Haven, The

A sequel to The Journal


By Braun1

I awoke the next morning to the most incredible sensation of my young life. I saw Mat was taking all of my cock down his throat and I could feel my balls already churning. Man he instinctively knew his way around a cock. Then I felt him using the end of his braid to tickle just behind my balls. Each stroke of his tongue on my cock, was being coordinated with several strokes under my balls. I moaned and groaned.

'Morning Babe,' I heard in my head. It was accompanied by such a feeling of love that I can't even describe it. It was like we were encased in a bubble of love.

'Morning beautiful,' I groaned.

Now that I was awake, he picked up his pace. I reached up and started stroking his ass. I knew I was already close and he started shoving fingers into my ass. The first one made me gasp. The second and third caused me to buck into his mouth hard. When his fourth made it in, he started stroking my prostate and then he moaned as I flooded his mouth with precum and I could feel the vibration all long my cock. I started really slamming into his mouth and I unloaded.

Mat tried, but couldn't swallow all I was unloading into his guts. It gushed out of his mouth. He licked it up as if it were the best thing he ever tasted. We were both breathing hard. I stroked his hair and pulled him up next to me and we kissed.

"Now that is the best wake up call I ever had babe. You can get me up that way any day." I started to slide my hand down to his, still hard and dripping, cock and he grabbed it.

"That wake up call was just for you babe. Let's get cleaned up and see what Nick has for breakfast."

He stood up and pulled me into the bathroom for a shower. It was so wonderful washing him. I slid my hands all over his mountainous back and down to has magnificent glutes. Even relaxed, like this, they were hard. "Mat, you have got to have the strongest legs on the planet."

I continued my washing all the way down to his feet. He turned around and pulled me up and kissed me lightly.

"What do you say we find out just how strong they are today? I've been dieing to check out this gym they keep talking about. I've been in and out of gyms most of my life and I can't wait to see what our bodies can do."

I chuckled. "I have a feeling, I know what they can do." I grabbed his cock and gave a tug.

He just stepped out of the shower and said, "Come one, I'm sure we'll have plenty of fun today."

I cleaned the bathroom while Mat did the bedroom. I had just dumped the towels down the chute when I heard, "Hey Sean, come take a look at this."

I went out into the bedroom and didn't see Mat, "Where are you babe?"

I heard, "In here." I followed his voice into a walk in closet that had to be the size of my old apartment.

"Damn, who do you supposed these belong to?" he asked. The closet was divided into two sections each filled with clothing that looked like it might actually fit guys our size.

"I have no idea. We'll have to remember to ask someone." There was every type of clothing imaginable.

"Damn, look at these," Mat said holding up a black leather jock strap.

"Babe, you would look so hot in those. Do you think they fit?" I asked.

He just lifted up one eyebrow questioning. Then he lifted his foot and slipped it through the strap. Then the other foot. He had to struggle to pull it up over his thighs, but then he got it in place and his cock positioned.

"Oh..My..God, Mat you look like someone out of a super stud porno fantasy."

The jock strap fit perfectly and his package looked so pronounced that it couldn't possibly be real, but we both knew it was. It was so tightly packed that the leather looked like it was painted on. He looked into a full length mirror and hit a few poses.

"Damn, that does look hot. I wonder why no one wears any clothes around here?"

"I guess that they don't need to. I didn't feel at all uncomfortable yesterday in the hot tub and you know it was really hot. Then last night, I could tell it was pretty cool when we came back to the house, but it again seemed perfectly comfortable. I would have to guess that our bodies adjust to whatever the temperature is at the moment."

"That might be convenient, but dressing up can be fun." He smiled.

"Yes," he said, "I know what you are thinking and, yes, it is fun to be completely covered up and then reveal my pe'a when folks don't expect it."

I laughed. "Why, you little drama queen," I teased.

He puffed out his huge chest, "Hey, who you calling little?" I was almost doubled over laughing.

I helped him get out of the jock and we headed for the kitchen. We found Nick at his usual place. "Hi guys, how are you doing this morning? Missed you at dinner last night," Nick said.

"Yeah, we spent some time with my brother and Jake up at the aerie. It was great to start catching up, but right now I'm starved. What's on for breakfast?"

Nick explained, "Breakfast is all set up in the dining room. It's right through that door." He pointed at a set of double oak doors that led off the right side of the kitchen. "Today there is just about anything you can think of for breakfast. Just help yourselves to whatever you want. If there is something you don't see, then just you let me know and I'll get it for you. If we don't have it, I'll add it to the next order."

"Thanks, Nick," Mat said. Nick followed us through the door and what we saw was surprising. There were six tables, each that sat six men. There were only two other guys there that morning. Rob and Brad got up and came over. Nick pointed out where everything was on the serving tables.

"Good morning Mat, Sean," Brad said. His voice was a deep rumble, very sultry and sexy. "So how are you getting settled?"

"I think we are doing Ok," I replied. "It takes some getting used to. I'm still not sure if I'm coming or going, but with this guy with me", I pulled Mat closer, "I think I'll be just fine."

"Well, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to flag one of us down," Rob said, "We've been here since the start, so if we don't know the score, then no one does."

Brad just smiled, "So, what are you two doing after breakfast, I've got some time free if you'd like a tour of the place. I know you haven't seen much of the compound yet, so it might be difficult to find something, even know what you want to do."

"That would be great, Brad, I was hoping to get in a workout today, but we could really use a tour so we know where everything is," Mat replied.

Brad was all smiles and I know that we would be having more than a little 'tour'. "Great, then just come get me in Jake's office when you are finished breakfast and we'll get started."

He turned to Rob, "Can you join us Robbie?"

I thought 'Robbie', I guess we all have pet names for the one we love.

"Sorry, but today I've got to check on the inventory in the inner warehouse and then check on the new construction site. I'll try to catch up with you at the lake house, if you make that last on your tour?"

"Sounds great," Brad said, and they kissed and Rob was gone.

"You have to forgive Rob, I think he is just too hyper to sit still for more than five minutes straight, but it is one of the things I love about him." Then he took off through another door, that looked like it led directly to the living room.

Mat and I each took a tray the size of three normal cafeteria trays and once we started loading them up, our hunger took over and there looked to be enough on each of our trays for ten people. When we sat down at a table, Nick appeared with a huge mug of something for us.

"Oh, you guys are going to fit right in," He said chuckling. "This is a protein smoothie. Gets the day going better than coffee. So anything you didn't find?"

We were both eating like we hadn't in weeks. In between bites, I said, "not really, but if there is any plain yogurt, I'd love some with this fruit tomorrow."

"No problem. Just a little word of advice. You can ease this hunger a bit if you keep your protein consumption up. There are stocks of the supplements everywhere, even in your bedroom. There is a small fridge in the cabinet by the window. Also, in every building on the property there will be a supply, and in the gym, the lake house and here, you'll find one of these." He pointed to a soft ice cream machine. "They are filled with a yogurt protein concentrate that really hits the spot when the hunger gets to be too much. And, yes, it is chocolate."

"Sounds great Nick. This food is excellent. Do they ever let you out of the kitchen?" I asked. Nick leaned back and let a thundering laugh free, "Oh, yes, I'm only here about every third week. We rotate, but I love cooking. I do have this afternoon free as there is going to be some kind of cookout at the lake house and Jorge is organizing that. I hope I'll see you there?"

"I'm sure we'll be there and I look forward to getting to know you better Nick," Mat said. Nick just smiled and went back into the kitchen. Mat and I finished eating and then I went over to get some of the frozen yogurt. I put just a little in a cup to try it. It was heavenly. You would never know it was a protein concoction.

"Mat, you've got to try this." He did and just went and got his own cup and filled it. 'Mmmmmmm' I heard in my head. "This stuff is incredible, they should market it."

"We're looking into it," Geoff said. I was surprised to see him walking in and picking up a tray. "We are taste testing it in a couple of gyms that we own and if it tests well, we will be selling it through the supplement company to gyms for their juice bars." "Well, bro, as far as I'm concerned, it is a winner." I filled my cup up again and went over to where he was sitting and Mat joined us. Geoff looked like he was thinking about something, "Bro, what are you guys doing today? I'm going to be tied up with some things that have to be taken care of for the business, so I won't be able to spend much time with you until later this afternoon. I really hate to leave you at a loose end, but it can't be helped."

"That's Ok bro, Brad has offered to show us around the compound and we are going to try out your gym this afternoon. I understand there is a cookout at the lake house this evening. So I think we'll be busy enough."

"That's great guys, I'm glad you are getting the feel of the place. I want, more than anything, for you to be happy here. I know, it is quite an adjustment. These guys are the best and don't be surprised if they all treat you like their little brother."

I thought about that for a minute.

"Geoff, I know we just got here, but we want to pull our weight too. What kind of jobs or wherever, do you see us doing around here?" Mat asked.

"I knew I liked you Mat," Geoff said, "there are lots of things to keep us busy here at the compound. If something doesn't need maintenance, then something needs cleaning. I don't know where your strengths lie, but Nick did mention that you know something about cooking, so you might talk to him about spending the next rotation with whoever is in charge of the kitchen. You, little bro, I'm not sure, what do you want to do?"

"I haven't really thought about it, but once I get to know the place, and your operation, I think I'd like to look at your security. It was way too easy for me to figure out how to find you. Maybe I could work with your security people and see if I can help fill the holes," I replied.

"That means you need to look up Troy and Thad, they are our security people. Let me just tell you they were falling all over themselves when you showed up here. I haven't heard it all yet, but it seems that there was some sort of power failure and the backup also failed, or you wouldn't have gotten past the gate. They are working on fixing those right now. I'm pretty sure that they will both be at the cookout tonight. You can talk with them then. Just look for the two biggest, most beautiful black men that you've ever seen. Troy is smooth and Thad is hairy. They are brothers, so it would be hard to tell them apart if it were not for the hair," Geoff stated, "Listen, guys, I've got to get to work. If you need me, I'll be in my office, which is next to Jake's. Oh, and Mat, don't forget to call Geno sometime about bringing the samples to the warehouse and make sure he brings Georgio with him. Have a great day and whatever you do....," He was pausing and grinning, "don't keep it in your pants and have fun."

Mat laughed loud as Geoff left the dining room. "Your brother is a funny guy, but I have a feeling that in this place, there will be opportunities for non-stop sex if we want that."

"I know what you mean and as horny as I feel all the time, I'm sure glad it is like that."

"Let's go find Brad and get 'touring'." We put our trays with the other used dishes and walked to Jake's office. I knocked and heard a muffled something from inside. I opened the door and saw Jake working at his desk and Brad lounging on one of the leather chairs checking over some documents. He got up, walked to Jake's desk, "These look fine," he said as he signed several of the documents. "Great, I'll get them off to the lawyers today," Jake replied noticing us.

"Hi you two, have a good breakfast?" Jake asked.

"It was great. That Nick knows his way around a kitchen, and that yogurt protein stuff, man, that is good," I replied.

"Yeah, Jake, it was great, and thanks for last night too," Mat said. Brad just looked at Jake, who had an expression on his face like he didn't know what Mat was talking about. When Brad turned his attention to to us, I heard Jake in my head, 'It is fun to keep Brad guessing and you are welcome guys. I meant every word, you are family now.'

"So guys, are we ready for our tour?" Brad asked.

"You bet," both Mat and I replied in unison. Then we both chuckled.

Brad led us out of Jakes office and showed us the office wing of the house. It seemed huge, almost all of the 30 guys had an office each seemed decorated with his own style. Geoff's door was closed so we didn't interrupt him. Under that part of the house was the maintenance area for the house. Most of the basement was devoted to food storage and the party room. The second through fourth floors were all suites like ours. The garages had been changed to house carts that were used to transport supplies from the warehouse to the house. I remarked on the lack of cars. Brad told us that they were in a garage on another part of the property because none of us really fit in cars anymore and didn't need them anyway.

He showed us around the pool house. It was very much like the deck house at the aerie. We took the path and walked toward the village. Mat told Brad more about how much of a legend he was with the football program at the university and Brad seemed to get quiet.

"Yeah, there are times I miss that part of my life, but I wouldn't give up being with Rob for anything on this earth. I get to watch most of the games on a live feed from the university and you might have noticed that they are one of the best funded programs in the country. That team is still one of my favorite projects."

He still seemed far away, "I can't say I was instrumental in getting you on the team, Mat, but the Haven's funding did allow them to afford to recruit you." Mat grabbed Brad by the shoulder, wrapped him in a tight hug.

"Man, I'll never be able to thank you enough. If I had not come here for football, I would have never met Sean. And buddy, if you ever want to put together a game, you just let me know. Playing with these bodies could be kind of fun." Mat whipped up an arm and his bicep turned into etched steel. Brad smiled, "Thanks buddy. I'll keep that in mind."

We had been walking on the path for about ten minutes when we rounded a corner and the trees opened to reveal six large houses with a central pool and common area. Brad explained that several of the guys lived here but that three of the houses were currently unoccupied. We continued walking through the forest and reached a large building. It looked like an aircraft hanger, but didn't have the big doors. Brad told us that this was the inner warehouse. We went in and had a look around. There didn't appear to be anyone around. Brad explained that it was a day when the normal guys worked unloading trucks and tonight several of the guys would come and move the deliveries from the outer warehouse, the other side of this building, to the inner warehouse. With our strength, it only took a few minutes, so no one minded this duty.

The inner warehouse was really amazing. One whole wall was giant refrigerators and freezers for food storage. There was dry good storage. Huge oil drum sized cans of protein supplements. Cases and cases of everything you can think of from lube to charcoal. I expected to find Rob taking inventory but Brad said that he was probably either already done, or had looked in on the construction project first and would be here later.

When we went back outside Brad said for the next stop on our tour we would have run, or it would take too long to get there. He said just to concentrate on him and follow, he would warn us when we were going to stop. Mat and I looked at each other, shrugged and we took off. It was a blur, but we ran around the south side of the lake and found ourselves stopping at a large runway. The hangers actually had trees planted on top of them and the runway was painted green. If you didn't know it was there, I'm sure it would just look like a meadow from the sky. Brad explained that there were always two jets here and two at the island. He was really looking forward to the party on the weekend when the guys would be home.

We then ran a little further around the west side of the property until we looked down on the construction project. It looked like another huge house was being built. "This is going to be another house like the main house. The original house has been added on to so many times, that there are parts that need some extensive maintenance. When this house is completed, we'll be moving here while the main house is re-constructed," he explained. "I wish we could get closer and show you how great it is going to be, but this is being built by an outside construction firm and it would be too easy to be detected by the construction workers."

Just then someone appeared on the path just ahead of us. He was about 6' tall, stocky, dirty blond and probably in his early to mid 20s. It really hit me just how big we had grown. The man was about half our size and he froze at the sight of three naked giants.

"Damn!" Brad shouted and punched the nearest tree causing it to explode as his fist punched right through like it was made of paper. Mat and I were shocked at the reaction and the poor guy fainted.

"Well, that makes it easier, but I'm going to rip Troy a new ass hole. He's supposed to be making sure these guys can't get into the compound," Brad was pissed. I wasn't sure why he was so upset, but I guess they were used to putting so much into hiding that another security breach was just too much.

"I'm sorry guys, but this just pisses me off. We work too damn hard to make sure it can't happen and now here we have a lost construction worker that we'll have to mentally 'convince' that this was all a dream. I'm just glad he passed out."

Brad looked like he was concentrating hard. "Damn, Troy is all the way up at the house and tied up with one of the power transfer grids. It will take too long for him to get here we'll have to clean this up ourselves. I hate doing this, but I'm going to have to get Rob, he's much better at this than I am."

He concentrated again, "Damn, this just is not my day, Rob is on the other side of the mountain. I can usually reach through, but today it's like static. I'll have run back far enough to get a direct line of thought. You guys stay here and if the guy wakes up, just keep him here," Brad said and he was gone in a blur.

Mat and I moved until we were behind the construction worker. I hoped if he did wake up that we would not be the first thing he saw. As we walked past I noticed he wasn't a bad looking guy. Kind of a smaller version of Brad. He had really been working hard and his clothes were completely soaked with sweat. I could smell him even from several feet away. His sweaty musk was getting me excited. It was like something I couldn't control. My cock went to hard and dripping in seconds.

Mat looked at me like I was on another planet. He must have seen something in my eyes. "Sean, babe, what's wrong? You look sick." I was sweating heavily now. I couldn't concentrate. The guy was waking up. I was no longer thinking with my brain. I wanted this guy and I wanted him now. I walked up to him and let my cock drip on his mouth. His eyes were wild, but he took my cock in both hands and started stroking. His hands were heavily calloused and his stroking was rough. Mat was going nuts trying to pull me off, but something had taken me over. I pushed him away and growled. He kept pulling at me, but I wasn't having any of it. By now the guy was sucking at the head of my cock, tonguing the piss slit and drinking down every drop of precum.

I shoved my cock into this guy's mouth and started thrusting. H is head was now down on the ground and he couldn't move. Mat was pulling at me with all his strength, but even that wasn't enough. I was like a passenger in my body. My body wanted this guy to have my cum and nothing was going to stop me. I was sweating heavily and dripping all over this guy. My cock felt like it was getting harder and harder. I felt my balls churning and then they snapped up tight and I flooded his mouth. He sucked and swallowed what he could, but it started shooting out of his nose and his stomach filled up like a balloon. I flooded his entire body with my splooge. I was spent and fell back, I thought I was going to pass out. My head was spinning. Mat caught me before I hit the ground. I did black out. As I came around a few seconds later, I knew what I had done, but couldn't control it at all.

"Babe, are you Ok?" Mat was worried, he almost looked panicked.

"Oh, Mat, what the fuck was that? I couldn't control myself. It was like I was on auto-pilot. I didn't hurt you did I? Please tell me I didn't hurt you?"

"I'm fine, but I don't think he is," he said pointing to the guy laying on the path covered in my cum. He was panting heavily. "We better get your brother," Mat said, still sounding very worried. I called Geoff in my head, 'Geoff, can you hear me?'

'Yeah, 'lil bro, what's wrong you sound panicked?'

'I don't know what's going on, there was this guy, from the construction site and I couldn't control myself. It was strange, and now, he's, well, I don't know if I killed him or what.'

'Where are you?'

I showed him in my head where we were. 'Hold on bro, I'll be there soon.'

Just then Brad and Rob showed up. "What the fuck is going on? What did you do?" Brad was even more pissed. Rob was concerned, but not angry.

Mat stood up between me and them, "Look he couldn't control himself, it wasn't his fault," he defended me.

Rob looked into his eyes, "Show me. Just think about what happened." Rob continued to stare into Mat's eyes.

"We've got get this guy to the lab. Geoff is on his way." He concentrated mind speaking. "Ok, Geoff's going to meet us at the lab. Let's get there as fast as we can." Rob grabbed up the construction guy, holding him against his chest like you might hold a child, and just stared into Brad's eyes.

"You bring them. I'm taking this one." He was gone in a blur down the path. Brad softened completely. "I'm sorry guys, it has just been one shitty half an hour. Let's get to the lab and I think we'll be welcoming a new member to the family." •

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