Haven, The

A sequel to The Journal


By Braun1

The four of us sat in the hot tub talking long into the night. Enjoying each other's company and learning about each other. Jake was really a fascinating guy. The Master's Inc. that I had researched to help find them, had been started by his great grandfather and been passed down. It was diversified, but mainly invested in real estate. Jake and the others had transformed the company into a quiet powerhouse over the period since it became Haven, Inc.

It was listed as a private company so it didn't have to deal with what Jake called 'all the Wall Street nonsense'. They owned a great deal of property in addition to what I had found, the sports nutrition company and several other small companies that let them hide some of their activities. There was a security company that kept their properties safe. There was an executive airline to mask their own travel. It was an interesting mix and it was all run out of offices on the estate. I was kind of surprised that my brother was responsible for most of the day to day operations.

He wasn't offended when I told him, he just laughed. "Yeah, bro, I can understand why you would think that. I never was responsible about much in this world, other than you. But, I've changed and you will too. Like I told you earlier, it is not just your body that has been super tuned, but your head as well. I'll give you an example. When I left for college, I knew nothing about computers or electronics. We turned out so big that using computers became a real problem. It was the one way we could get things done with the company, but they became difficult to use. Keyboards were too small and mice got crushed with a simple click. I got frustrated and started reading. I absorbed everything I could find on computer construction and actually learned to build what we needed. Just imagine me building anything." He laughed. I could see more and more I would have to spend some time getting to know my big brother.

Jake started to get up and we all thought he was going for more drinks or snacks as he had made several of those trips throughout the evening. He leaned down putting his head right next to Geoff's and Geoff smiled and said, "I'll be right with you darlin." Jake walked off into the night.

"Guys, we are going to go get some sleep." He was just smirking. "Well, Ok, maybe not sleep, but we're going to bed. You feel free to stay up here all night if you want. I'll see you in the morning." As he said this he had stepped out of the tub and was drying off. He just looked at the two of us, raised the towel to his nose and sniffed. Then he turned and followed Jake. Mat and I burst out laughing so hard you could hear it echo off the mountain.

I turned to my big man, "So, beautiful, what do you want to do? Ready for bed, or want to soak a while?" He just raised his hand in front of his face, then turned his palm toward me. "Have you noticed that we are not wrinkled at all?" he asked. "It is like we have just sat down, not like we have been soaking for hours."

He was right, but I wasn't thinking in physiological or philosophical terms, I wanted his big cock buried so far up my ass that I'd be able to taste his cum from the inside. I didn't care where, I just wanted him.

"You didn't answer my question." I purred as deep as I could. Then I reached to him and started stroking his traps, swelling up toward his ears. His neck, wider than his head. His shoulders, chords of steel wrapped tightly around cannon balls. His biceps and the huge veins that ran perfectly over them, equally dividing the huge balls until he flexed, then the biceps both had sharp splits. Bisected perfectly by his tats. His pecs, so powerful, so thick, each one wider than most men's entire torsos.

As I started stroking down his abs, ever toward the prize I so wanted, he grabbed my hands in his. "Babe, lets move this to our new home. I want the same thing you do, but I'd like to get out of the water, and into you." He put his arms around me and kissed me, then stood up and we stepped out of the tub.

We looked around and realized that we would have to do some clean up before we left. We dried off and put all of the towels down the chute. Got the trash gathered and cleaned up around the bar.

"I sure hope there isn't some special code to close this place up," I said as I put my hand on the scanner just as Geoff had to open the deck house. The doors started closing and soon they snapped shut and the lights turned off, both hot tubs stopped bubbling and lights came on along the path. Mat just stood there on the path shaking his head.

"This is going to take some getting used to," he said. I walked over to him and wrapped my arm around his waist and we walked toward the elevator. As we walked I realized that the lights on the path were turning on ahead of us and off behind us. We reached the elevator and Mat tried out the hand scanner. The pad turned from red to green and a few minutes later the doors opened.

We stepped in and I looked at the keypad. Along with the eagle's head, there were four other buttons. One labeled "Main Lab" and three others labeled "S1, S2 and S3" We looked at each other and I hit the "Main Lab" button, hoping it was the one we needed and making a mental note to ask what was on the other floors. The main lab was the right floor and we made our way through the doors. Mat had me really laughing because at each door he started making the shooosh sound like on the old Star Trek series. It was so much fun when we were alone and he could play.

When we reached the outside Mat said, "What do you think? You want to try that speed running? Geoff said all we had to do was concentrate and look ahead so we would not hit anything or anyone." I scanned ahead of us and didn't see anyone.

I had a realization, "Mat, do you notice anything unusual?"

"No, what do you mean?"

"I mean, it is the middle of the night, I don't see the moon, there are no lights on, yet I can also make out every detail as if it were barely dusk. I can even see details all the way down at the lake house."

"Wow, this is really cool. I wonder why neither Geoff or Jake mentioned it. Night vision is certainly a cool ability."

"No idea, but I've mentally scanned down the beach and toward the house and don't see anyone, so let's try running. Let's stop at the pool house, just so we don't go crashing into the back of the house or something."

Mat chuckled, but he knew I was right. We looked at each other and took off. It was a strange feeling, there wasn't any real effort and I was nearly flying through the air. Trees rushed past as if they were the things moving. It was only a second or two and I turned off the beach toward the house, in another second I could see the main house. I could feel my hair trailing behind me like a cape. The night air was damp and a sheen of water gathered in the hair on my chest and face. Another second and I was coming up on the pool house. I just thought STOP...and I did. I was standing there when I heard a wooosh next to me and there was Mat smiling so wide, "That was fun. Want to do it again?"

I laughed, "You are worse than a kid in a candy store." I took him into my arms and kissed him hard. I ground my hips and crotch into his. "Sure you want to run anywhere other than our room?" I purred. He growled, "let's go babe. I know when to stop playing and start having fun."

He grabbed my hand and we pulled each other toward the house. I had to think about where exactly our room was. Last night I had a very vivid image from my brother's mind. I concentrated on that thought, and it was like hitting a replay button. I must have registered my surprise on my face. Mat asked, "What's wrong? You Ok?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, I just got a surprise, but it will be easier to explain if I just show you."

I sent him my thoughts about what happened. "Wow, that is weird. Nice, but weird."

We walked up to our room. I wasn't looking forward to the mess we had left it in the previous morning. Mat opened the door and we went in. The room was completely cleaned. I was really surprised. There was a bottle of wine chilling and some snacks next to the bed. Mat turned the lights down low and we walked to the bed. I noticed a note and picked it up to read it. I just chuckled. and handed it to Mat.

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to say "Welcome!" and make sure you had a nice night. Keep in mind that it is up to each of us to take care of our rooms. We don't have maids or cleaners. You'll find supplies including fresh linens in the closet to the right of the bathroom. There is a laundry chute along the back wall of the bathroom.

I can't tell you how happy you have made us. I thank you both for filling a part of my love's heart that has been empty for far too long. Always know that if you ever need anything, you can come to me.

Enjoy your night and we'll see you tomorrow.

Love you both, Jake

The bed had been dressed using so much silk I thought for sure we would slide right off. Sheets, comforter and pillows of every shape and size. Mat pulled me down on top of him on the bed and purred, "Now, where were we?"

He kissed me and pushed me up so I was sitting on his legs. I started where I had left off in the hot tub. I stroked his abs, so tight and his intricate tattoo started at his second row of bricks. I started tracing, the lines and designs. I could feel him getting harder and harder. I traced the tat down to his legs, bypassing the object of my lust that was standing high and tight over his abs.

His legs, they were works of art, not just the tattoo, but also his incredible muscle. I swear for every line in ink, there were two in striated muscle. His thighs swept sharply in to his knees and then widen again for his bulls. It was unfair to call either of these a calf. These looked like someone had strapped carved stone to his legs. I kept moving my attention down and started stroking his feet. I noticed he was now completely hard. His cock stretching high over his abs. Standing proud and dripping heavily. His abs were literally filling with precum. He had his magnificent arms folded behind his head and he was just watching me. His eyes were focused on me and I could see desire and love in their depths. His arms looked like they could crush his head, but he was just laying quietly. I stroked his feet and licked the top of them. He rumbled.

Moving up on the bed, I straddled his waist pulling his hot cock between my legs. I start humping against it. I knew what I wanted. I raised up and pushed back on his huge, hot, wet cock. My own cock slapped his face and left a trail of precum across his lips. Feeling myself press him into me was like heaven. He was inside me and I felt complete again.

I pushed back until I felt his pubes pushing against my balls. He started lowing his hands and I pushed them right back up and dove into his pits. One after the other, I could smell him heavily here. His musk was tangy, leathery, so manly. His lats were so wide and so hard. I moaned and he groaned. I was moving up and sliding down on his cock. He flexed his cock and it actually pulled me tighter against him. He wanted and got my attention. His hands were now all over me. Tracing and stroking all he could reach. My ass tugged and squeezed his steel hard cock. He was stroking deep inside me and I could feel every inch. I was completely aware of just where every part of him was reaching into me. He pulled my head to his and kissed me. Long and hot.

'Babe, you have no idea what you do to me. I have no idea how it can be so good, but it is.' I could feel him opening to me. Our minds coming together. Soon I was fucking myself, and he was being fucked by himself. He turned us over and began to take control. 'I feel like I could stay here forever Sean, I've never been so happy. I want to take you places you have never been.'

'Then fuck me baby, fuck me hard, fuck me 'til I cum on the ceiling.'

"Damn, you got it hot stuff."

He did, he start thrusting in, building like a freight train. He started grunting with each thrust.

"Harder, come on big man, fuck me."

He slammed harder and harder. Soon he was pile driving. Slam, Slam, Slam. I could feel his huge balls slamming into my ass. I wanted more.

"Come on, give me all you got, you can't break me. I want you."

He started long stroking my ass. Pulling almost the full three and a half feet of his cock out and slamming it full force back in. The first couple of times, I thought I was going fly right off the bed, then he grabbed on to my shoulders and kept slamming in, now grunting and he was sweating hard. His whole body was working on an animal level. He grunted and growled. I was rushing, slamming my head from side to side in such bliss, I felt like I was going to explode. My cock was so hard and it was pointed straight at my face. It took every last bit of will power for me not to stroke it or suck it. I wanted him to make me explode. He was slamming my prostate so hard that each stroke caused a spurt of precum to shoot out, completely coating my pecs. The hair on my chest and abs were completely soaked. He pushed in and then laid down on top of me, still thrusting hard. He buried his head in my left pit and start biting and licking his way up to my chest and nips and across to the other pit. The action of his abs and pecs pressing my cock between us was all I could take. I exploded with gallons of cum. It coated the front of me, the front of him, shot under his chin, over my head. My ass clamped down so hard he roared and filled me. I could feel every hot shot. It was like he was filling me. Over and over again we came.

"Oh God, Mat, if it gets any better than this, I think I'll go crazy."

I kissed him hard. He looked into my eyes and smiled.

"We've got a lifetime to make it as good as it can be, but I agree, that was incredible."

After we regained our breath and were able to think coherently again, he picked me up. I was still impaled on his still steel hard cock.

"Let's get a shower, then I want to hold you next to me and sleep."

"Sounds perfect," I purred and wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him as he walked us to the bathroom. We stepped in the shower and when he pulled me up his cock. It came out of my ass with a loud plop and, I swear, a couple of gallons of cum poured out of my ass.

"Damn, now that's what I call one huge load of cum," I said. He just adjusted the water until it was nice and steamy.

"That just shows how much you turn me on," he replied smiling.

He kissed me again and we washed each other. He took particular care to wash all of our cum out of my hair and rinsed my ass thoroughly. He was easier to get clean because of his lack of body hair. We dried each other off and then pulled our hair into tails.

"Maybe we should try braiding it like Geoff and Jake," I suggested.

"Or we could just cut it short," Mat stated.

"I like your hair, it is so beautiful, like silk."

"Ok, if you want to braid it, go ahead, but I don't know how to do it, so I can't return the favor."

I ran a comb through his long hair. It was incredibly untangled for it's length. I started braiding and when I got it long enough, I pulled it in front of him so he could see what I was doing. I finished his and tied off the end leaving a huge brush at the end.

"Ok, I think I saw what you were doing, turn around and hand me the comb." I opened my mind to him and watched what he was doing.

'That's right...Yes...Just keep doing that...'

"I got it, damn, that was weird. It was almost as if you were hold my hands showing me what to do."

I chuckled and grabbed my braid. He had also left a large brush of hair a the end. I went over to the sink and found a scissors in the drawer. I trimmed the end of the brush flat. He was watching me curiously. We both finished our bathroom chores and returned to the bedroom. He laid down on the bed and pulled me to him.

"So you want to see what Jake showed me these things are good for?"

Now he was curious. "Sure. So just when has Jake been teaching you?"

"Oh, just when we were sitting there tonight. He showed me several things in my head and this was one of them."

I leaned toward him and took the brush of my braid and stroked his nips lightly. He gasped. Then I reached down and brushed his cock and under his balls.

"Damn. That is amazing. Ok, we'll keep the hair."

I laughed. "Right now babe, I just want you to wrap me in your arms and hold me while we sleep, just like that first night," I told him.

"You got it baby, climb aboard." He rolled onto his back and I reached across his chest, like I had our first night together, sliding myself on top of him. This time however, we were a much more even match. I might actually have been slightly larger.

"Is it Ok? I'm not too heavy?"

"You are perfect."

He wrapped his arms around me, but couldn't clasp his hands. Instead he dropped them lower down my back and he grabbed my ass and held me tightly. I laid my head on his shoulder and listened to his heart beating strongly. Soon our breathing and our hearts were beating in sync and we drifted off to sleep.

I don't think I was more content in my entire life. •

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