips and splat of cum on the walls, he opened his shining sapphire eyes and said, "Fuck! That was one incredible ride."

He sat up, swung his legs over the side of the table, moved over to one of the shower heads and turned it on and started washing. It was just like nothing had happened. After he rinsed off a bit, he grabbed a towel. He walked over to me and kissed me hard and grasped my cock, "Man, I don't know what you've got in this thing, but everyone should get some. I feel like I'm walking on air and could fuck the planet, the universe. Thank you. Thank you so much." He kissed me again. "Holy fuck, just look at this hair. God, I have always wanted to be a hairy bear but it just never grew. It like waking up in the perfect body."

"Alex," Hao said. "Can you show me what happened." He stared into Alex's eyes. "Wow, I've got to get these two alone sometime," Hao said and he laughed.

"Sean, I know this will be draining, but I want you to think of every sexual encounter you have had since your initial transformation. Can you do that and show me?"

"I'll try Doc," I said.

We locked eyes and it seemed like the last days replayed before my eyes at lightening speed. It seemed to go on and on. Some parts replayed. I was hard as a rock and dripping before it was finished. When I blinked and Hao turned away to talk to Jake, my knees felt weak and I felt dizzy. Mat was right there holding me up. "You Ok Babe?"

"Yeah, I'll be alright. Just a little dizzy." I was glad to have Mat holding me.

Alex was still cleaning up and Mat and I moved to start our own clean up. Showering simply for getting all the cum off of us and out of our hair. This took me longer, but Mat was ever patient and helped all he could.

By the time we had finished re-braiding our hair. Geoff was rushing in. He found Jake first and Jake filled him in on what was going on. Just as he started moving toward Mat and I, Hao interrupted, "Excuse me gentlemen, but if we could all gather out by the office, I think I might have at least a theory of what is happening."

We all gathered around the counter area and Alex handed out protein yogurt. I hadn't realized just how hungry I was until I was on my second bowl.

Hao explained, "Now, keep in mind that this is just a theory. My idea is that since Sean did not have contact with the original substance, like you Geoff, and Rob, we already know that the alterations to his genetic and physical structure are slightly different. Since Geoff has been, shall we say, maturing the vintage for ten years. I have no reason to believe that he is not slightly more potent because of that difference. I see from his workout stats that he is in at least the top 5% in strength of any of the members of our community." There were some very surprised looks around the room. But I could feel nothing but pride coming from Mat. He didn't care if I were stronger than him or bigger than him. That made me smile.

Hao continued, "I asked Sean to replay all his sexual encounters since his original exposure to Geoff's ejaculate and subsequent enhancement. Sean very kindly did and I learned that since he has been with us, not one of the originally enhanced men has swallowed his ejaculate. He has had both anal and oral with Mat and of course provided Dominick with a feeding, but no one else has experienced Sean's essence until Alex did today. I believe that while the difference is probably extremely small, there is enough for a further enhancement or refinement to take place in all the enhanced men. I do not know what effect, if any, Sean will have on Geoff or Rob."

Then he smiled, "In fewer words, Alex is right, 'everyone should get some.' " All of us chuckled. "Alex, I want you to come to the lab, so I can get some more samples from you, just as soon as possible."

Hao took his samples and after shaking my hand and sending me a mental, 'I wasn't kidding about getting together with you and Mat, you are quite a team.' He slapped me on the ass and was out the door.

Alex, Jake and Geoff came over to Mat and I and each in turn wrapped us in hugs. "Little Brother, you never cease to amaze me. Your finding me has not only been the greatest gift I have ever received, but now it looks like you might be giving us all a gift."

"I don't know what to say guys," I replied. "It's not like I did anything. It is just chemistry and biology. I can't take any credit. I just hope I can meet everyone's expectations." Mat thought this was funny. The more he thought about it the more he laughed.

"Babe, the longer we are here, the more we both are opening more and more to being basically he-man sluts. We've both fucked more in the last two days than we have in the rest of our lives and I only see it getting to be more, not less. So I wouldn't worry about meeting anyone's expectations, I think they should be worried about my little sex piggy." Mat was teasing, but part of me knew he was right. He kissed me on the cheek and I said, "Just who are you calling little?"

Everyone else, just laughed. Geoff laughed so hard I thought he was going to split at the seams.

Alex said 'thank you' again and said he was getting back to work because he had lots of clean up to do. I guess it was only fitting since he made most of the mess. Jake came over and kissed both Mat and I and he too went back to work.

Geoff said, "Well guys, I guess it is about time for us to head up to the aerie to meet Dominick and Brad. I know Brad and Ben are anxious to get some things done before the cookout, so we'll go keep Dominick company and get to know him a bit."

I was both worried and anxious about what Dominick thought about all of this.

Mat and I followed Geoff out of the gym. I thought he would head back to toward the house, as that was the only way I knew to get to the lake and up to the aerie. He took a different path that took us up past the spa. It was a beautiful stone and glass building. It seemed almost everything here was made of granite. There wasn't much you could see from the outside. There were several thermal pools around the exterior and Geoff told us that these were meant to mimic a hot springs style of pool, but that unfortunately there was not a natural hot spring on the property.

When we rounded the back of the spa and walked up the path a few hundred yards, we reached a cross roads that I recognized as being with the main path that we had taken to the warehouse. Across the main path was another smaller path that looked like it went on through the trees up higher on the mountain.

Geoff said, "Ok guys, now I know you've been trying out the speed running, but this is a pretty cool trail your first time on it. We are going to run up the mountain to the aerie. You know it is on the other side of the mountain. The path takes a sharp turn in about half a mile and then goes around the north side and we will come out near the elevator. Follow me and you shouldn't have any problems. If you do miss a turn and find yourself blasting through a tree or shattering a boulder, don't worry about it, just get back on the path and follow it around to the aerie. Believe me it won't be the first time someone made toothpicks out of a tree or pebbles out of boulders." He stood there grinning, like this was either better than an amusement park, or there was some cosmic secret.

Mat just looked and me and I said, "Ok, lead on McDuff." Geoff laughed and took off. His blur was big but it was still a blur. Mat and I followed and I tried to key in on Geoff's view of the coming terrain. At first the wind and trees rushing by were exhilarating, but then the sharp turn happened. It felt odd because they had actually built a sloping banked curve into the path, so the turn could be taken at high speed. After that, all hell broke loose. The path was no longer gentle or straight. We went around trees and boulders, up the side of rocky outcrops, shelves and ledges. I could hear Geoff mentally chuckling. I thought, 'Oh so he thinks it's funny.' I thought hard to Mat and Mat only, 'You know, I'll bet if we put our heads together, literally, we could go even faster and maybe beat that sneaky brother of mine.' I could feel Mat's mischievous smile, 'what do you have in mind?' '

'I'll look ahead on the path so I can feed you the future course. You have allot more experience with agility with your training for football, so you can guide us both, while I do the scouting.'

'Sounds like a plan babe, just feed me the info as far in advance as you can.' Mat replied

I started looking up to where my brother was ahead and then past him. I followed the path several hundred yards ahead of him. He wasn't letting me see the path through his eyes and he wasn't letting me see what he knew about the route. So I scouted using my mind and my eagle eyes and I fed those pictures to Mat.

He reached out and grabbed my hand and quickly we were in sync. I kept scouting and he kept turning us the right direction. We pushed faster and faster, as if we were going straight. We hurdled boulders and slammed around turns. In just a matter of seconds we were passing Geoff and he had this shocked look on his face. Mat and I continued to pick up speed and I saw a sharp turn and a cliff coming up and fed the image to Mat. He tightened his grip so tight that it almost hurt and we flew around the corner.

I actually flew off the ground and right over the edge of the cliff, but Mat's strong grip pulled me right beside him. I was surprised and didn't keep my rhythm completely, but quickly recovered. After that sharp turn, it was a much easier path and I saw the aerie not a half a mile ahead. When I fed that to Mat, he again picked up speed and then I heard him think. 'Stop.'

We did and we were right at the corner of the deck house. I turned and kissed him. We were both smiling as we walked around the corner to the deck. We were not even breathing hard. Brad and Dominick were there sitting on some deck chairs around a table, Ben was no where to be seen. Brad reintroduced us to Dominick. I went to the bar and pulled out some protein drinks and we had just sat down at the table when Geoff appeared right next to me.

"How the fuck did you do that? I know you've never been on that path before. How did you start behind me and get here so much ahead?" Geoff was truly dumbfounded.

"Easy brother.....never underestimate the power of a good team," I said proudly and turned to Mat and kissed him hard. I think he felt that kiss to his toes because he moaned. Geoff laughed and I looked into his eyes and showed him exactly what we did.

He smiled and said, "Damn, I am sure glad you are my brother, because I would hate to have you working against me."

"It will never happen big bro, never in a million years."

"Well, well, Geoff, someone finally beat you at your own game," Brad was smirking, "good for you guys. He was the one that put that damned trail in, so he knows every inch. I think he has tricked every guy here into running that path. But, guys, I've got to meet Rob and Jorge before the cookout, this evening, so I'll see you there." He turned to Dominick, "Buddy, it was great to get to know you and I'll see you later, but for now I'll leave you in these guys capable hands."

"Thanks for everything, Brad," Dominick said. His voice was very deep and very smooth. "I'll catch you later."

We passed around some more drinks and snacks and talked with Dominick. At first it was just small talk. He didn't seem to tell us much really about himself. Geoff just stood up and walked over and sat down right next to him. He looked into Dom's eyes and took hold of his hand, "Dominick. I know all of this has to be a little hard to handle, but we are all friends here. All of us are like brothers. You don't have to be scared to talk with us about anything."

It was as if Geoff put every ounce of compassion into those simple sentences and I thought about what he said before about influencing other peoples thoughts and ideas. Was he trying that with Dominick? What ever it was, Dominick relaxed. Then he looked down at the table. He looked a little lost and ashamed.

"I shouldn't be here. I heard rumors. You know. Just guys talking around the construction site. Everything was being built so big. I saw the plans in the foreman's trailer and it looked like we were building a hotel for giants. I see now, that it was true, but then I was just curious. My brother always said my curiosity would be the death of me. All the security on the lake side of the site was strange too. I knew there was some kind of estate here, but didn't know the scope of it until Brad told me about it." He was quiet for a few minutes. Collecting his thoughts. I was almost feeling mesmerized by his deep melodious voice.

He took a deep breath and left it out. "Today, I took a break to use the john and slipped away from the site. I took a pair of heavy duty bolt cutters and cut through the fence. They had rubber handles and I had thick gloves, so the electric didn't worry me. I walked for about half an hour up toward the lake when I came upon the path and then saw you two and Brad." He pointed to Mat and I. "And, you know the rest."

"Sean?" He said looking at me. "Yes, I'm Sean," I replied. "Brad told me that you were worried about what you did to me?" I just nodded and then I was the one looking down. "Don't. I had nothing out there. I have no family and no real friends. I lost my brother about ten years ago in a car accident. He was working at a business in town and I came to try to find out what happened to him. Since then I've been working odd jobs and construction. See, we were the only family we had left. Two halves of one person really. I was stupid and took off to 'find' myself." Geoff and I looked at each other and knew that Dominick was going to be part of our family from now on. "I hope you guys will accept me for who I am and I'll do the best I can to do my part to fit in to the community here. Ben and Brad have explained a great deal about the community and I liked what I heard."

My brother made me even prouder of him. "You are already accepted and welcome here Dominick. I want you to know that you are part of our family now and once you get settled in, we'll be sure to put your talents, whatever they may be, to good use," Geoff said. I just smiled at him.

"Geoff is right," I said, "Mat and I only got here as well. We can all go through the getting acquainted process together." That caused a smile from Dominick.

"Well, Sean, I certainly can't say that you had a good first impression, but I certainly can't complain about the result. To wake up with the body of a giant and the strength of a superman, not to mention a cock the bigger than a fire hydrant, well I'm sure we'll be good friends," Dominick said smiling.

"So Dominick," Mat asked trying to change the subject, "Why is it 'Dom' and not 'Nick' most guys I've known named Dominick are called 'Nick'?

Dom looked sad again. "My brother was named Nicholas and was called Nick."

"Sorry, man, I didn't mean..."

"No, it's Ok Mat, I don't mind talking about him. I just miss him that's all. And now this." He motioned to his body. "Nick would have killed for a body like this. I guess I'm just feeling a little guilty that I got his dream."

Geoff looked at me and grinned so hard I thought he had gone nuts. Then he asked, "What kind of job did Nick have before the accident? You said he worked in town?"

"Yes, he was going to the university part time for hospitality management. He wanted to run a little hotel and restaurant. He worked at a specialized catering business. He loved that job. I was told that he and a co-worker were killed on the way back to town from a job."

I heard Geoff in my head, 'His brother has to be our Nick, that was the cover story for Nick and Tom disappearing. Nick was a mess for a while for leaving his brother, but he didn't know how to contact him. He was a drifter. I'll keep him talking, you see if you can find Nick mentally. He might be in the kitchen at the house, or in the village.'

Geoff and Mat kept Dom talking about his story. I mentally searched the property for Nick. I didn't find him at the house, but, man, he was right, thinking through the mountain wasn't easy. I couldn't sense him at the lake house where several guys were getting the cook out together. I asked Brad if he knew where Nick was, and he didn't and said no one at the lake house did, but that I might try the lake. Sometimes Nick liked to swim the length of the lake. I directed my thoughts searching the lake.

I found him resting, laying on a large boulder, out in the lake, just soaking in the sun. 'Nick, can you hear me?'

'Sure buddy, how are you doing?' he thought.

'I'm doing just fine buddy. Would you mind coming up to the aerie? There is someone here Geoff wants you to meet.'

I heard his hearty chuckle in my head, 'I heard that I had another mouth to feed, thanks to you bud. I thought I would just meet him at the gathering tonight. Why does Geoff want me there now?'

'Just trust me, it is a surprise that you won't want to miss,' I thought.

'Ok, I'll be there as soon as I can.'

'Great buddy, see you soon.' I turned my thoughts to Geoff and Mat, hoping I was not letting my thoughts seep to Dominick. 'Geoff, Mat, he is on his way.'

I'm sure Dom was wondering why we were all smiling. The conversation continued for a few minutes until I saw Nick coming around the corner from the path.

Geoff turned to him and said, "Hi buddy, I want to introduce you to the newest member of our family." Dominick turned around to see who he was being introduced to and stood up to shake his hand. Geoff continued, "Nicholas, this is Dominick."

The look on both of their faces was priceless. Nick was amazed. Dom was shocked. Both were frozen in place. Nick was the first to recover and rushed to Dominick and wrapped his huge bear arms around Dom and picked him up. Spinning them both around and almost dancing across the deck. We could all hear the rapid conversation going on in their heads.

Dom - 'Is it really you? Am I dreaming?'

Nick - 'No baby bro. It's really me.'

Dom - 'Why did they say you died? I was so lost without you.'

Nick - 'I had to disappear when I was changed, just like you have been. Damn, you are looking fine.'

Dom - 'But why didn't you tell me?'

Nick - 'Think about where you were then. I had no way to contact you.'

Dom - 'I guess you are right. I was hitch hiking cross country.'

Nick - 'You were a drifter. But I wanted you here with me, you have to know that. I looked for you for a long time.'

Dom - 'I didn't hear that you had died until almost a year after. I came here looking for you.'

Nick - 'You are here now and that is all that matters. I missed you so much.'

Dom - 'Not half as much as I missed you. I thought I had lost you forever.'

Nick - 'You'll never lose me again. Never again.'

All this conversation occurred in seconds. Both were holding each other so tight that it was a wonder they could breathe. I could see they had their heads on each others shoulders and were crying tears of joy.

Geoff thought to Mat and I, 'I think we should leave these two alone.'

We got up and started walking toward the elevator.

Nick stopped us, "Guys, wait a sec." He came over to me and hugged me tight. "Sean, thank you for not telling me who it was I was coming to meet. I know you didn't bring him here, but in some small way....you gave me my brother back."

"I can't take any credit, Nick, and actually spent most of today feeling guilty about what I did to him, but I'll let him fill you in on that."

"Come on guys, let's let these two get to know one another again," Geoff said and we walked toward the elevator. I looked back, and they were in each other's arms again. •

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