Haven, The

A sequel to The Journal


By Braun1

Geoff called us to the kitchen area and presented us with several platters and bowls of food to be taken to the table he had set up on the deck. "One thing you'll find is that we do eat a huge amount of food. It is both a blessing and for a time, it was a curse. Until we developed the protein drink. It contains about 100 grams of protein and 5000 calories per cup. Before it, we were constantly hungry. I know it doesn't taste great, but it is much better than it used to be. At least now we can drink it, before it was like pudding. You'll also find that here, we all pitch in. Everyone has something to do, and it is really easy, with these bodies, to get things done. Let's eat." We dug in.

There were six huge porterhouse steaks, each a couple of inches thick. Enough salad and veggies to feed a dozen people, or the three of us. Geoff went on to explain, that as well as what we had see so far, there was a gym for men of our advanced strength. What they called 'the spa' that contained saunas, steam rooms, icy plunge pools and other amenities. There was a village of houses for the guys that wanted more privacy than living at the main house or the lake house provided. Several were not occupied and anyone could use them to get away.

The airfield was as hidden as possible, but housed the planes that were used to transport anyone that wanted to go, to the island that the corporation owned. Those planes were actually converted commercial airliners. Mat seemed very intrigued that the island was in the south pacific. I think he had assumed it was in the Caribbean. There were similar facilities on the island as at the compound but the island was actually larger than the estate. The reason that we had not seen more guys around the compound was that ten of them were on the island. Some preferred to live there and some just loved to visit it. The lake house had several suites, party facilities, another big kitchen and what Geoff called "The leather room." He seemed quite amused.

Then he looked right at me and I saw a live action, 3D version of their last leather party. All these huge men in leather harnesses fucking other huge men in slings. I could smell the cum and leather and oil and even feel the heat. My cock got hard so fast that it damn near tipped the table over.

Geoff just smiled. "It's Ok bro, I know it can be allot to deal with at once, but it is fun. I know you two haven't had much experience, but, believe it or not, we've all been there too. I had only had one boyfriend before this happened to me and believe me, Jake and the guys taught me a great deal. I think you'll find many friends here, and they all will want to get to know you."

We were finished eating and we helped Geoff clear the table and put it away. He showed us where everything was in the kitchen and then said, "remember, this is your home now, you don't have to ask to use something or eat something. It is your's as much as it is mine, or Jake's, or any of the other guys here."

"That reminds me bro, where are we going to live? I mean, it was really nice of someone to let us use their room last night, but is there somewhere we can call our own. At least we need somewhere to crash until we can build a place or something."

Geoff just smiled at me and at Mat. As we loaded a commercial looking dishwasher, he said, "Bro, you are my family, my only living flesh and blood, well, at least that I'll acknowledge." I knew he was talking about Ginger and it left a sour taste in my mouth.

"You are not going to be sleeping in a guest room or a tent. The suite you were in last night, in the main house, is right next to the suite I share with Jake. If you both liked it, then it is yours. If not, you can have any available place in the compound or on the island. I hope you will be my neighbor, but whatever you want...."

He just trailed off and looked at me. Mat just put his hand on my shoulder, "well babe, it was fine with me and a hell of allot bigger than your apartment."

"That reminds me, all the personal things from your apartments should be here by tomorrow." Geoff explained that they were used to dealing with helping people disappear. The dean of my college would receive a letter informing him of a family emergency and my intention to not complete this term. Mat's coach and the head of the athletic department would receive a similar letter telling them that he had to return home for an emergency. We would take care of further correspondence in the appropriate time and, he assured us, no one would miss us. A professional moving company had been hired to pack and move everything to a warehouse on the very edge of the compound.

That was how everything they used at the compound was delivered. Every other day the warehouse was manned by staff from the town to accept deliveries. On the opposite days some of the guys would take care of moving the delivered items to a separate warehouse that was used to stock the compound. It was a really good plan and no one had even asked about the odd arrangement in years.

"So that explains how this place is supplied and how guys just disappear, but you said there was much for us to learn about these new bodies?" Mat asked.

"Let's go relax in one of the hot tubs and we'll talk. Grab some towels and I'll get some drinks." We did and then we stepped into the tub. It was like stepping into heaven. I was immediately more relaxed. Mat slipped in next to me and I wrapped my arms around him. Then he pushed my legs apart and sat between them. He had found a lower seat that was made for just this purpose. I could now wrap my arms and legs around him easier. He leaned back into me. It was so natural, as through we had been doing it our whole lives. Geoff settled across from us and I frowned. "Come on bro, get over here. I've missed you for ten years. I want to be close to you whenever I can." He smiled and moved to sit next to me and I put my arm over his shoulders and pulled him to me. "God Geoff, you don't know how much I missed you," I said.

I heard him in my head, 'baby bro, I do know, I've missed you just the same and you can't believe how happy I am that you are here.' He laid his head on my shoulder like it was the most natural thing in the world. We sat there just soaking and enjoying each other's presence for a little while.

Geoff was really relaxing and the three of us seemed to be melting into each other. He obviously decided that he could show us about our new bodies without talking. We started seeing images and actually experiencing the power that our bodies contained. For one thing, the water in this tub was near boiling, but would have no other effect on us but to provide relaxation.

Our mental abilities would adjust and increase over time. Share not just words, but experiences and emotions. For non-changed men we could very nearly control what they were thinking. It was how they convinced authorities not to worry when someone joined their haven. They just invited the person to a house near the property and someone, hidden from view, would mentally convince them that they didn't need to worry about whoever it was that disappeared.

Along with the mental abilities was the incredible strength. It was far greater than even men our size should have. We could bench press thousands of pounds, easily several tons. It took a very special gym for us to get a decent workout. Our bones were unbreakable. As we had already experienced, we could fuck almost endlessly and cum gallons.

Geoff said that once we got used to our bodies, we could generate cum on demand, but that the old fashioned method was still the most fun. We had also nearly stopped aging and those that were older had experienced a reversal in their aging. He told us that Hao was 64, but looked no older than anyone else. The consensus was that the normalization age was between 25 and 30. The doctors determined that more abilities would manifest as we aged, but no one knew exactly what would happen.

Most of the men had the super speed that Jake had exhibited and could move almost faster than could be seen. Our bodies were not the only parts supercharged. Our minds could accept and process information at incredible rates. Most of the guys had read nearly every book that Jake had owned in under a month. They had not only read them, but retained everything and could apply the knowledge.

Some of the men just liked the fun and sexual parts of their abilities, but others had applied their abilities to whatever interests they found that they enjoyed. As an example, Geoff told us how Rob had been an EMT when he came to the estate, but now he had become a doctor, he could never get a license and practice, but had as much medical ability as Ben, who was a traditionally trained doctor. He had several specialties and had received several other degrees taking internet courses. Of course, Rob was more than a bit hyperactive and Geoff guessed that he probably slept less than an hour a day. He said we would require less sleep as we got used to the energy and power in our bodies. It was part of how they kept the compound functioning with as few men as they had living there. Then our minds were filled with images of how thing were organized, a complete 3D map of the compound and the island, living images of all of the men with histories of who they were and what abilities they possessed. I started to see images of company records and information about Haven, Inc. when I saw Mat reach up with both hands and grab the sides of his head.

"Stop, it's too much," He sounded in pain and I pulled him closer to me. I felt Geoff soothing his mind and I could feel his concern, "I'm sorry, Mat, I got carried away. It can be too much to process all at once, but it is the fastest way to teach all you need to know."

"It's Ok. Feels better now with whatever you did. But for a few seconds there it was, well, it was just overwhelming. It felt like I had ants running around my brain."

Geoff paused to let us absorb all he was revealing. Then a smile crept across his face. I could feel his mood lighten.

"Jake is asking if it is Ok if he joins us. He's waiting at the lab." Mat spoke up decisively for the first time since we got into the tub, "Of course he is welcome, he doesn't need to ask."

I could feel my brother's feelings for Mat shoot up several notches. "He's right, Jake is your guy and we've hardly met him. Get him up here and we can have our own little party."

Geoff laughed and just looked at Mat, "just what have you done to my innocent little brother?"

"Me!? I only met him a couple of days ago. I'm not complaining, I like this side of him." And he pressed further into me and looked back at me and kissed me.

Geoff got out of the hot tub saying, "be right back," and walked toward the elevator. While he was gone Mat turned fully around and sat on my lap, wrapping his legs around my waist and pressing his huge hard cock against my own.

"There may be things in the outside world, that I'm going to miss, but being here, like this, with you. Makes it all worth while," and he leaned in and kissed me. It was hot and passion filled. Our tongues traced each detail of each other's mouths. I sucked and licked his tongue. When we released our kiss to breathe, he told me, "I don't think I'll ever get tired of this."

He looked into my eyes like he was looking into my soul. I spilled my heart out to him, "I always wanted to find someone that would be good to me. Someone that would protect me against the night. That would be my strength when the fears of my childhood crept up on me. I wanted to find someone who would see who I was inside and love me for that. Someone who would not leave. I never imagined that I would look so amazing on the outside. Even now, you are sitting on my lap, wrapped in my arms, and I still feel like you are my protector, my warrior, my big man."

I kissed him lightly and he wrapped his arms around me and pulled us so tightly together I felt our huge hard cocks pressing into each other's abs and pecs. I wondered how we could breathe, his grip was so tight. He started thrusting against me. Just enough to let me know that he wanted us to go further.

Just then Geoff and Jake came walking across the deck and saw how tightly Mat and I were wrapped together.

Geoff's voice and smile was in my head, 'you two want to be alone 'lil bro?'

'Would you just bring that hot blond of your's over here and let's heat up this tub,' I replied.

Jake slapped him on the ass and thought, 'I like your brother.' And they stepped into the tub. Geoff moved around behind Mat and both he and Jake started stroking Mat's back.

"Man, you grew into one hot island stud," Jake was purring into Mat's ear while he stroked and licked his shoulder. Geoff was doing the same on the other side. I started thrusting with my hips and Mat was groaning. Geoff reached under my ass and lifted us both up. I wasn't sure what he was doing, but I soon felt him turn us and he was positioned to get his cock at my ass. I wanted that giant pole inside me, now. But he had other ideas and he was driving.

I could feel a link forming to Mat in my mind and I knew he was sharing what he felt with me. I could also feel some of the residual effect of his earlier overload. Ants running around the brain was right. Jake was moving behind him, just as Geoff was behind me.

Geoff and Jake were in total sync, they teased our asses with their softball size cock heads. Teasing and sliding their cocks under us, and then pressing into us at the same time. They reached around us and grasped each other's hands. Mat was kissing me and our two lovers pulled us tighter together and started sliding in and out of us in complete synchronized thrusts. It was so slow, so excruciatingly blissfully slow. I could feel, through the link with Mat, that Jake's cock was very thick and completely smooth. I knew I could feel every vein on Geoff's monster cock as it moved through me.

It seemed to go on forever, and they just kept it up, so slow, completely together. Mat's cock was pressed against mine and we were rubbing so hot, so tight. Our hearts were beating heavily. I could feel Mat thicken and I knew he was close. He was breathing deep and hard. He was on the brink and he would carry me over with him. What I didn't know was that the two driving this runaway train had other ideas. Mat's cock had thickened and was now thrusting right in front of my face. Mine was right between his pecs and stretched up toward his mouth. I started licking and sucking his cock head and he was teasing and biting mine.

We exploded together, showering each other with so much cum that we covered all four of us. This had seemingly no effect on Geoff and Jake other than to cause them to move us to the center of the tub and dunk us under the water. Returning to the surface of the hot bubbling water they continued to drive into us, now moving faster and forcing us to move against each other even more. Geoff's pecs were pressed so tightly into my lats that I could feel his nips grinding into my back. I was going into sensual overload. Geoff opened his experience to me and so did Jake. I felt like I was fucking myself and Mat, then we were all open and we were fucking and being fucked. My ass was tight and so was Mat's, but his was harder. I could feel how impressed Jake was with my guy.

The groaning and growling kept getting more and more intense as the engines were picking up speed. I'd never even dreamed anything like this.

'Oh, God, babe, did you ever think it could be so good? Oh my God.' It was Mat in my head just a second before he blasted another load of cum that shot far over our heads. I felt his balls tighten as if they were my own. I was shooting and I could feel Mat feel it.

I could feel his mind was being blown and they just kept thrusting and thrusting, faster and faster. Then they started grinding into us harder and harder. My mind was on overload.

'Oh, Geoff, So good, so hard. Oh, my, God. Too much. Ugh. Ugh. Ahhhh,' I thought and my cock exploded. Mat had his mouth over my cock and was slurping up as much of my load as he could. He was moaning and flexing and I could feel every move anyone made.

'I love you bro, and we love Mat too.'

Geoff and Jake redoubled their efforts and speed. I could feel his cock swelling in my ass. The strength of their pull on each other was getting tighter and we were building to one unbelievable orgasm. It got more and more intense until I heard Jake yell. Then Geoff growled and they opened themselves completely to Mat and me. We felt the orgasm begin and swell to highs never imagined. Cum was shooting out of my cock and Mat's cock. Then we were both being filled beyond capacity. Cum was shooting out of my ass, being forced out as Geoff continued to thrust. Mat was feeling the same as Jake slammed into him. We were all breathing hard and our two engines were finally slowing down.

They sat back slightly but didn't pull out of us as we sat there in an afterglow that could not be explained. I looked up and there were far more stars in the sky than I knew existed. Mat covered my mouth with a kiss that was so warm and loving, I melted inside. Geoff and Jake both thought to us, 'Welcome to our family brothers.'

They fell back and pulled out of us. The hot tub was filled with milky water and Geoff pulled Jake over to him and kissed him. Jake reached over to the tub controls and the water began to clear. "Fresh hot water, drives out the cum and it feels better."

Mat moved off of my lap. "Man, Jake, I feel well and truly fucked," Mat told him. Jake just smiled at him. "Guys, this is only the beginning. All of the guys are going to want to welcome you."

Jake continued looking right into my eyes, "I have to admit to you, Sean, I was a little apprehensive when Geoff told me that you were his brother. I knew how much he loved you. I also knew that I didn't want to see him hurt, if any part of what he had been told about you was true?..." He just shook his head as if clearing it, "I'm more than a bit overprotective of him."

Geoff smiled, but Jake didn't pause, "I know now that not only was I wrong to worry, but after what we just shared, I know how much you love him, how much he loves me, how much Mat loves you and we love him and how much I am going to love you. I'm well and truly shocked how the emotions flowed between us because I know it will only get better and more intense in time. There are guys here that we've been with since the first day after Geoff's incident with the slime, and the physical and emotional connection with them isn't as tight. And Mat," he had a funny crooked smile as he spoke directly to Mat, "I'm going to look forward to you returning that fuck someday. Hopefully someday soon." Mat just blushed. He actually blushed.

Jake then pulled over next to Geoff so we could talk some more. He explained that the party was scheduled for the following weekend both to give a week's preparation time but also so the guys from the island could attend if they wanted to. He was sure they would all want to meet us. He wasn't going to let on with any of the details and Geoff stated that this was always the case with one of Jake's parties. You just never knew what was going to happen until it happened.

I asked Jake if there was anything he wanted to tell us about that Geoff had not thought about. He considered the question for a minute and I knew he was mentally comparing notes with my brother. "I think he covered everything important, but I do want to stress something that he did tell you. This is your home now, as much as it is his or mine. Everyone here is an equal and no one will judge you on anything. If you decide to move to the village and keep to yourselves, no one will argue. If you decide that all you want to do is spend all of your time fucking every guy in the place in the slings in the leather room, no one will argue. Just remember, no one forces anything on anyone. We have, over the years, built a great community and now we have two more brothers to share it with."

Mat and I were both letting that sink in and I had one of those odd thoughts just pop into my head and I needed to ask, "I was just wondering, how do you decide who gets to join your community?"

The question seemed to puzzle them at first but Geoff answered, "I never really thought about it. There is no 'requirement' as such, it just sort of happens. At first we had a small group and each of us invited someone else to join. There were a few 'accidents' along the way with guys who delivered something to the estate. When the first renovations started, there were a couple of very hunky construction workers that were just to sexy to resist. Of course the architect. Until we realized the pheromone effect, some of the construction guys were really drawn to seek us out. We recruited the Docs to help us figure out the slime and there were a couple of island boys that got curious about who bought the island and they joined quite enthusiastically. Why, is there someone you want to invite?"

Now I was the one that was puzzled. Was there anyone? I had few friends and none that I was really close enough to for me to invite them here. "No, I can't really think of anyone. Mat?"

Mat looked like he was concentrating, running through a list in his head. "I can think of several guys that would jump at the chance, but I'm not sure they would fit in here. I don't know if I could have given up everything if it was not for Sean." He pressed his lips to mine and I could feel there was heat there, desire, but he continued. "I don't know that many people here and I don't think anyone from the football team would quite fit but I do know where you can find a great Italian cook if you would like one and he has a son that would turn out very hot."

I knew he was talking about Geno and Georgio. "Do you think either would have a problem with everyone being gay?" Geoff asked. Mat laughed hard. "Not unless they have a problem with self image. They are both gay." This surprised me about Geno.

"Well, we can always use more cooks. Keeping this place both stocked with food and all that food prepared, is a challenge" Jake explained.

"What about their family?" I asked. Mat looked sad, "They don't have any family, Sean, just each other." I felt about two inches tall. "Don't worry about it babe, you didn't' know," Mat consoled me.

"Geno's wife died about ten years ago. It was actually a marriage of convenience, but it did produce the one real light in Geno's life, Georgio." Mat looked directly at Jake, "I don't want to presume to decide who to ask or not, but I hope someday we can ask my brothers to come here and be with us."

Jake smiled a very warm smile, "Mat, remember, you are an equal partner here. You only need to convince one of the super cum guys to grow whoever you want. After the pills are available, then all you have to do is decide. I do think it will be a good idea to wait until all your brothers are of legal age."

I knew Mat was the second oldest at 19, but the five younger siblings were each a year younger than the other. His older brother was three years older and had legal custody of the younger ones. We had not talked about how they would feel living in an all gay community where man on man sex happened at the drop of a hat. "My older brother wouldn't leave the younger guys anyway, but I know that my feeling of missing them will only grow the longer we are separated."

"Babe, will they be Ok with all the sex," I asked. Mat brought out his thunder laugh for the first time since we got into the tub. "Well, I don't know about the youngest two, but if there is proof that being gay is genetic, then my family should be a case study. The rest of us are gay."

I was completely blown away and so were Jake and Geoff. Seven brothers and at the least five of them were gay. Geoff asked the question on my mind, "you mean, with all those guys, living on top of one another, and at least five of them gay, and, if you are any indication, sexy as fuck... you had no experience with sex?"

"Not much more than jerking off and some playing around, but I was never fucked and I never fucked one of my brothers." Mat seemed the slightest bit uncomfortable talking about this. "I never had real sexual experience with anyone until just two nights ago in Sean's apartment."

He turned to me and thought, 'I'll ways remember that night on your floor as the night I fell for you.' He kissed me with amazing passion. I felt my cock start to stretch and I reached up and cupped his huge chest in my hand and pinched his nipple. Geoff cleared his throat, "Guys, guys, just a few more minutes before you start your motors." He and Jake both were repressing laughter.

"Believe us guys, we know exactly, and I do mean exactly what is it is like to, all of a sudden, have endless energy, limitless strength and a libido that doesn't turn off, but you can keep a lid on it. It is all under your control," Geoff said it just like the older brother.

Jake couldn't hold back anymore an laughed. "I'm sorry, guys, but to hear that come from Geoff's mouth is like hearing a practicing drug addict give a speech on the evils of crack." He was near doubling over and holding his sides laughing. It was infectious and when Geoff nearly pouted, Mat and I joined him and laughed.

"Ok, Ok, so I like to fuck, sue me." Jake just laughed harder, "I'd much rather fuck you than sue you, and you know you would too." Geoff finally joined in and laughed. Then he grabbed Jake around the neck with his huge arm, pulled him down and kissed the top of his head.

Once we had all calmed down a bit, Geoff asked Mat, "So we need to wait on your brothers a little while, but I don't see any reason they can't join us eventually, but how do you propose that we get Geno and Georgio to come into the family?"

"I'm really not sure. Geno spends all of his time at the restaurant and..." Jake broke into Mat's response very excited, "You mean that little restaurant right across from the grove on campus?" Mat nodded. "Oh my God, Geoff, we've got to convince this guy to join us. His food is better even than Jorge and Mario's. He is amazing. I've missed his cooking for ten years. Remember when we had those cannoli delivered for Tom's birthday a few years ago? That was the guy that made them. Nick tried for months to get his like Geno's." He realized he had cut Mat off. "Sorry, Mat, that was rude, please continue."

"Oh, believe me Jake, nobody gets more excited about Geno's cooking than I do, I've been his best customer since coming to this country. He's like a father, brother and best friend to me and all I was going to say is that Georgio spends most days cruising around the campus and nights working in the restaurant. I have a feeling that it will either be very easy, or damn near impossible to convince them to join us."

"Why do you think that babe?" I asked. "Well, Geno never really talks about his life much outside of the restaurant. It is his whole life. He supports Georgio financially. He even tried to fix him up with me, but I don't know what he thinks about it for himself. The only clues I've had are that he does touch me quite a bit when I'm in there and those hugs of his linger a while."

We talked over just how to get Geno and Georgio to come to the compound so we could a least ask them what they thought. Geoff was against just inviting them out because they would see how huge we were and if they were not supportive, they could go screaming to the media. I suggested getting them to cater the party that Jake was planning, but he said that the quantity of food required might be more than such a small restaurant could provide.

We all thought for a while when I thought of the cannoli again. "Hey, what if they didn't cater the whole party, just did the desserts?" I asked. Geoff slapped me on the back, "That just might work little brother, it just might work. We could even get them out here earlier to bring samples." Now we had an idea of how, but we had to decide on when. It was decided that Mat would call Geno in the morning and ask if he could bring some samples out to the warehouse on Tuesday. Monday was a 'normals' day at the warehouse and that schedule could not be changed and keep the compound running as usual.

I turned to Geoff and asked, "I know there is allot I still don't understand, but I actually feel driven to convert someone. When you were talking about doing it and how to do this, I got really excited. Even now, I feel like I want to just run out, find some normal guy, like I was before, and turn him into a giant. Is it always like this?" Geoff smiled just a bit and answered, "It does taper off, but the desire is always there. Remember, I got so excited about converting you, that I forgot about telling Mat what to expect. The first few days after the accident, the part you read in the journal, are almost a blur. All I wanted was to keep finding guys and fuck them huge. I must have cum 30 or 40 times a day those first few days. Now the desire is still there, especially if there is a good looking normal guy around. This desire does lessen considerably when I don't grow anyone for a while. I think it is the same for Rob and will be the same for you. That is one of the reasons we want to create the pills. If we can create a pill to do it, then I can see if it really does diminish or not."

"I would not, however, stop you from doing it. There is no other feeling like it. Taking a man, even a hot one, and watching him grow, swell, become literally all he can be. To be so strong, no man and most machines can't match up to him. To watch his awakening into the superman he becomes. I don't want you to miss that bro. It is too special."

Inside, I was almost drooling at the prospect. This was something I could do, something I wanted bad and I might be getting the chance in just a couple of days. •

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